JULY-AUG.-SEPT., 2020.
7 DEATHS BY PRESCRIPTION-Violent 1975 French Giallo-type crime film, with lots of nudity and a graphic, bloody shotgun death of a woman and her small children in gory detail! Uncut, in French w/Engl. subts., good qual.
FASHION CRIMES-Rare 1989 Itln. Giallo, uncut and dubbed in English! A woman is terrorized by a sadistic killer. A meddling psychiatrist, played by Miles O'Keefe, tries to help her. Some gory deaths, stabbings, impalings, etc. Good qual.
BLOOD DELIRIUM-UPGRADE, SUBTITLED!-Nice qual. upgrade, in Itln. w/Engl. subts., of this ultra-bloody UNCUT print of the 1988 horror film by Sergio Bergonzelli, with Gordon Mitchell as a necrophiliac butler! Great stuff!
HORROR!(THE BLANCHEVILLE MONSTER)-Great-looking UNCUT European version, dubbed in Engl., of this classic 1962 gothic horror film, starring Helga Line. Atmospheric and terrifying all the way! Very good qual.
LA CHUTE DE LA MAISON USHER(REVENGE IN THE HOUSE OF USHER)-Uncut ALTERNATE version, in French w/Engl. subts., of this 1985 Jess Franco gothic horror-sleaze film, starring Howard Vernon and Lina Romay. This print has Vernon in several scenes murdering some prostitutes with a knife! Artsy and bizarre! Good qual.
PARAPSYCHO:SPEKTRUM DER ANGST-UPGRADE, SUBTITLED!-Finally, an Engl. subbed version of this rare 1975 German psychic horror film, with 3 different tales of the evil and the paranormal! Totally uncut, and with a very graphic REAL AUTOPSY scene! Good pic qual.
SIEGE OF TERROR(CERCO DE TERROR)-UPGRADE, SUBTITLED!-Rare Engl. subtitled, and longer running time, print of this 1972 Spn. Giallo starring Tony Kendall. There is more violence in this version than the last! Uncut, and in overall good qual.
BLOOD TRACKS-Uncut version, in Engl., of this gory 1985 Swedish slasher flick made in the style of HILLS HAVE EYES! This print has eyes plucked out, a woman sawed in half, a gorier impaling scene, and more! The U.S. Video releases were all CUT! Not this one!! Good pic qual.
CURSE OF THE SCREAMING DEAD-Longer, and GORIER, version of this 1982 Zombie-cannibals classic! This print has a much longer scene of the Confederate Ghouls eating the guts of the cops in the woods! Uncut, and in Engl., good qual.
STRANGE CASE OF THE MAN AND THE BEAST-UPGRADE, SUBTITLED!-Rare upgrade with Engl. subts. of this 1952 Argentinean horror classic, based on DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE. Pretty wild for it's time! Uncut, and in overall good qual.
LIPS OF LURID BLUE-UPGRADE, SUBTITLED!-Engl. subbed upgrade of this rare 1976 sleazy Giallo from Italy. A twisted web of abuse, homosexuality, rape, drugs, and death! Plenty of nudity, too! Uncut, and in good qual.
DEPRAVACION-Very rare 1982 Spn. Giallo-type erotic sleaze, starring Jose Gras of MAD FOXES fame! Here he plays a sadistic sex maniac living in a castle, who keeps seeing visions of his dead wife. He tortures and abuses his new wife as well! Beatings, whippings, an over-the-top pissing scene, stabbings, etc. Uncut, in Spn. w/No subts., good qual.
SNAKE AND WHIP-Kinky and VIOLENT 1986 Jpn. S/M-torture flick, about a woman and her brother held against their will by a trio of deranged sexual perverts, forced to commit incestual acts, recieve ENEMAS in graphic detail, are beaten, etc.! They escape and get a BLOOD-SOAKED revenge! Uncut, in Jpn. w/Engl. subts., very good pic qual.
SEX CRIME COAST: PIRANHA SCHOOL-Sleazy 1973 Jpn. flick, about a raping gang of thugs attacking couples on a boat. Lots of beating and nudity, softcore sex, etc. This one also has a bloody revenge-filled ending! Uncut, in Jpn. w/Engl. subts., very good qual.
SHOOT JOE, AND SHOOT AGAIN!-Violent 1972 Itln. Western, starring Richard Harrison as a man viciously beaten and almost blinded by a rough gang. He gets revenge! Uncut version, with the whipping scene intact! In Engl. and in good qual.
BOUNTY KILLER(THE UGLY ONES)-Cool 1968 Western from Spain and Italy, starring Tomas Milian as one of the ugly guys! Plenty of shootings, beatings, stabbings, explosions, etc. Uncut, in Engl., very good pic qual.
PANCHO VILLA-Wild and fun 1972 Spn. Western, starring Telly Savalas as the Mexican revolutionary! Frank Brana also stars. Telly is real cool in this role, and keeps you entertained throughout! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.
MAFIA DOCKS-Bloody and sleazy 1992 Itln. crime trash, starring Traci Lords in a SOFT sex role! She fights the mob and rough gangsters after her and her boyfriend. Some gory shootings, stabbings, fights, nudity, softcore sex, etc. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.
