THE COMING-MEGA-RARE 1980 witchcraft film by Bert I. Gordon. A pilgrim goes forward in time to kill a young witch who escaped being burned at the stake in 1692. Some gory deaths, a cool slimy octopus-like creature goes on a girl's face, and atmospheric settings make this one pretty good! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.


BEYOND LOVE AND EVIL-Very rare UNCUT print of 1969 psychedelic S/M-sex-horror film by Jacques Scandelari. Loaded with softcore sex, whippings, beatings, brandings, tortures, and a real cool scene where the kinky sex perverts watch a woman being raped in a cage by a big, hairy giant! In engl., good qual.


A QUIET PLACE TO KILL-Very rare early 70's giallo by dir. Umberto Lenzi, starring Carrol Baker and Jean Sorrel. Some violent killings occur, giallo-style! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.


PSYCHO GIRLS-Another mega-rarity, this 1985 Canadian slasher-gore flick was dir. by Gerard Ciccioritti. It deals with deranged asylum inmates escaping and going to the houses of their DOCTORS and NURSES, kidnapping and TORTURING them in a bloody killing spree!  The last half of it is a lot like LAST HOUSE ON DEAD-END STREET, with victims tied up, mutilated, ears cut off, throats cut, machetes in heads, meatcleaver hackings, etc. UNCUT version in ITLN., NO subts., very good qual.



THE CHINESE ROOM-Very obscure 1966 hallucinatory horror film shot in Mexico by dir. Albert Zugsmith, starring Cathy Lee Crosby and German Robles!  A man enters a special room, and afterwards sees himself being mutilated and dismembered by insane Oriental maniacs! Some very graphic H.G. LEWIS-type gore and a weird plotline make this a must-see for PSYCHOTRONIC film fans! Uncut, in engl., good qual.


CRAZY DESIRES OF A MURDERER- Obscure, gory 1974 Itln. Giallo, about an eye-gouging killer on the loose in an old mansion. Graphic stabbings, eye-removals, and plenty of nudity awaits you in this Eurotrash offering. UNCUT, in Itln. w/Engl. subts., lbx'd., good qual.

LE AMARTI DEL MOSTRO(LOVE-SLAVE OF A MONSTER)-Very rare 1973 Itln. horror, with Klaus Kinski as a mad scientist who turns himself into a human beast with brute strength, that goes on a killing spree. Dir. by Sergio Garrone. UNCUT, in Itln. w/No subts., good qual.

DEVIL'S STORY-UNCUT version in ENGL. of graphically gory 1986 French horror flick. A hideously deformed mutant goes on a killing rampage in the beginning. There's also a MUMMY that steps on an old manand makes his GUTS squeeze out!! very good qual. and RECOMMENDED!!

EVIL SENSES-Violent 80's erotic-thriller-giallo, dir. by Gabrielle Lava, with Mimsy Farmer in a provocative role as a whorehouse madam. A hitman on the run hides in the brothel and becomes mixed up with one of the whores. Lots of bloody shootings, and a drill in one guy's neck! Uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

MAYA-Bizarre and violent 1987 action-horror flick by Itln. director Marcello Avellone. A demonic Mayan creature disguised as a child attacks an old man and rips out his heart. From then on, the small Indian village is plagued with violent deaths, and two men try to stop it. Lots of graphic killings, incl. a woman impaled on fish-hooks, heads crushed, etc. Uncut, in engl., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!

THE CHEKIST-Very unusual 1992 Russian film, about the Bolshevik revolution of 1910, where people who refused to accept the new Communist rules were brutally executed by gangs of firing squads.Lots of bloody and graphic scenes of people stripped naked, being shot in the back of the head in methodically cruel fashion. The man in charge of executions later goes mad, and runs naked in front of his own firing squad!  He later gets tried and executed! Plenty of nudity, both male and female, both frontal and back! A powerful film! UNCUT, in Russian w/Engl. subts., very good qual.


THE MONK-Very weird 1972 surreal horror flick, with Franco Nero as an obsessed monk tempted by the devil to rape and murder a young girl he desires. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

MACABRE-An ULTRA-RARE Giallo from 1970, starring Teresa Gimpera. NOT to be confused with the Lamberto Bava film!! Uncut, in engl., good qual.

HANSEL AND GRETEL-Very obscure 1990 modern-day horror tale prod. by Lucio Fulci! A boy and girl are kidnapped and dissected by a crazed doctor to sell their body organs. Their spirits come back from the dead to kill those responsible! A woman's eye is ripped out with a nail, a girl scalded to death in the shower, a guy run over by a tractor, and more. UNCUT, in Itln. w/NO subts., good qual.

KILLING OF THE DOLLS-Weird and violent 1973 Spanish slasher-giallo, dir. by Michael Skaife. Heads roll and hearts get cut out by an effeminate-acting male psychopath. EXTREMELY RARE! UNCUT, in Span. w/Engl. subts., good qual.

A DRAGONFLY FOR EACH CORPSE-Extremely gory 1973 slasher flick with Paul Naschy as a cop trying to find a deranged killer.  The killer hacks up drug addicts, prostitutes, and others in graphic ways, such as hands being chopped off, heads cut off and sent in boxes, stabbings, axe murders, etc. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

SWEET BODY OF BIANCA-Very sick 1978 Greek-Itln. S/M-softcore porn film, about a woman and her crazy husband who bring girls home, tie them up, put them in cages, and whip and beat them to force them to perform sex acts. Brutal, graphic trash with a very shocking ending!! UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

WITCH STORY-Gory 1989 modern-day horror set in Boston, about a witch who seeks bloody revenge on the town who burned her at the stake! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

EYES WITHOUT A FACE-Bloody and NEW 1992 GIALLO by Itln. sleaze director Bruno Mattei!  A maniacal killer removes women's eyes after bloodily stabbing them to death with a knife, and the killer is copying the exact murders published in a giallo-style comic book that a mysterious woman writes every week. The police try to find the connection as the body count piles up!  Lots of gory deaths, eyes removed in graphic closeup, wild plot twists, etc. GREAT STUFF! UNCUT, in engl., very good qual. NOT to be confused with the Georges Franju 1959 film with the same name!

BESTIALITA-EXCELL. QUAL. print of this 1977 eurotrash sickie written by George Eastman!  A demented girl gets her kicks by having sex with a dog and older guys!  There are three words to describe this film:UGLY, SLEAZY, and SICK!!  UNCUT and ltbx'd., in Itln. w/NO subts.

BLUTGEIL(ZURICH COP EATERS)-Extremely gory 1993 Swiss slasher film depicting cops being hacked to bits, cooked, eaten, etc., by deranged slum dwellers. Also incl. is a docu. by the filmmakers about the censorship problems they faced in Switzerland due to the short gore film they made. UNCUT, Swiss w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good qual.

TERROR EXPRESS-Violent and sleazy 1979 film by Ferdinando Baldi, starring Zora Kerowa and Werner Pochtath, both veteran stars of many eurotrash films! Three sex-crazed thugs take over a train, raping and finally killing some passengers. Brutal and graphic! UNCUT,in engl., o.k. pic qual.

KNIFE OF ICE-RARE 1972 Giallo by Umberto Lenzi, with Carrol Baker as a terrified deaf-mute. Some violent killings. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

DELLITTI-Very weird 1973 Itln. Giallo, about a masked lunatic disfiguring women's faces by putting a venomous snake on their necks! He also likes to stab them, too! EXTREMELY RARE! UNCUT, in Itln. w/NO subts., good qual.

IL TUO DOLCE CORPO DA UCCIDERE-Very obscure 1970 Giallo-thriller dir. by Alfonso Brescia. A wimpy diplomat fantasizes about killing his wife constantly. When she has his pet piranhas destroyed, it pushes him over the edge, and he plots her gory demise! He tries to blackmail a nazi doctor to dismember her body and put it in a suitcase. UNCUT, in Itln. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

SYMPTOMS-SUPER-RARE 1974 slasher film by dir. Jose Larraz. A mentally disturbed lesbian viciously stabs and kills people who wander onto her old mansion. UNCUT, in engl., fair qual.


SPIDER'S LABYRINTH-Weird 1988 Itln. horror film, with some GREAT bizarre special effects!  A human, female spider murders people for her deadly cult of worshippers. Some cool gore scenes and a hideous "spider baby" shows up at the film's end!! UNCUT, in engl., lbx'd., good qual.

FROM EAR TO EAR(LES COUSINES)-VERY RARE 1970 French sex-horror film, rel. in the u.s. by Jerry Gross. A young mute girl is tormented by her cousins with a mummified baby in a casket. Lots of nudity!  Uncut, in Itln. w/NO subts., good qual.

L'ASSASSINO E ANCORA TRA NOI(THE KILLER IS STILL AMONG US)-Ultra-SICK and EXTREMELY BLOODY 1979 Itln. Giallo, dir. by Camilio Teti.  A savage killer murders couples in the woods by shooting them with a shotgun, then gruesomely mutilating their bodies! One girl has her nipple cut off, then a big chunk of her GENITAL AREA is SLICED OFF with a knife in extreme, blood-spurting closeup!!  This film even gives GIALLO A VENEZIA a run for it's money!! UNCUT, in Itln. w/Engl. subts.,  o.k. qual.

LOVE LETTERS OF A  PORTUGUESE NUN-Very graphic 1977 Jess Franco satanic nun flick, with a lot of nudity and torture scenes. Stars Howard Berger. UNCUT, in ENGL., good qual.

DAMNED IN VENICE-Gory UNCUT version of Itln. OMEN ripoff from 1978, dir. by Ugo Liberatore. A blind boy sees visions of gruesome deaths, which he feels is caused by his baby brother, who is allegedly the Antichrist reborn. Some wild demises here, incl. beheadings by propellers, impalings, and the notorious baby thrown-into-a-spiked-board scene cut from other versions!  In engl., good qual.

MONIQUE-Strange 1979 eurotrash flick, dir. by Jacques Scandelari. A woman starts to go crazy after she discovers her husband is seeing gay men in discos behind her back!  She goes down to the clubs and tries seducing the gay men, then slashes their throats with a knife! She goes on a HOMO-KILLING SPREE until finally being found out by her husband! Sleazy, with some gore and nudity, and a lot of footage of gay clubs in NYC. UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual. Weird stuff!

RAGAZZA DALLA PELLE DI CORALLO-MEGARARE 1972 Itln. sex-thriller, with Gabriele Tinti  as a man stalked by a sadistic hate-freak who harrasses him, rapes his girlfriend, and eventually hunts him down to kill him!  Vintage euro-sleaze with a cool soundtrack and exotic locales!  Co-stars Rossanna Shiaffino. UNCUT, in Itln. w/NO subts., good qual.


JONATHAN-A very weird and violent 1970 German vampire film, with a hitler-like dracula killing people in a small village.UNCUT, in German w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good qual.


OGROFF(OGRE)-Rare and obscure 1983 French gore flick that's so cheaply made, it makes H.G. Lewis's films look like STEVEN SPIELBERG productions!!!(still lots of fun, 'tho!).  A  demented LEATHERFACE-type killer lurks in the woods, and kills travelers by the roadside. Lots of low-budget gore and bloodletting, as people get decapitated and stabbed, among other things! With an appearance by Howard Vernon! UNCUT, in French w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. Really weird!!

THE NETHERLANDS HORROR COLLECTION-Very cool 2-hr. tape of short Dutch horror films dealing with the macabre and gory, some of them NEVER seen before!  A blowup doll comes to life and attacks and tries to kill it's owner, a monster hides inside a telephone, zombies come alive and attack the living, a young male hustler is paid by a weird man to be tied to a bed and have one of his TITS bitten off by the man's old, CANNIBALISTIC mother(!!), etc. Lots of crazy fun!!  UNCUT, mostly in ENGL. w/some Dutch and French spoken, very good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

WOMEN'S PRISON-Very rare 1978 Eurotrash WIP flick, dir. by Brunello Rondi, starring Marilu Tolo and Erna Schurer in a prison full of sadistic tortures and evil lesbians. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

NECROPHOBIA-Extremely bloody and bizarre 1995 Dutch necrophilia-horror film, about a female psychotic who enjoys having sex with the dead. After a woman's head is crushed by a truck, she digs up her corpse and straps a male dildo on the dead girl, climbs on top, and rides her!!  She then gets involved with the dead woman's husband  and tries to chainsaw him in half after sex!! Lots of graphic scenes, incl. faces cut in half with shovels, throat-slashings, shotgun blasts blowing a giant hole revealing all of a man's intestines, etc. UNCUT, in Dutch w/NO subts., very good qual.(BA)

ARCANA-Bizarre 1972 Itln. horror-occult drama, dir. by Guilio Questi. A female psychic and her possessed teenage son try to fight evil forces. One scene shows the mother  throwing up live frogs!  Very strange and lots of 70's-type nudity and seediness! Stars Lucia Bose and Tina Aumont. UNCUT, Itln. w/NO subts., good qual.

EVIL FORCE(MEATCLEAVER MASSACRE)-Trashy and gory 1975 occult-revenge yarn, with Christopher Lee as the host!  A professor gets his revenge on the young punks who butchered his wife and daughter. He calls upon a demonic force to kill for him. Lots of nudity, sleaze, and cheap, bloody gore!! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.


FINISHING SCHOOL(HOUSE THAT SCREAMED)-Rare UNCUT print in ENGL. of this 1970 Spanish horror thriller set in a girl's school, with Lilli Palmer  as the sadistic lesbian headmistress whose students are being killed with a sharp knife. Good qual.

ARABELLA, THE BLACK ANGEL-Totally UNCUT, UNCENSORED version in ENGL. of this gory 1987 Giallo, dir. by Stelvio Massi. A maniacal killer is loose, cutting off the PENISES of men and stabbing women in the crotch!!  very graphic, and lots of nudity, too!  Good qual. composite print.


IGUANA WITH A TONGUE OF FIRE-Very gory 1971 Itln. Giallo-slasher film, with Anton Diffring and Luigi Pistilli, dir. by Riccardo Freda. Women are killed by an acid-throwing, throat-slashing maniac. A violent and sleazy flick that's very well-made!  UNCUT, in engl., good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

MANEATERS-Obscure and very black comedy from 1980, with Catriona Maccoll as one of a trio of female cannibals on a deserted island, who feed on men who get shipwrecked there. There's some decent gore-cannibalism shown. Uncut, in engl., very good qual.

A CANDLE FOR THE DEVIL-Completely UNCUT version of 1973 Spanish horror film also called  IT HAPPENED AT NIGHTMARE INN. All of the bloody killings and nudity is shown here. Judy Geeson stars as an innocent victim of the evil sisters that run the inn. In engl., good qual.

HOWL OF THE DEVIL-Very bloody and graphic 1992 Paul Naschy werewolf/monster pic that had very limited release in Spain only! Filled with gory slashing murders, nudity, and Naschy playing a variety of monster characters, incl. his famous werewolf! UNCUT, lbx'd., in Spanish w/Engl. subts., good qual.

PARAPSYCHO:SPEKTRUM DER ANGST-EXTREMELY RARE 1975 German film that plays much like a Giallo-thriller, starring Marisa Mell, William Berger, and Leon Askin, dir. by Peter Patzak.  A strange young man with telepathic powers causes women who leave him to commit suicide in violent ways. One girl dies mysteriously, and thye do an AUTOPSY on her body, graphically shown with the use of a REAL CORPSE!  There's other violent deaths that occur, too, in this very bizarre and weird film! UNCUT, in German w/NO subts., good qual.(BA)

PIEGE-MEGA-RARE 1968 art-weirdness from France, starring the bizarre filmmaker ARRABAL! Pretty hard to describe, but very off-the-wall, with women put in bondage, whippings, a dead man coming back to life, mild S/M. lesbians, etc. UNCUT, lbx'd., in black and white and French w/NO subts., good qual.

MANSON MASSACRE(DIE TOCHTER DES SATANS, THE CULT, HOUSE OF BONDAGE)-Finally, here's a print of this INCREDIBLY RARE 1971 sex and gore flick, orig. released with a self-imposed X rating as THE CULT, then re-released with an R rating in 1976 as MANSON MASSACREand again in 1980 as HOUSE OF BONDAGE!  Dir. by a guy called KENTUCKY JONES, this film is about an insne cult leader, like Manson, with his female followers who ride around in a hearse after robbing it and a corpse from a mortuary. Ushi Digart is shwon in flashbacks  as the leader's buxom mom, who forces him to have sex with her as a teen, and ends up going to prison for her after killing her vicious boyfriend in a fight. One sick flashback shows the young leader in the jail shower getting GANG-RAPED by 3 DUDES!! Like i said, this is one SLEAZY and NASTY film, made in the 1970's, naturally!  Lots of S/M beatings, rapes, incest, whippings, faces smashed in with a ball and chain, spankings, bloody stabbings, lesbian orgies, etc. Sleaze-horror fans can't go wrong here! The most UNCUT PRINT AVAILABLE(perhaps the oNLY EXISTING PRINT LEFT!), direct from Import German DVD, in German w/NO subts., very good qual.  It also comes with the trailer and a slide-show of the lobby cards in germany for the film! RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

MALEFICIA-MEGA-BLOODY and GORE-SOAKED  French shot-on-video new horror-satanic-zombie flick,  about satan-worshipping hood-wearing maniacs in the French countryside, sacrificing pretty young girls on an altar and pouring their blood and mutilated body parts into a huge bowl and drinking it to satisfy the evil one!  After they slaughter the women, dead bodies start to rise up from their graves, attacking the living and ripping them apart in a cannibalistic massacre! FULL of GRUESOME closeups of gut-munching satanists and zombies, heads cut off, eyes gouged out, faces sliced off, brains pouring onto a dead woman's face after her head is decapitated and split open, a demonic monster created from the bowl of blood and guts, etc.!  In other words, it's PARTY TIME!! It even has a weird double-twist ending!  UNCUT, in French w/NO subts., very good qual. CHECK IT OUT!!

EL HOMBRE SIN ROSTRO-Eerie and surreal 1950 Mexican horror film, about a man obsessed with a mysterious lady-killer who strikes by night, brutally stabbing and strangling his female victims. He has crazy dreams about chasing the killer, only to find out the faceless killer is his MOTHER!  Very rare film, with a great, spooky atmosphere and some violence. UNCUT, in Spn. w/NO subts., good qual. Black and white.

VENGANZA DEL DR. MABUSE-Extremely rare 1972 Jess Franco horror-sleaze, with Jack Taylor as a mad doctor experimenting with humans, who uses a giant, hulking monster to attack and kidnap his female subjects. Nudity, weird experiments, stabbings, etc. UNCUT, in Spanish w/NO subts., o.k. pic qual.

WOMEN'S RIPPER-VERY OBSCURE late 70's Brazilian slasher pic, with a psycho killing girls outside an old hotel in town. Throats cut, some nudity, stabbings, etc. UNCUT, Portg. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.


FATAL HOURS-BRUTAL and VIOLENT 1978 Brazilian rape-revenge film, with COFFIN JOE as the head of a crime syndicate with ties to the local police, who helps execute a man and his family after his wife and daughter are savagely raped and killed by two perverted sons of mob bosses. The killers focus on him and his small, surviving son, as well as other people who work at the man's bar where he works. They also take him from the bar and torture him with electric wires at a bogus police station, making him even more dead-set on having a GRUESOME REVENGE!  He kills the two rapists, one by shooting him in the nuts!  Another big, scary guy with a deformed eye working for Coffin Joe gets shot in the head, blood spurting out in a graphic scene! Lots of sleaze and nudity, too! UNCUT, in Portg. Lng. w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

NAZI LOVE CAMP # 27(LIVING NIGHTMARE)-VILE and sleaze-filled 1976 Itln.-made nazi sexploitation, with  the beautiful Sirpa Lane, dir. by Mario Caiano. Brutal beatings and rapes, perverted S/M scenes and tortures by lesbian guards, a brief XXX nazi-guard rape sequence, whippings, some gore, etc. Tough to find and long out of print, this is the UNCUT version! In engl., good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!(BA


LAS ALIMANAS(THE ALLIGATORS)-SUPER-OBSCURE Spn. sleaze from 1976, dir. by the great Armando Di Ossorio! Here's one you won't see in too many reference books, due to it's rarity. Frank Brana, Helga Line, and Fernando Sancho star. Lots of folks get violently bumped off, then are tossed into the local swamp for the alligators to eat the evidence! One guy is blinded when his thug partner gets mad and smashes a liquor bottle in his eyes, Helga Line becomes lunch for the gators after she makes a lesbian advance to a girl, people get stabbed in the back(in more ways than one!), etc. Worth checking out! In Spanish, ltbx'd., NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

NINE GUESTS FOR A CRIME(NOVE OSPITE PER UN DELITTO, UN URLO NELLA NOTTE)-Extremely violent and BLOODY 1977 Itln. giallo, starring Arthur Kennedy and Massimo Foschi, dir. by Ferdinando Baldi. Vacationers on an isolated island are stalked and killed one by one by a crazed killer. Full of gruesome deaths, beheadings, shootings, bodies set on fire, harpoon spears through the neck, suicides, etc.! Tons of nudity, too! UNCUT, in Itln. w/NO subts., lbx'd., good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

SHADOW OF ILLUSION-VERY RARE 1970 psychedelic Giallo-thriller from dir. Mario Caiano, about a woman trapped by a bizarre pagan cult while on vacation in Egypt. Some violent deaths, stabbings, nudity. Stars William Berger, Daniela Giordano, and Krista Nell. UNCUT, in engl., o.k. pic qual.

HOUSE OF LOST DOLLS-REAL SLEAZY 1972 Eurotrash-sexploitation flick, starring Sylvia Solar and Jack Taylor, dir. by Pierre Chevalier. Girls are abducted and held  against their will at a whorehouse, and a secret agent is sent in to bust up the operation. Rapes, beatings, chained women forced into sex, cool fistfights between taylor and mafia thugs, nudity, etc. Fun flick! UNCUT print in engl., good qual.

DEATH IN HAITI(TROPIC OF CANCER)-Violent and fast-paced 1972 giallo, with Anthony Steffen, Gabriele Tinti, and Anita Strindberg. A doctor in Haiti is plagued by a series of murders linked to a mysterious drug he has hidden in his house. BLOODY DEATHS, and a blood-soaked MONDO-type animal sacrifice scene with voodoo rites and local natives thrown in for good measure! People are harpooned, strangled, stabbed, shot, set on fire, and one of the most GRAPHIC FACE-BURNINGS i've EVER SEEN!! UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

BLOOD FRENZY-Sleazy and VERY GORY 1987 horror-slasher flick, dir. by Hal Freeman. A female therapist has a group of patients drive out to the California desert in order to work out their feelings and confront each other with their emotional problems, not knowing a deranged, throat-slitting killer lurks in the shadows! It's sure hard to feel sorry for ANY of these losers, 'tho, as they're ALL such typical ASSHOLES, you could almost CHEER ON the killer and their deaths!!! One dude's a psycho Vietnam vet, another's an obnoxious loudmouthed womanizer, another's an old, stupid drunk, the women are either dykes or head-cases that either do or don't like to be touched by men, etc.!! Naturally, they all accuse each other of being the killer! Some VERY BLOODY throat-slashings, hands cut off, brutal stabbings, tortures, nudity, sleazy language

and dialogue, etc. UNCUT version, in ENGL., good qual.


LOVE LETTERS OF A PORTUGUESE NUN-LBX. UPGRADE w/TRAILERS!-This is the digitally upgraded print in ENGL. of the 1977 Jess Franco sadistic nuns flick with William Berger, and it comes with a whole slew of GREAT TRAILERS for this and OTHER Franco films, as well as a brief interview with Franco himself, and also interviewed are Herbert Fux(German only) and Erwin Dietrich(German only). This is the BEST looking version you'll EVER see of this one!! UNCUT and LBX., in EXCELL. QUAL.! RECOMMENDED!

PLEASE DON'T EAT THE BABIES!-That's the ACTUAL TITLE of this bizaare and RARE 1987 horror film, which features GIANT COCKROACHES that devour their victims!! It also has a crazed old man who "makes a pact with the devil" to supply the giant bugs with fresh human bodies who graphically rips out a dead man's intestines in one bloody scene! He also has a mentally retarded son to help him dispose of the bodies, who is friends with one guy who's a hillbilly

-CANNIBAL that eats human flesh of females he captures! This is one STRANGE film, that's for sure!! Uncut, in ENGL., o.k.-good qual. CHECK IT OUT!!


WOMEN IN CELLBLOCK 9(ENGL.-DUBBED UPGRADE!)-Here is the ENGL.-DUBBED print , UNCUT, of the ultra-nasty and sleazy 1977 Jess Franco WIP film with Karine Gambier, Susan Hemingway, and Howard Vernon as an over-the-top(and out of his mind!) warden-torturer in his best performance EVER! Lbx'd. and in EXCELL.QUAL from a foreign DVD! Incls. all the violent and graphic torture-s/m scenes cut from other versions, and has the film's trailer as well! RECOMMENDED!!

MASTER OF HORROR-Here is a VERY RARE ENGLISH-DUBBED print of the 1960 Argentinian film based on the short stories by Edgar Allen Poe that was trimmed for it's u.s. release by Jack Harris Ent. to fit on a double-bill with MASTER OF TERROR(4-D MAN). Very creepy and atmospheric! Only fair pic qual., however.

BLUE RITA-Uncut ENGL.-DUBBED print of this WEIRD and wild 1978 Jess Franco sleaze-spy-sexploitation-sci-fi film, about an evil blue-haired female spy/dominatrix who tortures and keeps male spies locked up in her torture chambers in order to force them to talk, etc. She pours a mysterious GREEN LIQUID on them while caged up that works like an aphrodisiac, making them into sex-hungry slaves to obey her every command! Lots of near-hardcore sex scenes, full frontal nudity, sleazy and kinky encounters, some bondage, etc.! FUN FLICK! Lbxd., in EXCELL. QUAL. from a foreign DVD. RECOMMENDED!

VOODOO PASSION(CALL OF THE BLONDE GODDESS)-Sleazy 1980 Jess Franco softcore sex and voodoo pic, with a sexy blonde chick engaging in some wild voodoo rites with Carribean natives! Tons of nudity and sleaze, which is a Franco trademark! UNCUT, in ENGL., excell. qual. from a foreign DVD. RECOMMENDED!

LOVE CAMP-Bizarre and seedy 1977 Jess Franco WIP-jungle adventure film, about a cruel blonde female white slaver/prison warden who forces women kidnapped from brothels to work as whores for her and her soldiers. Those who refuse are decapitated with a machete! Of course, there's TONS of softcore sex and nudity! UNCUT, in Engl., lbx., excell. qual.

EYEBALL(WIDE_EYED IN THE DARK, SECRET KILLER)-UNCUT and LBX'D. import print in ENGL. of the great 1975 gory Giallo dir. by Umberto Lenzi. A psychotic killer cuts out the eyes of his victims in graphic detail! There's also bloody throat-slashings, lesbians, and nudity thrown in for good measure, too! Excell. qual. from a foreign DVD-includes the German trailer and lobby card shots, too. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!(BA)


LA FILLE DE DRACULA-One of Jess Franco's RAREST films, this is from 1971 and is full of erotic images, vampire attacks, and it even has Howard Vernon as Dracula! Plenty of nudity, neck-bitings, softcore sex, etc. UNCUT print in Spn. w/Engl. subts., excell. qual.


UNCUT import print running around 112 MNS. of the sleazy and violent 1972 Jess Franco satanic nun-possession flick which incls. ALL of the TORTURE and sleazy nun scenes missing from all the other versions out there! This is MUCH longer than the 90 or so mn. print they put out on video here in the 80's! Also incl. is the German trailer and extra scenes from the vaults of Franco! French lng and lbx'd., NO subts., excell. qual. We also have the 101 MN. ENGLISH-DUBBED print, lbx;d. and excell. qual., so please state when ordering which version you'd prefer(the French only print is the LONGEST)!


