BLOODY FRIDAY(VIOLENT OFFENDER, VIOLENZA CONTRA VIOLENZA)-COMPLETELY UNCUT version of Rolf Olson's GORY and VERY BRUTAL 1973 crime-sleaze flick, filmed in Germany!  This print contains the blood-spattered cop-blown-up-by-a-grenade scene, the gory cop's face-getting beaten-to-a-bloody-pulp in the court bathroom scene, longer and BLOODIER shooting and STABBING scenes, as well as the infamous UNCUT XXX  SEX and the SLAUGHTERHOUSE scene trimmed from most other versions!  This print is also in ENGLISH and in GOOD quality!!  Definitely one of the SLEAZIEST, BRUTAL, and VIOLENT films EVER made, from the makers of SHOCKING ASIA!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!



JANIE/TAKE MY HEAD-Crazy and groovy early 70's sex and gore double-bill, dir. by Michael and Roberta Findlay!  The first has a psychotic young girl named Janie, who sleeps with her father and likes to gorily kill her friends and lovers in order to get an orgasm! Bloody stabbings are graphically shown, and also a part where she runs over a couple with a car, crushing them! Mike Findlay also ends up as one of her victims! The second film has the guy who had his feet tortured in I DRINK YOUR BLOOD as a peeping tom, masturbating as he watches women undressing. Weird stuff! Both are UNCUT and in ENGL., very good qual.

THE LAST SHARK(GREAT WHITE)-UNCUT version in engl. of gory 1981 JAWS clone, dir. by Enzo Castellari. Vic Morrow stars as the fisherman hunting down the great white shark. Lots of graphic deaths, bodies chewed in half, etc. Good pic qual.

NON SPARATE SUI BAMBINO(DON'T SHOOT AT CHILDREN!)-Very obscure 1978 Itln. violent action-thriller,  about a gang of thugs holding a busload of schoolkids hostage after killing the teacher. It has the usual heavy doses of violence familiar to most euro-sleaze films! UNCUT, in Itln. w/NO subts., good qual.


THE KILLERS ARE OUR GUESTS-VERY OBSCURE 1974 crime-giallo film, with Anthony Steffen and Margeret Lee. Steffen plays a doctor who's held hostage at his home along with his wife by a group of wanted fugitives who just robbed a bank. Eventually, he and his wife get caught up in a web of rape, murder, greed, and corruption. Stabbings, shootings, lots of nudity, sleazy sex situations, etc. UNCUT, in ENGL., o.k.-good qual.


LA BRAVATA-REAL RARE 1978 Itln. action-crime sleaze, with Ajita Wilson and Venentino Venantini, who has a lot of scenes where he slaps women around! Nudity, shootings, beatings, etc. UNCUT, in Itln. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.


HOW SLEEP THE BRAVE-Violent and VERY RARE 1981 British war-drama dir. by Lindsay Shonteff, of BIG ZAPPER fame!  This plays like an early version of PLATOON, only MORE BRUTAL and GRAPHIC! Young soldiers in 'nam take on the Vietcong, and learn to kill or be killed! Great 70's-type dialogue, bloody stabbings, bodies hung upside down and butchered, people blown up, shootings, etc. A very powerful film that packs a punch to anyone who watches it!! UNCUT, in engl., partially lbx'd., good-very good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

KAMIKAZE-Bizarre 1986 art-horror film by French producer Luc Besson. A disgruntled scientist creates a machine that sends deadly rays through TV sets, causing people's chests to EXPLODE on camera!  His main target is female talk-show hosts!! Graphic chest-bursting scenes and a gory back-of-the-head gun execution, and hilarious vulgar dialogue make this a fun flick indeed! UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

UNA DI TROPPO(ONE TOO MANY, PSYCHOSIS CRIMINAL)-Very rare 1982 Itln. Giallo-type thriller, dir. by Pino Tosini, and starring John Saxon and Dallia Di Lazzaro. A woman has bizarre fantasies of being raped by cab drivers, and of Saxon tying her to a bed and shooting her in the arms after violating her. She ends up shooting Saxon in the balls in a graphically bloody scene!! UNCUT, Itln. w/NO subts., very good qual.(BA)

DOG DAYS(ROTMANAD)-Another very obscure 1970 Swedish film starring Christina Lindberg. This one is a black comedy with softcore sex, nudity, and some violence. Lindberg plays the daughter of two scheming, sex-mad parents who want her to work as a call-girl, so the mother shoots her boyfriend with a shotgun! Very strange flick!! UNCUT, in Swedish w/NO subts., good qual.