SUMMERTIME KILLER-UPGRADE, LONGER VERSION- Here is the LONGEST version around of this 1971 mafia-crime film, starring Chris Mitchum as the son of a dead mobster who wants revenge. Karl Malden also stars. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.
FROM CORLEONE TO BROOKLYN-UPGRADE!-Great-looking UNCUT upgrade, in Engl., of this violent 1979 Umberto Lenzi crime-slime flick, starring Maurizio Merli! You can't go wrong with this one! Very good qual.
ABORTO CRIMINAL-Very rare 1973 Spn. crime film, starring Emma Cohen. She gets mixed up with the mob and an abortion ring. Shootings, stabbings, nudity, etc. Uncut, in Spn. w/No subts. Good qual.
TRAFFICKERS IN PLEASURE(MACRO)-UPGRADE, SUBTITLED!-Finally, an Engl.-subtitled version of this 1974 Itln. sleazy crime film with some violent deaths. This print is in Spn. w/Engl. subts., uncut, and in good qual.
AFRIKA-UPGRADE, in ENGL.!-Here is the VERY RARE English dubbed print of this 1971 violent sleazefest from Italy, dir. by Alberto Cavallone! Sadistic mercenaries burn women's tits with cigarettes, then machine-gun them down, closeups of disemboweled animals, a man cuts off a black guy's penis when he catches him in bed with his wife, rapes, beatings, cross-dressers and sex changes, etc. I guess that's sleazy enough! Good qual.
CARNE APALEADA-Very rare 1978 Spn. Women's Prison film, dir. by Javier Aguirre. Lots of nudity, some violent catfights, beatings, etc. Uncut, in Spn. w/No subts., good qual.
CARNE(MEAT)-Sleazy and bizarre 1968 Argentine sexploit. film starring Isabel Sarli, dir. by Armando Bo. Isabel gets raped and beaten by a bunch of scummy guys at a meat-packing plant where her boyfriend works. He takes revenge for her! Nudity, softcore sex, beatings, fistfights, stabbings, etc. Uncut, in Argentine with Engl. subts., good qual.
THE BRAVE PLATOON-Violent and action-packed 1989 Phillipine war flick, dubbed in Engl. Chock full of shootings, impalings, stabbings, explosions, beatings, torture, etc.! Uncut, in good qual.
COMMANDO INVASION(CROSSFIRE)-Violent war-action from 1986! A Jpn. general is held hostage by Americans, who end up getting killed for hidden gold. Lots of shootings, impalings, fights, beatings, etc. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.
ROCOMBOLE VS. THE HARPY WOMEN-Very rare 1965 Mexican fantasy-horror film, with a magician fighting against an evil band of women who are disfigured, but can change their looks when needed! Bizarre, to say the least! Uncut, in Spn. w/Engl. subts., good qual.
GOLDEN DRAGON, SILVER SNAKE-Wild and action-packed old-school kung-fu from 1981, with Dragon Lee as one bad-ass fighter! Plenty of violence, and even a drill-killing or two thrown in for good measure! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.
THE BOXERS-Very rare 1972 Taiwan kung-fu with lots of bloody violence, starring Roc Tien and Yee Yuen! Very "old-school" and baaadass!! Uncut, in Chn. w/No subts., OK-good qual.
CHIVALROUS INN-Rare 1977 kung-fu classic, also dubbed in Engl. and ltbx'd.! Bloody impalings, stabbings, etc. Uncut, in good qual.
COLD WIND HANDS-UPGRADE, SUBTITLED!-Previously unsubbed, here's the version with Engl. subtitles! Yee Yuen plays yet another evil kung-fu fighter in this 1972 Taiwanese flick. Uncut, and in good qual.
CALL ME DRAGON-Violent and wild 1977 kung-fu action, with Bruce Liang and Yasuaki Kurata, who fight each other in a battle to the death! Some bloody deaths, beatings, etc. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.
SHAOLIN TIGER VS. KILLER ARMY-Rare 1986 kung-fu action mostly shot in the Phillipines, with a young guy fighting the evil rebels who control a village. Lots of violent deaths, shootings, stabbings, etc. Uncut, in Engl., dir. by Godfrey Ho! Good qual.
BIG BOSS ORGANIZATION-Rare and very violent 1979 kung-fu-crime action, starring Chen Sing and Lung Fei. Bloody hatchet fights, stabbings, eye gougings, shootings, dead bodies packed in ice, some nudity, etc. Uncut, in Chn. w/Engl. subts., good qual.
DIMENSIONE VIOLENZA(SAVAGE ZONE)-UPGRADE, LONGER VERSION W/TRAILER-More graphic version, in Itln. w/No subts., of this 1984 gross-out Mondo flick by Mario Morra! This has extra morgue footage and a rough S/M sex club scene which was missing from the previous German print. Uncut, and in overall good qual.
SHOCKING SUICIDES-Very disturbing and graphic footage from all over the world of folks who did themselves in-one of them in front of his own children! Rough and horrifying, so be warned! Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
SHOCKING SAN FRANCISCO-Wild 90's Docu. by Charles Gatewood on the bizarre lifestyles and Bohemian folks who live by the Bay! Lots of pierced skin, nudity, kinky footage, S/M, etc. Fun to watch! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.