SNUFF TRAP-This is one of the newest(2003) sleazy flicks from the GREAT Itln. trash-film director Bruno Mattei! A woman searches for her kidnapped daughter in the world of snuff-films and their deranged makers, and ends up a victim herself of her brutal captors. Lots of S/M beatings, stabbings, whippings, nudity, softcore sex, etc. Uncut print in Engl., excell. qual. from a foreign DVD. CHECK IT OUT!

ROSSA VENEZIA-WILD and VERY VIOLENT 2003 German splatter/WIP/Giallo/hardcore XXX sex flick(!!), that runs around 2 hours and 35 mns.!! Yep, this pic is even longer than CALIGULA and TWICE as gory and sick, too! A woman is released from prison and decides to slaughter and butcher as many harlots as she can in very graphic ways. Hands get chopped off, as well as heads, drills go through women's vaginas, squirting blood, impalings, beatings, torture, XXX hardcore sex scenes(one girl is forced to eat out another woman's pussy, then VOMITS afterwards, saying, "what a dirty cunt!"), brains blown out, etc., etc.! Totally uncut import print in ENGL., excell. qual. from a foreign DVD.

THE WASHING MACHINE-ENGL.-DUBBED UPGRADE!- Here's an english-dubbed print of this 1991 Giallo-type thriller from dir. Ruggero Deodato, about the evil sisters and the body that shows up in their washing machine! Tons of nudity, some gore, etc. Uncut and in very good qual. from a foreign DVD.

KILLER CROCODILE-UNCUT UPGRADE!-Here is a GREAT-looking print in ENGL. of the bloody 1989 killer croc flick by dir. Larry Ludman, which incls. different trailers and runs 8 mns. longer than any other version! Tons of gore, severed limbs, etc.! Excell. qual. from a foreign DVD, remastered. RECOMMENDED!!

CALIGULA AND MESSALINA(CALIGULA'S PERVERSIONS)-Fully UNCUT version in ENGL. of this 1982 violent and sleazy ripoff of the CALIGULA film showing the vile sexual excesses and depravities of the notorious Roman emperor. You get homosexual rape, nudity, softcore sex(close to hardcore in some spots!), bloody deaths, impalings, incest, etc. Excell. qual. from a foreign DVD. RECOMMENDED!

LAND OF DEATH-Graphic and bloody 2003 Itln. cannibal-horror-action flick, dir. by Bruno Mattei, who still makes Itln. sleaze and horror flicks the old-fashioned way!! A crew of soldiers come face to face with savage cannibal flesh-eaters when they try to rescue a senator's daughter from their tribe. A gory mix of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and PREDATOR! Heads and arms roll, cannibal gut and heart-eating, and even animal slaughter is graphically displayed here in this throwback to the 70's cannibal cinema! Uncut print in ENGL., lbx., excell. qual. from foreign DVD.

MURDER IN A BLUE WORLD(CLOCKWORK TERROR)-UPGRADE-Here's a very good qual. upgrade in Engl. of this 1973 Spn. futuristic violence-sleaze pic, with Sue Lyons and Chris Mitchum. This comes direct from the foreign DVD and is UNCUT and lbx'd.

SAVAGE ENCOUNTER-Very rare 1980 Australian DELIVERANCE and STRAW DOGS-type revenge flick, about a young couple terrorized by deranged inbred hillbillies in the Aussie countryside. Lots of nudity, rape, beatings, stabbings, shootings, etc. Uncut print in Engl., very good qual.

THE LIFETAKER-Obscure and violent 1975 British thriller, about a man who catches his wife cheating on him with a younger man, and plans a grisly revenge for both of them! Nudity, stabbings, shootings, gory head-shots and heads cracked open, etc. Uncut, in Engl., o.k.-good qual.

LADY FRANKENSTEIN-Completely UNCUT Euro comp. print with more nudity and some violence of the 1971 Mel Welles horror flick, with Joseph Cotton and Rosalba Neri as Frankenstein's daughter. This has all the stuff that was missing in all the u.s. video and DVD releases! Engl.-dubbed print in o.k.-good qual. Good, classic horror fun

BYLETH, IL DEMON DELL'INCESTO-MEGA-RARE 1971 Span.-Itln. giallo-gothic horror film, with Mark Damon as a man obsessed with the ghost of a horse and a nude woman, and a killer who stabs naked women in the neck in gory fashion when they sleep! Plenty of nudity and some gore, giallo-style! Uncut, Itln. w/No subts., lbx'd., only fair qual.

GARDEN OF THE FRENCHMAN-VERY RARE 1977 Spanish film, starring and directed by Paul Naschy, who plays the French-Gypsy gardener, who with an accomplice robs and kills rich travelers who come to stay at his inn and buries them in the garden of the title! Nudity, brutal stabbings and beatings, and a guy hacked to death with an axe by Naschy! Unusual and well-made. Uncut print, in Spn. w/NO subts., lbx'd., o.k.-good qual.

RAZOR UNDER THE THROAT-Bloody and violent 1987 French giallo-slasher flick, starring Brigitte Lahaie as a woman working for a mean photographer who forces the girls to pose with

homeless dudes and in cemeteries naked, and who also are being stalked at the same time by a sadistic slashing killer! Brigitte ends up being brutally slaughtered in a bathtub! Tons of nudity, too! Uncut print, in French w/No subs., good qual.

ANGEL OF DEATH:FUCK OR DIE!-Wild and gory 1998 German insanity from dir. Andreas Bethmann, who also made ROSSA VENEZIA! A rape victim takes a bloody, savage revenge on her attackers! Gory head-shots, stabbings, butchery, shootings, nudity, torture, beatings, eye-gougings, etc.! Uncut, in German w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good qual.

LINDA(NAKED SUPER-WITCHES OF RIO AMORE)-Uncut print in Engl. of this super-sleazy 1981 Jess Franco Eurotrash extravaganza! Women are forced to work in a brothel for a sadistic female and her raping goon guards, who make the new recruits have sex with them on-stage i front of rich Euro-trash customers! This totally uncut print has the notorious torture-dungeon scene and others that were cut from other prints. Lbx'd., and also comes with the extra-sleazy trailer for the film! A must-have! Excell. qual. from a foreign DVD. RECOMMENDED!

HOT WATER-Rare UNCUT import version of the 1984 Canadian slasher flick also known as JUNIOR, about two female ex-convicts who buy a boat-house in a hick town populated by a gang of redneck psychos and drunks, one of them called "junior", a big, ugly goof who likes to rape and beat women while his sicko old momma watches with binoculars cackling and laughing! People start turning up dead(including a dog gutted and hung upside down), and naturally, junior's the prime suspect! Lots of nudity, rough dialogue, rape, some bloody deaths, burnings, stabbings, etc. Engl. dubbed print in o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!

MIRAGE-Another rare slasher film, this one from 1990 and made here in the u.s.! A group of young friends out in the desert on a weekend break are being slaughtered by a mysterious killer in a truck in various bloody ways. Heads roll, stabbings, impalings, nudity, etc. Pretty good flick! Uncut print in Engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

POSSEDUTA-Very, VERY WEIRD 1989 Itln. occult-horror film, with two men and a young teenage boy living in the mountains all alone in the Swiss Alps somewhere, who encounter a female demon after performing a strange ritual with a stuffed doll and a wooden voodoo-type doll's head and using it like a blow-up sex toy(!), taking turns masturbating on it, etc. One of the men is a weird sick-o who tries molesting the young man and trying to touch his penis when he gets real horny one night!! The female demon comes to life and goes about killing the men, the sicko one nailed to a barn and skinned alive in bloody detail! They don't come any STRANGER that THIS one, that's for sure! Uncut, in Itln. w/NO subts., o.k.-good pic qual.

TROUBLE EVERY DAY-Another very weird film, this one from 2000 and made in France, starring Vincent Gallo. A couple infected with a strange virus become obsessed with cannibalism and gorily eat the flesh of those they come in contact with sexually! There's a VERY BLOODY scene of the woman eating flesh off a teenager's face, biting it off his chin and neck, etc., while blood literally covers the wall behind her! Another sick scene shows the man raping a girl, then biting her in the CROTCH in graphic detail! Uncut version, in Engl.(with some

brief scenes in French w/Engl. subts), very good qual. CHECK IT OUT!!

THE DEVIL'S BETWEEN US-Very rare and obscure 1973 Canadian occult horror-drama prod. by Andre Link, who was involved with the first two ILSA films! Dir. by Jean Beardin, this film features nudity, some violence, and a wicked old hag who stabs someone to death! Definitely worth checking out if you're into obscure cinema! Uncut, Itln. w/NO subts., good qual.

NIGHT KILLER-Violent 1990 slasher flick, dir. by Claudio Fragasso of ZOMBIE 4 fame! A gloved, masked killer who looks WAY too much like Freddy Krueger mutilates and kills young women, putting his claw through their bodies and impaling them! The cops try to track him down. A subplot involving a wealthy kidnapped woman and a psycho provide more thrills. Gory deaths, nudity, etc. FUN! Uncut print in Engl., o.k.-good qual.

NIGHT FLOWERS-Grim and well-acted 1979 serial-killer drama, about two men back from Vietnam who snap and go on a rape-killing spree in the big apple. One of the guys is the short Puerto-Rican actor who played a prisoner in the film SHORT EYES! Lots of seedy footage of old New York and Times Square back in the day, nudity, stabbings, stranglings, rape, etc. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.(BA)

RIVERPLAY-Gory 2000 German take on DELIVERANCE, dir. by Olaf Ittenbach. A couple take a trip on the river, not knowing a man and woman are out there attacking and killing campers, then brutally butchering the bodies and EATING their flesh! They both fight for their lives against the killers in a blood-soaked battle for survival! You get faces skinned off, hearts eaten, stabbings, mutilation, hands roll, nudity, etc.! COOL! Uncut, in German w/NO subts, very good qual. from a foreign DVD. RECOMMENDED!

VENGANZA DEL DR. MABUSE-UPGRADE!-Here is a MUCH BETTER print in GOOD qual.of this 1972 Spn. horror flick by Jess Franco. This is a vast improvement over the o.k. qual. print we had before! Still uncut, and in Spn. ONLY w/No subts.

THE PREMONITION-Bizarre and trippy 1972 hippie-horror film, dir. by Alan Rudolph who did TERROR CIRCUS. A dead Indian medicine man's skeleton causes strange things to happen among a hippie music group staying in a remote cabin in the woods. Nudity, some blood, weird psychedelic nightmare sequences, etc. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

WHIRLPOOL-Incredibly RARE 1969 Joe Larraz psycho-slasher gem, about a deranged photographer living with a twisted older woman-swinger in a deserted house in the woods who likes to take pictures of young girls being brutalized, tortured, and raped while he watches and laughs! This was originally rated X upon it's u.s. release in 1970 for all the nudity, rape scenes, and violence. Stabbings, sadistic sex games, gang rapes, lesbians, and a shocking ending for it's time! UNCUT print in ENGLISH, good qual.(BA)

THE WITCHES(MARK OF THE DEVIL PART 2-UNCUT!)-MEGA-RARE UNCUT IMPORT version of the grisly 1972 Adrian Hoven film that's an unofficial "sequel" to the first MARK OF THE DEVIL. This print has ALL the gruesome torture, rape, and nudity cut from the R-rated u.s. prints, incl. the burning foot scene, and a blood-spurting head decapitation scene, as well as more footage in the nasty nun-rape scene! Anton Diffring, Reggie Nalder, and Erika Blanc star. Engl. dubbed print, in good qual. RECOMMENDED!!(BA)
DEADLY INHERITANCE-Rare 1968 Giallo, uncut and in ENGL., about relatives of a railroad worker being bumped off in violent ways after he dies and leaves his money in a will with certain stipulations in it! Stabbings, shootings, nudity, plot-twists and turns in the usual giallo tradition! Pic qual. is o.k.-good. Has a cool musical score!

KILLERDROME(DON’T SCREAM-IT’S ONLY A MOVIE)-Very rare and cool 1989 horror movie outtakes flick hosted by Vincent Price, produced by Dick Randall! You get the goriest and most violent scenes from many 80’s horror films, incl. PIECES, DON’T OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS, BAY OF BLOOD, CANNIBAL MAN, JUNGLE HOLOCAUST, FRIDAY THE 13TH, and more! A real party tape! Uncut, in Engl., very good qual.(BA)


KILLER FISH-Uncut import print of this 1978 action-horror flick with Karen Black, dir. By Antonio Margheriti. This has all the bloody fish attacks and more violent deaths than in some of the cut versions. Fun movie! In Engl., very good qual. From foreign dvd. (BA)

GOBLET OF GORE-Bloody and wild 2004 German horror, about a bloodthirsty evil princess resurrected from the dead, seeking victims! No shortage of the red stuff here, as heads and arms roll, blood squirts ands pours from wounds, heads explode after having huge cocks shoved into them(!!), mutilations, nudity, etc. Crazy stuff here! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

THE PENCIL MURDERS-Incredibly rare and obscure 1982 Belgian Giallo-type slasher thriller, about a psycho

on the loose who kills women and men by shoving a sharpened PENCIL into their noses, piercing their brains

and killing them! Weird stuff indeed! Some bloody deaths, nudity. Uncut print, in Spn. w/NO subts., good qual.

LA POLIZIA BRANCOLA NEL BUIO-Super-rare 70’s gory Giallo from Italy, with women being brutally stabbed to death

by a mysterious assassin hiding in an old mansion. Lots of nudity, bloody stabbings, etc. Cool! Uncut, in Itln. w/NO subts.,

o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!



Itln. w/Engl. subts., of this obscure 1973 horror flick starring Klaus Kinski as a mad scientist taking a potion that turns him into

a savage, ape-like killer. Uncut too! Atmospheric and lots of fun!!

ABRAXAS-Very gory and bizaare 2001 Itln. horror film that plays like an homage to Renato Polselli’s gothic horror works! Black

magic rituals, sacrifices, throat slashings, dismemberings, nudity, etc. Uncut, in Itln. w/No subts., good qual. CHECK IT OUT!!



MACUMBA LOVE-Rare classic 1961 voodoo/adventure film, about an evil black voodoo goddess with platinum blonde hair\par

terrorizing the inhabitants of a Brazilian island. An American

writer attempts to expose her evil ways, but gets caught up in \par

a curse on him and his family! Weird voodoo rites, some surprising gory deaths(a tortured man has a pin pushed into his eye),\par

etc. In engl., good qual.\par


A SAVAGE HUNGER-Well-made 1984 tale of survival set in an American desert and played out ala SURVIVE! People are stranded\par

out in the desert without food or water and end up resorting to CANNIBALISM to survive. They first turn on each other, then start to \par

eat the dead bodies, cutting off strips of flesh and burning it over an open flame. Some nudity, beatings, fights, flesh-cutting scenes, \par

etc. Uncut, in Engl., excell. qual.

IGUANA WITH A TONGUE OF FIRE-UPGRADE!-Nice-looking uncut ltbx’d. upgrade in Engl. of this brutal and bloody 1971 Giallo by Riccardo Freda starring Anton Diffring and Werner Pocthath. A must-see for fans of gory and sadistic giallo’s!! Very good qual. from a foreign DVD. Also comes with trailer! RECOMMENDED!(BA)

ICED-Tough to find 1988 slasher flick, about a psycho skiier doing in some cruel young folks who left him to die in the snow five years earlier from a skiing accident. Typical slice n’dice stuff, with impalings, stabbings, shootings, hackings, etc. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

THE VERY BEST OF EUROPEAN TRAILERS, VOL. #2-Here’s a sequel to the first installment of this cool trailer comp. disc straight from Holland, where once again this Dutch guy starts talking about the trailers he’s about to show us from many classic horror and exploitation films. This one has cool trailers from DRACULA’S SAGA, BEAST OF BLOOD, DEATH PROMISE, GORGO, MESSALINA, JUNGLE GODDESS, ILSA, SHE-WOLF OF THE SS, and many more! Just break out the popcorn and enjoy! Almost all the trailers are in English(the narrator speaks in Dutch), and are uncut and in very good qual.













PERVERTED DOLL- Very rare early 70's Spanish thriller, about a psychotic girl killing off her family. Graphic stabbings. UNCUT, Span. w/NO subts., good qual.

DEATH KNOCKS TWICE- Obscure giallo from 1973 in engl., w/Fabio Testi as a sociopathic young killer who likes to strangle girls to death after making love to them. Lots of nudity and some violence. UNCUT, very good qual.

TRHAUMA-Weird and gory 1980 Itln. slasher pic about a maniac on the loose. This is NOT the Argento TRAUMA film. UNCUT, Itln., NO engl. subts., good qual.

TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DIE- Stylish 80's Itln. giallo, about beautiful models killed by a psycho. Pretty violent. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

DEADLINE- Extremely bloody and vicious 1980 Canadian horror film, about a gore-film writer who must come up with the ultimate bloodbath! Shows nuns eating a priest's heart, guts coming out of a guy, children hanging adults and setting their grandma on fire, and other gory mayhem in this uncut print. In engl., very good qual.

CROSS OF THE SEVEN JEWELS-UPGRADE, UNCENSORED!- This is the completely UNFOGGED, UNCUT euro-version of the 1986 Eddy Endolf nude werewolf flick, with Gordon Mitchell as a devil-worshipping sorcerer who possesses the wolfman for his evil biddings. Full of gory deaths, hearts burst out of chests and explode, faces melt, a naked wolfman rapes women to death, and more! In engl., very good qual. A GREAT FIND!!

PESADILLA SIN FIN(NEVER-ENDING NIGHTMARE)- Violent and brutal 1987 Mexican giallo-type film, about a savage killer murdering people out to celebrate a Mexican holiday. He has flashbacks about his father being stabbed to death in a bar as a child, and goes on a knifing and shooting rampage. Some gory stabbings and throats cut, nudity, shootings, etc. UNCUT, in Span. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

CON EL ODIO EN LA PIEL(OF HATRED UNDER THE SKIN)- Incredibly violent and bloody 1985 Mexican action-revenge film, with Hugo Stiglitz as a mean Texas sheriff engaging in a bloody battle with the small town's "chicano" and "wetback" residents. He has one innocent chicano sent to the electric chair, then his family tries to expose him and are gorily executed by a redneck gang of punks the sheriff hires. One remaining brother of the chicano goes on a vicious revenge mission against Stiglitz and his clan, burning one guy's face off, impaling another on a hook through the mouth, beating one cop to death, etc. Extremely brutal flick that pulls no punches in it's gory deaths and tortures! UNCUT, in Span. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. MEGA-RARE!!

MARTA-UPGRADE, IN ENGL.!- Finally, here's an english version of this very rare 1971 Spanish giallo-thriller, with Stephen Boyd and Marisa Mell. A mentally unbalanced man remarries, and fears his new wife will try to find out what happened to his last wife! Nudity, some gory bludgeonings, corpses hidden in statues, etc. UNCUT, good qual.

LIBIDINE- Very weird 1979 Itln. sleaze-horror film, with Ajita Wilson and Marina Frajese. A mad scientist manages to turn a woman into a snake, with some very wild and crazy results! One graphic scene shows a girl putting the head of the snake into her vagina in graphic detail! Pretty sick stuff! UNCUT print, Itln. w/NO subts., ltbx'd., good qual., however, the sound is low on the tape for the firsty 30 mns.

PLACER Y MUERTE(PLEASURE AND DEATH)- Very bloody and sleazy 1989 Mexican horror-slasher pic, about two insane brothers who go around viciously cutting the throats of pretty hookers and call-girls in Mexico City, because they caught their mom in sex acts with her boyfriends when they were kids, and it warped their minds! Full of gruesome throat-slashings, nudity, shootings, etc. UNCUT, Span. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

SKIN'EM ALIVE-UPGRADE!- Very good qual. UNCUT upgrade in engl., of very sleazy and enjoyable 1976 action film by Mario Siciliano, about racist mercenaries over in Africa killing blacks. Perhaps one of the most "politically incorrect" films ever made! This print also has around 3-4 extra mns. of action in the beginning than the previous tape print!

GRAN BOLLITO(THE BIG CAULDRON)- Super-rare and bizarre 1977 Itln. horror film, with none other than Shelley Winters in the lead role, as a crazy woman pushed over the edge, who starts killing rich older women who come to her handsome son and try to marrie him, by using a cleaver to cut off their heads and put the rest of the bodies in a stew, in a "big pot"! Max Von Sydow also has a dual role, as an inspector, and an older female dressed in drag! Strange shit indeed! UNCUT, Itln. w/NO subts., excell. qual. from a PAL transfer.

MY FRIENDS NEED KILLING- Incredibly RARE and obscure 1976 gory slasher film, dir. by Paul Leder. Greg Mullavey stars as a mentally disturbed vietnam vet on a mission to kill his old army buddies, who forced him to viciously slaughter old women and children over in 'nam years earlier. He drains the blood from one of them with a syringe, rapes another guy's wife in front of him, then shoots them both, bloodily stabs his old sergeant to death with a large knife, and forces another to overdose on medications. Has a bizarre twist ending! UNCUT, in engl., good qual. overall.

NIGHT OF THE EXECUTIONER- Graphic and extremely violent 1992 Spanish action-revenge flick, with Paul Naschy as a DEATH WISH-type avenger, killing the punks who raped and killed his wife and son. He also had part of his tongue sliced off by the thugs, which is GRAPHICALLY SHOWN! Castrations, rapes, stabbings, and bloody shoot-outs are also shown in every bloody detail! Dir. by Naschy! UNCUT, Spn. w/NO subts., very good qual. A wild flick!

E TANTA PAURA(TOO MUCH FEAR)- Violent and tense 1976 Itln. Giallo, dir. by Paolo Cavara. Someone is bumping off anyone associated with the Hoffman Villa, and a cop tries to investigate. A woman is graphically set on fire, gruesomely burned, another has her skull split open, etc. RARE UNCUT print, Itln. w/engl. subts., good qual. Very sleazy!!

HORROR STORY-Very weird and bizarre 1994 Czech art-horror film, shot in different color tones(tinted yellow, blue, grey, and black and white styles). A writer works on a graphic novel, and his creations come to life. Some gory scenes of beheadings, fingers chopped off, body parts hanging in a morgue, a book dripping blood, and other oddness make this a real avant-garde piece of work. UNCUT, Czech w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good qual.

WHO'S THE KILLER?(CIAK SI MUORE)- extremely rare and unknown 1974 Itln. giallo, with a slasher who finally ends up hiding from the law by dressing as a skeleton in a theater troupe! Some stabbings, shootings, stanglings, etc. in the giallo tradition. UNCUT, Itln. w/NO subts., good qual.

CROSS CURRENT- Another rare giallo, this from 1971, and with Ivan Rassimov. After a race-car driver is assassinated, many suspects show up, and are also killed by a mysterious gloved psycho. One gory scene shows a man stabbed in the stomach, and his intestines spill out of his jacket to the ground in bloody close-up! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

THE WEAPON, THE HOUR, THE MOTIVE- Real rare 1973 Giallo-crime film, about a young boy finding a bloody dead body of a priest in a nunnery, who then becomes the target of the killer. A graphic scene of naked nuns flogging themselves with whips until they're bloody is graphically shown, along with some giallo-style killings as well. UNCUT, Itln. w/NO subts., good qual.

EMMA, LAS PUERTAS OBSCURAS- Extremely rare 1973 slasher-giallo, dir. by Joe Larraz. A mentally disturbed young woman is released from a mental hospital, after she becomes involved with a lesbian nurse, whom she then murders after the nurse goes back to her husband, who's also brutally slashed to death with a razor! The girl's mother tries to hide her from the cops, but is stabbed to death as well! Some gory stabbings, nudity, and grim atmosphere make this worth checking out! Spanish w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

FORTY-DEUCE- Ultra, ULTRA-RARE 1982 weird art-sleaze film dir. by Paul Morrisey, and starring Kevin Bacon and Esai Morales as two Times Square gay street hustlers who, with a pedophile pimp, try to find a way to get rid of a 12-year-old hustler's dead body, after he dies of a drug overdose in the pimp's apt. The strange Orson Bean plays a perverted rich customer, who ends up being the pawn in a sick plot to frame him for the boy's death. Some GREAT mid 80's footage of 42nd. st. theatres, the Port Authority Bus Terminal, nudity, depravity, and LOTS of rough language and over-the-top, crazed dialogue!! This is a cult-film collector's must-have! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

ANSIA ASESINA-Brutal and very violent 1990 Mexican action-revenge film, with Fernando Almada and Roxana Chavez. A mna;s family is gorily executed and tortured by a gang of maniacal young thugs, during a home invasion(one of them laughs like a retarded hyena!). He is nearly beaten to death and shot, but he and his daughter survive to get even with the vicious killers. One by one, they're killed by fire, axe, knives, ropes, and guns in a BLOODY orgy of vengeance! definitely WAY COOL!! UNCUT, Spn. w/NO subts., very good qual.

SEXO SANGRIENTO(BLOODY SEX)- Really bloody and weird 1981 Spanish horror-sleaze film, with three women, two of whom are lesbians, who go to an old, eerie house inhabited by a starnge woman(Mirta Miller), and her even stranger son. Unbeknownst to the girls, they're about to be brutally murdered by the deranged duo, one in a show-stopping crotch-stabbing scene as gory as the one in GIALLO A VENEZIA! Heads also get cut off, axes in foreheads, human body parts, eyes, and faces inside glass jars, lots of nudity and softcore sex, etc. In other words, a REAL WINNER! UNCUT, Spn. w/NO subts., very good qual. A MUST for sleazy gore-lovers!

FLOWERS OF BLOOD(SEMILLAS DE SANGRE)- very obscure 1981 Itln.-Spn. slasher-sleaze oddity, starring Gordon Mitchell as a mad scientist experimenting with women to bring his dead wife back to life. Some gory stabbings, lots of nudity, women tied up in a dungeon, etc. Really out there! UNCUT, Spn. w/NO subts., good qual.

GIALLO A VENEZIA(GORE IN VENICE)- ITLN. UPGRADE- This is a VERY GOOD QUAL. print of the infamous 1979 giallo dir. by Mario Landi, but it's in Itln. w/NO subts. As gory and sick as this film is, 'tho, you REALLY don't need the subts.! This print is MUCH BRIGHTER and CLEARER than the subbed version i have, so now you can see the graphic crotch-stabbing, face-burning, and leg-sawing scenes in MUCH BETTER DETAIL!! I still have the subbed print, so please specify when ordering, which you'd prefer.

PSYCHO-THRILL-Obscure and violent 1984 Mexican action-slasher film, about a deranged drug-dealer who likes to slowly stab his victims to death in order to achieve an orgasm! He also brutally kills and hangs a young boy, and kills some cops who're out to stop him. Lots of nudity, stabbings, shootings, and foul language in this south-of-the-border rarity. Uncut version in ENGL., good qual.

5 WOMEN FOR THE KILLER- Very brutal and gory 1979 Itln. giallo, dir. by Stelvio Massi, about a depraved maniac on the loose who enjoys slicing open the bodies of his pretty victims. The women are cut open from the crotch area up to the neck, which is graphically shown in several scenes. Another mysogynistic piece of work which could ONLY be made in the 70's! UNCUT, Itln. w/NO subts., good qual.

THE BANG-BANG GANG(GUN GIRLS)- really obscure 1970 softcore sex and violence flick, about two men and two women who team up as robbers and both end up falling in love with each other. Tragically, they all end up being brutally killed at the hands of a sadistic Mexican bandit named "CHICO", and the local sheriff in town. Tons of nudity by the two starlets, as well as the male leads, and some gory shootings, a pitchfork impalement, rape, torture, beatings, and seedy dialogue by the killers. The ending really delivers!! In engl., o.k.-good qual.