ANTONIO DAS-MORTES-Violent and radical 1969  Brazilian revolutionary war film, by Brazilian dir. Glauber Rocha. A brutal bandit-rebel decides to leave the revolution and become a professional hitman-killer, and is hired to kill a lot of his former compatriots by rich landowners who want them out of the way. He has a bloody duel by sword with an ex-rival, and afterwards, slowly starts to regret leaving the cause and tries to return to the way of the rebel and fight for his people! Some GRAPHIC stabbings, brief nudity, shootings, etc. UNCUT print, in Portuguese w/Engl. subts., good qual. EXTREMELY RARE!!


MACRO-Sleazy and RARE 1974 Itln. giallo-crime film, with Ray Lovelock. There's some nudity, violence, bikers, and wild 70's fashions! UNCUT, itln. w/NO subts.,  good qual.


SUNNYSIDE-SUPER-RARE 1979 gang-action film starring JOEY TRAVOLTA  as a GANG LEADER of a VIOLENT NYC STREET GANG(!), who takes on the closest rival gang with tragic results! Dir. by Timothy Galfas(BOGARD), and even has a similar sex sequence with Travolta and his girlfriend and a mirror reflecting them(seems to be a Galfas film trademark!). NEVER released to video in the U.S., This a very rare Australian video print, and well worth checking out! Lots of violent fights, beatings, sleazy dialogue, etc. UNCUT, in ENGL., good qual.


PORCO MONDO-ULTRA-RARE, EXTREMELY VIOLENT 1979 Itln. giallo-crime-sex film dir. by Sergio Bergonzelli!  A group of young criminals go on a rape-robbery-murder rampage, not knowing that THEY will ALSO be violently killed! Nudity, beatings, rapes, bodies cut up in cement mixers, drill attacks, softcore sex, and lots and LOTS of SLEAZE!! An Italian TRASH-FILM GEM!! UNCUT, in Itln. w/NO subts., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!!!



INTREPIDOS PUNKS(FEARLESS BITCHES)- downright brutal and bloody 1984 mexican action-revenge film, with bruno rey. a crazed gang of motorcycle-riding punkers with wild hairstyles terrorize and kill people and the police in a small mexican town, until some vigilante cops decide to take matters into their own hands. bloody shootings, a head crushed with rocks, stabbings, fistfights, and a wrestler-guy with a mask named "tarzan"! great, nasty fun! uncut, spanish w/NO subts., very good qual. too cool!!

THE DIRTY GANG(DESTRUCTION FORCE)- uncut import print of violent 1977 itln. mafia film, with tomas milian in the role of "trashy", a greasy, long-haired conman-fence who runs a restaurant, and has his men pick pockets and watches on the side. fabio testi is the gung-ho cop assigned to stop a local crime boss, whose men shoot and kill anyone in their way. lots of violent shootings, fights, some stabbings, car crashes, and milian is great in his portayal of trashy. in engl., ltbx'd., good qual.

MASSACRE TIME- violent and brutal 1968 euro-western, dir. by the late, great itln. king of gore and horror, lucio fulci. franco nero stars as the quiet stranger in a town controlled by an evil land baron and his sadistic, deranged son, who likes to whip guys and watch as dogs tear men to pieces who dare to fight their family. george hilton later teams up with nero, for a great showdown with plenty of shootings and violent deaths. uncut, in engl., ltbx'd., good qual.

GODFATHER'S ADVISER- very obscure 70's itln. mafia-action film, with some of the film taking place in the 30's gangster era. an older woman and mafia kingpin's daughter reminisce about her young days when she had a hitman as her chauffer and lover. lots of graphic violence with bloody shootings, stabbings, ears cut off, beatings, etc. sleazy and cool! uncut print, in engl., good qual.