WEIRD AMERICA-Charles Gatewood strikes again in this 90's sleazefest showing clips from Mardi Gras, San Francisco, New York, L.A., and many other weird and fun places he's traveled to! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.
MONDO GORE 2-If you thought part 1 was rough, here's the sequel! More dead bodies, butchery, executions, and mutilations than your mind can stand! BE WARNED! Uncut, in various Lngs., good qual.
TRACES OF BLOOD 1-A new series of nasty real-death gore clips to make your stomach turn! A Russian man sets himself on fire, grisly autopsies, dismembered Cartel victims, brains exposed, eyes poked out, vigilante beatings, gory car wrecks, isis bombings, and more! Uncut, in various languages, mostly good qual.
TRACES OF BLOOD 2-Back for more! Another gory real-death ride into hell! Gory accidents, bathroom dismemberings, axe hackings, stick beatings, mutilated bodies, stabbing massacres, and much more! Uncut, in various languages, and good qual.
TRACES OF BLOOD 3-More gore! Gruesome car accidents, heads sliced off, mass burnings, penis mutilation, women beheaded, Isis head choppings, gun executions, bloody head shots, and more! Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
BODY FARM 1-Real-death footage and carnage for your viewing pleasure! Mexican street beatings, catfights, cops shooting suspects, burning bodies, heads cut off by machetes, hearts cut out, face steppings, horrible tortures and mutilations, and even more! Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
BODY FARM 2-Another orgy of bloody real-death carnage! Suicides, street muggings, supermarket cop shootings, race car crashes, prison knifings, Isis executions, etc. Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
AUTOPSY PROCEDURE, VOL. #1-Very graphic footage inside the world’s morgues! Here you’ll see intestine and liver removals, hearts removed, vaginas cut out, skin removal, dissections, etc. Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
AUTOPSY PROCEDURE, VOL. #2-Another stomach-turning view into the rooms of death! Corpses are cut open, livers and hearts are removed, organs sewn up, skulls are cut into, etc. Hold onto your lunch!! Uncut, mostly in Engl. And Spn., good pic qual.
VICTIMS OF THE SURGEON’S SCALPEL AND MISC. SHORTS-Very graphic doc. showing autopsies being performed, along with scenes of open-heart surgery. Cerebral tumor surgery is also shown in full detail. As a bonus, this disc also has shorts featuring a sky burial, funeral home mishaps, and even some embalming process footage! All uncut, mostly in Engl., good qual.
NEW REAL-DEATH #1-First in a new series of gory death footage from all over the world! Mutilated faces, car crash victims with their skin coming off, beheadings, burnings, exploding heads, bloody car accidents, heads blown off, etc. Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
NEW REAL-DEATH #2-More nasty, gory mayhem! Police brutality, dismembered body parts in bags, throats slashed open, Isis child assassins, Mexican Cartel savagery, pedestrians run over, shovel killings, and more! Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
NEW REAL-DEATH #3-Yet another disc of vicious, vile death! Bodies cut up in bath tubs, bloody beatings, Cartel slaughters, self-hangings, bloody car accidents, Isis bombings and shootings, etc. Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
SHOCKING SCENES OF DEATH-Very gruesome and graphic footage of death from Sri Lanka and Tibet! Tibetan Monks pray and chant over footage of people in hospitals with worms crawling out of their rotted flesh! Gory surgery scenes are also shown, and a man on the street has tons of worms coming out of his rotted, infected leg. Hard to watch for sure! Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
DEATH-This one has a simple title, but isn’t any less gory or sick as the other titles on this list! A guy’s throat is cut, making a horrible whistling sound from his neck, a cop threatens civilians with a taser, machete killings, arms sliced off, shotgun suicides, Isis street stabbings, a man run over by a truck, an ear sliced off and kept as a souvenir, vicious assaults, neck knifings, etc. Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
PORN-GORE MIXTAPE, VOL. #1-Exactly as the title implies! A guy has worms coming out of his penis, a man is tortured and beaten in a park, a woman eats a huge plate of SHIT(!), a guy cuts his scrotum open, a Jpn. Woman has bugs put all over her naked body, a woman puts a fish and tennis balls in her cunt, bloody Isis shootings, etc. Pretty wild stuff! Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