MASK OF MURDER- very obscure 1985 Canadian giallo, with Rod Taylor and Christopher Lee. It starts out with two bloody throat-slashings of women by a young psycho in a mask! Dir. by Arne Mattson. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

IF FOOTMEN TIRE YOU, WHAT WILL HORSES DO?-UPGRADE-W/THE BURNING HELL- here's a GOOD QUAL. upgrade print of the wild 1971 Ron Ormond religious horror film about commies taking over america, along with the very rare 1974 Ron Ormond film THE BURNING HELL, on the same tape! Lots of gory scenes of sinners burning in hell, and being tormented by worms, devils, a weird half-man, half-horse creature with fangs, a man decapitated in a cycle accident and ending up in hell, etc. Combined, both films run 1 hr., 50 mns. total. Both are uncut and in good quality!

TOPLINE- Very strange 1989 sci-fi-adventure film, with Franco Nero as a drunken writer fleeing for his life after he discovers an alien spacecraft hidden in the jungle. His friends are being gorily killed off by the creature and people trying to cover it up, and there's one wild shape-shifting scene when the alien wraps it's giant tongue around Nero's neck! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

ZOVEK(EL INCREIBLE PROFESSOR ZOVEK)- Very obscure and weird 1972 mexican sci-fi-action-horror film, dir. by Rene Cardona. I remember seeing this as a kid at a Spanish-language moviehouse in the Bronx, and the audience just went wild! Zovek is this hypnotist-wrestler-type guy, who fights an evil scientist who keeps a dungeon full of gruesome, ugly monsters and midget cannibals, who eat the bodies of his failed human experiments! He also operates on pretty young girl's brains in his laboratory, and has a patch-eyed , ugly assistant and a hideous-looking black man chained to a wall with large fangs and a gorilla-face, who helps the scientist fight Zovek! CRAZY STUFF! UNCUT, Spn. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. SUPER-RARE!!!

DEATH LAID AN EGG-UPGRADE!- I finally found a VERY GOOD QUAL. print of this 1967 Guilio Questi Giallo starring Gina Lollobrigida in engl.! Much better than the previous Venezuelan print! It's UNCUT as well! definitely worth checking out!

THE NOSTRIL-PICKER- Yes, that's the ACTUAL TITLE of this 1988 cult-slasher obscurity released only overseas, and filmed in Michigan by some indie filmmmakers! A seedy little tramp tries to find a way to pick up women, so he learns a spell from a street wino that can make him change himself into a GIRL(yep, you heard right!). He goes on a campus and meets pretty young chicks who think he's a woman as well, then goes over to their apts., and gorily KILLS THEM and EATS PART OF THE BODIES!(No shit!!). Oh yeah, he DOES pick his nose, too!! Some cheezy gore, nudity, LOTS of weirdness, and bizarre dialogue makes this worth the cult-film fan to check it out! In engl., good qual.

SEXY CAT- rare 1972 Spanish/Italian giallo, dir. by Julio Tabernaro, who also made CANNIBAL TERROR. people are brutally murdered by a killer dressed like a female assassin from a comic strip called "sexy cat", that features violent murders. One has his throat gorily cut, another has his face ripped to shreds by sharp claws worn by the killer. This is an UNCUT comp. print in engl.and some brief Itln., and the pic quality is o.k.-good.

SODOMA'S GHOST- Uncut, UNCENSORED, in engl. print of the 1990 ghost-nazi film by Lucio Fulci. Spirits of dead nazis come back to terrorize and seduce a group of teens in an old, abandoned brothel. Nudity, some gore, whippings, etc. Very good qual.

YOU'LL DIE AT MIDNIGHT- Violent and bloody 1987 giallo dir. by Lamberto Bava, about an ex-cop being accused of the murders of women after his wife is slaughtered during an argument they had. Shower stabbings, slashings, and more in this rare, brutal Italian thriller. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

THE ULTIMATE RAPE- extremely obscure 1979 Mexican slasher-revenge film, with troy Donohue. A man and his wife are attacked by murdering, raping thugs in the mexican desert. After being raped, the wife commits suicide. The husband survives and becomes an axe-weilding hermit out for revenge. he gets a gory vengeance on the trio, cutting off heads, and slitting their throats. Definitely worth checking out! UNCUT, in Spn. w/engl. subts., o.k. pic qual.

S.S. WOMEN'S CAMP 119(S.S. CAMPO DE EXTERMINIO)- much better looking UPGRADE of this notorious 1976 Bruno Mattei gory nazi film. Very unpleasant, with scenes of mutilation, rape, abortions, necrophilia, whippings, and bloody deaths, as well as a tit-grabbing bald retard with his ultra-sadistic black-booted nazi master!! UNCUT, in engl., very good qual.

BODYCOUNT-This is an UPGRADE, now in VERY GOOD qual. of this very violent 1986 slasher film with david Hess, dir. by Ruggero Deodato. Uncut and graphic! In engl.

NIGHT OF THE WALKING DEAD(STRANGE LOVE OF THE VAMPIRES)- UNCUT print of the 1975 obscure vampire film, dir. by Leon Klimovsky. a vampire in a village castle falls in love with a mortal woman, and tries to convert her to his legions of the undead. Very atmospheric, some graphic violence, and nudity, and lots of crazed vampires attacking villagers. Very rare, in engl., and good qual.

THE GLASS CEILING- Very rare 1974 Spanish giallo-type thriller, dir. by Eloy De La Iglesia. A mentally unbalanced woman daydreams about a gory murder, and a killer stalking her, then wakes up to find the events in her dream are actually coming true. There is a very gory scene of a man's dismembered body parts being fed to the pigs in a stable. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

ESTIGMA-Ultra-rare and violent 1981 Spanish horror by Joe Larraz, dir. of VAMPYRES. A mentally disturbed young man discovers he has unique powers to harm his enemies, like making them fall from buildings, etc. He also goes into a homicidal rage, killing his relatives and fiance with an axe! UNCUT version, spn. w/NO subts., good qual.

SWINGING BARMAIDS- Hard to find 1975 sexploitation, with Dyanne Thorne as a barmaid in a seedy Hollywood niteclub who's brutally murdered by a camera-carrying psycho! He likes to pose his victims for pictures after raping and killing them. Sleazy drive-in action, also starring William Smith. UNCUT, in engl., o.k. qual.

LONELY, VIOLENT BEACH(TERROR ON THE BEACH)- Obscure and graphic 1969 Itln. action-biker-thriller, dir. by Ernesto Gstaldi, about a couple living in a deserted beach house attacked and terrorized by a gang of vicious bikers, who rape the wife and hold them both hostage. The wife takes a liking to the lead biker, and plots with him to have her husband killed . Bloody biker fights, nudity, stabbings, and a rape scene are shown. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

REFLECTIONS IN BLACK(VICE WEARS A BLACK HOSE)-Very violent 1973 Itln. slasher-Giallo flick, with John Richardson, and dir. by Tano Cimarosa. A maniac wearing black panties uses a razor to slash people to death, and a tough cop and his sidekick hunt down the killer. Lots of gory killings, sleaze, and nudity! UNCUT, in  ENGL., good qual.

GISELLE(HER SUMMER VACATION)-Ultra-sleazy softcore sex and violence obscurity from Brazil, made in 1976, about a young woman involved in kinky sex with her relatives and other lowlifes(her father is a PEDOPHILE who molests young boys!!). She's raped, along with the house servant and her gay brother(!), by three thugs in the woods, who are later brutally killed by the villagers by being beaten, hung, and set on fire! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

A DEMON IS ON THE ISLAND-Bloody 1982 French horror film, about kitchen appliances and ovens caused by a mysterious force to mutilate and kill people in thier homes!(it's better than it sounds!). A woman's hand and arm get burned to a crisp in an oven, a child's eye is poked out by her toy teddy-bear, a guy's throat is cut by his own razor, and gas tanks explode, burning folks up! A weird, deformed boy with a large head causes the items to move and kill with telepathic powers! Surprisingly well-made!! UNCUT, French w/Engl. subts., good qual.

WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOUR DAUGHTERS?-Violent Giallo from 1976, dir. by Massimo Dallamano, and starring Mario Adorf. Gory killings occur amid corruption at a girl's school. UNCUT, engl., very good qual.

HARD SENSATIONS-Gory and sick 1978 sleaze from Joe D'amato, that plays like a version of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT on an island!! Trashy mix of softcore sex and bloody violence! George Eastman stars. Itln. w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good qual.



SAVAGE HUNT-Sleazy 1977 Romano Scavolini film, involving spies that assist in torture, rape, and murder. Gruesome opening scene shows a man having a large instrument inserted into his penis!! UNCUT, in Engl., o.k.-good qual.

MONSTER OF FIRENZE-Very obscure 1985 Itln. Giallo, about a psycho stalking couples in the woods with a shotgun and knife. Based on a true story. Some graphic deaths. UNCUT, Itln. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.


RON ORMOND'S THE GRIM REAPER AND 39 STRIPES-What could best be described as horror films for Christians! This tape has two 1-hr. films, the first showing what happens when you go to hell, the second about men on a chain-gang getting saved. Ron Ormond made these AMAZING films in the late 70's, after finding god!! UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

THE DESERT TIGERS-Sleazy and sick 1976 nazi-war-action film by dir. Ivan Katansky(Paolo Solvay). Gordon Mitchell stars as a sadistic S.S. officer who enjoys watching male prisoners get their dicks cut off! Loads of nudity, torture, and sleaze! UNCUT, in engl., excell. qual.



SURVIVE!-UNCUT version of 1976 Mexican plane-crash-cannibalism film, dir. by Rene Cardona, Jr. This has ALL the flesh-eating scenes intact! In engl., good qual.

BEING CAPTURED-Demented Itln. fun, as a horny dwarf kidnaps and ties up a baby sitter, and does disco dances around her naked! Really strange! UNCUT, in Span. w/Eng. subs, o.k. qual.


SLAVES IN CAGES-Totally sick and depraved 1971 softcore sex-S/M-torture flick, dir. by Lee Frost under the pseudonym of Karl Borch! A rich degenerate kidnaps women, chains them up, and forces them to perform degrading sex acts on a makeshift stage in a grimy basement for his rich sicko friends!! This type of film is what made 42nd. St. the mecca of the world for seeing warped, crazy films such as this one in the 1970's!  UNCUT, in engl., o.k. pic qual. VERY RARE!!

CRIMES OF THE BLACK CAT-Bloody 1976 Giallo, about a series of grisly murders occuring just before a black cat appears. There's a very gory shower killing where a girl's breast is cut open!! UNCUT, in Engl., good qual.


FEAST FOR THE DEVIL(FEAST OF SATAN)-Tough to find 1971 Spanish horror film, dir. by Joe Lacy, who did CURSE OF THE VAMPIRE and the yet-to-be-unearthed EL ESPECTRO DEL TERROR.  A  man entices pretty women to his castle, only to brainwash them and hold them captive as his satanic slaves and engage in all the satanic rituals. He does this because in flashbacks, it shows his S/M freak mother beating his poor old father with a whip in bed, while the old fool whimpers at her feet! He saw all this as a kid, and it warps his mind to hate women, and try to control them through black magic. Some graphic stabbings, a goat is sacrificed, nudity, weird satanist rites, etc. UNCUT, in engl., very good qual.(BA)

OSCENITA-Here it is!!  The RAREST of ALL of Renato Polselli's crazy and bizarre films is NOW avail.! Perverted and violent 1979 Itln. XXX sex and kinky fetish-S/M-torture film, full of sadistic and depraved scenes of forbidden sex acts!  Women get raped, insert cucumbers into their vaginas, have switchblades shoved into them, etc.!  Truly OUTRAGEOUS and full of over-the-top, wild scenes and acting!! UNCUT, Itln. w/NO subts., lbx'd., good qual.

FEMININE CARNIVORES-Truly bizarre and violent 1970  Itln. psychedelic-horror-sleaze film, dir. by Zbynek Brynych!  Giorgio Ardisson, Uschi Glas, and Francoise Fabian star. A woman checks into a health spa-clinic secretly inhabited by CANNIBALISTIC FEMALES that LOVE TO EAT MEN  and KILL THEM!  One gory scene shows a body being dismembered and ground up by a sadistic nurse!  Is it part of the woman's nightmare, or is it real? Lots of nudity, too. UNCUT, Itln. w/NO subts., very good qual.(BA)


BLOOD DELIRIUM-This is the MOST UNCUT PRINT available of the 1988 gorefest by Sergio Bergonzelli, starring John Philip Law and Gordon Mitchell. A delightfully sleazy and gory tale of necrophilia, painting with human blood, madness, and the supernatural! It comes with the trailer, too!  In engl., good qual.(BA)

CLOCKWORK TERROR(MURDER IN A BLUE WORLD)-Very violent 1973 Spanish sci-fi-horror-sleaze-action film, dir. by Eloy De La Iglesia, starring Chris Mitchum and Sue Lyon. Mitchum plays a wayward gang member of a biker group who break into houses and terrorize people and rob them. Lyon's a psychotic nurse taking male gigolos and homosexuals back to her house, where she has sex with them, then stabs them to death while listening to their heartbeats!  He witnesses this and tries to blackmail her, but fate has some grim things in store for him!!  Humans also have electro-shock therapy done on them to take their violent instincts away, but it doesn't work, and the lunatics go on a gory stabbing rampage at the end! UNCUT, in engl., lbx'd., good qual.

LA VERITA SECONDA DI SATANA-Impossibly RARE 1974 Renato Polselli demonic sex and violence film, with lots of bizarre scenes of whippings, gory stabbings, nudity, psychedelic images, lesbians, etc.! UNCUT and in ITln. w/NO subts., only FAIR qual., but also contains the condensed GERMAN lng. version from 16mm in VERY GOOD QUAL. and lbx'd. at the end!


LUNCHMEAT-Very tough-to-find 1986 bloody redneck slasher-gore, that plays like a mix of TEXAS CHAINSAW and HILLS HAVE EYES! A psychotic rural hillbilly family kills and butchers innocent travelers who come across them on the road, hack up the bodies, and sells the human meat to an unsuspecting meat factory! Pa is the clan's elderly leader, and he keeps "Junior" chained up to the back of the truck until he lets him loose to kill and maim!! Heads roll, as well as arms, legs, torsos, etc.! FUN STUFF HERE! Uncut, in engl., good qual.

FANTOM KILER #3-Newest in the series of slasher-sleaze video's from Poland! 2003 production, with lots of GREAT-LOOKIN' naked women who fall victim to the gloved killer once again, and die some very splattery deaths, slashings, stabbings, burnings, etc.! Giallo fans can't go wrong here! UNCUT, in Polish w/Engl. subts., good qual.

GHOSTS THAT STILL WALK-Very weird and bizaare 1973 film shot in the deserts around Calif. and Az., about a young man having psychic connections with the spirit of a centuries-old indian warrior who wishes to live inside his body by possessing him. His grandmother seeks out a holistic medicine-using female "exorcist" of sorts to help him get his own soul back. Pretty unique flick! Uncut, in engl., good qual.



NERO AND POPPEA:AN ORGY OF POWER(CALIGULA REINCARNATED AS NERO)- Weird and wild 1981 Italian-Spanish film, dir. by the notorious Bruno Mattei(as Vincent Dawn!). Nero is a madman who rules the world at the time of the Roman Empire, frequently plotting the deaths of his many imagined enemies, engaging in kinky sex orgies, and writng his own poems! He becomes obsessed with one young man who's being tortured to death, and spares him only to have him become his BRIDE and dress him in women's clothes! When the Roman Senate complains, he has his "physician" cut off the boy's PENIS in gory detail, in order to officially make him a woman!! Plenty of other strange and kinky scenes are in this flick, too! The sex is softcore, although gets close to hard in some spots! UNCUT, lbx;d., in Engl., good qual.

VIOLATIONS-Ultra-sleazy 1986 Shot-on-Video softcore sex-S/M-bondage flick, made by the infamous Vidimax Productions of New Jersey, who were rumored to have made REAL SNUFF movies sold to the underground(although this is most likely false!). Dir. by Louis Ferriol, this is about a scuzzy ring of porno-bondage photographers who force girls into S/M slavery and prostitution by tricking women with their ads for models. A cheezy-lookin' dtective is out to bust them! Beatings, rapes, some torture, leather bondage scenes, nudity, stabbings, shootings, etc. If you LOVE sleaze, here ya go!! Uncut, in Engl., o.k. pic qual.

CITY IN PANIC-BLOODY and EXTREMELY POLITICALLY INCORRECT 1986 Canadian slasher-sleaze pic, about a maniacal killer slicing his victims to death with a razor and carving the letter M on their backs! All the victims seem to have one thing in common:they have AIDS!! One homo guy sticking his dick through a gloryhole in a men's room gets it SLICED OFF in gory detail, male go-go dancers get cut up and their throats slashed, etc. You won't see a film like this getting made again anytime soon, that's for sure!! UNCUT, in engl., good qual. HIGHLY REC'D.!!!!

VICTIMS!-GORY and sadistic 1979 slasher-rape-revenge flick, which starts out with some REAL BLOODY slashing and throat-cutting deaths, as well as a woman getting an axe in the forehead! A group of women go on a camping trip in the California desert and find themselves at the mercy of a gang of sadistic rapist-bank robber-killers! The victims end up turning the tables on their attackers and shoot and castrate them for revenge!! Plenty of nudity, sleazy rape scenes, beatings, torture, etc. UNCUT print in engl., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

WOMEN AND BLOODY TERROR(HIS WIFE'S HABIT)-Sleazy and trashy 1969 drive-in sexploitation flick shot in New Orleans, starring Gerald McRaney and dir. by Joy N. Houck, which played as the bottom of a double-bill with NIGHT OF BLOODY HORROR the same year. A horny broad screws every man she meets, incl. her own daughter's boyfriend, but meets her match at the hands of two sick-o goons who work at a garage who decide to rape her and beat her senseless! Now very rare and tough to find, this version is UNCUT, in engl., and in o.k. pic qual.


THE PERFECT KILLER(SATANIC MECHANIC)-Sleazy and bloody 1977 mafia-crime trash flick, starring lee Van Cleef as a mafioso hit man who wants to leave the business behind, but the mob won't let him leave so easily!! They hire a sadistic young scumbag to take him out, who kills and rapes his girlfriends, shooting one of them right in the crotch in a bloody and graphic scene! Karin Wells also stars in this Ital./Span. production. UNCUT print in engl., only fair-o.k. qual.

NO DEAD HEROES-VIOLENT and action-packed 1986 war-adventure film, with Max Thayer, who also was in THE RETRIEVERS. A soldier is left for dead in Vietnam after being captured by a sadistic, evil foreign general trying to create the perfect human killing machines to work for him to help him take over the world. He has a electrode put in his brain in a gory surgical operation designed to turn him into a killer, and is sent back to the u.s. to find his old war buddy and kill him and his family. Some real BLOODY tortures, eyes and faces soaked in blood, beatings, stabbings, shootings, nudity, kung-fu fights, etc.! UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

WARDOGS(WAR DOG, ASSASSINATION GAME)-ULTRA-BLOODY and super-violent 1986 Swedish war-action flick, dubbed into ENGLISH and starring Tomothy Earle, Gunnar Ernblad, and Bengt Fridh, dir. by Bjorn Carlstrom and Daniel Hubenbecher. People are gruesomely slaughtered by a bunch of robot-like hitmen in black in random gory massacres with machine-guns, explosives, etc., who are controlled by a crazed ex-Vietnam vet who drugs the soldier-hitmen to make them perform his every command. One of them is another veteran's younger brother, who tries to rescue him from this evil man and his killer cult, and keep himself and his family alive at the same time!! GORY stabbings, shootings, blood squibs, head shots, brains blown out, bodies blown up, meat-hook torture, nudity, etc.!! This flick KICKS MAJOR ASS!!! UNCUT print in engl., good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

SECTA DE LA MUERTE-sleazy and gory 1989 Mexican slasher-crime flick, with Mario Almada playing a sheriff trying to solve the grisly cult-like murders plaguing his town. A psychotic young devil-worshipping man and his followers commit human sacrifices to the ol' horned one in order to help protect them in their criminal drug-smuggling activities. They rape and kill women, cut out an old man's heart in graphic detail, and shoot an betray each other while engaging in their savage rituals. Pretty wild! UNCUT, in Spn. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

 CRAZE-RARE UNCUT PRINT of this violent and bizarre 1974 British occult-horror film, starring Jack Palance and Julie Ege, dir. by Freddie Francis. Palance is a psychotic store shop-owner who worships and kills for an ancient African statue in order to gain eternal life. GORY throat-stabbings, impalings, some nudity, a sleazy homosexual sub-plot, etc.! In engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

SEX AND VOODOO(PAVONE NERO)-EXTREMELY RARE 1974 Italian voodoo-sleaze pic, with Karin Schubert, dir. by Osvaldo Cipriani. A black native puts a voodoo spell on Karin, as he's obsessed with having her for a human sacrifice! Lots of nudity, weird voodoo dances and rites, a GRAPHIC scene where a black woman has her SKIN RIPPED OFF of her, revealing her to be WHITE underneath(!), etc. Uncut print in Itln. w/NO subts., lbx'd., o.k. pic qual. RECOMMENDED!!

ABELARD(THE CASTRATION)-Weird and very rare 1975 German art-sleaze, about two women who witness a horse being castrated(shown for REAL in graphic detail!), and then both date

the man who works in the doctor's office and does this, who jilts both of them after a brief sexual fling. The women decide to get even by castrating HIM!! Bizaare to say the least!! UNCUT print, in German w/NO subts., good qual.

FREAK ORLANDO-SUPER-RARE 1981 German art-fantasy-sleaze flick, featuring a cast with many REAL freaks of nature, such as midgets, armless women, etc., as well as some that look fake, like a deformed woman with two heads, a bearded lady, etc. Full of bizaare avant-garde scenes of violence and madness, incl. leathermen, heads ripped off and put in cages, crazy singing numbers, transvestites, etc.! Just TRY to figure THIS one out!! UNCUT, in German w/No subts., o.k.-good qual.EL TRANS-SEXUAL-RARE Spanish sleaze from 1977, starring Paul Naschy(!!), although HE is THANKFULLY NOT the transsexual of the title!! He's a detective of sorts, exploring the transsexual world of niteclubs and weird clients, trying to find out what makes these people tick, etc. There's some fights, nudity, sleazy drag-queen shows, etc. UNCUT, in Spn. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.
I WANT TO BE A WOMAN(FORBIDDEN LOVE, CAMBIO DE SEXO)-Another rare Spanish transsexual-related film, this one from 1976 and dealing with the tough life faced by a very effeminate 17-year-old man living with his mean, ignorant father(played by the ever-ugly Fernando Sancho!), who wants to turn him into a macho stud by taking him to strip clubs, etc., which of course doesn't work, and finally the young lad decides to run away to the big city and find a job working as a cross-dresser onstage. He still won't be happy until he actually is made INTO a woman, via sex-change surgery which he/she has done towards the end of the film! Some very GRAPHIC full-frontal male nudity and genital close-ups, a weird sex-change illustrated film shown to the young man, going to every detail of the operation, sleazy dialogue, etc. UNCUT version in ENGL., good-very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

CORPSE EATERS-MEGA-RARE and virtually unheard-of 1974 Canadian horror flick, about a disturbed undertaker and a group of young swingers who hold a seance in a graveyard that goes terribly wrong and brings back the dead! This film has a neat "warning system" where an old guy is shown in a movie theatre turning green and starting to puke and turn his head every time a real gory, bloody scene comes up!! Some GRUESOME scenes of flesh-eating zombies devouring the living, gory embalming and autopsies, faces eaten, eyes gouged out, nudity, throats torn open, etc.! This flick is NOT very long(only 55 mns.!), but is GREAT FUN!! UNCUT print, lbx'd., in engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!



DEADLY STRANGERS-RARE UNCUT print of bizarre 1974 mystery-Giallo-type British film, starring Hayley Mills as a mysterious woman hitchhiking across the countryside, who may have taken a ride with an escaped psychopathic killer. This contains the NUDE SCENES with Hayley Mills that were always cut from the TV prints. In engl., excell. pic qual.

LA SENORA MUERTE(MISS DEATH)-Obscure and very weird 1967 Mexican horror film starring John Carradine, Isela Vega, and Elsa Cardenas, dir. by Jaime Salvador. Carradine plays a demented scientist who experiments with a bringing a woman's dead husband back to life, only to fail and turn her into a hideously-scarred female killer, who must slaughter young women in order to maintain her youth, and have their blood transfused into her veins. Good ol'fashioned spooky horror fun, with a deformed hunchback assistant, a wax museum full of monsters, some gory deaths, etc. This UNCUT print also has some nudity, which was pretty rare for a film in '67! In Spn. w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

EL CALABOZO-Very obscure 1993 Mexican horror-occult flick, involving a possessed doctor(Miguel A. Rodriguez), some bloody deaths, and a weird-looking midget creature with a whip! Weird stuff, and very tough-to-find! UNCUT, in Spn. w/No subts., good qual.

LA VOZ DE LOS CARACOLES-Another real obscurity from Mexico, this one from 1993 and featuring Hugo Stiglitz, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, and Regino Herrera. Bizarre stuff involving a Carribean boat trip, island tribes, and a killer transvestite-drag queen who wastes folks with a sharp blade!! Dir. by Rodriguez. UNCUT, in Spn. w/NO subts., good qual.

THE MUMMY'S REVENGE-VERY RARE 1973 Spanish Paul Naschy horror dubbed in ENGL., and in the LONGEST, most UNCUT version available at this time, to my knowledge! Naschy plays a chubby-looking mummy, who mutilates and crushes the heads of young women in the dungeon of his crazed ancestor's home(also played by Naschy!). Lots of blood throat-slashing scenes, too! COOL STUFF!! Good pic quality, and of course, it's RECOMMENDED!!

SAVAGE INTRUDER(HOLLYWOOD HORROR HOUSE)-WEIRD and VIOLENT 1968 slasher flick, about a psychotic heroin-shooting maniac butchering women at random in

Hollywood(the film starts with a woman's dismembered head and hands lying underneath the HOLLYWOOD sign!). He uses a meatcleaver and butcher knife to chop his victims to bits, who always remind him of his whore-mother, seen in drugged-out flashbacks having sex in front of him with a roomfull of seedy guy's she picked up! He eventually lands a job(!) as a servant to an old female movie-star has-been, on the booze wagon and trying to make a comeback after breaking her leg. Little does she know what this psycho sicko has in store for her!! A real tough-to-find flick that's long been forgotten!! UNCUT print in ENGL., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!!

MY BROTHER HAS BAD DREAMS-Incredibly obscure 1972 made-in-Florida slasher film, not released anywhere until 1977, for obvious reasons!! A geeky-looking oddball (who bears a good resemblance to Norman Bates!) lives alone with his sister in an old house, and plays with mannequins most of the day, talking about his mother and father's deaths, etc. His sister gets fed up with taking care of him and putting up with his neuroses, and meets a young drifter and attempts to know him more closely. Of course, this makes brother VERY upset! Some graphic stabbings, beatings, weird dream sequences, and a gory alligator-feeding conclusion! UNCUT print, in engl., good qual.
DELUSION(HOUSE WHERE DEATH LIVES)-Tough-to-find and out of print 1981 eerie slasher film, starring Joseph Cotton, as an elderly man trapped in a murder-ridden house where the residents meet their maker in different brutal, violent ways. This made the drive-in and grindhouse runs in the early 80's under tht title HOUSE WHERE DEATH LIVES. Uncut print, in engl., very good qual.

NARCO SATANICO-Real weird and seedy late 70's-early 80's Mexican horror-occult flick, with fortune-tellers, black magic rituals, and a satanic curse which causes an executed man to come back from the grave as a ZOMBIE and tear a jail guard to bits with his bare hands, ripping pieces of BLOODY RAW MEAT from his chest!! COOL!! Uncut version, in Spanish w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. VERY RARE!