THE REBEL- violent 1977 mafia-actionfilm, with maurizio merli once again fighting the evil crime syndicates in a brutal battle for justice. shootings, car crashes, explosions, stabbings, etc. uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

I KISS THE HAND- brutal 1974 itln. mafia-action film, with john saxon as a SCARFACE-type badass mafia-don, out to get some guy's that double-crossed him. plenty of rough language, bloody shootings, stabbings, etc. uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

HIT SQUAD- fun and wild 1976 itln. mafia film, with tomas milian as the undercover cop nico giraldi, who owns a pet mouse named "serpico"! of course, he's a real wiseguy, and has lots of fun busting many of the bad guy's he has to bring in. much rough, earthy language, fights, shootings, etc. in the italian sleazy crime-film tradition! uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

HUNTED CITY(GANGSTER TERROR)- wild and violent 1977 itln. mafia-action flick, dir. by stelvio massi. stars maurizio merli as another ass-kicking cop, out to beat the mob anyway he can. lots of shootings, robberies, fights, chases, etc. uncut, in engl., good qual.

THE MERCILESS MAN- real cool 1973 cop-action film, with tony lo bianco as a badass new york cop sent to italy to break up a dope ring. he gets lots of opposition, from the local fuzz to the italian mob out to kill him, but he keeps on trying to solve his case. many violent fights, shootings, stabbings, car chases, nudity, etc. uncut, in engl., good qual.

THE COP IN BLUE JEANS- UNCUT VERSION IN ENGL. of great 1978 cop-action film by bruno corbucci, and starring tomas milian as a SERPICO-type italian cop out to get the leader of the local mafia, played by the great jack palance. this print has ALL the swearing and violencethat was cut from the u.s. video release!! very good qual.

CROSS SHOT- violent 1976 mafia-action film, dir. by stelvio massi, and starring john saxon as a no-nonsense, badass cop determined to make a local mob godfather pay for the bloody bank heist that killed an innocent bank guard. lee j. cobb is the aging mafia leader, who still has people executed with the ease of picking up a phone. lots of fights, shootings, a gory shot-to-the-head scene, and great acting by saxon and cobb. uncut, in engl., good qual.

GUNS OF THE BIG SHOTS(THE ONES WHO COUNT, CRY OF A PROSTITUTE)- very rare UNCUT COMP. PRINT in engl., of this longer version of the great 1976 andrea bianchi violent mafia-sleaze flick, starring henry silva as super-hitman tony anianti, who goes from brooklyn to sicily to carry out a hitjob. barbara bouchet is the gorgeous hooker who gets in silva's way, so he has to force her face into a dead slab of meat while he screws her from behind, then seriously fuck up her face in a barnyard rape-beating to get the bitch off his back!! unfortunately for him, she's the rival mob boss's girl! this version has a different, longer beginning sequence not seen in other versions. definitely, one of silva's best films, and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

FIGHT TO THE DEATH- very violent 70's crime-action film from spain, with john saxon playing a badass mobster in a battle with the law. bloody stabbings, shootings, nudity, car chases, and a graphic bullet-removal operation scene added for gory effect. a real fun flick indeed! uncut, in engl., very good qual.

DJANGO KILL!- UNCUT comp. print of very violent 1967 itln. spaghetti western with tomas milian, dir. by guilio questi. one of the best of italy's westerns, with milian as a cool, quiet stranger in a town full of greedy, hostile killers and degenerates! this version has the added footage with a gory scalping of an indian friend of django's, and a bloody bullet-removal sequence that's cut from all other prints! great film! in engl., w/some brief itln. spoken, ltbx'd., very good-excell. qual.

7 RED BERETS(THE RED BERETS)- brutal and racist 1976 itln. war/exploitation film, dir. by mario siciliano, who also made SKIN 'EM ALIVE. ivan rassimov stars as a soldier-of-fortune paid to help some brutal mercenaries across the african congo. lots of "politically incorrect dialogue" such as "you chose that nigger over me!", and a gory stick impalement scene that opens the film, and shots to the head(mostly the white mercenaries shooting blacks), along with a rape or two, make this another mean-spirited piece of euro-trash from our favorites, the italians!! uncut version in engl., ltbx'd., good qual.

BLOOD AND DIAMONDS- hard to find, uncut 1978 mafia-action film, dir. by fernando dileo. what starts out as a normal heist-job of some diamonds leads to many violent deaths and double-crosses. stars martin balsam and the sexy barbara bouchet. very good and action-packed! in engl., good qual.