PORN-GORE MIXTAPE VOL. #2-More of the same! Tits nailed to tables, cocks full of shit and vomit get sucked, more bloody penis torture, stabbing victims, worms closed up inside of dicks, street fights, a man is shot in the face, a girl stabbed repeatedly in the throat, a woman’s head hit with a hammer while a huge knife is pushed in her mouth, etc. Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
THE MANY TABOOS OF LIFE MIXTAPE-A wild mix of gory death and violence, along with other crazy shit that takes you for one wild ride! Limbs get sawed off, Japanese women are attacked by weird creatures, stores are sprayed and vandalized, gory exorcist film scenes, sex with corpses, etc., etc.! Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
ENSURING YOUR PLACE IN HELL 2-Second in this bizarre series of crazy videos! This one shows an actual Turkish exorcism of a woman possessed by some demons, footage from a crime scene case that hasn’t been solved, complete with gory scenes of dead bodies laying on the floor, etc. Uncut, mostly in Engl. And Turkish, in good qual.
THE FLAMES OF WAR, PARTS 1 AND 2-Rare and graphic doc. About Isis and the Taliban. Lots of footage of bombings, shootings, dead bodies, executions, etc. Well-made! Uncut, in Engl. And in Arabic w/Engl. Subts., very good qual.
WORLD OF THE UNKNOWN/RAPIST-BEWARE!-Two rare docs. For the price of one! The first is from 1978, narrated by Robert Conrad! He explores themes about Exorcism, psychic surgery, the pyramids, mind over matter, etc. The second is a 1990 shot on video self-defense course for women, showing them how to use Karate on their rapist attackers! It’s pretty campy, to say the least! Both are Uncut, in Engl., and in good qual.
THE WORLD BEYOND DEATH-Rare 1976 paranormal doc., narrated and starring Will Geer! He explores the possibility of life after death, in all it’s many forms. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.
DEAD BODY POST-MORTEM, VOL. #1-First in a 10-disc series! This one starts out with autopsy footage from China, then goes to Spanish autopsy video on a small, dead child. Then it’s German autopsies, followed by an autopsy on the brain. Very graphic! Uncut, in various languages, mostly good qual.
DEAD BODY POST-MORTEM, VOL. 2- Second in the series. This one includes the video AUTOPSY: VOICES OF DEATH, which graphically goes into detail on the body’s autopsy. The next video is in Russian, and shows bodies found in many places getting an autopsy. The last film shows autopsies done on black men. Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
DEAD BODY POST-MORTEM, VOL. #3-Third in the series of autopsy videos! It starts with a Spanish autopsy, followed by the classic 60’s army film BASIC AUTOPSY PROCEDURE. This is followed by a brain dissection video. Uncut, mostly in Engl. And Spn., good qual.
DEAD BODY POST-MORTEM, VOL. #4- Another in this amazing series! This starts with an autopsy on a poisoning victim, followed by some graphic brain dissecting footage. Then, the classic 1982 Spanish film CADA VER ES is shown, uncut and in Spn.! Afterwards, there’s a Chinese woman’s autopsy. Uncut, in various languages, mostly good qual.
DEAD BODY POST-MORTEM VOL. #5-Fifth in the series. It starts with an older Asian man’s autopsy, followed by the full German classic doc. ROAD TO EDEN! It ends with a gory Russian black and white doc. Showing a graphic autopsy. Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
DEAD BODY POST-MORTEM VOL. #6-More in this incredible series! It begins with a bloody abdominal autopsy, followed by a brain autopsy, then on an old woman’s vaginal area. Very graphic stuff! Uncut, in various languages, good pic qual.
DEAD BODY POST-MORTEM VOL. #7-Seventh in the series! This shows an autopsy on a female Hindu woman, as well as an older man later on in the video. No details are spared! Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
DEAD BODY POST-MORTEM VOL. #8-Even more to show! This begins with a female abdominal autopsy, followed by a brain removal. Afterwards, there is video of an autopsy on a dead truck-driver, and a Spanish video of a dead male autopsy. Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
DEAD BODY POST-MORTEM VOL. #9-Ninth in the series! This starts with a female autopsy, followed with a male autopsy, in the throat area. Another female body is dissected, then heart and liver dissections. Gory stuff here! Uncut, in various languages, good qual.
DEAD BODY POST-MORTEM VOL. #10-Last in the series! This starts on a segment on embalming fluid, then showing some foreign autopsy room footage, followed by the 90’s classic CONTEMPORARY EMBALMING! This is followed by footage from OROZCO THE EMBALMER and a black and white German embalming video. All very cool!! Uncut, in various languages, mostly good pic qual.