DR. FRANKENSTEIN ON CAMPUS-RARE 1970 Canadian horror film, originally titled FLICK, about the son of the original Dr. Frankenstein hanging out and groovin' on a hip Canadian college campus! He learns Tae-Kwan-Do(!), as well as the old secret experiments of his father there, and of course, uses himself and others as human guinea pigs and pays a dear price for it!! Some violent deaths, nudity, hippies, late 60's-early 70's-type dialogue and fashions, etc.! Cool ending, too! UNCUT print, in engl., good qual.


LA MUERTE DEL CHACAL(DEATH OF THE JACKAL)-BLOODY and veryexican slasher film, with Mario and Fernando Almada. A series of gory killings occur at an abandoned boat, by a man with a sword inside his cane and his vicious doberman dogs trained to attack and kill. Two couples are slaughtered, which causes the chief of police to investigate, who fears the killer may be his own brother! Plenty of bloody stabbings, impalements, dog attacks, nudity, shootings, etc. It's got a good body-count, that's for sure!! UNCUT print, in Spanish w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

MASSACRE(UPGRADE!)- Finally, i have an UNCUT print of this 1988 Lucio Fulci-Andrea Bianchi slasher film in GOOD quality, direct from an import DVD! In Itln. w/Engl subts.

VENGANZA INSACIABLES(INSATIABLE VENGEANCE)-HERE it is!! The ULTIMATE in VIOLENT REVENGE flicks!! This 80's Mexican crime-action-sleaze classic shows a gang of sadistic satan-worshipping bikers(with a MASKED WRESTLER LEADER!) get BURNED, DECAPITATED, TORTURED, MUTILATED, etc., by a revenge-obsessed Mexican cop, out to destroy those who gunned down his family and raped and killed his wife(the bikers, obviously!). This film is an EXTREME FILM LOVER's DREAM COME TRUE, as you're treated to CLOSE-UP acid burnings, heads chopped off, eyes stabbed out with knives, brutal rapes, booby-trap impalements, heads crushed, people burned alive with blow-torches, gory satanic rituals, etc., etc.!!! Easily one of the most VIOLENT FILMS ever made!! UNCUT, in Spanish w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!

BLOOD SYMBOL-EXTREMELY OBSCURE 1984 slasher/occult horror film, about a woman terrorized on campus by an evil man dressed in black, who's actually a fiendish leader of an ancient Druid blood cult looking for human sacrifices to drain the blood from! some GORY throat-slashings, nudity, weird atmosphere, etc. LOOKS COOL TO ME! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.


IL PRATO MACCHIATO DI ROSSO(RED-STAINED PASTURE)-WEIRD and GORY 1973 Italian psychedelic horror-sleaze, about a mad scientist who creates a blood-draining robot to kill hippies he invites to his estate for the weekends. Nudity galore, some bloody deaths, crazy 70's psychedelic lighting, etc. It's DIFFERENT, that's for sure! UNCUT, in Italian w/NO subts., O.K.-good qual.
THE WEDDING TROUGH(VASE DE NOCES, THE PIG-FUCKING MOVIE)-UNBELIEVABLY RARE VERY GOOD QUAL. PRINT of this notorious 1970 Belgian art-sleaze-experimental flick, that actually played on 42nd. st back in the 80's under it's newer title PIG-FUCKING MOVIE!! A mentally disturbed young man living on a farm has sex with a female pig(SIMULATED, by the way, so the scene is NOT pornographic!!), supposedly causing the porker to give birth to little piglets(!), which he eventually hangs and saves the tiny corpses in glass jars he collects, along with samples of his own SHIT which he EATS after crapping in a giant bowl, then decides to kill and hang the mommy pig, too, which makes him become REAL depressed(along with everyone watching the film!) and finally commit suicide by hanging himself(i can hear the CHEERS and APPLAUSE in the 42nd. st theatres now!!). This is NOT a pleasant film to watch, believe me, so you've BEEN WARNED!!! UNCUT version, NO dialogue is spoken(except pigs oinking!), and the film is in black and white, but very good qual.

ANGELS WITH BURNT WINGS(ANGEL, DIE IHRE FLUGEL VERBRENNEN)-EXTREMELY RARE 1970 German sleazy thriller, starring Nadja Tiller, and dir. by Zbynek Brynych, of CARNIVOROUS FEMALES fame! A disturbed 14-year-old boy follows a mysterious woman around, and watches her when she sleeps with a guy for money. He follows the guy out to the pool area in the hotel, and in a angry fit of rage, kills him by beating him to death with a heavy garden hose(!), leaving his bloody corpse in the pool. He's watched by an equally disturbed 15-year-old girl, who eventually becomes his lover, and wants to commit her first murder like he did! Weird flick, with sleazy nudity, some violence and gore, etc. UNCUT, in German, NO subts., good qual.(BA)

THE PUNISHMENT(LA PUNITION)-Bizarre and VIOLENT 1972 French s/m-type softcore sleaze, with Karin Schubert as a woman kept prisoner by a sadistic pimp in a delapidated old house and forced to have sex, and be beaten by, the brutal, sick customers she's supplied with. The son

of the pimp tries to break her in, but ends up falling in love with her, bringing about a bloody, and tragic, conclusion! Brutal whippings, rapes, bondage, tortures, etc.! UNCUT print in French w/Engl. subts, o.k.-good qual. PLEASE NOTE:the tape comes from a JAPANESE source, so scenes with full-frontal nudity are, unfortunately, OPTICALLY CENSORED.

MORBUS-Here's a GOOD QUALITY print of this RARE 1981 Spanish horror film with a mad

scientist and dead bodies returning to life. It plays an AWFUL LOT like a Jess Franco film in spots(although he's NOT the director as far as i know!). UNCUT and in Spn., NO subts.


GOLDEN GIRL(KARATE GIRL)-OBSCURE 70's Turkish rape-revenge flick, with martial arts fights mixed in for good measure! A blond-haired young woman who can't talk comes home to find her father killed by a gang of scumbag thugs, who then decide to rape her repeatedly. The traumatic acts of violence she suffers cause her voice to come back, and she vows to get revenge on the creeps who did this, and gets some help from a police investigator who falls in love with her, and helps her train to fight back! Some bloody deaths, shootings, stabbings, kung-fu fights, etc. UNCUT, in ENGL., good qual.


FLUTE-PLAYING MANIAC SHEEP FARMER-I doubt if this is the ORIGINAL title of this ultra-obscure 1970 Greek film, but there IS a crazy flute-playing sheepherder-type guy in it, and he's played by none other than the SAME guy who played the crazy raping sheep farmer in ISLAND OF DEATH(DEVIL IN MYKONOS)!! He likes to throw rocks at foreigners and have his slutty slave girl hit him on the back with a rope(guess he's kinky, too!). Weird flick! In Greek with NO subts., only fair pic qual.


DEATH HAUNTS MONICA-Rare 1977 Itln. Giallo-thriller, with a beautiful woman having her friends and associates killed all around her. Hangings, drownings, stabbings, nudity galore, etc. Uncut, in Itln. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. Not bad!

NOCHE DE BUITRES(NIGHT OF THE VULTURES)-Very rare 1985 violent Mexican horror-crime-type film, with a group of young people going on a brutal rape and home-invasion-killing

crime spree and filming their escapades with a camcorder as it happens! Stabbings, people set on fire, rapes, beatings, fights, shootings, etc. Mario Almada stars. Uncut, in Spn. w/NO subts., good pic qual.(BA)


LA MONJA ENSANGRENTADA(THE BLOODIED NUN)-Weird 1990 Mexican horror, with Guillermo Capetillo and Mariela Flores, dir. by Victor Ugalde. A woman is possessed by the nun's evil spirit when she and her family try to inherit the house she guards all her treasures in. Some stabbings, nudity, etc. Uncut, in Spn. w/NO subts., good qual.







RATUBUAYA PUTIH(WHITE ALLIGATOR)-Very BLOODY and wild 80's Indonesian horror-fantasy-action flick, strring SUZZANNA as an alligator queen, helping to avenge a man's gory impaling death at the hands of his enemy(who also jumps on his head and takes a PISS on him as he's dying!!). This flick is UNBELIEVABLY WEIRD and FULL of BLOOD-SOAKED scenes, like baby alligators eating their way into women's stomachs, rotting alligator carcasses full of worms, legs bitten off and spurting gallons of blood, nudity(RARE for an Indonesian film!), and much more! UNCUT, in Malaysian lng.w/NO subts., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!!

HELL RAIDERS-GREAT 1982 Indonesian bloody war-action flick, with Barry Prima as a member of a revolutionary radical group fighting the war against the Dutch trying to take over Indonesia. Tons of GORY and BRUTAL shootings and stabbings shown, incl. electro-shock torture to the head, bloody beatings with sticks, toenails ripped out with pliers, and some real splattery head-shots, too!  people get blown up, a young boy is sliced open with a machete by a Dutch soldier, some kung-fu fights, a village massacred, etc. TERRIFIC!! This is the UNCUT version with the trailer in ENGL., very good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!(BA)

SADISTIC SONG-VIOLENT and action-packed 1996 Japanese sleaze, about a gang of young punks playing war games, and robbing and raping innocent citizens for fun and kicks. One of these citizens gets REAL PISSED OFF, and he decides to get even with the thugs by playing REAL war games with them using REAL bullets!! BLOODY shots to the head, stabbings, impalements, one guy is shot in the head and later has the pissed-off guy stick his finger in his head where he's shot, torturing his brain and laughing with glee! Some nudity and bondage-S/M type stuff takes place, too! UNCUT, in Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.,

MUZANZA-Extremely brutal and gory 1999 Jpn. shot-on-video simulated "SNUFF" flick, with an amazing and bizarre twist ending! A woman reporter goes underground to investigate the world of SNUFF videos in Japan, interviewing an alleged seller of these vids, then going onto the set of an actual snuff video being made in progress!  Of course, guts are pulled, limbs dismembered, women raped, etc.! UNCUT(but is OPTICALLY CENSORED), Jpn. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

NOISY REQUIEM-Totally INSANE and off the wall 1988 Japanese serial killer-sleaze flick, that runs over 2 1/2 HOURS!! The film starts out with the crazed killer ripping a woman's liver out after stabbing her to death, and then taking the body parts and placing them inside of a mannequin he keeps hidden in his flat(he believes he's creating his own woman that way!!). Very avant-garde and bizarre in it's approach, this flick also shows the various deformed street people and retards that live around the killer's neighborhood, whom he regularly has run-ins with. If you need to see the UGLY, RAW, and REAL side of life, this film shows it!! UNCUT, in black and white, Jpn. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

KHOONI HAWAS(BLOOD FRENZY)-RARE and very bizarre 1979 Hindu horror film, about a family who has a curse palced on them by an evil swami-lookin' guy, which makes their house and it's occupants become demoniacally possessed!  The man of the house turns into a glowing-eyed vampire with deformed hands, the daughter's head turns around EXORCIST-style, and the wife is raped by an invisible evil force attacking her in bed!  She finds an Aborigine-lookin' guy to help her begin having the house exorcised. Plenty of weird atmosphere, bizaare black magic-type rituals, some gore, vampires, etc.! UNCUT, in Hindu Lng. w/NO subts., very good qual.

SATANIC CRYSTALS-Another SUPER-RARITY direct from Import DVD, this is a 1989 action-violent-horror flick from H.K. sleaze director Tomas Tang, and starring Leung Kar Yan. A hunt is on for the red crystals, and many people get gorily slaughtered that stand in the crime ring's way! Leung is hot on their trail, and kicking much ass with kung-fu skills in many of the film's cool fight scenes! Throats get slashed, lots of TERRIFIC-lookin' naked Asian babes, explosions, impalements, head-shots, etc.!  A pretty wild film that's loads of fun for any Asian exploitation film fan! UNCUT, in engl., EXCELL. QUAL.(BA)

THE MAGIC CURSE-Nice-looking letterboxed print of this SUPER-RARE 1977 H.K. horror-kung-fu-action-adventure pic, with Jason Pai Pao as a man taking a journey into the jungles of Borneo, and encountering snake women, mad witch doctors, cannibalistic lepers, and a seductive goddess  who, after making love  with him, gives him the "magic curse"! One native girl also has a spell put on her by the evil, skull-shaking witch doctor, causing her to turn into a vampire woman and bite off her lover's penis!! LOTS OF FUN here! Print is in Mandarin Lng. w/Dutch subts(NO engl. subs, unfortunately!), and in VERY GOOD QUAL. RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

SANTET-Another weird "black magic"-type film, this ne from Indonesia, and starring Suzzanna, of SNAKE QUEEN fame! In this one, she seeks to get revenge for her husband after he's killed by a cruel village leader, who also tries to rape her. She finds an ugly creature with a woman's head and body of a TURTLE(!!), which helps her to learn the spells to exact her vengeance. She makes one guy's TESTICLES SWELL to ENORMOUS size, another truns into a half-man, half-wolf with giant lips and fangs and tears his own chest up, another's stomach swells up with eels and worms, etc.!  ONE CRAZY FLICK!! Uncut, in Malay Lng. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. from VCD.


JUNGLE HEAT-EXTREMELY GORY Indonesian action-jungle-CANNIBAL film made in the early-mid 80's, dir. by Ratno Timoer. A family is slaughtered by tribal head-hunters after the father tries to steal a sacred jewel from them. The young daughter is taken for sacrifice to their gods, but instead, is belessed by a bolt of lightning and becomes the queen of the primitive tribe, growing up to be a blonde goddess worshipped by her people. Then, a greedy band of criminals from the city arrive to find the treasure, most of whom end up being savagely butchered and EATEN by the cannibalistic tribes! LOTS of BLOOD-SOAKED scenes of impalements, guts torn out, flesh-eating, heads cut off, kung-fu fights, mutilations, machetes in the neck, tortures, knifings, etc., and some of the FOULEST LANGUAGE ever in a Indonesian film!! REAL WILD!! UNCUT print in engl., good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


SNAKE QUEEN-GRUESOME and bizarre early 80's Indonesian fantasy-horror, very similar to HUNGRY SNAKE WOMAN in plot! A cruel snake princess(SUZZANNA) forces a man to eat body parts of his own infant child in order to gain riches on earth. The child dies, dismembered limbs graphically shown, and then he attempts to have sex with the snake queen. His wife walks in, causing the snake queen to change back to snake-form, biting him and his wife to death! When they try to bury him, his body is swollen and overrun with maggots! Barry Prima plays the young man who dares to try and stop her. Gory dismemberments, faces fill with boils and bloody bruises, a woman is possessed by a snake-demon and exorcised, etc.! GREAT STUFF!! Uncut and in engl., good qual.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

THE SNAKE GIRL-WILD and VERY RARE 1973  Asian horror-sleaze pic, about a woman murdered  in a cruel plot by family members, and thrown into a snake pit, where she ends up being raped by a giant snake!  She dies, but before that, gives birth to a snake girl, who grows up in the pit with snakes, but still has human features(except her head is covered with little snakes!). She wears a wig, and comes out into the world, where she's persecuted and forced to undergo a gruesome exorcism, but not before she avenges her human mom on the family that wronged her!  Some REALLY CRAZY scenes in this one, incl. mondo-type stuff with guys having needles and knives piercing their faces moaning and chanting, an old hag decapitates and rips open a rabbit, snake attacks, nudity, etc.  A flick only the Third World could produce!! UNCUT, in Asian w/Engl. subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

LETHAL HUNT-Brutal and VERY VIOLENT 1988 Philipine action flick, full of scenes of shots to the head, eyes, etc.!  A policeman has an old, vengeful woman after his head, because her daughter died in a bloody accident, which was really her fault, but she blames it on the cop! He ends up doing time in prison, but is released and tries to start his life anew, but this old witch wants his ass DEAD, so she has his family massacred in gory fashion, and only he and his son manage to survive the vicious onslaught, but for how long?!  Great, BLOODY Phillipine action, inspired by John Woo's films, with all the gory gun shots and carnage! UNCUT, in engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

CLASH OF THE WARLORDS-SUPER-RARE and obscure 1985 Phillipine sci-fi-action film, imilar to the ROAD WARRIOR rip-offs of the time. A lone man and woman fight for survival against a sadistic biker gang in the future, run by a crazed madman with one side of his face horribly burned to a crisp, one of his eyes sinking down near his cheek! He wears a mask to hide the deformity, and has his men tie him up during the full moon, when he loses his mind because of his horrible burns. He also has regular sex sessions with a black female biker while the other scumbags watch!  Lots of cool swordfights, beatings, nudity, stabbings, heads roll, etc. Fun stuff indeed!! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.(BA)

THE SHACKLE-Violent and wild 1999 Korean slasher-S/M thriller, about a crazy nutcase who lives by himself, brings women(mostly hookers) home to his apt., where he ties them up and rapes and tortures them to death! One twisted scene shows him cutting up a victim with a chainsaw!  He also dresses in drag occasionally, and starts to set his sights on the woman next door to him. Very similar to the H.K. Category 3 flicks from the 90's, with much brutality, women chained up, beatings, stabbings, etc. UNCUT, in Korean w/Engl. subts., lbx'd., very good qual.

COMMANDO FURY(WOMEN IN TORTURE CAMP)-EXTREMELY BRUTAL and VIOLENT 80's H.K. WIP film, prod. by exploitation maverick Joseph Lai!  Women are held in a sadistic camp, where they're raped, branded, starved, beaten, thrown into cages too small for dogs, forced to bark like dogs for bowls of rice, and mch MORE!! There's also plenty of catfights, nudity, bloody stabbings, shootings, impalements, etc.!  If you enjoy seeing Asian girls brutally tortured and raped, this flick's for YOU!!  UNCUT, in ENGLISH, o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

THE INTRUDER-Very VIOLENT and action-packed 1986 Indonesian action flick that's a takeoff on the RAMBO films! A young loner named RAMBU(!!) takes on the criminals and drug dealers in his town, and to get even, they rape, slash, and kill his woman and  destroy his home and beat him senseless! He's not through with them yet, 'tho! He gets a BLOODY REVENGE, with tons of ammunition and help from a jilted girlfriend of the drug ringleader! Great fight scenes, much brutality, stabbings, explosions, torture scenes, etc. Uncut, in engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)



BLAZING BATTLE-Action-packed, SUPER-GORY early 80's Indonesian war-kung-fu flick, showing the Indonesians fighting the Japanese in a brutal and deadly war, with many people slaughtered! Some KICK-ASS kung-fu fights, swords land in people's skulls, bamboo trap impalements, eyes gouged out, necks snapped, tortures, decapitations, etc. GREAT STUFF HERE!! Blood spurts freely and frequently in most of the war fight scenes! Uncut, in engl., good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!


SPARROW UNIT:THE TERMINATION SQUAD-Very violent 1988 Phillipine action-thriller, with more HEAD-SHOTS than TWO John Woo films combined!! A band of Phillipine revolutionaries try to kill as many government lackeys as they can, frequently shooting them in the head in gory fashion, as well as stabbing and beating them! Vic Diaz has a short part as a sleazy crook, who's done in by a harpoon! Wild, bloody, and action-filled from beginning to end! Uncut, in engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!


OVER  MY DEAD BODY-VERY OBSCURE 1986 Phillipine spinoff on THE GODFATHER(!!), only done in typical Asian-style, with kung-fu fights, shootings, some nudity, etc. The head of the syndicate has a contract on his life, and a professional hit man is sent to do the job. Lots of people are wasted along the way, and there's double-crosses galore in this very unique and unusual film. Uncut, in engl., good qual.


YAKUZA CRUEL SECRETS:DISMEMBERING ARMS-Bizarre and GRAPHICALLY VIOLENT 1976 Jpn. Yakuza docu., showing the inner workings and punishments meted out by Japan's largest criminal organization. Gory footage of a wayward member killed with a sword, his guts dangling out as he's slashed in front of his car by Yakuza thugs, another one has his arm cut off in gory detail, also color footage of the "pinkie-cutting ritual" carried out on new members. Uncut version, in Jpn., NO subts., ltbx;d., color and balck and white, good qual.

LOST COMMAND(PLATOON 2)-Very violent, action-packed 1988 Phillipine war-action flick, with the same stars and director of BODYGUARD, Ramon BONG Revilla, Jr.!  A group of savage terrorists hold a busload of schoolkids and teachers hostage in the jungle, and it's up to the hero to break in and save the remaining survivors before they're all killed. Some real BLOODY head shots, stabbings, machine-gun massacres, nudity, rape, etc. Definitely COOL! Even the KIDS pick up machine guns and start blasting away! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.(BA)

DOUBLE-CROSSER-Violent and wild 1991 Indonesian action, with THE INTRUDER's Peter O'Brian fighting against an evil drug lord who holds his blind daughter hostage to make him fight in the ring. No shortage of action here, as people fall into crocodile pits, kung-fu fights, stabbings, shootings, explosions, car chases, etc.! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.(BA)

THE HUNTED-Another Phillipine rarity from the 70's, this one with lots of brutal revenge killings, stabbings, etc.!  A woman is abducted from her parents after a gang of bandits rape and beat her in front of them, and beat her father severely. The bandit leader is a sadistic pervert who likes to rape and torture young Phillipino girls, especially those that are virgins! Years later, she manages to escape and live in the jungle on Python meat and fish, where she builds up strength to get her violent revenge! She teams up with a man who was beaten and robbed by the gang, and together they plan to slaughter them! Stabbings, rapes, and an INCREDIBLY COOL scene where the leader has ACID thrown in his face, burning it away in gory, bloody closeup!! Wild!! UNCUT, in engl., good qual. SUPER-RARE!!(BA)

CEMIL-Action-packed and very violent 80's turkish crime film, with our favorite, Cuneyt Arkin, as a chain-smoking detective investigating the seedy world of Turkey's porno film industry! He fights a guy with chains wrapped around his hands in a brutal scene, shoots and crushes a bunch of other criminals in a junkyard, and tries to protect some young girls from the pornographers that held them captive. Lots of karate fights, gore, etc.! UNCUT, in Turkish w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

DEATH WARRIOR-More Turkish madness from the 80's, with Cuneyt Arkin again, this time fighting an army of killer NINJAS who go around slashing and wasting lots of people! There's even a NINJA MUMMY with CLAWS in this thing!! Really wild stuff, full of ninja swordfights,  gory deaths, kung-fu-karate fights with dubbed-in music and yelling sounds from ENTER THE DRAGON(!!), etc. Perfect for ANY PARTY you wanna throw!! UNCUT, Turkish w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.


THE CHOP-CHOP LADY-SUPER-RARE 1994 Phillipine flick based on true events!  A woman cheats on her husband with her crazy boss, who goes insane after she changes her mind to stay with her husband. He hits her on the head with a liquor bottle, ties her to a bed, grabs a big knife, then kills her. He then takes the body to the tub to chop it up! Yes, limbs and blood fly as he takes the cleaver to his old girlfriend! He then puts her in a plastic bag, her severed head graphically shown! UNCUT, in Tagalog with SOME spoken english, very good qual.

ESCAPE TO HIGH RISKS-RARE and VERY VIOLENT 1986  H.K. action-sleaze pic, dir. by Joseph Lai!  Roc Tien stars as a rebel determined to break out of prison after being framed on a trumped-up charge, but first he must fight the sadistic guards who torture and beat him day and night.  Even tho this film takes place in a MEN'S prison, the savage guards bring a woman there  who's brutally raped by a deranged samurai-sword-wearing Japanese nut who afterwards, repeatedly slashes her with his sword, then has her torn apart by vicious guard dogs in graphic, gory detail! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.(BA)

THE LAST DEAL-ULTRA-RARE 70's Phillipine action-thriller, with Werner Pochtath as a slimy, brutal pimp forcing girls into prostitution. A woman goes undercover to capture him, as he killed her sister years earlier. Nudity, gunplay, seedy locales, fights, beatings, etc. UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual.(BA)

ATTACK AND DESTROY-MEGA-OBSCURE late 70's Phillipine war-action flick, starring Eddie Garcia and other action stars. Japanese soldiers take over a village, and the Phillipine army steps in with local folks to put an end to their rule, One girl fighter comes up with an ingenious idea:throw poisonous SNAKES on them!! Lots of gunshots and stabbings, too. UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual.(BA)

MODERN YAKUZA #6:SHAMELESS HUMAN SACRIFICE-Violent and wild 1972 Jpn. gangster film, about the workings of the Yakuza in Japan, and one violent member who lives by his own rules, and gets severely punished in the end!  Plenty of nudity, face-slashings, stabbings, beatings, barroom brawls and karate fights, fingers cut off, shootings, etc.!  UNCUT, in Jpn. w/NO subts., lbx'd., good qual.

DEADLY COMMANDO-More funky Phillipne war-action from the 80's, with a KICK-ASS ENDING featuring a SUPER-VIOLENT bullet-riddled massacre!!  Lots of dudes get shot in the head, and other places as well! Definitely a RARITY!! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

AZAMI, THE PUNISHER-Wild and violent Jpn. action, about a fierce girl fighting a SNUFF-FILM RING  after her friend ends up butchered for the video camera!  She goes on a RAMBO-type rampage, kicking ass every chance she gets!  Swordfights, shootings, etc. UNCUT, in Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

RAINBOW FORCE(PINK COMMANDOS)-Tough to find 1986 H.K. action-WIP flick, dir. by Richard Chen.  A girl takes the heat for her gangster boyfriend in a murder case, and ends up in a boarding school-type prison fighting off an evil warden, cruel chicks, and her desire for revenge on the dude who left her to rot there! Beatings, whippings, bizarre punishments, catfights, etc. UNCUT, in engl., very good qual.

AMAZONESS IN WHITE-Very violent and BLOODY 1997 Jpn. action-gore flick, with a gang of karate-fighting nurses after an evil old man who invents these pills that, when taken in large doses, causes the body to bloat up and EXPLODE! One great scene shows this dude forced to swallow a handful of them, and his head and face explode in a super-gory scene!! Another one has his TONGUE swell up to THREE TIMES it's size, sticking out of his mouth in contorted agony!! COOL!  Lots of brutal karate fights, a hand is chopped off,  spurting blood everywhere, nudity, etc. UNCUT, in Jpn. w/NO subts., lbx'd., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

MAGINDANAO-Extremely rare 1986 Phillipine war-action flick, with lots of fighting scenes. A group of guerrillas unknowingly have a spy in their unit, tipping off the government when they plan to kill their leaders. It's someone they'd never suspect! Lots of shootings, fights,e xplosions, etc. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

BULLETS OVER SUMMER-Violent 1999 H.K. action pic, dir. by Wilson Yip, who did BIO-ZOMBIE. The film focuses on two cops in Hong Kong fighting the criminal element. Lots of gory shootings, fights, car chases, etc. Some great stuff! UNCUT, in Chinese w/Engl. subts., lbx'd., very good qual.

XIMP-Bizarre and gory 1999 H.K. horror film, with some graphic deaths and stabbings among a tale of the supernatural!  A ghostly girl causes violent killings to occur around another girl, who ends up being blamed for the deaths. Her friends try to help her fight the satanic Ximp, but most end up dead! Decapitations, hands chopped off, heads roll, etc. Pretty good stuff! UNCUT, in Chinese w/Engl. subts., lbx'd., very good qual.