A MAN ON HIS KNEES- gritty and violent crime film from 1979, dir. by damiano damiani, about a poor working man who somehow pisses off the mob, who in turn put him on a hit list , along with his friends and family. lots of shootings, rough dialogue, authentically sleazy locations, and a dramatic plot. stars guiliano gemma and tano cimarosa. uncut, in engl., good qual.

DEFEAT OF THE MAFIA- sleazy 1973 itln. crime-thriller, which starts with the death of a young girl hooked on drugs. later, it's revealed in flashbacks how she became a mob victim, and which friends betrayed her and others. some good fight scenes with knives and a guy's face is burned, a flaming, fat psychotic homosexual strangles a guy and is later found dead with glass in his neck, and some nudity livens it up. uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

TOUGH GUY(RIPPED OFF)- totally uncut version of violent, sleazy 1974 crime-action film dir. bt franco prosperi, and starring robert "baretta" blake, ernest borgnine, tomas milian, and catherine spaak. blake is a boxer who double-crosses the mob when he won't take a fall in a boxing match. he's followed by a hippie assassin, played by milian. lots of gory gunshot deaths, rough language, some nudity, and brutal fight scenes. in engl., very good qual.

VICTIMS OF VICE- very, very sleazy 1982 french crime-action-sex film, dir. by jacques scandelari, who did BEYOND LOVE AND EVIL. people who try to leave a drugs-sex-s/m ring are shotgunned to death, and a cop is trying to bust up the ring. lots of trashy disco music, softcore sex, s/m, torture-beating scenes, and pretty blondes. uncut, in engl., good qual.

THE FALLING MAN- mega-rare 1971 mafia-action film, with favorite mafia badass henry silva as a man who turns his back on the mob, with the usual deadly results. violent beatings and shootouts ensue. very obscure, NEVER released to video in the u.s.! in engl., o.k. qual.

DEATH HUNT- vicious and gory 1977 itln. mafia-crime thriller, starring al cliver as a cop out to bring in the thugs that killed an innocent girl on the road. at the same time, the girl's father is taking his bloody revenge against the gang, shooting and stabbing everyone he gets his hands on. there's one great pencil-thru-the-eyeball scene, as well as a brutal rape and shower stabbing. uncut version, in engl., good qual.

INSAN AV'CISI(HEART OF A FATHER)- very wild and violent turkish action-gore film about a vengeful cop killing the criminals that were involved in his family's murders. lots of gory shootings, one guy is sawed in half(shown in the opening trailer), stabbings, and explosions. in turkish, NO subts., good qual. probably made in the early 80's.

DARKER THAN AMBER- ultra, ULTRA-RARE UNCUT VERSION of 1970 violent crime film, starring william smith, suzy kendall, and rod taylor. lots of brutal and bloody fight scenes are shown in this uncut print. see william smith and rod taylor beat the living shit out of each other with boards and fists!! IN ENGL., very good qual. NEVER RELEASEDUNCUT IN THE U.S.!!!

GHOSTS OF THE CIVIL DEAD- intense, very violent and brutal 1988 australian prison film starring nick cave. inmates have their property and priviledges taken away and become deranged, brutal savages(most of them were like that already!). this film does not shy away from vicious guard stabbings and beatings, homosexuals having their heads bashed into toilets and stabbed, inmates mutilating themselves and going insane, all presented in very grim, matter-of-fact style. definitely a powerful film that deserves to be seen! uncut, in engl., very good qual.

HELL'S CHOSEN FEW- very obscure 1968 biker-action film that's never been out on video in the u.s. a brother tries to clear his older brother who's in a biker-gang from a false rape and beating charge in a small western town by a corrupt sheriff. he goes undercover by joining the bikers to find out who the guilty party is. violent shootings and biker fights liven up this one. uncut, in engl., good qual.

EYE OF THE SPIDER- rare 1971 mafia-crime thriller, with antonio sabato as an escaped bank robber who had plastic surgery done to hide his identity, while he tracks down the mobster who ripped him off, played by klaus kinski(as "the pollack!"). violent and well-made euro-crime drama. uncut, in engl., excell. qual.

THE NEW GODFATHERS- action-packed 1974 mafia-crime film, with antonio sabato as a violent crime boss hunted down by a cop and a man whose daughter died from drugs given to her by the crime boss. uncut, in engl., good qual.