The films listed on this website are of a VIOLENT and GRAPHIC nature, and those who are EASILY OFFENDED by reading descriptions, and seeing photos or pics of, films that feature DEATH, GORE, MUTILATION, TORTURE, DECAPITATIONS, ETC., are now advised NOT to enter the site! This list is also NOT recommended for ANYONE under the AGE OF 18! Some of the films listed are of a VERY ADULT and possibly OFFENSIVE nature, and SHOULD NOT be seen or read by people under 18 years of age! If you fit either of those descriptions, then you are urged NOT to visit this site!! Thank you!VISITOR WARNING NOTICE!

EKSTASE:HORRORTRIP DER SATANSSEKTE-Incredibly RARE and VERY BIZARRE 1978 German mondo-shockumentary, by Emerson Fox(Rolf Olsen), who also did the SHOCKING ASIA films and the brutal crime film BLOODY FRIDAY! Plenty of GRUESOME SCENES, incl. gory Phillipine psychic surgery, black masses, footage of Anton Lavey, naked teenage girls who have a sex orgy, then brutally kick and scratch a guy to death in front of an idol, sick footage of Africans cutting themselves with sharp knives, penitent rituals where they beat their legs bloody with sharp rocks, African surgery with intestinal removal, LOTS of full-frontal NUDITY and XXX footage of a sex shop, etc.! A MUST for MONDO lovers!! UNCUT, in German w/NO subts., good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!(BA)      