WOMEN'S FLESH-Truly DISGUSTING and VILE Jpn. shot-on-video cannibalistic torture-snuff flick, showing a woman doing various forms of self-mutilation on her body, incl. cutting out her own tongue, slicing open and eating her guts, impaling her head to a wall with a huge nail, etc.! At the end of the tape, there's previews for some mondo-type death tapes, with dead deformed babies in jars, Thai accident victims with brains hanging out, etc.! Yep, it's a REAL PARTY TAPE, for sure!! UNCUT, Jpn. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.(BA)

FLAMING BROTHERS-Violent and wild 1988 action from Hong kong, with Chow Yun-Fat and Alan Tang as two brothers fighting to stay on top of the crime syndicate, and have to blow away hundreds of guy's who get in their way! Full of bloody scenes of bullet-riddled bodies, stabbings, shootings, etc. in the great H.K. action film tradition!! UNCUT, in Chinese w/Engl. subts., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

OPERATION FIRST TEAM-Action-packed 1985 WIP-war flick from Hong Kong, with women held as prisoners of war in a cruel prison camp, run by a sadistic madman who loves seeing them suffer! There's plenty of war-fighting action, too, as this appears to be a combination of two different films spliced together! lots of shootings, fights, gun battles, beatings, etc. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

BEAUTIFUL TEACHER IN TORTURE HELL-Sick Jpn. trash from the great Nikkatsu studios, about a young female teacher who's attacked, beaten, and kidnapped by her pupil's father and family members! She's put through lots of sexual tortures, incl. having her tits slapped, her pubic area flossed with wire, and a truly weird scene where she's pumped full of enema solutions and forced to expel it into a giant fish tank!! TOTALLY WILD!! Uncut, Jpn. w/NO subts., lbx'd., good qual.

SECRET REPORT FROM NAGASAKI WOMEN'S PRISON-Obscure and brutal 1978 Jpn. prison-S/M film, with much nudity, female fights where girls get their fingers broken, beatings, tortures, and even some impalements on swords to make it even gorier! UNCUT, Jpn. w/NO subts., lbx'd., good qual.

MANIACAL BEAUTY-Bloody and strange 1992 shot-on-video horror-action flick from H.K., about a murderous woman on the loose, who's slicing up guy's with a butcher knife after having sex with them. A cop is assigned to investigate. Stabbings, shootouts, fights, etc. UNCUT, in Chinese w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

X-CURE-Violent 1996 Jpn. serial-killer film, with some ver gory stabbing scenes!  Kind of like a Japanese SILENCE OF THE LAMBS! Uncut, lbx'd., Jpn. w/Engl. subts., good qual.

A HERO NEVER DIES-Great 1997 H.K. shoot-'em-up actioner, with lots of gory gun deaths, a head throwed out a window, brutal beatings and fights, and a cool gangster hero kickin' MUCH ASS on his way to the top!  UNCUT, in Chinese w/Engl. subts., very good qual.

THE LONGEST SUMMER-Brutal 1997 look at the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong after the British rule ended there in 1997. Some graphic stabbings, fights, etc. GOOD FILM! UNCUT, Chinese w/Engl. subts., good qual.

9413-Violent and seedy 1995 H.K. sleazy action drama, with hookers, crooked cops, murders, etc. UNCUT, Chinese w/Engl. subts., good qual.

SNAKE WOMAN-Very weird 1998 Jpn. horror-fantasy flick, with a woman who finds out her close friend is turning into a human snake-woman! Bizarre transformation scenes, some gory deaths. UNCUT, in Jpn. w/NO subts., very good qual.

BLOOD REINCARNATION-MEGA-RARE and very bizarre 1974 Chinese horror-fantasy film with three different stories, ala TALES FROM THE CRYPT and others. The first one involves a woman giving birth to a demonic baby, which violently attacks her after being born, ripping out her throat!  A truly terrifying sequence that was WAY ahead of it's time! The second has a crooked couple put under a curse after they cause an old man's death, with a pretty GORY conclusion! The third is based on the film's title, with an acupuncture doctor unjustly executed for a woman's death, who is reincarnated and allowed to come back to the world for 7 days to try and prove his innocence and unmask the real killer!  Some gory melting scenesand blood pouring from the corpse are graphically shown!  All in all, a FASCINATING film and real RARE FIND! UNCUT, in Chinese w/Engl. subts., good-very good qual.

VALENTINA-VERY OBSCURE 80's Phillipine snake-girl picture, about a woman put under a curse by an old witch to give birth to a snake-child with hundreds of snakes attached to her head!  The girl grows up to be a teenager, and then the villagers find out about her snake-hair and try to kill her, but she fights back with her wild powers against them!  She turns some men and women into statues by staring at them with glowing green eyes, and her parents are injured and killed fighting off the villagers with machetes and stakes, so she seeks a violent revenge! pretty cool little flick!! UNCUT, in Tagalog Lng. w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!!

WOLF-GUY-NOT to be confused with the Sonny Chiba film, this is a different Jpn. werewolf film, made in 1973 and is very OBSCURE!  A young man is constantly beaten up and tormented in high school by a Yakuza gang, and at night, he turns into a WEREWOLF!  At night, he gorily kills the bad guys in town, ripping open necks and tearing off arms in BLOODY DETAIL!! A woman falls in love with him, not realizing his vicious nature! Lots of BLOOD-SPRAYING, arterial SPURTINGS, beatings, torture, nudity, etc. UNCUT, in Jpn. w/NO subts., very good qual. COOL!!

A TIME FOR DYING-Brutal and VERY BLOODY 1986 Phillipine war-action flick, made by veteran sleaze filmmaker Cirio H. Santiago!  People in a small village are stuck  between a rock and a hard place, with Japanese soldiers occupying their town, and the only way to get rid of them is through the local revolutionaries, lead by a sadistic, raping ex-american slob, who proudly says that his mom was "a WHORE who'd lay ANYBODY for a BUCK!".  He enslaves one woman, repeatedly raping her, once on top of her father's grave in a sleaze-filled scene! Now, let's get to the GORE-TONS OF IT!  Eddie Garcia shows up as a sadistic Jap commander, ordering his men to massacre the villagers(he slices one girl's back up with a sword!).  There's blood-splatting gun shots galore, as well as impalements, stabbings, explosions, and of course, the typical seedy atmosphere in most of the Phillipine flicks! The twist ending's cool, too!  UNCUT, in ENGL., good-very good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

HUMAN PORK CHOPS-ALL-NEW 2000 Cat. 3 H.K. gory shocker, with virtually the same story as THERE's A SECRET IN MY SOUP, but with a different cast, and a more serious, mean-spirited tone to it! A woman owes this vicious sleazebag money, and when she continually fails to pay him back, him and his sick buddies beat and torture her, burning her with candle wax, making her eat SHIT from a toilet(!), making her piss her pants, kicking and punching her, etc., until she finally dies, and they're stuck with getting rid of her corpse.  They put her in the tub, cut her chest open to drain her blood, then go to work with saws, meatcleavers, knives, etc., cutting her into small bits, some of which  end up in a STEW with noodles which they chow down to "get rid of the evidence"!  Graphic gut-removal scenes, heads roll, buzzsaw mayhem, etc. Lbx;d. version, in Chn. w/Engl. subts., very good qual. from h.k. VCD.

BEFORE DAWN-VERY RARE 1988 H.K. seedy melodrama, from the director of nAKED KILLER 1. A woman who works as a prostitute has a homosexual son, mixed up in the underbelly of the Chinese gay scene, full of transsexuals, freaks, killers, drag queens, and of course, heavy drug users. He's accused of a murder he didn't commit, which was actually carried out by a deranged ex-military captain who loves to humiliate and torture his gay lovers to death, as well as take photos of them in bondage and bloody whip marks on them! He graphically stabs one of his young victims, slicing his butt-cheeks with a sharp blade after he forces him to dress as a female in a sadistic S/M torture session. Her son proves his innocence, but not before his mom tragically loses her life, in this very bleak and dark film. Really different! UNCUT, Chn. w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good qual.

ZUMA- really off-the-wall 1989 phillipine monster flick, with a bald, green creature with a two-headed snake on his shoulder killing men and women, ripping out their hearts, and eating them! he also impregnates a woman who gives birth to a baby zuma-monster! COOL! uncut, filipino, NO subts., good qual. ULTRA-RARE!

BAMBOO HOUSE OF DOLLS- pretty good 1977 shaw bro's. women-in-prison film. much nudity and violence, and a few kung-fu fights thrown in too!  in engl., ltbx'd., good qual.

BULLET FOR HIRE- wild, over-the-top action pic from hong kong, has two guys on a shoot-em-up rampage! there's an incredibly graphic scene where a guy has his arm sawed off with a chainsaw!! non-stop action! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

THE BLOODY BEAST- another very graphic and sadistic asian rapist-psycho flick. this nut likes to kill and rape women with small children!! he uses a hammer to crush their skulls, and then rapes their dead, bloody bodies in sick detail!! uncut version, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

XX-BEAUTIFUL VICTIMS- stylish and graphic japanese giallo, about a female autopsy doctor stalked by a killer of prostitutes. gruesome autopsy scenes and lots of nudity. uncut, jpn. w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

EROTIC GHOST STORY 3- really cool asian sex-fantasy-gore film with loads of UNCENSORED female nudity and graphic violence! the scene where an old man shrinks to mini-size to go up into a woman's vagina will blow you away!! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS(DAUGHTER OF RAPE)- really wild, over-the-top 1993 asian rape-gore-incest-torture flick that's a MUST for fans of SICK cinema!! sicko dad rapes his daughter while singing "row, row, row your boat" to her!! she gets a very bloody revenge in an all-out gory climax! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., very good qual.

DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS 2- yet another graphic and sick sequel to the first depraved flick! just as graphic as the first, but with more black humor, with anthony wong as a crotch-sniffing pervert detective!! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., very good qual.

PITUITARY HUNTER(BRAIN THEFT)- bloody 1985 asian horror film, about a killer stealing the pituitary glands from his victim's brains! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

LADY POISON- very graphic 1994 japanese horror, with a female jack-the-ripper who cuts men's throats, meeting up with a deranged sadist that collects "snuff photos" from the internet!! uncut, jpn. w/engl. subts., good qual.

PSYCHO SEX-KILLER-VIOLENT 1988 Phillipine slasher pic, about a deranged loner going around and killing women after a drug-crazed binge and a trip to the local tittie-bars in town! Women get hacked up with axes, butcher-knives, etc. A REAL RARITY that's virtually UNKNOWN  everywhere except the Phillipines! In Tagalog Lng. with some Engl. mixed in, NO subts., o.k. pic qual.(BA)

PROSTITUTE KILLERS-BRUTAL and NASTY 2001 H.K. cat.3 sleaze, about a trio of sadistic masked rapists who beat, rape, torture, and kill girls they meet in the local brothels. They cut one's head off, another has part of her scalp ripped off one side of her head by one of the psycho's biting her during rough sex! The three sickies also get even with a pimp/gangster by tying him up, beating him with pipes and sticks, knocking out one of his eyes(which ends up sticking to a box they throw his corpse in!!), breaking his testicles and causing his leg bones to protrude from their sockets, etc.! Mean-spirited, violent, and graphic, this film shows Hong Kong hasn't given up on the CATEGORY 3 flicks yet!! UNCUT, in Chinese w/Engl. subts., lbx'd., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

THE BEDEVILLED-SUPER-RARE 1974 Golden Harvest black magic-type horror film, dir. by Lo Wei. A leader of a community has an adulterous affair with a villager's wife, and her husband catches him and vows to get even, beating him in a fight. The leader has him arrested and  arranges his death by beheading with a sword in front of the village. The man puts a curse on him before he dies, which causes some terrifying deaths to occur, and his severed head also flies around and taunts him afterwards!  Some gory beatings and stabbings, heads roll, lots of nudity, etc. A VERY UNIQUE Asian flick! UNCUT, in Chn. w/NO subts., good-very good qual.

S.T.A.B.-Very RARE and action-packed 1975 Chinese-Indo co-production from Golden Harvest, about a special tactical team of ex-army and marine soldiers(a lot like an early version of THE A-TEAM!), fighting an evil crime syndicate and each other for a fortune in gold!  There's kung-fu fights, stabbings, shootings, explosions, nudity, beatings, torture, etc.! A cool 70's funky score is included, too! UNCUT, in ENGL., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

SLASH-REAL RARE and action-packed 1987 Phillipine war-action film, with Ron Kristoff, Michael Monty, and Patrick Lee. "Slash" is a badass guy like RAMBO, who goes on assignment anywhere he's sent to kill the bad guy's!  He helps his old war buddy get his daughter back from a commie leader in the jungle-that's when the SLASH-ing begins!  Violent fights, nudity, beatings, shootings, legs roll, etc.! UNCUT, in ENGL., good qual.

COMMANDER LAWIN-VERY RARE 80's Phillipine war-action film, with Dante Varona. A vietnam vet has his family brutally slaughtered becuase they refuse to sell their land to the crooked mayor of a small town. He decides to take a violent and bloody revenge against the thugs responsible! Lots of shootings, torture, beatings, fistfights, stabbings, etc. UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

THE DAY THEY ROBBED AMERICA-Real obscure 1987 Phillipine war-action, with an american viet vet seeking revenge for the shooting death of his girlfriend against a ruthless band of bank robbers. Shootings, stabbings, nudity, beatings, etc. UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

BUGS-Another weird and bizarre Jpn. horror film, this one with GIANT ROACHES that EAT human flesh! One guy has his FACE EATEN OFF by the humongous insects in the beginning!  Another scene shows a huge cockroach coming out of a victim's MOUTH! Pretty wild flick! UNCUT, Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

FEMALE MAGIC NINJA CHRONICLES #3- very wild jpn. action-fantasy, with ninja girls that squirt acid milk from their tits, and killer bubbles from their vaginas! unreal!! uncut, jpn. w/engl. subts., good qual.

WITCHCRAFT VS. CURSE- a real crazy chinese horror-possession film, with a lot of softcore sex and nudity, as well as some outrageous violence. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

EVIL SEX MANIAC- sick asian sex film, about a rapist who kidnaps schoolgirls and paints his face before having sex with them! lots of kinky, twisted scenes. uncut, jpn. w/engl. subts., good qual.

RED SPELL, SPELLS RED- graphic asian horror film from 1986 has wild mondo-type footage along with scenes of flesh-tearing and scorpion-eating! gruesome stuff! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

DEVIL FETUS- more gross-out asian horror, this one with plenty of puking and worm-eating scenes that'll make you want to lose your lunch!! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., excell. qual.

THE RAPE AFTER- very gruesome 1989 asian horror has a hideously deformed child, flesh-eating zombies from the grave, and INCREDIBLE amounts of BLOOD and GORE!! a must-see!! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

CROCODILE EVIL- another wild asian flick that has to be seen to be believed!! possessed crocodiles try to mate with human females, and one scene shows a guy puking up some baby crocs! over-the-top stuff! uncut, chinese w/NO subts., excell. qual.

BEWITCHED AREA OF 1,000 YEARS- more asian insanity! a hideous man-snake with snake-heads for hands attacks people, ripping out their hearts and eating them, and raping women when he gets the chance!! of course, this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., very good qual.

CYCLOPS and GUZOO- two gory japanese sci-fi-horror shorts on one rtape, one involving a slimy monster that eats girls! uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., very good qual.

POSSESSED 2- GREAT asian possession-gore film, with a girl who turns into a werewolf, and dead bodies get melted down with acid in gory detail! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

BEAUTY EVIL ROSE- really wild chinese action-horror film showing giant snakes going into girl's stomachs, bug-puking, tortures, s/m, and much, much more!! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

HORRORS OF A DISFIGURED WOMAN- really strange flick, shot on video in japan, involving ghosts and a horribly disfigured lady who gets a bloody revenge at the end! uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

TASTIEST FLESH- strange and gory japanese horror film, where men give birth to demon babies!! bloody uncut version, jpn. w/engl. subts., good qual.

BLOOD RITUAL- gory, fast-paced asian horror-kung-fu-action film! a devil cult cuts out the hearts of female victims. very graphic! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., o.k.-good qual.

CAGED BEAUTIES- really cool asian women-in-prison-kung-fu-sex-action flick that shows tortures, gory shootouts, and a guy putting a huge centipede on a naked girl! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

EDO:JAPANESE INQUISITION TORTURES- rare, uncut early 70's jpn. s/m film, with women forced to confess to crimes after being flogged, beaten, tied up, tortured, and raped. bloody and brutal beatings take place. uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

RAPEMAN- notorious japanese film about a teacher who only goes to rape "bad" women to punish them! loads of sex and graphic "rape" scenes. uncut, jpn. w/engl. subts., good qual.

CURSE OF THE ZOMBI- very rare early 80's asian zombie flick, with a zombie, kung-fu, evil spells, and violent deaths. uncut, chinese w/NO subts., good qual.

BLOOD OF THE BLACK DOG- more asian insanity, this one from 1986, with face-burnings, disfigurements, bloody deaths by spells, and more. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

LOVER M- very rare jpn. s/m-bondage film with a large cult following. a woman is kept on a leash, foerced to eat out of dog food bowls, and is burned with hot wax by a mad lover. uncut(but OPTICALLY CENSORED), in jpn., NO subts., very good qual.

DEVIL SORCERY- wild 1986 chinese horror, with bug-puking and eating, and lots of naked asian girls! uncut, chinese w/engl.

CURSE OF BLOOD(KAIDAN ZANKOKU MONOGATARI)-VERY RARE 1968 Jpn. ghost-revenge tale, FILLED with BLOODY stabbings, disfigurements, decapitations, torture, rape, parts of scalps ripped off, etc.!! It starts out with a blind man gorily stabbed to death by a sword, who then places a curse on his killer! After that, the killer becomes possessed and starts to kill all those around him, including his wife. BRUTAL and GRUESOME, from the same folks who made LIVING SKELETON that same year. UNCUT version, ltbx'd., Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual., black and white.

RAIDERS OF THE PARADISE-very OBSCURE 1985 Phillipine action-sleaze flick, with rich young girls held captive by terrorists for ransom on an isolated island. Lots of machine-gun fights, stabbings, beatings, rapes, catfights, etc. Stars Eddie Garcia as one of the girl's fathers who tries to rescue them. Fun stuff! UNCUT, in ENGLISH, good qual.(BA)

WITCH WITH THE FLYING HEAD- uncut, in chinese , NO subts. extremely gory and wild asian horror, with a woman's head leaving her body with the spine and guts attached to bite people and shoot fire from her mouthafter a snake crawls up her insides!! LOADS OF BLOOD AND GORE!! very good qual.

UNPUBLICIZED CASE:HUMAN SAUSAGES- brutal and graphic 1993 asian gore flick, with a real mean bastard chopping up little kids and hookers and making them into sausages! lots of guts are spilled! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., o.k.-good

THE WRATH OF SILENCE- wacky 1993 asian serial killer-rapist flick, with a tall psychopath who rapes and kills women while throwing giant cockroaches on them! very violent and crazy stuff. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., very good qual.

THE ASIAN TRASH SAMPLER TAPE #1- cool clips and out-takes from some of the goriest, wildest asian sex and violence epics, and animated shorts out on video! incls. clips from ROBOTRIX, ENTRAILS OF A VIRGIN, GHOUL SEX SQUAD, and many more! runs 90 mns., in engl. and chinese, good qual.

SPECIAL SILENCERS- ultra-gory 1981 action-kung-fu-gore flick with barry prima. people are given pills which make tree-like veins burst out of their intestines and explode! limbs also get chopped off, heads roll, and some nudity is thrown in too! uncut, in engl., good qual.

BROTHER OF DARKNESS- more sick asian rape and torture, made in 1993. this one's about two brothers, one good, one bad, who fight to the death after the bad one rapes and kills the other's girlfriend, sets his father on fire, and masturbates in front of the mother!! violent, graphic, with tons of nudity and sleazy scenes. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., o.k.-good qual.

LONG ARM OF THE LAW 2- great 1989 asian-action flick! a guy has a bag of live rats put over his head, then spits out a dead rat in the bad guy's face! he's then chopped up with an axe for being stubborn! lots of gunplay, vicious fights, all in the "john woo" tradition! chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., very good qual.

CRAZY BLOOD- violent 1989 asian film, with a nitty girl and man who set fires and run over people for kicks! the dude likes to rape women on rooftops, too! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES- violent and graphic jpn. torture-s/m film , with two weird guys who kidnap, rape, and torture a pop singer, and get help from a depraved chick with a snake! one ma--F-•“‘---F-•“‘

S/M TORTURE FREAKS 2:BONDAGE BETWEEN LOVERS- another sick jpn. x-rated torture-fest, also with graphic gore! a sadistic lesbian stabs her girlfriend to death, then is brutally beaten by her brother! way over-the-top!! uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

MALEVOLENT MATE- very bloody 1989 asian slasher film, that starts with a woman hacking a girl's body to bits with a meatcleaver, cutting off the head, and burning the body in a bathtub! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

JAPANESE SPLATTER MOVIES:CONTON AND BIOTHERAPY- two VERY BLOODY japanese short films on one tape! the first has a giant monster created by a young writer's mind tearing people apart, ripping out tongues and heads!! the second has a deformed maniac in black brutally killing the scientists who drove him crazy, by gouging out their eyes, tongues, and impaling a girl on broken glass! extremely graphic! uncut, jpn w/NO subts., very good qual. REALLY GREAT STUFF!!!

DECADENT EDO-WOMEN GENEAOLOGY:BRUTAL, ABNORMAL, ABUSIVE LOVE- bizarre and violent 1969 jpn. s/m-torture flick, with incredible scenes like a samurai maniac letting loose a hoard of bulls on screaming, naked women, who are killed and gored by the bulls! uncut, ltbx'd., german w/engl. subts., good qual.

DEATH OF HONOR(PSYCHO JUNKIE)- extremely bloody 1980's jpn. yakuza-gangster-swordfighting film, based on a true story of a notorious yakuza drug addict and mobster who was feared and hated by the yakuza themselves. it plays like a japanese version of SCARFACE, only this is TWICE as violent and gory!! uncut, jpn. w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., very good qual.

THE BIG HEAT- ultra-violent 1988 asian gangster-action flick, with nonstop bloody shootings, heads cut off, bodies ripped apart in elevator shafts, drills thru the hand, blown-off fingers, and more!! a GREAT FILM!! uncut, ltbx'd., chinese w/engl. subts., excell. qual. highly recommended!!

WAR VICTIMS- very violent indonesian women's prison film made around 1985, with many brutal beatings, hangings, rapes, electrocutions, gunfights, etc. uncut, in engl., very good qual.

ETERNAL EVIL OF ASIA- another over-the-top asian horror film from 1995, with one guy who calls a sorcerer a "dick-head", have his head turn into a giant DICK, complete with a large pee-hole on top! another guy butchers his entire family with a meatcleaver after seeing his dead relatives come back for him! wild, gory, crazy, and un-real! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., very good qual.

731:BODY EXPERIMENT HORROR- ultra-obscure chinese shot-on-video gore, that tries to be part of the MEN BEHIND THE SUN series! gruesome torture and operations performed on korean war prisoners, and a german shepherd dog is graphically beaten to death with sticks(this looks real!). uncut, chinese w/NO subts., good qual.

DEATH POWDER- extremely weird and gory 1986 jpn. horror film. a strange white powder causes people to go insane and kill, and melts their faces in hideous detail! really cool! uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., very good qual.

BONDAGE MAKEUP GIRL/TORTURE OF JAPAN- two more incredibly violent and erotic jpn. shorts, the first showing graphic garrotings and hangings, the second shows two lesbians having their vaginas sewn up in sickening, gory detail! this tape runs a full 2 hrs. uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., very good qual.

BLOOD MANIAC- very obscure 1986 chinese horror film , with lots of nudity and sleazy gore scenes. an evil warlock's spirit haunts a family's house, causing the son to become possessed and controlled by a disfigured zombie that orders him to kill. very bloody, with stabbings, hands cut off, and an off-the-wall monster childbirth scene! uncut, chinese w/NO subts., good qual.

SKULL SOLDIER- very gory 1992 jpn. sword-action film, with a super-hero wearing a skull-faced mask taking on evil druglords with the help of his deformed servant. lots of arterial splashing blood, dismemberments, heads cut off, etc. uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

XX:BEAUTIFUL PREY- all-new 1996 jpn. kinky s/m-erotic thriller from the maker of XX:BEAUTIFUL VICTIMS. a deaf-mute guy in a leather jacket tortures and rapes a masochistic girl who likes it, then finally gets tired of him and plots to have him killed by a lady cop she falls in love with!! only in japan!! uncut, jpn. w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

SAAMRI- very, VERY WEIRD hindu(india) possession-horror film , with some grisly special effects mixed in with fights, dance numbers, and singing! definitely a real oddity. uncut, india lng. w/NO subts., o.k. qual.

JUNGLE HEAT- very violent 1984 asian war-action film starring sam jones and many asian extras. incredibly bloody torture scenes, with one guy having his head shaved, then sliced open with a razor and a bottle of acid poured into his brain! live rats are set on fire, etc. uncut, in engl., very good qual.

DEVIL RETURNS- more insane asian gore, this one mixed up with demonic possessions. people are levitated, thrown through glass(with the usual gory results), etc. also stabbings, shootings, and more! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

INSAN AV'CISI(HEART OF A FATHER)- very wild and violent turkish action-gore film, about a vengeful cop killing the criminals that were involved in his family's murders. lots of gory shootings, one guy is sawed in half(shown in the opening trailer), stabbings, and explosions. in turkish lng., NO subts., good qual. probably filmed in the late 1970's-early 80's.

REVENGE OF THE NINJA- very rare 1988 indonesian action-gorefest starring barry prima. a girl is possessed by a powerful kung-fu master's ghost, who makes her wear a sacred red necklace. another evil magician wants the necklace, and he teams up with a biker gang to try and steal it. he also brings back an army of living dead corpses that go on a bloody rampage! wild, over-the-top, and incredibly gory, with hearts and livers ripped out, bodies exploding, etc. uncut, ltbx'd., in engl., very good qual.

GHOST NURSING- very obscure 1988 asian horror film, dir. by wilson tong. a woman goes to a mystic for help after her boyfriend is killed by gangsters. she's told to nurse a ghost of a dead fetus to bring her good luck. she puts the deformed creature in a jar after bringing it to life by dripping blood from her finger on it. the creature protects her by having her enemies meet gory, violent deaths, incl. vomiting up worms and bringing back the dead. it finally becomes jealous of her new lover, and possesses his body, turning him into a deranged, killing monster that rips off scalps and shoves broken glass in women's faces! well-made, graphic, and weird film! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

TRILOGY OF LUST 2- over-the-top 1995 chinese serial killer-gore flick, with a deranged lesbian woman that goes to discos dressed in s/m-leather garb picking up men to take home and torture-kill! she kills one with a staple gun, stabs another and cuts off ears, noses, and fingers to keep as souvenirs in glass jars on a shelf. depraved, graphic, and VERY SLEAZY film with a brutal ending! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., o.k.pic qual.

CODE OF HONOR- action-packed 1987 chinese mafia film starring chow yun-fat and danny lee. lots of gory gunplay, as well as vicious fights and stunts. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

S/M BONDAGE FANTASIA/VAMPIRE SADISM- here you get TWO asian torture-sex flicks for the price of one! the first is a cool compilation of sick scenes from close to a dozen differnt jpn. s/m-bondage films from the nikkatsu studios. enemas, whippings, wax burnings, etc.! the second is a hardcore , XXX uncensored asian porn-horror with a clown-faced vampire keeping naked girls inside cages and performing various tortures on them while laughing hysterically! he gives them enemas, dunks them in cold water, pisses on them, buries one in the ground while cumming in her mouth, etc.! sick, sick stuff!! uncut, in jpn. w/NO subts., good qual. runs 105 mns. total.

BLOODY FRAGMENTS ON A WHITE WALL(LUCKY SKY DIAMOND)- very graphic 1989 weird gore flick, shot on video by the dir. of EVIL DEAD'S TRAP 2. a girl has brain surgery performed on her after hallucinating about her intestines coming out of her! she has a giant cockroach crawl out of her brain afterwards! then, a stabbing massacre begins with the girl and a nurse in a bride's dress, and the deranged surgeon!! really wild images, and a lot of the red stuff flows! uncut version, jpn. w/engl. subts., good qual.