THE NARC(BLOOD, SWEAT, AND FEAR)- well-made, violent 1975 itln. mafia-action film, dir. by stelvio massi, and the first in the "mark 44" series. much violent shootings, car chases, fights, and nudity in this uncut print. in engl., good qual.

THE LONG ARM OF THE GODFATHER- very rare 1972 itln. mafia-crime flick, starring adolfo celi, and beautiful erika blanc. a young criminal tries to kill a mob boss after a holdup, but doesn't succeeed and winds up on the syndicate's hitlist. brutal beatings, shootings, stabbings, etc. all done italian-style!! uncut, in engl., good qual.

ULTIMATUM- violent, fast-paced 1976 mafia-action film, dir. by stelvio massi. this one is part of the "mark 44" series of action films that were so popular in italy in the 70's. uncut, in engl., good qual.

MOB WAR- very obscure mafia-action film , set in new orleans in the 1930's. some extremely grisly deaths, incl. a guy sawed in half, stomachs cut open, bloody shootings, and even a santa gets gunned down! an american rarity shot in the south in the 1970's. uncut, in engl., very good qual.

THE DIRTY SEVEN- brutal, foul-mouthed itln. 1976 war-action-sleaze flick, with laura gemser avenging her sister's rape and death by rebel soldiers. great stuff! uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

DAY OF VIOLENCE- action-packed 1975 itln. sleaze and gore ripoff of DOG DAY AFTERNOON, with two thugs raping, killing, and holding women hostage in a bank in order to escape their crimes. lots of brutality and viciousness here, folks! uncut, in engl., good qual.

TARGET- very violent 1976 turkish-itln. mafia-action flick, with luc merenda playing a cop helping a man get his gory vengeance on the mobsters who raped, beat, and killed his wife. uncut, in engl., good qual.

BLOODY HAND OF THE LAW- brutal 1973 mafia flick, with klaus kinski as a savage killer. incls. a graphic blowtorch to the crotch scene!! uncut, in engl., very good qual.

VIOLENT PROTECTION- gory 1977 mafia-action film by umberto lenzi, with maurizio merli and john saxon. very hard to find uncut print, in engl., good qual.

MAD FOXES- unbelievably violent 1981 action-splatter flick by euro-trash dir. erwin dietrich, about a nazi-biker gang raping, shooting, torturing, and mutilating everyone in sight! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND BLOODY, with castrations, impalements, intestinal removal, bloody rapes, beatings, shootings, shotgun-to-the-head scenes, and MORE!!! uncut, in engl.,now LETTERBOXED and EXCELLENT  quality, and with the GREAT theatrical TRAILER to the film, along with 3 other trailers!!  A MUST-HAVE!!!(BA)

SAVAGE HUNT- sleazy 1977 romano scavolini film, involving spies that assist in torture, rape, and murder. gruesome opening scene shows a man having a large instrument inserted into his penis! uncut, in engl., good qual.

SKIN 'EM ALIVE- uncut version of sleazy 1976 itln. war-action film, dir. by mario siciliano, about white mercenaries killing blacks in south africa. very racist! uncut, in engl., very good qual.

MANHUNT IN THE CITY- violent 1975 mafia-action film, with henry silva getting revenge on the thugs who shot his daughter. lots of shootings, and a transvestite gets a candle shoved up his/her ass! vicious stuff from our favorite itln. dir., umberto lenzi. uncut, in engl., good qual.

VIOLENT ROME- graphic mafia-action film, about vigilantes who break guy's hands with hammers and castrate rapists! fast-moving. from the dir. of DR. BUTCHER, M.D.(franco martinelli.). uncut, in engl., good qual.

MR. NO-LEGS-violent and crazy action flick from 1975, with a legless hitman with machine guns in his wheelchair(!), who is also a kung-fu expert(!!), taking on other hitmen who want to kill him. a TRULY AMAZING FILM experience that has to be SEEN to be BELIEVED! rare UNCUT print in engl., starring john agar and richard jaeckel. o,k,pic qual.

THE CLIMBER- another violent mafia film made in the 70's, this one starring joe dallesandro as a naples petty thief who shoots, stabs, and kills his way up the ladder of organized crime. he brutally stabs a homosexual pimp to death in one scene. uncut, in engl., very good qual.