  LIBIDOMANIA-MUCH MORE UNCUT GERMAN PRINT of Bruno Mattei's 1978 mondo shocker, incls. all the sick scenes missing from most other versions! This print has the GORY sex-killer hacking off the rape-victim's leg scene, a VERY BLOODY African PENIS-CUTTING scene, the COMPLETE Tokyo penis-transplant operation scene, the NECROPHILIAC cutting open the nude female corpse scene, the old pervert picking the woman's TURDS out of the TOILET and fondling them scene, and MORE!! Easily Mattei's SICKEST film EVER, and a GREAT RARE FIND as well! German w/NO subts., ltbx'd., good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!(BA)                  

AMERICA A NUI(AMERICA, NAKED AND VIOLENT)-SUPER-RARE 1970 mondo by dir. Sergio Martino, who also did MONDO SEX! Lots of bizarre footage, incl. voodoo ceremonies, mud-wrestling, peep shows, 42nd. st. in the early 70's, etc. In French w/NO subts., good qual. DIMENSION VIOLENZA(SAVAGE ZONE)-UNCUT version in GERMAN, NO subts.! Good qual. GRUESOME STUFF!

IMMONDO VIDEOZINE #1-In ITLN. Great MONDO comp. tape, XXX footage, a MONDO TOP TEN list, etc.! Good qual.

SIAMO FATTI COSI:AIUTO!-1977 ITLN. sex-mondo, WEIRD! Good qual.

DEATH BODY/DEATH WOMEN-1997 JPN. mondo-DEATH video,very RARE! In black and white. Good qual.

JAPAN SAFE-DRIVING DEATH VIDEO/GINO-ANDRO SEX-CHANGE FOOTAGE-Double-tape, the first Jpn. DEATH video, the second ITLN. sex-change operation scenes! GROSS! Very good qual.


AFRICA AMA(AFRICA UNCENSORED)-UNCUT 1972 Itln. MONDO-GRAPHIC tribal rituals, beheadings, mutilation of genitals, etc.! Very good qual.

SWEET AND SAVAGE-UNCUT in ENGL. 1983 MONDO, VERY RARE! Bodies fed to vultures, arms ripped off, etc.! Good qual.

THE ROAD TO EDEN-1996 GERMAN DEATH Docu. w/Engl. subts., AUTOPSY footage, etc.! Very good qual.

1% OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE GANGS, VOLS. #1 AND #2-1992 Video docu. w/GRAPHIC footage of SNUFF KILLING by bikers, hostages, gang slogans, etc. UNCUT, in ENGL., only O.K. qual.

GUINEA AMA(NEW GUINEA, ISLAND OF THE CANNIBALS)-MEGA-RARE 1974 MONDO in Spanish, by Akira Ide! Shows GAY CANNIBAL TRIBES, worm-eating, etc.! UNCUT, good qual.

MONDO OSESSO-1988 Itln. MONDO in Jpn., sex-changes, animal slaughter, etc.! ULTRA-RARE! Very good qual.



MORTUORIO-1992 SPANISH DEATH video shot in a morgue! GRUESOME and MORBID! O.K.-good qual.

TOMBOY:SESSO INFERNO E PARADISIO-1977 ITLN. MONDO, VERY GRAPHIC! SEX-CHANGE footage, nudist camps, penis-enlargement surgery, MORE! Very good qual.

SWEDEN:HEAVEN AND HELL-SUPER-RARE 1968 ITLN. MONDO! See life in Sweden in the sick sixties! Biker gangs, birth-of-a-baby scenes, etc. UNCUT, in Engl.,  good qual.

MONDO DI NOTTE OGGI-1975 ITLN. MONDO, w/ gay S/M clubs, lesbians, whippings, etc.! Very good qual.

NOI E L'AMORE(MUTANT SEXUAL BEHAVIOR)-1986 GRAPHIC ITLN. MONDO, BLOODY SEX-CHANGE surgery, fetishes, shoe-lickers, etc.! UNCUT, very good qual. VERY RARE!

SESSO PERVERSO, MONDO VIOLENTO(LIBIDOMANIA 2)- 1980 ITLN. MONDO, mud-wrestling, CANNIBALISM, s/m, nudity, etc.! Lbx'd., good qual.

EMPIRE OF MADNESS(TRUE GORE 2)-1989 UNCUT DEATH mondo, w/satanism, cannibalism, autopsies, etc. IN ENGL. Good qual.


DEATH PRESS SPECIAL 2:CRASH-JPN. DEATH VIDEO, spilled brains from car accidents, etc.! UNCUT, good qual.