DEVIL'S VENDETTA- rare 1991 chinese crazy horror flick that starts with a priest cutting out his own heart and giving it to a female demon named twiggy, who then eats it! other wild scenes incl. a giant 50-foot cockroach turning into a female vampire-demon, then getting shot and exploding, it's green goop splattering the heroes!! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

VENDETTA- brutal, cruel, sick and gory chinese action-thriller, about a convicted murderer that vows to kill the entire family of a cop who sent him to prison. made in the style of UNTOLD STORY, with graphic gore, fingers and ears bit off, faces mutilated, stabbings, shootings, etc. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., very good qual.

FATAL TERMINATION- wild and bloody 1992 asian action flick with tons of splatter, people impaled, bodies exploding, and an incredible stunt where a little girl is held by her hair outside a speeding car by a laughing gangster maniac!! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., excell. qual.

TWILIGHT SIREN- more wild asian madness as a blood-crazed female ghost is on the loose, ripping out hearts and possessing bodies! fast-paced, bizarre, and gory! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., very good qua

KHOONI MAHAL(DEADLY MANOR)- bizarre, off-the-wall hindu horror film set in an old mansion, where a guy turns into a horrible, fanged monster that strangles women. some violent killings occur, incl. an impalement. uncut in india lng. w/NO subts., good qual.

BLOOD OF AN INDIAN FETISH CULT- very rare 1984 chinese-samoan XXX porn-horror-s/m flick, about a cult of indians living in the wilderness practicing bizarre rituals. one guy practices kung-fu in the nude, and pushes his penis into a tree! a woman screws a guy to death, and a nutty little man with a skeleton in tow offers his prayers to the cult. uncut, chinese, NO subts., o.k.pic qual.

STRAIGHT-FUCKING MAN- very, VERY over-the-top japanese sex-bondage-horror-s/m pic shot on video, that starts with a chick biting off a live fish head, then shows the same girl in a 3-way sex orgy with two guys, one of them sucking on the other guy's finger! the girl later is placed on a table and has blood removed from her head by a tube, then poured on a man's head! only in japan could XXX-rated flicks be so depraved! uncut(optically censored), jpn. w/NO subts., very good qual. ultra-strange stuff!!

FLOATING BODY- gruesome 1993 chinese film, showing a guy kill his girlfriend, then chainsaw her body up into little pieces in graphic detail! he then throws pieces of the body in the water, where it's discovered by the cops. very rare! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

HOLY WEAPON- weird and wild 1994 asian swordfight-fantasy flick, with a man who turns into a giant flying sword, cutting off heads of people and horses! there's also a zombie, flying kung-fu fights, some nudity, and a crazy old wizard who gets beheaded. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx;d., good qual.

THE DEVIL'S OWL- really bizarre 1986 asian horror flick, with a woman giving birth to an ugly owl-creature that causes other animals in nature to attack humans. lots of gory animal attacks and mond-type animal slaughter take place in this mega-rare oriental gem. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

SHE SHOOTS STRAIGHT- action-packed 1991 asian crime-thriller, with joyce godenzi as a female cop fighting the mafia triads with fists, feet, and guns. the martial-arts fights are spectacular! uncut, in engl., good qual.

BEYOND HYPOTHERMIA- very wild 1996 asian action-gore film with a blood-and-bullet -spattered ending that would put john woo to shame!! foxy women, gory shootouts, and non-stop action! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., very good qual.

DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER- disturbing and gruesome 1995 chinese gore flick about a psycho that only kills hookers so they can reincarnate to a better life! he cuts off tits and vaginas, saves the skin to sew on his own female mannequin he keeps in his room. VERY GRAPHIC, and ultra-sick!! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., fair-good qual. very obscure!

ZATOICHI- incredible NEW version (1989) of the notorious jpn. swordfight film dir. by shintaro katsu, about a blind swordsman who fights the wrath of the yakuza after a friendly game of dice. buckets of blood and gore are shown as he fights his way to freedom! one guy gets turned into a literal sword pin-cushion, spraying geysers of blood everywhere! heads roll, as well as arms, feet, etc.! GREAT film, and one you won't soon forget!! uncut, jpn. w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

PSYCHIC SCHOOL WARS(S/M ZOMBIES)- really weird jpn. horror-sex-s/m film, with a lesbian dominatrix witch/science teacher practicing satanism and sacrificing young girls to the devil after stabbing them in a ritual. she also turns a male assistant into a vampire to help her with the killings and to get her more female blood! some gore, lots of nudity, and strange sex-s/m scenes. uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

ROCK N'ROLL COP- very violent 1996 asian action flick with anthony wong as the cop of the title, trying to take in hong kong drug smugglers, one a real vicious guy who grabs a cat by the neck and smashes it's head against a wall repeatedly for staring at him!! he then takes the dead cat and stuffs it down a guy's throat after shooting him in the neck! pretty wild stuff! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

MIND FUCK- really bizarre 1991 chinese XXX horror-sex flick that is graphic and UNCENSORED! loads of erotica mixed with hardcore porn and some graphic violence make this a real "mind fuck" of a movie! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

THE SAVIOR- brutal and violent 1984 hong kong action-horror film, about a crazed serial killer who enjoys slicing up prostitutes after he sees his father having sex with them, and his mother commits suicide. many bloody stabbings, violent shootouts, and fast-paced action in this asian rarity. chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

THE BIG SCORE- ultra-violent 1990 hong kong action film, with the police taking on a major dope ring run by an evil, ruthless female villainess. she kills little children in cold blood, has acid poured down informant's mouths, and kicks ass in the kung-fu fight scenes!! if you're a fan of "category 3" violence, this one's for you! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

SCARE THE LIVING- very obscure and violent 1991 asian horror film, about an evil witch, executed by having her head cut off, whose spirit lives on to haunt and attack people in a village. she's now able to use her severed head to fly in the air, and attach to her body when she's ready to drink the blood of her victims. really wild stuff! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

DEAD CURSE- another hong kong obscurity, this one from 1985, about a beautiful, satanic witch who puts a curse on a police detective and his family after he shoots her while preparing to slaughter a young girl in a demonic sacrifice. she comes back to life, killing members of the family in graphic ways, and they hire an exorcist to help them fight the forces of evil. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

REQUITAL- EXTREMELY BLOODY 1992 hong kong gangster/action film, with an all-star cast of asian greats! this is the chinese version of GOODFELLAS, about a young shoeshine boy's rise to the top of the asian mafia. filled with ultra-gory shootings, stabbings, axe-killings, eyes shot out, rapes, beatings, nudity, tortures, gruesome sword-slashings, and yes, TONS of blood and gore!! stars alan tang, jimmy wang yu, amy yip, and lo lieh. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., excell. qual. a gREAT rare find!!

HAUNTED MADAME- weird 1987 chinese horror-action film by tony lo, about four policewomen told by a fortune-teller that they'll meet a man who's very dangerous, and will cause one to commit suicide, one to be raped, one to get her head injured, and one to be killed. lots of gory kung-fu fight scenes, wild effects, and a sexy but evil sorceress. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., excell. qual.

PRISON BREAK- ULTRA-BLOODY and VIOLENT jpn. swordfight-yakuza film made in the early 70's, full of blood-drenched scene after scene of SHOGUN ASSASSIN-style butchery!! a man fights with the yakuza, killing many of their men, and gets sent to prison, where he bloodily stabs a guy to death in a bath, and makes his escape to kill yet more yakuza!! blood literally SPRAYS the screen throughout this exercise in jpn. revenge!! uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., ltbx'd., excell. qual. A MUST-HAVE!!!

RAPE AND DIE- sleazy and violent 1987 asian action-horror-rape tale, about an ugly fat slob who rapes a girl and her sister, and later has to pay the consequences for his actions! some cool kung-fu fights, stabbings, rapes, nudity, and more. a lively flick indeed! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

SEX FOR SALE- another obscure, action and sleaze-filled asian film, with lots of nudity as young asian women sell themselves for a sadistic leader of a heroin ring. in one scene, a hooker is punished by having worms placed on her body!! pretty seedy stuff! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual. has some cool trailers at the end, too!

BLOODY FRIDAY- very violent 1996 asian slasher-action flick, with simon yam as a cop determined to find the motorcycle psycho who rides around beating women's heads in with large sticks! many plot twists, and lots of graphic and bloody deaths shown, as well as fights, nudity, faces and heads bashed in, etc. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., very good qua

RAPE PANIC MANSION- real sick and vicious 1996 jpn. rape-torture film, with women in a high-rise apt. terrorized by two thugs who love sadistic rape and humiliation of their victims. there's gory tit-slashings and urine-soaked panty-sniffings in this brutal drama, as well as a twist ending. uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

NOCTURNAL DEMON- really insane 1988 asian horror-comedy-action flick, about a twisted serial killer of prostitutes who likes to piss on their dead corpses and cut out their tongues to feed to his pet piranhas!! some crazy shit here, folks! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE BEAUTY- gory and fast-paced hong kong action flick, dir. by frankie chan. a woman who's a diamond thief turns witness against a group of killer triads, and detectives try to keep her alive. very bloody head-shots, impalements, guys shot in the balls , throat-slashings, explosions, kung-fu fights, and much more!! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., very good qual.

SEA WOLVES- bloody and cool 1990 h.k. action film, dir. by cheng siu keung, about drug smugglers that use a refugee ship from vietnam to send the drugs, by robbing and killing every one on the vessels as they come aboard! full of bloody and brutal stabbings, swordfights, machine gun shootings, kung-fu battles, great stunts, and more! stars cynthia khan and simon yam. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

THE DAY THAT DOESN'T EXIST- very strange and weird 1995 asian film, with two stories about people dying in car wrecks. the first has a man return from the dead on his wedding night as a zombie who must prey on pregnant women for their fetuses, to keep his flesh from rotting! the second stars anthony wong, whose soul enters the body of a serial killer after both die in car wrecks at the same time! the killer's old girlfriend, who is a snuff-film watching serial killer herself, can't understand why her old partner doesn't want to kill anymore!! some gory deaths in this one! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., very good qual.

DOBERMAN COP- real violent 1977 jpn. action-crime drama, with none other than SONNY CHIBA as the title cop, on a mission against criminals while in disguise in seedy tokyo niteclubs. there's a show-stopping scene where a man's head is shot off, exploding in blood everywhere!! lots of brutal stabbings, fights, and nudity as well. uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., good pic qual.

THE OKINAWA 10-YEAR WAR- another SONNY CHIBA obscurity, this one from 1978, and here he fights the military and drug dealers in the city, eventually ending up against his war-time partner in a duel to the death. stabbings, shootings, beatings, etc. well-made. uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

TAKING MANHATTAN- violent and stylish 1991 asian gangster-action film, with chinese gangs fighting for control of the drug trade in the big apple! some pretty bloody stabbings and shootings occur, as well as some kung-fu kicks thrown in here and there for good measure. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

BLACK MAGIC WITH BUDDHA- a really weird and crazy asian horror film, dir. by and starring lo lieh. a man steals a mummy's brain, and mistakenly uses it to put a curse on someone, bringing the monstrous brain to life and causing it to commit many killings in the city!! there's a real show-stopping scene where a big chunk of a guy's brain literally bursts out of the top of his head, spraying blood and brains everywhere! unreal! uncut version, chinese w/engl. subts., very good qual.

SQUIRM-FEST- totally SICK and REVOLTING jpn. fetish-sex-shitting-pissing video, with a buck-toothed gal sitting at a table, eating a plate of spaghetti and earthworms!! she then goes to play a piano and pisses underneath it, then starts to shit, which has the fucking worms crawling in it!! not stopping there, she then crawls on the floor and eats THE WORMS MIXED IN HER OWN SHIT while a pervert gives her an enema from behind!! later on, she drinks a hideous concoction of her own piss and shit, TWO GIANT COCKROACHES, and more worms ground up in a blender, all without batting an eyelash!! the scenes of this sick bitch eating a live roach, with it's twitching head sticking out from her ugly buck-teeth, will send you racing to the nearest toilet to puke, guaranteed! one of the worst of the jpn. stuff ever shot on video!! uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., good qual. BRING YOUR BARFBAGS!!!

SQUIRMFEST #2/SEWER SICKIES-This is an ULTRA-DISGUSTING Jpn. S/M-fetish double-bill of two shot-on-video atrocities!  The first shows a man and woman eating worms, sticking fingers down their throats and vomiting all over each other, even into each other's mouths! Loving closeups show them puking on top of thier heads and faces, even on their privates, then slurping the slop up with their tongues and lips, as well as having sex(optically censored,'tho!). That's not ALL of it! Only the strongest of stomachs should watch this!! The second video has a film crew take some pretty schoolgirls into the sewers to shoot a fetish video, with worms put on their faces and backs, as well as enema expulsions into the face of one fat, ugly guy with them!! No one should eat while watching this sick and repulsive doube-feature!! Uncut, in Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

TARKAN:ALTIN MADALYON(TARKAN:THE GOLD MEDALLION)- really violent and cheezy 70's turkish medieval swordfight-action-horror film, about tarkan, a low-budget version of a viking conan, trying to retrieve a golden medallion from a sadistic, depraved ruler who gorily sacrifices women tied to stakes and drains their blood to bring a blond-haired sorceress back to life. very bloody swordfights, imaplements, much nudity, and blood-spattering scenes. definitely worth checking out! uncut, turkish w/NO subts., good qual.

WOHY BHAYAANAK RAAT- another wonderfully weird and bizarre india horror film, with the traditional very ugly monster!! a suave vampire goes to local discos to pick up his victims. once he gets them home, he turns into a lumpy-faced fiend who sucks the blood from them!! he also violently rapes a girl before killing her. what must be one of the screen's ugliest vampires!! dir. by vinod talwar. uncut, india lng. w/NO subts., good qual.

HE LIVES BY NIGHT- rare and violent 1982 asian action-slasher film, with the usual touches of crazy asian humor in spots. a cross-dressing transvestite psycho on the loose bloodily stabs women to death and chokes them with his/her white nylon stockings, and a lady talk-show host tries to taunt the killer out in the open, and help the police catch the maniac before she's killed as well. a bloody shower-stabbing scene, gory shootouts, nudity, etc. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., good qual.

MAN WHO SAVED THE WORLD- believe it or not, this is a TURKISH version of STAR WARS!! vwery weird and wild action-sci-fi flick, full of furious kung-fu fights, monstrous alien creatures, very cheezy special effects, and actual out-take footage used from the original STAR WARS , as well as other old american fantasy-horror films!! unlike the original tho, this is TWICE as fun, with more violence, and a very trashy "junk-film"feel to it, that makes this great for parties!! uncut, turkish w/NO subts., fair qual, but very rare!!

THE IMP(1996 VERSION)- new and very violent hong kong "category 3" sex and violence flick, dir. by ivan lai. a film crew goes into the country to shoot an action-sex film, and are slowly attacked and gorily killed by a deranged brother and sister, who either slash the victims to death or tie them up and have sex with them, then hack them to bits playing doctor!! the brother is also a transvestite, who has incestuous sex with his sister, but loves to tie up and rape other women! tons of softcore sex, nude asian women, graphic stabbings, etc. uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE 1981 ASIAN FILM OF THE SAME TITLE!

BLOOD AND ECSTASY- very strange and violent 1995 jpn. erotic-horror flick, about a woman who drinks men's blood after having some wild, bondage-filled sex with them. uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

JOYS OF TORTURE 2:OXEN SPLIT-TORTURING- vile and hideously grisly 1970 japanese torture-s/m-sleaze film. women in the 16th. century are being tortured and killed for religious beliefs and the sick pleasures of a cruel emperor, who makes CALIGULA look like BILLY GRAHAM!! people are boiled alive, burned, castrated, cut in two, beheaded, ripped apart by bulls, babies aborted by being ripped out of the womb, women cooked alive on spits, etc. one of the meanest, bloodiest films ever!! uncut version, jpn. w/engl. subts., o.k.-good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

HUNGRY SNAKE WOMAN- gory and wild 1982 indonesian horror film, about a snake woman living in the jungle, promising fame and fortune to men who'll kill for her. a man agrees to kill 3 women, drink their blood and eat their breasts for her, in exchange for power. way over-the-top, with face-meltings, stabbings, cannibalism, kung-fu fights, and a monster bursting from a man's chest!! uncut, ltxd., in engl., very good qual.

SEX LIFE OF 4 BEAUTIFUL WITCHES- super-bizarre 80's XXX chinese porn-horror film, with witch-girls who trick men into having sex with them, then kill them. lots of sex, rape, bondage, vampire attacks, gory murders, etc. uncut, chinese w/NO subts., good qual.

8 TOMBSTONE VILLAGE- weird 1996 jpn. film, about a village where in the past 8 samurai warriors were defeated by a king and fled there to seek refuge. they were then gorily killed and as they were dying, the samurai's put a curse on that village and years later, strange murders begin. tons of gore, with heads cut off, stabbings, impalements, blood spurting in the air, etc. uncut, jpn. w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

THE BIG BULLET- very bloody 1996 asian action-shoot 'em-up flick, with some intensely gory scenes of mayhem! hands get blown off in graphic detail, some very splattery shootings to the head and back, and the usual non-stop action sequences that make these flicks so great! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., very good qual.

BALAWIS- very weird and obscure 1996 phillipine monster flick, about a creature that's part reptile, part dinosaur killing off anyone who comes near it and the hidden treasure in a cave. some explicit gore is shown, incl. heads ripped off, arms and legs torn out, impalings, monster attacks, etc. fun stuff! uncut, filipino lng. w/some english spoken, but NO subts., very good qual.

BANGIS- this is actually a 1995 phillipine remake of the film PREDATOR! it even has a filipino guy made up to look like jesse ventura in it!! the special effects aren't as good as the hollywood film, but it's still good, cheezy fun anyhow! some decent gory deaths and lots of fight scenes make this one to check out!! uncut, in filipino lng. w/some brief engl. spoken, but NO subts., very good qual.

SEYTAN- really wild turkish version of THE EXORCIST! it's virtually a scene-for-scene remake of the original, with the usual head-turnings, vomiting, cursing(in turkish!), nudity, etc. a real rarity! uncut, in tukish w/NO subts., only fair pic qual.

THE JOYS OF TORTURE 1: THE SHOGUN'S JOY OF TORTURE- vile and sadistic 1968 japanese s/m-torture flick, dir. by teruo iishi. this film takes place in 16th century japan, when cruel and violent swordfighting warlords controlled that country. the emphasis here is on women being tortured and killed, with gruesome scenes of decapitation, beatings, deranged lesbian nuns putting girls in large baths full of slimy, writhing eels and snakes, crucifixions, burnings, legs torn off, etc. great stuff!! uncut, jpn. w/engl. subts., good qual.

THE YAKUZA'S TORTURE HISTORY:LYNCHING!- incredible, ultra-bloody 1969 jpn. yakuza torture-gore-action film, with some of the most vicious, hideous, blood-soaked deaths ever put on film!! this one takes place in three parts, first the ancient 16th-century yakuza rule, then the early 20's era, and finally in modern-day japan, with brutal yakuza gangsters executing and torturing any wayward members. these guy's do MUCH more than just CUT OFF FINGERS!! mind-bending, gruesome scenes of faces burned off, eyes sliced out, men crushed alive in cars, a guy lynched and beaten by being suspended in mid-air by an airplane, then dropped to his death, ears cut off, mutilations, very bloody sword-deaths, guy's dragged to death in back of cars, etc., etc. UN-FUCKING REAL!! uncut, jpn. w/engl. subts., good qual. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

FEMALE MARKET(IMPRISONMENT)- another sick and sadistic jpn. s/m-sadism-torture flick, this one dealing with white slavers who kidnap beautiful, lonely japanese women to sell to people around the world. very brutal beating and rape scenes, whippings, an escape attempt where a guy has his dick bit off, burnings, shootings, etc. uncut, jpn. w/engl. subts., good qual.

IMPAKTITA- weird and wild 80's phillipine monster flick, about an ugly, winged creature that looks like a cross between a bat and a werewolf, attacking and killing local villagers, and ripping out their throats. the monster possesses a newborn baby, who is adopted after the parents are killed, and when older, turns into a female were-bat thing! some cool , cheezy shape-shifting scenes!! uncut, in filipino lng. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

INTRUDER(ASIAN)- very violent and brutal 1996 chinese "category 3" thriller, about a crazy female serial killer who steals a woman's identity after viciously stabbing her to death. she then holds a man hostage, torturing and beating him, killing his dog and his relatives who come over, then finally she gets ahold of her totally crazy serial-killer boyfriend, who wants to replace his two artificial arms with that of her male hostage!! ultra-gory scene shows the guy tied to a table, and both his arms are hacked off with a machete in bloody detail! wild stuff! uncut, chinese w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., very good qual.

SADISTIC TERROR OF DISEASED MINDS- brutal, sick, and disgusting 1982 "NIKKATSU" s/m-rape-torture film, about a yakuza boss's daughter being kidnapped by a group of depraved criminals trying to extort money from him, and in the meantime, tie up and torture his daughter by giving her enemas, raping her, burning her with candle wax on her pubic region, etc. the shit-squirting enema scene, with the grinning young girl holding the pan while the excretions shoot all over the place, will send most people gagging out of the room!! uncut, jpn. w/NO subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

I WANT TO GET EVEN!- violent and bizarre 1985 indonesian action-revenge film, about a woman brutally raped by a drug gang, and it's ugly bald-headed leader. her psycho karate boyfriend finds out, and sets off to avenge her rape, and forces her to abort the child. a gruesome abortion operation is graphically shown, with the dead fetus placed on a table in full bloody view of the camera!! towards the end, one of the gang members is blown to bits! real wild! stars eva arnaz as the female avenger. uncut, in engl., good qual.

DEADLY DARLING(REVENGE FOR A RAPE, LADY AVENGER)- uncut, english-lng. version of the violent 1985 joseph lai-produced hong kong rape-revenge film, which features a close-up of a rapist scum being gorily impaled on a meathook! they don't make 'em THIS way anymore!! excell. qual.

THERE'S A SECRET IN MY SOUP-very VIOLENT 2000 H.K. Category 3 horror-sleaze film, very similar to such films as UNTOLD STORY, etc.! A woman owes a sleazy pimp money for not hooking for him, so he has his demented friends torture and beat her, and they accidentally end up killing her. They try to figure out a way to get rid of the body, and ecide to carve up the corpse and put the flesh into this FISH-HEAD SOUP this guy makes and sells! Graphic scenes of body-sawing, blood-spurting, and limb removal, as well as vicious scenes of torture, women getting pissed on, forced to eat SHIT(!), etc. Ltbx'd. print in Chinese w/Engl. subts., very good qual.

THE TERRORISTS-VERY OBSCURE 80's Indonesian action flick, with Barry Prima as an anti-terrorist soldier-expert going up against a maniacal group of terrorist-mercenaries who're holding a hospital and it's patients and nurses hostage. VERY VIOLENT, with lots of gory shootings, people set on fire and falling off of buildings, stabbings, beatings, explosions, etc. UNCUT, in Engl., o.k.-good qual. CHECK IT OUT!!(BA)

BRUTAL SORCERY-VERY RARE 1981 Chinese demonic possession flick, about a taxi driver put under a curse by a couple who are actually wandering ghosts! He starts to act strangely, incl. eating raw fish while they're still alive, not being able to perform good sexually, etc

. Eventually, his stomach swells up enormously and his voice changes to hysterical laughs, and the exorcist is called in!! Some wild black magic battles between two sorcerers is shown, also worms and eels come out of bodies, stabbings, wierd rituals, nudity, etc. CRAZY STUFF! UNCUT print dubbed in ENGL., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

BLOOD SORCERY-More wild and gruesome Asian possession and black magic action, this one from 1985, about a man who comes back from war with a terrible curse put on him that causes his leg to bleed uncontrollably in public, and also makes him eat plates of worms and bugs instead

of food! Of course, another wild exorcist guy is called on to help him! Some real bloody scenes of bodies burning and covered with eels, worms, and snakes, gory deaths, crazy rituals, etc. FUN STUFF! UNCUT, in Chinese w/Engl. subts., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

LEWD LIZARD-VERY OFF-THE-WALL and bizaare 1980 Chinese sleazy horror-sexploitation similar to the film KILLER SNAKES, about a mentally unbalanced dude(played by Norman Chu) who steals women's underwear so he can experiment with them using small lizards and worms, as well as snakes, then carries the worms and lizards around in a bottle with him and seduces women into going with him to his place. Once there, he waits till they're in bed , then opens up the bottle and throws the worms down between their legs and into their underwear and private parts, cxausing the worms to up them and drive the women insane with orgasms, and then finally killing them with their deadly poisons!! This flick has to be SEEN to be believed!! UNCUT print, in Chinese w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

DEEP THROAT IN TOKYO-Bizaare and wild 1975 Japanese NIKKATSU-type flick, about a sick-o impotent guy who marries his wife and can't get it up for her, so she wants to divorce him and instead, is brutally raped and tied up by his deranged FATHER who forces her to submit to him and give him blowjobs while being beaten and tied up, etc.! She tries to escape and bites ol'papa on his PENIS, which infuriates him even MORE, and he then drugs her and has a sick OPERATION performed on her which has her CLITORIS transplanted and attached inside her THROAT!!! The flick ends in violent mayhem and madness and is a must-see for sick film-lovers!! UNCUT version in German only w/No subts., lbx'd., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!

GIRLS OF KAMARE-This is actually scenes and portions of TWO Japanese violent "women's prison"-type films made in the 70's edited together, and (unfortunately) inanely STUPID French and Engl. subtitles added which tries to make the film's women protagonists into Communist-type "revolutionaries" spouting idiotic intellectual dialogue over the violent action and torture scenes(kinda like a "smart" Frenchman's version of MST3K or something!), and also some brief XXX porno scenes inserted that are UNCENSORED, as they were added by the French producers to spice this thing up a bit!! It does start out with some chillingly BRUTAL and GORY "lightbulb torture and tit-cutting" scenes and a crazy Samurai woman slashing men to death with her sword as the credits come up!! Lots of nudity, S/M. catfights, torture, etc., which can be thoroughly enjoyed by just IGNORING the subs and NOT reading what the smartass Frenchmen put in place of the REAL dialogue of the original film(s), etc.!! UNCUT w/XXX inserts and in Jpn. with(terrible!) Engl. subs, good qual. STILL RECOMMENDED!!

ARANDIA:THE LIPA MASSACRE-SUPER-RARE 1994 Phillipine slasher-drama based on a completely TRUE story that happened there! A woman left alone with her children in Manilla while her husband works overseas is brutally killed and stabbed to death by a maniacal, crazed loner fixated on her who follows her, hides in her house, etc. Actual police photos of the gory massacre are shown(she was stabbed over 50 times, along with her two kids!!), and there's brief footage of the real father praying at a cemetery included as well. Well-made! UNCUT, in Tagalog w/NO subts.(some breif english is spoken here and there), good qual.

TABI TABI PO-Weird 1996 Phillipine horror-fantasy film with three stories of evil and the occult, involving vampire-women, midgets, werewolves, etc. Some stabbings, vampire attacks, etc. UNCUT, in Tagalog w/NO subts., good qual. Fun stuff!

LEGAL INNOCENCE-UNCUT version of this brutal 1993 Chinese film, also based on a true story. A cruel guy manipulates women and uses them for his own evil purposes, incl. helping them commit murder and forcing them to take the blame, etc. Anthony Wong plays a cop who testifies against him in court and tries to get him the death penalty. This includes the gruesome scenes of the girl waking up in the tub after acid is thrown on her, and the notorious "puppy-cooking" scsne is intact as well! In Chn. w/Engl. subts., good-very good qual.