FRENCH INTRIGUE(THE MAFIA WANTS YOUR BLOOD)- rare 1969 crime-action film, with serge gainsbourg and jane birkin. violent deaths over drugs occur amid naked sex parties with hippies. uncut, in engl., good qual.

WEAPONS OF DEATH- bloody 1977 mafia-action stars henry silva, dir. by mario caiano. really wild and violent! uncut, in engl., good qual.

TERROR IN ROME- very violent 1976 itln. mafia-action film, starring giacomo rossi-stuart. vicious youths go on a shooting, raping, and robbing rampage! two young girls get raped, strangled, and then set on fire by the psycho teens! uncut, in engl., good qual.

CYNIC, THE RAT, AND THE FIST- brutal 1977 mafia-action film, dir. by umberto lenzi. john saxon stars as the sadistic mafia boss hunted down by the law. maurizio merli is the cop out to nail him. a hooker gets acid in her face, a guy is torn apart by guard dogs, and bodies are burned in this vicious and graphic film. uncut, in engl., good qual.

BRIGADE DES MOEURS(VICE SQUAD)- very violent 1983 french action film, about a biker-drug gang killing transsexual hookers with shotguns!! brigitte lahaie stars as a female undercover cop. uncut, french w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., o.k. pic qual.

SLEAZY RIDER- trashy and wild 1971 danish biker film, dubbed in engl., with close-to-hardcore sex scenes, beatings, rapes, a sheriff who likes to talk dirty and stick his finger up the snatches of biker's old ladies, and an orgy scene where the sheriff is forced to have sex with the ladies while his wife gets raped by the male bikers! from the people who brought you SLAVES IN CAGES! in engl., good qual.

AM AFRAID(IO HO PAURA)- Violent and extremely rare 70's Itln. mafia-drama, with Gian Maria VolanIte and Mario adorf, dir. by Damiano Damiani. a man who works for the police dept. becomes more and more in fear for his life after being witness to mafia shootings , and learning many of the mafia's secrets involving politics and the military. Some graphic shootings, stabbings, plot twists, etc. Very well-made! UNCUT, in Itln. w/engl. subts., o.k.-good qual.

LADY DYNAMITE(LA PADRINA)- Very violent 1973 mafia-sleaze, about the wife of a mafia boss taking over the syndicate after her husband's death. she goes on a gory REVENGE SPREE, rubbing out the one's responsible for him dying! Throats are slashed with broken bottles, shots to the face, a severed hand in a cake(!), nudity, etc. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

THE BIG FAMILY- More gory mafia-action from 1973, with plenty of mob rubouts, shootings, beatings, etc. to keep things lively! UNCUT, in engl., good qual

WILD GYPSIES- INCREDIBLY RARE 1969 Violent sexploitation film, about a wayward gypsy member who rapes and stabs a gypsy girl to death to get even with the gypsy clan. They hunt him down for their brutal revenge, and along the way, seduce and rob strangers for money and food(as well as SEX!). It's funny all the "gypsies" in this film look like Italians from N.Y. and California, but, hey, it's an EXPLOITATION film, so WHO CARES!! Great mix of sleaze, nudity, violence, done in the great late 60's-early 70's style! UNCUT print in engl., good qual.

IS THIS TRIP REALLY NECESSARY?(BLOOD OF THE IRON MAIDEN)- VERY RARE, and for a while, considered COMPLETELY LOST 1969 horror-LSD-drug flick, with John Carradine in a part as a weird doctor. A woman goes to work for a crazed Hollywood director in his secluded mansion, to make his "first religious film", as he normally makes skin flicks! He drugs the actresse's drinks with LSD to get them to obey him, which results in death and mayhem. I'd recommend this film for JOHN CARRADINE COMPLETISTS ONLY!! UNCUT, in engl., good qual

SAVANA, VIOLENZA CARNALE- RARE and violent 1977 Itln. action-sleaze film, with Aldo Sambrell as a vile, raping criminal who ends up having his hand chopped off, then later on, is swallowed up in acid waters and attacked by piranhas! Lots of nudity and shootings in this one, too! UNCUT print, Itln. w/NO subts., ltbx'd., o.k.-good qual.(BA).