S.P.K.-DESPAIR, WITH THE AUTOPSY AND SURGERY FOOTAGE!-ULTRA-GRAPHIC, SICKENING DEATH MONDO, from 1982! Some engl., mostly German, 2 hrs., 46 mns. long!! Fair-good qual., MEGA-RARE!

JUNK 5-JPN. DEATH MONDO shot in BRAZIL, lots of suicides, accidents, stabbing victims, etc. UNCUT, good qual.

MONDO FLASH(MONDO SENZA VELI)-80's RARE ITLN. MONDO, in FRENCH. Guy gets impaled on a stake going up his ass!! UNCUT, good qual.

SAVAGE WORLD TODAY(MONDO CANE OGGI)-UNCUT 1986 MONDO in ENGL. by Stelvio Massi, shows sex-changes, AIDS victims having autopsies, drugs in chest cavities, etc.! WILD! Good qual.

MONDO SEX-Rare SEX-mondo by Sergio Martino. UNCUT and in ENGL. Good qual.

THE LAST SAVAGE 2:SHOCKING AFRICA- UNCUT, ENGL. version! HIDEOUSLY GRAPHIC scenes of circumcisions, scarrings, etc.! Very good qual.

MONDO CANE 2000-UNCUT ENGL. version of VERY RARE 1988 mondo, CASTRATIONS, beatings, animal tortures, etc. very good qual!

NAKED AND CRUEL WORLD-UNCUT, ENGL. version of 1984 mondo. Sex-changes, croc attacks, castration as punishment in the middle east, etc.! very good qual.


GREEN INFERNO-UNCUT ENGL. version of 1985 action-mondo flick by Climati. Cannibal fish swim up a dude's ass! very good qual.

MONDO AMERICA 2(JABBERWALK 2)-Two VERSIONS, one in ENGL., and the other, MORE GRAPHIC and UNCUT in ITLN. Please specify which you'd prefer! Both good qual.



BEST OF DEATH FILES-JPN. DEATH MONDO, abortions, suicide victims, etc.! UNCUT, good qual.

DEATH PRESS 2-JPN. DEATH MONDO, UNCUT. LOADS of stomach-turning scenes! Good qual.

DEATH PRESS 4-JPN. DEATH MONDO, UNCUT. More crazy stuff! Good qual.

THE WILD EYE-Violent 1967 semi-mondo flick, about a mondo filmmaker! UNCUT ENGL. version, good qual.

THIS IS AMERICA 3:AMERICA EXPOSED-1990 Graphic mondo, UNCUT, ENGL. version. Necrophilia, racists, subway gangs, terrorists, etc.! Good qual.

SEXY NITE REPORT 2-1977 ITLN. SEX-MONDO, hosted by Ajita Wilson. Dir. by Joe D'amato! UNCUT, good qual.

EMBALMING SEMINAR TAPE-This is the REAL THING, baby! SHOT ON VIDEO, in ENGL., UNCUT! Embalming on an elderly woman is graphically shown! Good qual.

WORLD OF THE LAST MAN(ADDIO ULTIMO UOMO)-1978 GRUESOME MONDO, with castrations, surgery scenes, hacked-off hands, blown-up bodies, etc.! UNCUT, IN ENGL. VERY RARE PRINT! O.K.-GOOD QUAL.

FACE OF A SPY(FACCIA DI SPIA)- Uncut comp. Engl.-dubbed version of this gruesome and sleazy 1975 Itln. mondo-spy-torture flick, dir. by Giuseppe Ferrara and starring Francisco Rabal. The first 4-5 mns. are still in Itln., but the rest of the film is in Engl. VERY STRONG and GRAPHIC scenes of rape, torture, eyes gouged out, snakes put into vaginas, beatings, electric shocks, and more! Overall good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

SAVAGE MAN, SAVAGE BEAST-1977 UNCUT ENGL. print, this is the VERY RARE UNCENSORED DUTCH print iN ENGL.! Castrations, lions eat men alive, teenage flesh-eaters, etc.! REAL SICK STUFF! A 42nd. st. Favorite!! Good qual.

LOVE(MONDO AMORE CRUEL)-1979 GRAPHIC MONDO by Claudio Racca, with FEMALE TO MALE SEX-CHANGE footage, 42nd. st. scenes, and much MORE! VERY RARE UNCUT, ENGL. version! O.K.-good qual.