SOUTH SEAS MASSACRE-Bloody and seedy 1976 Phillipine action-adventure flick, with Troy Donohue, and Eddie Garcia as a wicked pirate leader who takes over a small island with his thugs where Donohue and a black man have been shipwrecked at due to the pirates' destroying and taking over the boat they were on. The pirates enslave the natives, rape and brutalize their women, and force the white man to whip his black friend and another native, until the islanders finally rebel and get a bloody revenge! Heads cut off with machetes, stabbings, a woman is raped after she's knocked out by Garcia, knives in throats, shootings, fistfights, etc. UNCUT print in ENGL., good qual. RECOMMENDED!


have a GREAT-looking upgrade of this extremely VIOLENT and SICK 1969 Jpn. S/M-gore-torture classic, and it's still of course UNCUT and LBX'D., and comes with 4 different trailers for other bizaare and crazy Jpn. torture/sadism flicks, made by the world's SICKEST director, Teruo Iishi!! Tape is in Jpn w/Engl. subts., excell. qual. Definitely one of the most BRUTAL and VIOLENT films EVER made!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

MAULA JUT-VERY BRUTAL, long, and CRAZY 1979 Pakistani action-martial arts film, which, like the films made in India, has several singing and "musical" spots, mixed in with plenty of BLOODY killings, stick-fights, battles, etc.!! This EPIC film made in the land of the Taliban stars Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qureshi, and runs around 2 HRS., 35 MNS.!! Don't let that stop you, 'tho, as there's some GREAT GORY fight sequences in this that are well worth it!! Legs get chopped off, impalings, stabbings, brutal beatings by Punjabi jailers, and an OVER-THE-TOP scene where the lead fighter MaulaJut uses a long stick with a meatcleaver-type blade attached to it to DISEMBOWELL his opponents, whose GUTS come FLYING out of their stomachs when hit with the blade, looking like long strands of SPAGHETTI!! Uncut version, in Pakistani Lng. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. from foreign VCD. RECOMMENDED!!

PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS-REAL WEIRD and UNCUT print of 1974 Jpn. horror-sci-fi-end-of-world-type flick, that shows what everyone THOUGHT would happen in 1999 or sooner, like mass destruction, horrible deformed creatures born as a result of radiation and polluted air and water, giant monster slugs, flying vampire bats, cannibal leper attacks, diseases, etc.! You'll recognize some of the International cast from some of the Sonny Chiba movies!! VERY RARE ENGL. print with ALL footage missing from other versions out there, in good qual. RECOMMENDED!

DON'T PLAY WITH FIRE-SUPER-RARE UNCUT print in ENGL. of this GREAT 1980 H.K. action-thriller, dir. by Tsui Hark, and starring Lo Lieh and Ti Lung! Any film that srarts out with a TWISTED YOUNG GIRL sticking a PIN through a small MOUSE'S HEAD while it's alive has GOT to be one ROUGH RIDE!! That same girl goes on a crime spree, with 3 dumwitted young fellows as her accomplices, causing a violent war between the police, the Triads, and the mob!! VERY BLOODY scenes of impalements, head shots, skulls split open, one guy has his mouth SEWED SHUT after being savagely beaten, stabbings, tortures, etc.! Bruce Baron also stars as a rough mob enforcer-hitman who fights with Lo Lieh and causes his daughter's head-impaling death! UNCUT in ENGL. w/German subtitles(runs MUCH LONGER than the censored UK print!), good qual. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

PRISON REVOLT-VERY RARE 1974 Japanese S/M-softcore sex-women's prison film, about a woman who's placed in the big doll house after slaughtering her boyfriend and his bondage rope-tying, tatooed hooker girlfriend with a sword. Things get pretty hairy from there, so to speak!!

Rapes, tortures, beatings, a sadistic, geeky-looking guard who likes to use an electrical DILDO with HIGH-VOLTAGE on the female prisoners, lesbians, shower scenes, etc.! COOL! Uncut print, dubbed in GERMAN w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

CRIMSON PEACOCK-Weird and pretty VIOLENT 1995 Jpn. erotic S/M-Yakuza swordfight film, with a masked rapist/Yakuza swordsman brutally beating the SHIT out of women he rapes and abuses, as well as KILLING them! There's strange and BRUTAL S/M tortures and candle burnings here, too! Plenty of NUDITY, too, although being a Japanese flick, there's of course no pubic hair or full-frontal nudity shown. UNCUT, Jpn. w/NO subts., very good qual.(BA)

DARNA RETURNS-Wild and bizarre 1994 Phillipine fantasy-horror film, with a woman who turns into their version of WONDER WOMAN complete with flying-in-the-air, cape, outfit, etc., to fight an evil snake-wroshipping cult from taking over Manilla! COOL transformation and shape-shifting scenes, some violence, etc. UNCUT, in Tagalog w/NO subts., good qual.

DEAD BABY-DOLL-Weird and gory Jpn. horror, with some bloody deaths and nudity, etc. A strange old hag with a messed-up doll she carries around with her is the key to many weird goings-on. Uncut print, Jpn. w/No subts., good qual.

BUTTERFLY LABYRINTH, PARTS 1 AND 2-major GROSS-OUT Jpn. fetish-gore-sex stuff shot on video, with revolting experiments and endurance tests incl. piles of animal entrails thrown on naked females, nose-pulling, eyeball-licking(!!), chainsaw mutilations, etc.! Come prepared!! Uncut, in Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

EROTIC SLAUGHTER-Rare and obscure 2000 Jpn. sex-horror by cult dir. Gaira, who did ENTRAILS OF A VIRGIN, among others. Plenty of crazy, gory, weird, and strange shit goes on here! Uncut, in Jpn. w/No subts., good qual.

SUBWAY SERIAL RAPE:LOVER HUNTING-Violent and well-made 90's Jpn. NIKKATSU-styled film, about a woman raped and brutalized in a Tokyo subway train by a gang of thugs, who is encouraged by a talk-show host to come forward to prosecute her attackers. The reporter goes undercover herself to find the raping gang, and gets more than she bargained for from them and

her sleazy show's producer! Neat twist-ending! Uncut, in Jpn. w/Eng. subts., good qual.

BEASTS 2003-New version made in 2003 based on the 1984 graphically violent H.K. cat. 3 film BEASTS AND THE BLOODY TERROR. A couple and their friends are attacked by deranged inbreds in the woods and are tortured, raped, and murdered, until one decides to fight back! Not nearly as good as the 80's one, but worth checkin' out anyway's! Uncut, Chn. w/Eng. subts, good qual.

DON'T KILL ME, BROTHER!-Tough-to-find 1989 H.K. action-crime flick, starring Alan Tang as a boat refugee seeking shelter with his rich snob relatives, who tell him to go rot in hell and don't help him worth shit! He ends up becoming involved in criminal activity later on, and he gets to pay them back allright! Bloody shootings, stabbings, fights, car chases, etc. Uncut, in Chn. w/Engl. subts., good qual.

PROFILE IN ANGER(FIGHT SPIRIT OF HERO)-Great and SUPER-BLOODY 90's H.K. cat. 3 action-revenge flick, starring Leung Kar Yan(BEARDIE to his fans!!). Leung goes on a rampage of revenge after his family is viciously murdered by a drug gang, usingkung-fu, guns, and power

tools! You get bloody drill-killings, stabbings, burnings, torture, sword slashings, beatings, and MORE! This movie friggin' ROCKS and is a MUST-SEE!! Uncut version in Chn. w/Engl. subts., good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


ASIAN TRAILERS-Action-packed tape with lots of cool coming attractions for mostly current Jpn. and H.K. action-sci-fi-horror flicks! Definitely worth checking out! Qual. is good-very good.

SHOGUN'S JOY OF TORTURE-UPGRADE!-Now a GREAT-looking print of the 1969 Jpn. S/M-torture masterpiece by Teruo Iishi, from a foreign DVD and also comes with the trailer and has Engl. subts. Jaw-dropping brutality and gore! Uncut print, excell. qual. REC'D.!(BA)


VIOLENT STREET-Bloody and brutal 1974 Jpn. Yakuza-crime film, where you'll recognize a few of the stars from roles in Sonny Chiba's action flicks! One guy has beer bottles repeatedly smashed on the back of his head, blood splatting everywhere!! Gory, blood-soaked swordfights, shootings, beatings, nudity, stabbings galore, karate fights, etc. This ROCKS and is a MUST-SEE!! Uncut print, Jpn. w/No subts., very good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


DAZE RAPER-Rare 1995 H.K. cat. #3 sexploitation film based on a true incident, about a sick guy who likes to spike women's drinks with a drug that leaves them helpless, as he and his weirdo buddy molest and rape them! Cheezy and sleazy! Uncut, Chn. w/Engl. subts., ok-good qual

DUMPLINGS-New and GRAPHIC 2004 Chinese film about a woman who uses human fetuses to make her dumplings with to sell to rich customers! Gory closeups of her cutting up a babie's fetus to put in the dumplings may change your Oriental diets for good! Uncut, in Chn. w/Engl. subts., very good qual.

RAPE STORY-Obscure 2003 Chinese softcore sex sleaze, with plenty of nudity and sexual situations(for those who love to check out naked Asian girls!). Uncut, Chn. w/NO subts., good qual.

WATER MARGIN HEROE'S SEX STORIES-Well-made and bizarre 1998 Chinese sexploitation made up of several stories, one of which involves gory mutilation and death! Pretty unique stuff here! Uncut, in Chn. w/Eng. subts., good qual.

ECCENTRIC PSYCHO CINEMA, VOL. #1-In the tradition of sick Jpn. video's like GUINEA PIG and NIKKATSU-rape and S/M films comes this ULTRA-DEPRAVED new series from 2001 featuring women being chained up, beaten, and then SEXUALLY

MUTILATED by a crazed male psychopath! The female's CLITORIS is then KEPT as a souvenir! Yes, it's carved out and removed with a huge knife in graphic detail! It's then put in a jar to be preserved next to the other one's he's kept! Gross, bloody, and sick as hell, this is one Jpn. video you won't soon forget! Uncut, in Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

ECCENTRIC PSYCHO CINEMA, VOL. #2-Even MORE from this shocking and gross series from Japan! The same psycho goes about finding more women victims(and vaginas!) to add to his rising collection! He chains them up, tortures them, whips them, then does his thing!! He even violates this woman with a wine bottle! Surprisingly, there's a minimal of optical censoring on these video's, and you can see right thru what is there, so it's not a problem! Uncut, Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual

ECCENTRIC PSYCHO CINEMA, VOL. #3-Yet ANOTHER in this grotesque Jpn. S/M-torture series, this time we have a different guy psycho torturing a kidnapped airline stewardess(this dude's a real NUT, too!), in various sadistic and vile ways. He even uses a toy airplane to torment her with! He finally takes a box-cutter and rams it full-force between her legs, blood spraying her chest and stomach in a sickeningly bloody scene!! You then get to see the geek holding the cut-off vagina in his hands in gory detail! NEED I SAY MORE?! Uncut, Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual. Of course for all you sick-o's out there, all 3 of these come RECOMMENDED!!

SUNDEL BOLONG- Very rare Indonesian horror, with Suzzanna and Barry Prima! A spirit of a woman returns to haunt her lover in graphic fashion! Some cool deaths and a weird atmosphere make this worth checkin' out! Uncut, in Indonesian only, NO subts., good qual.

VIRGIN COMMANDOS-MEGA-RARE 1986 Thailand women's prison-action flick, about a group of women escaping from a brutal slave-labor camp and becoming trained assassins out to get a fortune in gold guarded by sadistic Communist officers. Beatings, fingernail torture, heads roll(so do arms, legs, etc.!), impalings on booby traps, bloody shootings, machete slashings, kung-fu fights, nudity, and MORE! Wild stuff!! UNCUT print IN ENGLISH, good-very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

LADY EXTERMINATOR(I WANT TO GET EVEN!-LBX. UPGRADE!)-Here is a very good quality, letterboxed AND in ENGLISH upgrade of this GREAT 1983 Indonesian gory action-sleaze epic! Looks MUCH better than the previous print, and is well worth checking out! Of course, it's still UNCUT, too, with all the gory stabbings, explosions, the hideous aborted fetus on the operating table scene, beatings, rapes, tortures, etc.!! RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

KILLING OF SATAN-Wild and bizarre 1980 Phillipine horror-fantasy film, starring George Estregan, dir. by Efron C. Pinon. A man fights the devil himself with supernatural powers he recieves from above, in order to rescue his daughter from becoming satan's bride! Men turn into snakes, an old man is flattened by a huge boulder falling on him, then revealing his split-open body and intestines, faces get ripped off, hearts explode from chest cavities, nude women are kept in cages, etc.!! CRAZY stuff here!! UNCUT, in ENGLISH, good-very good qual. REC'D.!!

SLEEPING WITH THE ASWANG-VERY OBSCURE 1994 Phillipine horror-action film, dealing with the evil Aswang vampire-creatures of Phillipine legend, who suck the life from their victims! They're also LIGHTNING-FAST and pounce upon their prey in the jungles, like in one scene where an Aswang attacks a teenage boy and DISEMBOWELS him in seconds, pulling out his intestines in graphic detail!! The ending is pretty bizarre, too! Fascinating flick!! UNCUT, in Tagalog with SOME english, but NO subts., o.k.-good qual. CHECK IT OUT!!

BLIND WARRIOR-SLIGHT UPGRADE-This is an upgraded print still in ENGLISH and UNCUT of the 1987 Indonesian action-horror-fantasy film by dir. Ratno Timoer, off of a foreign DVD. The picture is BRIGHTER and NOT as fuzzy as the last version i had, but still is GRAINY in spots and is also still fullscreen. This film is SUPER-RARE, 'tho, so is well worth it!!! One of the BLOODIEST and graphic of ALL the Indonesian films, with heads chopped off, sticks impaled in mouths, bodies ripped in half, spurting blood by the gallons, etc.!! Quality still is o.k.-good at best, but you can;t go wrong here! VERY HIGHLY REC'D.!!!(BA)

GOORKUND-MEGA-WEIRD 1995 Pakistani horror film about a creepy undertaker who enjoys having sex with the dead female corpses he's supposed to bury in the graveyard! There's at least SEVERAL necrophiliac scenes in it, along with a very wild and bizaare graveyard DANCE NUMBER where he and some ghouls dance to Michael Jackson's THRILLER song!!! Insane and obscure horrors from the land of the Taliban!! UNCUT version in Pakistan Lng. w/NO subts., good pic qual.

SAR KATTA INSAAN-Another crazy and GORY flick from Talibanland, this one from 1993, where a mad doctor robs a grave and cuts off a corpse's head to transplant to another body to bring it back to life, with disastrous results, of course! The body and head come to life and go on a bloody decapitating spree, chopping off plenty of heads with a huge axe! The old head wants it's old body back, and even more mayhem ensues!! FUN STUFF! UNCUT print in Pakistani Lng. w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!! Runs over 2 1/2 HOURS!!!!

LOLITA:VIBRATOR TORTURE(SECRET GARDEN)-SICK and SUPER-RARE 1987 Jpn. Nikkatsu-style S/M-torture-sex sleaze dir. by notorious Jpn. underground filmmaker Hisayasu Sato. A deranged young psycho photographs women tied up and bound in his studio, then viciously tortures them and rapes them with a dildo-vibrator, causing them to spit out blood and choke to death, etc.! He finds a girl who wants to become his partner and join him in on the sick action! Graphic beatings, stabbings, s/m, nudity, etc. Very rough and disturbing! Uncut print in Jpn. w/NO subts., lbx;d., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!

TURTLE-VISION-Violent and bizarre 1991 Jpn. s/m sleaze also dir. by Sato, about a psychopathic female prostitute who gouges out her customers' eyes with a sharp blade after having sex with them because her own brother filmed her brutal rape on a rooftop when she was younger and traumatized her for life! It turns out her brother is STILL filming her in a bizarre plot twist that leads to a gory and tragic ending! Plenty of nudity and gory deaths!

Uncut, in Jpn. w/NO subts., lbxd., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

HORSE-DOG-WOMAN-Another ULTRA-SLEAZY and VIOLENT Jpn. film by the notorious Sato, this one involving a sadistic woman who has her male bodyguards kidnap and rape young girls in front of her at her beach house while at the same time she beats them and tortures them in other sick ways! You won't BELIEVE what she makes the "horse-dog-woman" do!! Graphic rapes and taboo sex scenes, although sadly, there IS some parts that are OPTICALLY CENSORED due to it's being from Japan. Unuct, Jpn. w/NO subts., very good qual.

KYRIE ELEISON(LIVE BUGGING REPORTS:DIRTY TALK)-yet another weird and bizaare 90's Jpn. film made by Sato, this one involving obscene phone calls and bondage, S/M, etc. Wild stuff, that's for sure!! Uncut, Jpn. w/NO subts., very good qual.

SHOKKAKU!-REALLY off-the-wall and VIOLENT, SICK 90's Jpn. GAY s/m-torture-sleaze with men being tied up, beaten and strangled, whipped, etc.! Definitely NOT for all tastes!! Uncut, Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.


RATU SAKTI KESLELAMATION-Crazy and VIOLENT 1982 Indonesian fantasy-horror-action film starring Suzzanna of SNAKE QUEEN fame and Barry Prima. Wild scenes of kung-fu fighting chicks, GORY CANNIBALISM RITUALS, stabbings, impalings, mutilations, etc.! Uncut print, in Hindu Lng. only w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!

DUKAN BERANAK-Weird 70's Indonesian horror film that seems to be a remake of NIGHT OF THE COBRA WOMAN, with a woman turning into a scaly-faced monster at the sign of the full moon. W.D. Mochtar stars. Uncut print, in Hindu Lng w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

LOVERS IN BLOOD-Bizarre and violent 1988 slasher-horror film made in INDIA, but shot in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE(!), about a woman possessed killing men after sleeping with them! Some violent stabbing scenes and even NUDITY, which is very rare in Indian-made films! Uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

REVENGE IN THE TIGER CAGE-Brutal and sleazy 1977 Taiwan-made WIP-action film featuring lots of naked women behind bars being raped, beaten, burned in the face and elsewhere with hot pokers, whippings, etc.! They decide to break out of the jail and there's hell to pay! UNCUT lbx'd. print in German w/Engl. subts., excell. qual. from a foreign DVD. Also incls. the uncut TRAILER and lobby card photos, etc. RECOMMENDED!!!

IMPAKTO-Wild and WEIRD 1995 Phillipine horror film about a monstruous DEMONIC BABY tearing his victim's throats open in an old mansion that's also a doctor's office where women have had ABORTIONS performed on them! The demon child was given birth by the old doctor's wife, who both now keep it alive by finding it fresh human victims! Bloody throat-tearings, one guy has his head torn off, which rolls on the floor, stabbings, face-meltings, and the hideous monster baby itself! VERY COOL! Uncut, in Tagalog lng. w/NO subts., good qual. HIGHLY REC'D.!!

DEADLY SILVER ANGELS- Action-packed 1983 H.K. crime-kung-fu flick, with Chia Ling and Tattooer Ma! Five tattooed kung-fu fighting women join forces to take out an evil drug smuggling gang responsible for many bloody deaths. Full of shootings, bloody stabbings, kung-fu

fights, nudity, beatings, explosions, chases, etc.! COOL! Uncut print in ENGL., good qual., and also comes with the film's TRAILER! RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

3 SUPERMEN AND MAD GIRL-Fast-paced Turkish 70's super-hero crime-action-sci-fi flick, with three super-heroes who team up with one girl to fight an evil scientist and his deadly female assistant, as well as his killer robot! One dude sits on a throne with a devil mask giving orders, and has to face the superguys as well! Some nudity, fights, etc. Uncut print, Turkish w/NO subts., o.k. pic qual.

AATANK(THE HINDU JAWS)-Bizaare and rare 1995 India-made JAWS ripoff which features quite a few bloody shark attacks! There's also the dance numbers and songs just like all the other Indian films as well, and some decent fighting action, too! In Hindu lng. w/NO subts., lbx'd., ok-good quality.

PO MA HILL MURDERS-Brutal and very violent 1993 Hong Kong Cat. 3 sex and violence flick, about a man charged in the rape-murder of an American woman and her husband and others while involved with a vicious street gang. Bloody beatings, kung-fu fights, nudity, softcore sex scenes, tits bitten off, heads split open, etc.! Rare! Uncut, in Chn. w/Engl. subts., lbx., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

MURDER FOR PLEASURE:FEMALE DETECTIVE-Gruesome and SICK 1996 Jpn. serial killer-slasher pic, about a freaky killer who loves to BITE OFF the NIPPLES and stab his victims in the VAGINA! Very graphic! Uncut, Jpn. w/Engl. subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

HUNGRY DEVIL SPIRIT-Weird and gory 1995 Jpn. horror, about a demonic spirit that possesses men's bodies and forces them to become PREGNANT(!!) and give birth through their MOUTHS to DEMON BABIES hungry for human flesh and blood!! Wild stuff! Uncut, in Jpn. w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good qual. PLEASE NOTE: the sound is distorted in the first 10 mns. or so, but afterwards, plays fine.


CENTIPEDE HORROR-Graphic and bizarre 1988 Chn. bug-possession horror, about an evil curse placed on people that causes then to vomit up TONS of worms, eels, scorpions, and centipedes! Two wizards fight each other for control of the curse in a great, gory battle! Lots of close

-ups of bug-puking and eating, bloody deaths, nudity, etc. Uncut, in Chn. w/Engl. subts., lbx., very good qual. from a foreign DVD. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


RANGJANG PEMIKAT-Weird and wild 80's Indonesian flick with snake women, evil curses placed on people, and some bizarre special effects as well. Cool! Uncut print in Hindu lng. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

KIRI-Here's yet another Asian rape-revenge flick, this one from the 80's and made in the Phillipines! George Estregan lures a naive young girl from the country to the city of Manila, where she and her sister are forced to become prostitutes and work in a brothel to earn their keep. They both escape when the cops raid the house, and then the one girl plans to get revenge on them for her humiliating rape and beating, and later for her sister's rape-beating death at the hands of the henchmen! She lures them into traps where she castrates them, shoots and stabs them, etc.! Nudity, violence, some brief XXX hardcore sex, etc. Can't go wrong here, either!! Uncut print, in Tagalog w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!


NAKED ROSE(NAKED IN THE DARK, HUBO:SA DILIM......)-Completely obscure 80'sPhillipine erotic violence/sleaze flick, about a mentally disturbed man in a lady psychiatrist's office telling of his sexual perversions and weaknesses due to his mother being a whore when he was a child, and him accidentally walking in on her having group sex with men and with his father, etc. He meets the beautiful Chanda Romero, who reminds him of his mother and he obsesses about her while taking photos, etc. His sexual obsessions finally lead to madness and murder, when he kills one girl with a sword by sticking the blade into her vagina in a graphically bloody scene! Plenty of softcore sex, some bloody violence and very disturbing, taboo-breaking footage make this a must for fans of Asian obscurities! Uncut print, dubbed in ITALIAN w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!
MAGIC CURSE-ENGL.-DUBBED UPGRADE!-This is the RARE ENGLISH print of the 1977 Chinese horror-kung-fu-black magic pic starring Jason Pai Pao. A real WILD ride here, with cannibal lepers, a crazy witch doctor, human sacrifices, evil spells, women turning into green-faced vampires and biting their lover's dicks off, kung-fu fights, etc.! Good qual. RECOMMENDED

PHANTOM SOLDIERS-GREAT and SUPER-VIOLENT 1987 Asian-filmed war-action flick, starring Max Thayer of NO DEAD HEROES and THE RETRIEVERS fame!! A deadly group of "phantom soldiers" are killing off American military men in order to hide a crooked operation overseas, and Thayer goes over to investigate and bring the killers of his men to justice! Bloody shootings, stabbings, bodies blown up, village massacres, impalings, etc. This movie friggin' ROCKS, period!!! Uncut, in Engl., very good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

AATANK HI AATANK-Not to be confused with AATANK:THE HINDU JAWS, this is a DIFFERENT 1995 India-made action flick, with plenty of bloody shootouts, some stabbings, carchases, explosions, and it even has a Hindu RAP song tht's sung by the film's gangsters!! Action lovers will certainly enjoy this one! Uncut, Hindu lng. w/No subts., o.k.-good qual.

FORTRESS IN THE SUN-Brutal and violent 1978 Phillipine action, with Nancy Kwan and Eddie Garcia. The story is pretty much the same as VALLEY OF THE DOOMED, with poor peasant workers imprisoned in a slave plantation and tortured, beaten, etc. Kwan is the plantation owner's daughter, who rebels against her father's cruel ways, and helps the people escape in the violent showdown! Bloody stabbings, a machete disembowelment, rapes, shootings, burnings, nudity, etc. Uncut print in Engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

JAGUAR FORCE THUNDERBOLT-Wild and bloody 1982 Joseph Lai-produced actioner with a gory throat-slashing, kung-fu fights, beatings, stabbings, etc.! Can't go wrong here! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

PINK FORCE WARRIORS-Super-violent 1985 flick, starring Wong Tao and an army of female kung-fu fighters sent out to fight the Communists in a bloody war! This starts out with some VERY GORY footage of guys with their arms blown off, faces burned up, and one guy who appears to be holding his LIVER in his hands while screaming! Whew! Uncut print in Engl., very good qual.(BA)

BALD-HEADED BETTY-Here it is, one of the RAREST of the Asian films! Made in 1975, this film shows a young female refugee in Hong Kong forced into prostitution at the hands of a gang

of sadistic criminals, who take turns raping her first to break her in! To punish her, they shave off all her hair, hence the BALD BETTY name, and make her wear wigs when she goes with her clients! One schizo young man working for the thugs decides to save her by slashing them to death with a straight razor in a gory scene! Some kung-fu fights, nudity, stabbings, beatings, tortures, and more! Fun stuff here! Uncut print, in Chn. w/No subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

CROCODILE MEN-Weird and wild 80's Asian flick, about men turning into crocodiles and vice-versa! Some nudity, kung-fu fights, and a LOT of weirdly-dressed Chinese folks dancing, talking, singing, etc.! Bizarre to say the least! Uncut, in Chn. w/Engl. subts., good qual.

REVANACHIST-Violent and action-packed early 90's H.K. category 3 crime-gangster drama, with a young immigrant taking on a mean crime boss after the death of his brother. Bloody beatings, kung-fu fights, stabbings, shootings, softcore sex and nudity, etc. Uncut, in Chn. w/Engl. subts., lbxd., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

DUKUN LINTAH(LEECH LIZARD)-Gruesome and wild 1979 Indonesian horror flick, which is actually a remake of the 1975 David Cronenberg film SHIVERS(THEY CAME FROM WITHIN)!! A crazy old witch doctor guy casts a hideous spell on a village, causing leeches, worms, centipedes, etc., to invade their bodies and turn them into horny, sex-obsessed zombies! Tons of blood and gore, leeches crawling out of stomachs, eyeballs, and mouths, black magic rituals, etc. VERY COOL! Uncut print in Malay lng. w/NO subts., good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

MISTERI JANDA KEMBANG-Gory 1991 Indonesian horror, about a woman who was raped, beaten, and killed getting her just revenge from beyond the grave. Heads roll, hearts get ripped out, stabbings, rapes, etc. GREAT STUFF! Uncut, in Malay lng., NO subts., good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

DUKUN LLMU HITAM(BLACK MAGIC SORCERER)-Bizaare and violent 80’s Indonesian horror film, with a guy turning into a werewolf/vampire combination and terrorizing villagers, along with an evil snake woman/sorceress helping him with his evil deeds. Wild flick! Uncut, in Malay lng. w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

BANGKIT DARI KUBUR(WAKE FROM THE GRAVE)-Bizarre and crazy early 80’s Indonesian

horror-action, with a ghoulish vampire returning from the crypt via a voodoo spell to get revenge on a gang of thugs for killing a woman’s family. There’s some other wild creatures that attack people too, incl. a long-necked zombie-thing that looks like something out of REANIMATOR! Heads roll, impalings galore, stabbings, etc. In Malay lng. w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

DENDAM JUMAT KLIWON-More bizaare Indonesian horror, this from the 80’s, and with plenty of weird black magic rituals, bloody deaths, and supernatural craziness! In Malay lng. w/NO subts., good qual.