HIRED GUN(STREETS OF BLOOD, GO,GORILLA, GO!)- UNCUT print in ENGLISH of VIOLENT, action-packed 1976 Itln. mafia-crime flick, with Fabio testi. A man refuses to give in to the mob's intimidation tactics and threats to his life and family, so he hires a "gorilla"(bodyguard), played by Testi, who takes on an army of vicious assassins. Lots of bloody shootings and action in this euro-crime thriller with a great cast! Pic qual. is VERY GOOD, from a PAL transfer.

RAT MAN-UPGRADE!- I now have a nice quality print of this 1987 horror flic, UNCUT and in ENGLISH, from a Jpn. tape. Stars David Warbeck and Werner Pochthath. This is MUCH BETTER than the previous print i had! (BA).

I KILLED MY FAMILY AND WENT TO THE MOVIES- Yes, this is the ACTUAL TITLE of this VIOLENT 1970 Brazilian obscurity, about a crazed young man who stabs his mother and father to death, then goes to a cinema, where he encounters films that aRE much STRANGER than he ever expected! One of the films shows two lesbian chicks who kill THEIR parents, then have a wild party, a man killing his wife and her baby by shooting it in the crib(!), and more bizarre stuff! UNCUT print, Portuguese w/NO subts., o.k. qual. Filmed in black and white.

CAPRICCI- REAL STRANGE 1969 Itln. art-sleaze film by Carmelo Bene, with this hieous,old, decrepit guy, (he looks like he's 120 years old!!), making loud snoring noises while in bed with a 30-something naked woman! He tries in vain to have sex with her, but he's just too damn OLD!! Lots of other weirdness occurs, like bloody accidents, explosions, killings, fights with hammers and sickles, etc., all while opera-type music plays in the background!! REAL BIZARRE! UNCUT print, Itln. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

OUR LADY OF THE TURKS- Another weird art-sleaze flick by Carmelo Bene, from 1968, full of more bizarre scenes, like a man trying to make love to a girl while wearing a knight's suit of armor, a strange women-madonna who forces herself on a man and has sex with him, then smokes cigarettes in bed, the same nutty guy injecting stuff into his ass in public while wrapped in bandages, etc.! They don't get much stranger than this!! UNCUT print, Itln. w/NO subts., good qual.

BLACKJACK-Rare and VIOLENT 1981 Spanish crime-thriller, starring Peter Cushing as the member of a crime syndicate, out to frame a black pop singer(Max H. Bolois) for a casino heist. Shootings, beatings, nudity, explosions, etc. The english dubbing is particularly funny on this one! UNCUT print in english, o.k.-good qual. The picture is a bit dark.(BA)

NIGHTMARE COUNTY-Real obscure 1975 rural violent film, in the tradition of MACON COUNTY LINE and WALKING TALL. A band of young hippies invade a small southern town, and of course, are met with violent opposition by the local rednecks, who have fun shooting them and setting them on fire, until one of the more radical hippies gets ahold of the media and makes himself into their guru! Some violent fights, beatings, etc. dir. by Sean MacGregor. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

PROVINCIA VIOLENTA- Another RARE Itln. crime flick, this from 1978 and starring Richard Harrison, Al Cliver, and Alicia Leoni, and dir. by Mario Bianchi. A scenic resort serves as the base headquarters of a seedy mafia operation, and people end up dying-VIOLENTLY! Lots of shootings, some stabbings, nudity, car chases, explosions, etc. Mean and brutal! UNCUT print, in German, ltbx'd., NO subts., o.k. pic qual.

PARANOIA-NOT to be confused with OTHER films called the same name, this is a 1975 Brazilian crime-sleaze flick, very similar in style to HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK! A gang of thugs hold a rich man's family hostage, raping and torturing the maids and women, and keeping the rich man's son at gunpoint. His wife suffers from paranoia and wanders about the house, and is also attacked by the criminals. Eventually, the captors turn on the thugs, beating one of them bloody in the kitchen, and shooting another! There's a bizarre twist ending to all this well-made crime flick from the land of Coffin Joe! UNCUT print, Portuguese w/NO subts., good qual.