THE SHOCKS-1985 JPN. MONDO, with electrocutions, hangings, etc. UNCUT, good qual. WEIRD AND RARE!!

THIS IS AMERICA 1(JABBERWALK 1)-MEGA-RARE UNCUT ITLN. PRINT! Much more GORE, SLEAZE, etc., in this IMPORT PRINT! Abortion footage, black mass, riots, etc.! Very good qual.

LA FRANCE INTERDITE(FORBIDDEN FRANCE)-1983 FRENCH MONDO, with some XXX footage! S/M, transsexual hookers, torture dungeons, body builders, coke snorters, etc.! UNCUT, good qual.

IL PIACERES I EL MISTERO-SUPER-RARE 1964 ITLN. MONDO, vultures eat corpses, weird rites, idol worshippers, etc. UNCUT, o.k.-good qual.

SEX O'CLOCK U.S.A.-1976 FRENCH MONDO, w/lesbians, peep shows, s/m, gay bars, Times Square footage, etc. COOL! UNCUT, very good qual.

DRIVE FOR LIFE/AUTOPSIA ANATOMICA-1987 BRAZIL DEATH MONDO w/real-death video shot on the highways of Brazil. Autopsies, heads crushed, etc.! UNCUT, o.k.-good qual.

IMMONDO VIDEOZINE #2-MORE wild ITLN. MONDO madness! Another MONDO TOP TEN, punk bands in Italy, some XXX stuff mixed in, too! UNCUT, good qual.

NOT A LOVE STORY(A FILM ABOUT PORNOGRAPHY)-SUPER-RARE 1981 Canadian "anti-porn" docu. made by feminists, with lots of graphic footage of live sex shows, 42nd. st. theatres, S/M porn loops, interviews with sex performers working on the Deuce, etc. Fascinating! Uncut, in Engl., o.k.-good qual.

80 BLOCKS FROM TIFFANY'S-Rare 1979 NYC gang docu., showing local Harlem, N.Y. gang members and other "clubs", etc., and how they live in the community, have parties, fight and kill each other, etc.!  Very informative and well-made! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

WHITE ANGELS, BLACK ANGELS-Rare and UNCUT version in Engl. of the 1969 Luigi Scattini witchcraft-mondo, titled WITCHCRAFT 70 in it's edited form in the u.s.!  This print has ALL the gory black mass and animal sacrifice scenes trimmed for the u.s. release!  Anton Lavey is also shown talking about his church and satanic rituals. Nudity, whippings, bloody rituals, etc. A MUST-HAVE!  Good-very good qual. RECOMMENDED!

WITCHCRAFT 70-Alternate American version with different music and a different narrator(Edmond Purdom), also with different footage shot in the u.s. by dir. Lee Frost!  X rated print tha played drive-ins and grindhouses in the 70's! In Engl., o.k.-good qual.

MONDO MAGIC-Rare UNCUT version of this out of print 1976 Mondo classic by the Castiglioni brothers!  Includes the cow-fisting scene, psychic surgery, etc.!  In Engl., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

LAW AND ORDER-Cool 1969 black and white police docu., showing brutal racist activities of the Kansas City, Mo. police dept. White redneck cop chokes black prostitute! Also shooting, fights, accidents, etc. Gives the term JIM CROW a whole new meaning!  Uncut, in Engl., good qual. Dir. by Frederick Wiseman.

PRIMITIVE LONDON-Very rare 1965 British mondo, showing all the "swinging mods", niteclubs, bikers, strippers, youth, etc. There's a birth of a baby scene too! Uncut, in Engl., very good quality.

LE VAUDOU(VOODOO:THE BLOOD BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH)-Very graphic 1972 French docu. on voodoo and it's followers and rituals, with real footage of crazed African natives going into trances, slashing their arms and drinking blood, sickening animal slaughter and decapitations, scarrings with razors, etc. Dir. by Jean-Luc Magneron. Uncut, in French w/No subts., excellent qual. RECOMMENDED!

FORBIDDEN WORLD(MONDO PROIBITO, LES INTERITS DU MONDE)-Very rare uncut Engl. print of the 1986 Chantal Lasbats French mondo. Transsexuals, S/M shit lovers dressed in latex, nudity, tribal rituals, mutilations, etc.!  Very good qual.(BA)