SATAN’S BED-Violent 1989 Indonesian horror-this one is a remake of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET! Instead of Freddy Krueger, the demon is a FEMALE who kills men in their dreams! Some gory deaths. Uncut, in French w/NO subts., good qual.

DEVIL’S WOMAN-Super-violent and action-packed 1996 Hong Kong cat. 3 supernatural horror, with a woman getting a curse put on her in order to become famous in making films.

One unreal scene shows a pregnant woman held hostage by a crazed gunman who, when he doesn’t get his demands met, shoots the girl through the BACK in close-range, causing her FETUS to come TEARING THROUGH her in the front and go flying across the room in blood-splattered closeup!! Uncut print, in Chn. w/Engl. subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

CURSE-More Hong Kong cat. 3 madness, this one from 1985 and with killer ghosts, wild black magic spells and rituals, bloody deaths, possessions, etc. Uncut, in Chn. w/Engl. subts, good qual.

JOE PRING, HOMICIDE DETECTIVE, MANILA POLICE-Sleazy and BLOODY 1989 Phillipine action-crime flick, with a tough cop hot on the trail of some raping, murdering scumbags whom he’s determined to bring to justice, dead or alive! Gory head-shots, stabbings, fights, brutal rapes, beatings, car chases, etc. Fun flick! In Tagalog lng. w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!


DEVIL OF RAPE-Strange 1992 Chinese softcore sex-horror-comedy-action, with lots of nudity and great-lookin' asian babes!! A real oddity, that's for sure! Uncut, Chn. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.(BA)

NYI AGENG RATU PEMIKAT-Gory and wild 80's Indonesian horror, starring Suzzanna as another one of those evil snake princesses, wreaking havoc on the living! You get snakes, exploding stomachs, and a sick "abortion by bed post" scene, so you know you HAVE to check this one out! Uncut, in Malaysian w/NO subts., good qual.(BA)

PUSAKA PENYEBAR MAUT-Another wild 80's Indonesian flick with Suzzanna! A young woman is executed as a witch, but her spirit lives on for revenge! Fast-paced and very violent, with stabbings, impalings, ugly monsters, kung-fu fights, sword battles, etc. In Malay w/NO subts., good qual.(BA)

SANGKURIANG-Yet MORE great Indonesian madness starring Suzzanna, also starring Clift Sangra. Very violent adaptation of a famous Indonesian folk legend, with a young boy who accidentally kills a wizard disguised as a dog! Great blood-spraying scenes, intestines come

rolling out, and there's even some head-chopping, spinning umbrellas!!! How could you go wrong?! Uncut, in Malay w/NO subts., good qual.(BA)

ANGEL OF FIRE(FIGHTING DUEL OF DEATH)-Violent and action-packed 1984 Chinese flick, with an abused woman taking revenge on the evil gangsters responsible for her boyfriend's death. You get swordfights, bow and arrow impalings, nudity, beatings, rape, and a guy cutting off his tatoo out of his flesh with a knife in graphic closeup! Cool! Uncut import print in Engl., good qual.

BIGGEST FIST-Fun and fight-filled crime-action from Turkey, with Cuneyt Arkin as a crime-fighting one-man army taking on a vicious mafia syndicate! Lots of bone-breaking, punches, kicks, some nudity, stabbings, car crashes, explosions, etc. Great party tape! Uncut, in Tukish w/NO subts., good qual.(BA)

REVENGE OF THE GRAVE-Believe it or not, this is a Turkish 70's remake of....(get ready!) the American film DARKER THAN AMBER!! Yup, they remade the classic William Smith/Rod Taylor fightfest scene-for-scene with their own Turk actors, including a dyed-blond Smith look-a-like! Plenty of violence, gory beatings, stabbings, nudity, and even some Turkish singing in a bar! An extremely rare find for sure! Uncut, in Turkish w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

SNAKE MONSTERS-Mega-obscure Chinese sex-horror from the 80's, with snakes turning into men/women and vice versa! Softcore sex footage, nudity, crazy old wizards battling each other, hundreds of slimy snakes crawling over naked women, a woman gives birth to tons of small snakes slithering between her legs, some weird mondo-type scenes with a Gila Monster and a huge snake battling it out, etc.! COOL flick! Uncut, in Chn. w/Engl. subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

SOLDIER WARRIORS-Rare and action-packed 80's Thai-Hong Kong war film produced by Joseph Lai and with many of the same cast as RAIDERS OF THE DOOMED KINGDOM! A team of army assassins goes into the jungle hunting down communists("reds", as they call them!), and are butchered, stabbed, decapitated, held captive and tortured and gunned down by the enemy! You get severed heads, eyes gouged out for attempted rapes, impalings galore, crazy characters named "Mad Dog", machete fights, beatings, nudity, goofy dubbed dialogue, etc. In other words, GREAT STUFF! Uncut print in Engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

EROTIC NIGHTMARE-Bizarre 1999 Hong Kong cat. 3 horror, with Anthony Wong(of course!) as the victim of a sadistic and demonic sorcerer who sells him dreams about naked women, only to cause him to go into a trance and brutally stab and hack his family to death, starting with his mother! He finally kills himself after slashing his wife to death in bed, and his brother comes to town to find out what caused all this, and to seek the evil sorcery-guy out for a battle to the death! Heads roll(including a dog's!), stabbings, nudity, etc. Uncut, in Chn. w/Engl. subts., very good qual.

BEAUTY IN ROPE HELL-Brutal Jpn. "Nikkatsu" bondage/S/M film, about a pretty woman kidnapped and held captive by a sadistic soldier with a rope-bondage fetish after her husband leaves for war. Plenty of kinky bondage scenes, pissing closeups, rough whippings and beaings, etc. Uncut, Jpn. w/Engl. subts., good qual.

ASSAULTED FEMALE TEACHER-Another rough Jpn. "Nikkatsu" flick, this one with an emphasis on rape and assault of a young schoolteacher by a geeky-looking student! Nudity, beatings, etc. Uncut, in Jpn. w/Engl. subts., good qual.

JUNGLE HEAT-UPGRADE W/TRAILER-This is a very good qual. upgrade of the 1984 Hong Kong gory action flick, starring Sam Jones and a huge Asian cast. The trailer shows quite a bit of the gory torture and mutilation sequences! Lbx'd. and in Engl. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

1999:THE DEADLY CAMP-Violent and wild 1999 Hong Kong cat. 3 horror-slasher pic, with Anthony Wong as one of the victims for a change! A group of kids go to an isolated island, not knowing a burned, scarred maniac roams the island with his deformed and sex-crazed son, who attack and gorily kill anyone who dares to come there! Chainsaw dismemberings, heads roll, nudity, rape, bloody bodies, bamboo-trap impalings, etc. A good mix of TEXAS CHAINSAW, FR. THE 13TH, and THE BURNING, done Asian-style! Chn. w/Engl. subts., very good qual.

FATAL ENCOUNTER-Ultra-sleazy and violent 1994 cat. 3 Hong Kong flick, about a homeless girl raped and beaten, who later becomes a prostitute to stay alive. Little does she know, she's contracted the AIDS virus! She infects everyone she has sex with, including a married man, who has a child by his wife and the baby gets AIDS, too! Explicitly graphic footage of AIDS victims with scars covering their faces, dying in AIDS wards, as well as rapes, beatings, fights, the hooker goes insane and throws her blood at the cops before they ultimately GUN HER DOWN(!), suicide attempts, etc. A VERY GRIM movie that can be hard to watch! Uncut, Chn. w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good qual., lbx'd.


Women's Prison flick, with plenty of graphic beatings, lesbian guards and inmates, nudity, rapes, catfights, etc. In other words, FUN!! Uncut, in Jpn. w/Engl. subts., good qual.

ECCENTRIC PSYCHO CINEMA, VOL. #4-Here's the 4th. in the series of depraved "female genital castration/mutilation" video's for your viewing pleasure! Plenty of heavy bondage/S/M and other wild stuff happens here, too! This one has some XXX sex action, too(although optically censored, 'tho you can see through it!)! Uncut, Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

ECCENTRIC PSYCHO CINEMA, VOL. #5-Even MORE Jpn. depravity! A young schoolgirl is tied up and subjected to various torments by her psychotic captor. Bizaare and brutal! Uncut, Jpn. w/NO subts., very good qual.

ECCENTRIC PSYCHO CINEMA, VOL. #6-Yet ANOTHER in this ultra-sick series! Another kidnapped

schoolgirl is abused, tortured, raped, and mutilated by a deranged sickie! Really graphic and bloody stuff here! Uncut, Jpn. w/NO subts., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!

ECCENTRIC PSYCHO CINEMA, VOL. #7-Want more? Well, here it is, the 7th. in the series! This has some XXX action in it, too. A crazed pet-store owner grabs female customers and keeps them in chains, treating them like animals for his amusement! Heavy humiliations, beatings, some gore, etc. Uncut, Jpn. w/NO subts, very good qual. RECOMMENDED!

WALET MERAH(RED SWALLOW)-Cool and very violent Indonesian kung-fu-fantasy-action, starring Barry Prima and lots of other Indo stars!

Bloody stabbings, impalings, kung-fu battles, and beatings all make this another winner! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual.

PANTHER-Ultra-BLOODY and violent 90’s Indonesian action-crime film that plays very much like those Hong Kong "Cat.3" flicks put out

around the same time! Barry Prima plays a tough cop out to bust an evil drug ring responsible for his girlfriend’s bloody death! The ring

has this very tall, sleek female assassin to kill wayward members, incl. one guy who she has sex with, then suddenly tongue-kisses him

and literally BITES HIS TONGUE OFF in graphic detail, which she then spits out!! She also slashes guy’s throats with razor-like knives,

machine-guns down a shitload of people, splattering blood everywhere, etc.! This movie ROCKS and KICKS ASS, period!!! An absolute

MUST for Barry Prima fans!! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., very good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

KELABANG SERIBU(CENTIPEDE)-More Barry Prima madness, this time he’s up against an evil wizard-type guy who likes to throw flesh-

eating centipedes at people, which them drill into their faces, eyes, nose, ears, etc.! Plenty of crazy violence, kung-fu fights, stabbings, gory

deaths, etc.! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED! (BA)


Prima as Jaka of course, who comes face to face with a beautiful ocean queen from underneath the sea, who saves him from being a slave

of the Dutch Colonialist army on a ship. There’s some bloody supernatural type gore here like the first WARRIOR film, with bodies cut up and

then flying back together, heads roll, impalings, etc. Fun stuff! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., o.k.-good pic qual. (BA)

REVENGE OF THE EAGLE EYES-Cool and action-packed 80’s Indonesian fantasy-violence-kung-fu film, with Advent Bangun as the

eagle-eyed avenger. Plenty of violent fights, legs and arms roll, bloody stabbings and impalings, kung-fu fights, etc. Bring out the popcorn

while watching this one! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., o.k.-good qual.(BA)

HOLY SWORD(SON SAVASCI)-Action-packed and wild 1982 Turkish film starring the man from the Bosphorous, Cuneyt Arkin! This is

sort of a prequel to DEATH WARRIOR, and even has that ninja MUMMY in it as well!! Ninja sword stabbings, kung-fu fights, bloody deaths,

and more!! Arkin rules in this one! Uncut, in Turkish w/No subts., good qual.

KELEPCE-More very cool Cuneyt Arkin action, this one a crime flick with plenty of shootings, fights, beatings, and overall general mayhem!

This guy’s movies are definitely entertaining! Uncut, in Turkish w/No subts., good qual.

DESTAN-Another rare Cuneyt Arkin gem, this one taking place in a icy wilderness where he meets a pretty young girl, a mountain man, and

a dog! They all end up going to the city(Istanbul in this case!) and facing an evil crime boss. Dramatic and well-made for a Turkish film, with

lots of violence and action! Uncut, in Turkish w/No subts., o.k.-good qual.

VAZIFE UGRUNA-Cuneyt Arkin plays a tough cop in this Turkish film rarity. He fights against drug smugglers and other ruthless criminals,

busting them whenever and wherever he can. Stabbings, beatings, shootings, etc. Uncut, in Turkish w/No subts., o.k.-good qual.

KARPUZCU-Violent action-rape-revenge flick from Turkey, with some fairly explicit near-hardcore sex

scenes inserted in spots! A man

threatened and terrorized by a union crime boss and his thugs is tied up, beaten, and forced to watch as his wife is raped in front of him

repeatedly by the brutal thugs, all the while laughing at and taunting him! His wife hangs herself after the brutal assault, and the obsessed

and badly bruised man can think of nothing but a bloody revenge! He gets it, too! Gory stabbings, impalings, rapes, beatings, shootings, etc.

A very rare example of the violent erotic films made in Turkey in the 80’s! Uncut, Turkish w/No subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!

INTIKAM KADINI-Another brutal rape-revenge film made in Turkey! A poor peasant woman is attacked and raped by three thugs in a small

village. Furious about what was done to her, she goes to the city in disguise to seek a bloody revenge on her rapists! One guy gets stabbed

in the throat, another is run over with his car, etc., all while some seedy latin salsa music plays in the background! Lots of softcore sex, too!

Funky, sleazy fun! Uncut, in Turkish w/No subts., o.k. pic qual. RECOMMENDED!

SONSUZ GECE-More rape-revenge madness from Turkey! A very ugly homeless rapist attacks a woman in her house after sneaking in

during a rainstorm. He attacks and rapes her, and she becomes unconscious. When she wakes up, she sees the rapist eating a sandwich

in her kitchen, so she picks up a harpoon gun and impales the rapist with it, killing him in gory detail. Afterwards, she tries to hide the body

from her husband and friends, not knowing a terrible plot against her and hubbie is about to ensue! Good

flick! Lots of nudity, some gory

violence, etc. Can’t go wrong here!! Uncut, Turkish w/No subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!
SATSUJIN GA IPPAI-Very rare late 80’s Jpn. Violent murder mystery-action, with some extremely gory deaths that’d fit right in to an Argento flick! A cop is chasing after a mysterious white-robed killer with long black hair, who impales and slashes the throats of his or her victims. One scene has some seriously bloody arterial spurting from a neck wound, another victim is shot in the throat with a spear gun, etc. Uncut, in Jpn. W/No subts., lbx’d., very good qual.(BA)

COBRA GIRL(FANGS OF THE COBRA)-Mega-rare 1977 Shaw Bro's. snake-woman flick, about a young girl misteriously attracted to snakes planning to get

married to a man who's afraid of them, and also who has some evil relatives plotting to kill him for his inheritance. The snakes always come to the girl's rescue, biting the bad guys trying to harm her and her husband! There's some especially vicious snake attack scenes at the end! Uncut version(incls. the notorious snake vs. mongoose

scene intact!), in ENGL., lbx'd., o.k.-good qual.(BA)

HUKUM KARMA(KARMA PUNISHMENT)-Insane and bloody Indonesian 80's horror flick will leave you scratching your head in disbelief!! An evil dude performs crazy

black magic rites to try and destroy a kung-fu fighting woman out to revenge a rape! In one scene, she cuts off his head, so he just GROWS ANOTHER ONE from his

bloody stump!! In fact, the new head slowly pops up and looks like a pile of raw flesh, then before your eyes grows veins, new eyeballs, skin, etc.! IF that sounds weird,

wait'll you see the part where he's slashed open and his small intestine slithers out, growing FANGS and biting!! Can you honestly say you've ever seen a film where

a guy is attacked by his own intestine, which turns around and SWALLOWS HIS FOOT?!! Now you can!!!! Uncut, in Malay w/NO subts., good qual. from a VCD.


MISTERI 8 PENDEKAR(MYSTERY OF 8 FIGHTERS)-Crazy and bloody Indonesian action-horror-kung-fu-fantasy flick, with a weird gorilla-faced sect on the loose

fighting kung-fu style and making some folks into their prisoners, causing them to wear masks over their lower face, as a weird brownish fungus grows there!! Bloody

eye-gougings, impalings, stabbings, lotsa kung-fu, etc. A must-see!! Uncut, in Malay w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

CINTA BERDERAH(BLOODY LOVE)-More crazy Indonesian stuff, this one about a family buying a house that's haunted by evil spirits of the people who lived

there before. There's acid burnings, gory stabbings, beatings, weird rituals, etc. Cool stuff! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

WEWE GOMBEL-Here's a real CRAZY one for you! This Indonesian horror is mainly about a monstrous creature flying in the air that looks like a vampire,

who attacks and kills BABIES it steals from houses and eats them and drinks their blood!! I guarantee you'd NEVER see a film of this type made here in

America!! There's some pretty sick and graphic scenes in this nutty flick, so be warned! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

PENDEKAR BUKIT TENGKORAK-Very violent Indonesian action starring our favorite fighter, Barry Prima! Bloody swordfights, dismemberments, kung-fu,

beatings, etc. It don't get wilder than this!! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

SENGATAN COBRA(STINGS OF THE COBRA)-Barry Prima's in this too, in a rare mix of action and horror/fantasy. He's a kung-fu fighter taking on some

criminals, and he also has this strange ailment which causes him to turn into a half-man, half-SNAKE monster! This helps out when fighting the bad guy's,

that's for sure! Some gory deaths, beatings, etc. Crazy flick!! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

SILUMAN SRIGALA PUTIH-More Prima, this one's also with Advent Bangun. Lots of crazy, bloody violence, incl. one guy having his face ripped off! Swordfights,

kung-fu, beatings, stabbings, impalings, etc. In Malay w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

SILUMAN KERA(TUMBAL)-Even MORE Prima stuff, this one also has some bizaare rituals and sacrifices to a gorilla god in the jungle, etc. Advent Bangun returns, too.

Once you see a Barry Prima film, you'll want to see them ALL!! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

PERJANJIAN DI MALAM KERAMAT-Gory and wild Indonesian horror with Suzzanna and Yenni Farida, dir. by Sisworo Gautama Putra. Weird rituals, dismembered

hands fly at people and kill, bloody head-tearings, gory demises, etc. Suzzanna fans will love it! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

TITISAN DEWI ULAR-Another wild Suzzanna flick, this one has her as a snake princess who uses plenty of the slithering creatures to fight her enemies. Uncut,

in Malay w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

MISTERI RONGGENG-Strange Indonesian action/jungle adventure film with George Rudy, although this film mainly shows kung-fu fights more than

anything else!! Uncut, Malay w/No subts., o.k.-good qual.(BA)

GUAN MERAH-Pretty cool 80's Indonesian "slasher"-type horror film, about a psychotic gigolo killing women and taking photos of them. Some gory stabbings,

beatings, and a neat revenge-laden twist ending! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

TOPENG SETAN(GHOST MASK)-Bizaare Indonesian horror/fantasy featuring a mysterious fighter with an ugly mask on killing people, and the blind man who

decides to fight against him. Some impalings, stabbings, etc. Uncut, in Malay w/no subts., good


HUKUM PANCUNG(GUILLOTINE PUNISHMENT)-Strange Indo horror/fantasy about some people sentenced to die by the guillotine, and the heroic warrior

who tries to stop it. Some bizaare scenes like a huge dragon destroying a village godzilla-style, women being stoned to death in bloody detail, kung-fu fights,

etc. Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

PEREMPUAN MALAM(NIGHT WOMAN)-Violent and weird 1987 Indonesian horror, with George Rudy. A vampiric woman is on the attack! Some gory deaths,

weird rituals, etc. Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

PEREMPUAN BERAMBUT API(WOMAN WITH FIRE HAIR)-Wild and bizarre Indonesian horror-fantasy, with an evil sorceress/witch who uses her red hair

as a weapon to set her enemies on fire with!! Lots of kung-fu fights and action, too. Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

PEMBALASAN NYOMAN DWIPA-Very weird Indonesian fantasy/action flick, with a goofy RAP theme song in the beginning!! Sorcerers and guy's with long

fingernails fight each other CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON-style with flying in the air effects

, swords, etc. Bizarre, to say the least!! Uncut, in Malay

w/No subts., good qual. (BA)

PERKAWINAN NYI BLORONG-Wild and over the top Indonesian fantasy-horror with Suzzanna and Clift Sangra. Suzzanna's the snake queen again, who fights

against the evil crocodile king to keep her young prince, played by Sangra. There's an INCREDIBLY COOL scene where the king turns into a croc, shape-shift

style in close-up!! Beheadings, impalings, gory fights, swordfights, snake attacks, etc. This ROCKS, man! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual. from VCD.


MISTERI MAK LAMPIR #1-Bizarre and wild Indonesian horror/fantasy action, with Farida Pasha. An evil old witch causes havoc after being brung back to

life in a small village. The people do their best to put her back in the grave! Kung-fu fights, some gory blood-drinking scenes, impalings, etc. Uncut, in Malay

w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

MISTERI MAK LAMPIR 2(WANGSIT NYI RORO KIDUL)-Sequel to the first one, also starring Farida Pasha. Seems like they can't keep the old witch down

in that coffin! There's also a horned midget demon in this one! Heads cut off which fly around and laugh, swordfights, kung-fu fighting, etc. Uncut, in Malay

w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

IN HELL-Very gory and bizarre 70’s Taiwan-made horror-fantasy film, about a beautiful woman forced to

endure the torments and tortures of going into hell and witnessing the gruesome punishments carried out

there. Similar to the Japanese film JIGOKU, this shows people being sawed in half, intestines ripped out

in graphic detail, eyes plucked out and put into bowls, people crushed, limbs dismembered, whippings,

burnings, heads cut off, etc.! Uncut, in Taiwanese w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

BISIKAN ARWAH(WHISPERING OF THE SPIRIT)-Wild and ultra-GORY Indonesian horror, about a man

transformed into a hideous lizard-skinned and faced monster and going on a bloody rampage in a village.

Impalings, kung-fu fights, guts ripped out, eyes gouged out, a gory voodoo curse where pins get stuck in

a doll’s stomach by a sorcerer, making a man’s stomach bloat up and burst open, spilling guts and blood

everywhere(!!), tongues torn out, a guy eats a plate of worms, etc., etc.!! In other words, a MUST


Uncut, in Malaysian with NO subts., good qual. from VCD. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!(BA)

MAKHLUK DARI KUBUR-More crazy and wild Indonesian horror, this one about a man who transforms

himself into a wild Boar, attacking villagers. They kill the animal, which turns back into the man after

dying. The villagers go and rob and burn down his house and force his wife and child out, which in turn

causes a black magic sorcerer to come along and raise up the man’s corpse from the grave, to take

revenge on the villagers! Throat tearings, stabbings, ugly rotted corpses walking around, and lots of

other insane shit guaranteed to entertain! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., lbxd., good qual. REC’D.!(BA)

5 SETAN IBLIS(5 EVIL GHOSTS)-Cool and violent Indonesian kung-fu-horror-fantasy, about a woman

getting revenge for her brutal rape and her husband’s gory death at the hands of a group of wild

barbarian-types. Kung-fu fights, gory impalings, stabbings, axes in foreheads, machete-hackings,

beatings, etc. Crazy stuff here! Uncut, Malay w/No subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

BUKIT BERDERAH(BLOODY HILL)-Action-packed Indonesian war-kung-fu flick, with Advent Bangun and

one of the girls from VIRGINS FROM HELL! Shootings, stabbings, explosions, kung-fu fights galore, tortures,

beatings, impalings, etc. Wild and fun! Uncut, Malay w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

ONE-ARMED BIG BROTHER SOMAT-Action-packed and bloody Indonesian kung-fu flick, that plays a lot like

those Jimmy Wang Yu films where his arm was cut off, etc.! A young boy’s family is brutally slaughtered in

front of him, and his arm is also chopped off with a sword by a gang of vicious bandits. He

grows up and vows to

seek revenge! Kung-fu fights, stabbings, impalings, beatings, etc. Great stuff! Uncut, in Malay w/NO subts.,

good qual. RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

JURUS DEWANAGA(DRAGON-GOD STYLE)-Very violent and cool Indonesian kung-fu, with Barry Prima fighting

the bad guys with the dragon god style!! One of the baddies has his head ripped off by Prima in gory fashion!

Uncut, Malay w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

NINI TOWOK-More wild and insane Indonesian horror, with an ugly old witch getting revenge on some poor

villagers! Eyes gouged out, stabbings, black magic rituals, etc. Uncut, Malay w/NO subts., good qual.(BA)

DEWI MALAM(NIGHT GODDESS)-More Indo horror mayhem, with spells, possessions, gory deaths, crazy

transformations, etc.! Uncut, Malay w/NO subts., good qual.(BA)


MALAM(MIDNIGHT STORM)-Even more Indo mayhem, with women impaled on giant

ceiling fans, spells and curses, monsters, etc.! In Malay with No subts., good qual.(BA)

TAMU TENGAH MALAM- Another wild and gory Indo horror, with a woman, played by Sally Marcellina, who gets

possessed by an evil spirit which needs to be exorcised. Her head turns around like in THE EXORCIST, and she rips

open one guy’s stomach removing his intestines! Crazy shit! Malay w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

BUKIT PERAWAN-Cool kung-fu-fantasy film with Billy Chong being trained by a mystical old kung-fu master to fight

his enemies on a hill. Good kung-fu fights, stabbings, beatings, impalings, etc. Uncut, in Malay w/NO subts., good

pic qual.(BA)

GODAAN PEREMPUAN HALUS-Yet another crazy Indo horror-fantasy flick! A ghost-woman arises from the water to

wreak havoc on the living! She seduces men in the night to their gory deaths. Fun stuff! Uncut, Malay w/No subts.,

O.K.-good qual.(BA)

BLOOD RAIN-Very violent and graphic 2004 Thailand made period horror film taking place in the old days, about a gruesome revenge\par

against five people who falsely accused a man and had him executed by being torn apart(graphically shown!), that is carried out by the \par

dead man’s spirit(or so the townsfolk believe). Heads are crushed, one dude is boiled alive in hot oil, impalings, throats cut, etc. Uncut, in\par

Thai Lng. w/Engl. subts., excell. qual. RECOMMENDED!\par


BUYU(THE SPELL)-Bloody and weird 2004 Turkish horror film about people on an expedition being killed in various gory ways\par

by an evil force let loose by them. Impalings, heads roll, stabbings, some nudity, etc. Very atmospheric! Uncut, in Turk. Lng. w/NO\par


., good qual.\par


DECAPITATION ISLAND(SECRET OF WOMEN’S PRISON ISLAND)-Brutal and violent 1969 Jpn. WIP flick that starts with a female\par

prisoner trying to escape being caught and beheaded by the guards, her head then placed on a stick for all to see! That’s just the start\par

of what’s to come! Whippings, burnings with hot oil, tortures, rapes, beatings, etc. Uncut, in Jpn. w/Engl. subts., excell. qual.\par


SRIGALA(THE FOX)-Very rare 80’s Indonesian version of FRIDAY THE 13TH! Barry Prima stars. Of course, there’s lots of violent deaths,\par

impalings, stabbings, and even a JASON rip-off swamp monster at the end! Uncut, Malay Lng. w/NO subs, o.k.-

good qual. from VCD.\par


MALAM SATU SORO-The great Indonesian horror star SUZZANNA stars in this 80’s supernatural flick, which is a continuation of her\par

playing the "SUNDEL BOLONG" character, a female ghost with a hole in her back! Some bizaare deaths, incl. bodies melting into \par

skeletons, suicides, etc. Creepy and fun! Uncut, in Malay Lng. w/NO subts., ok-good qual. from VCD.\par


KEGELAPAN TELAGA MAUT-Yet another in the "SUNDEL BOLONG" series from the 80’s, also starring SUZZANNA as the forlorned ghost\par

with a hole. In this one, she gets revenge on the evil gang of thugs who killed her family by using the powers of darkness. One guy is stepped \par


and crushed by a giant teddy bear! Odd flick! Uncut, in Malay w/No subts., good qual. from VCD.