SEDUCED BY THE DEMON-VERY RARE 70's Brazilian exorcism-possession flick, about a man going crazy when he sees visions of the devil standing before him, and goes on a murderous rampage, strangling women! His friends try to help him , but he keps getting worse, and is eventually locked in an asylum by a judge. He manages to escape, and goes after the priest in a final battle with good and evil! Bizarre voodoo-satanic rituals are also shown, as well as a fair share of violence. Worth checking out for sure! UNCUT print, in Portuguese w/NO subts., good qual.

DEADLY REVENGE- Obscure and violent late 70's Spanish crime film, about a man pushed over the edge after his child and best friend are killed by the mafia. He has a drunk ex-boxer help him to get even, killing two gay mafia killers in their beds with a shotgun! A hooker is also viciously beaten in a bar, and lots of nudity is shown as well. Sleazy and violent, just the way i like 'em!! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

LOS ANGELES CONNECTION- REAL RARE and action-packed 1969 euro-crime flick, shot in Hollywood, and dir. by Alberto De Martino. An Italian reporter comes to Hollywood to track down the killers of his friend, who was involved with plenty of sleazy mafioso-types. Some thugs go to his home, beat him up, make him puke, then PUSH HIS FACE INTO IT in a GRAPHIC scene! He gets even later on, tho, as he raids the crime boss's pad, and beats up the same dudes, rubbing one guy's face in a CAT LITTER PAN full of CAT-SHIT! Who writes the stuff for this??!! Lots of shootings and fights as well, nudity, seediness, etc. Stars Robert Hoffman, Luciana Paluzzi, John Ireland, and Frank Wolff. UNCUT, in ENGL., good qual.

MASSACRE EN EL RIO TULA- Man, WHAT A MOVIE!! This 1985 Mexican sleaze-gore-crime flick has MORE GRISLY GORE than many HORROR flicks made there! It starts with a bunch of rotted, dead corpses floating down a river, then the film goes on to explain how they all ended up that way! A guy is beaten and killed in front of his girlfriend, who tells the chief thug that drugs are hidden in the man's stomach lining. They take his body and her out to the desert, where they cut him open, GRAPHICALLY PULLING his GUTS out to find dope, but don't find any, so they shoot her and CUT HER OPEN as well!! Lots of gory shootings occur, too, like a whole bunch of little kids gunned down in front of a jewelry store during a robbery! Also nudity, rape, sadism, FACES OF DEATH-type corpse-rotting scenes, etc.! Stars Hugo Stiglitz and Bruno Rey. If you love violent, sadistic, inhuman cinema, THIS is the film for you! UNCUT, Spanish w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. REAL OBSCURE!

POLICIA DE NARCOTICOS- Another BLOOD-SOAKED action flick from Mexico, where life is VERY, VERY CHEAP!! This one's also from 1985, starring Valentin Trujillo as a bad-ass Mexican cop, trying to bust the drug ring that kidnaps young boys from their mothers in stores and cuts open their stomachs, removing the intestines and all in a VETERINARY CLINIC(!!), then putting HEROIN in place of the guts in plastic bags and feeding the child's guts to the DOGS in the clinic(i TOLD YOU life's CHEAP down there!!!). They then have a man and woman carry the dead child with them thru the airport, who appears to just be asleep, and take him on a plane with the drugs inside! Not if Trujillo can help it, tho! He goes on a one-man massacre, bloodily shooting and stabbing the baddies in an orgy of carnage that makes Al Pacino's SCARFACE look like a Disney cartoon!! Stomachs sliced, ice-hook impalements, nudity, beatings, etc.!! INCREDIBLE SHIT!! UNCUT print, in Spanish, NO subts., good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

A.R.15-COMMANDO IMPLACABLE- Even MORE Mexican madness, this one from 1988, with Hugo Stiglitz as the leader of a band of raping, killing baddies living in the woods iwth a giant black PANTHER to protect them, along with an arsenal of weapons! They break into this guy's house and rape, torture, mutilate, stab, and kill his entire family in a violent home-invasion, and try to snuff him out, too, by shooting him in the head. They only graze his forehead, tho, and he wakes up to find evryone slaughtered and lying in pools of blood! He loses his mind and keeps his dead relative's bodies, posing them at the dinner table and talking to them as if they still lived! He also goes on a muderous RAMPAGE of REVENGE on his family's killers, shooting, stabbing, and torturing them in a vengeance-soaked massacre! Stiglitz ends up on a table having his stomach cut open, his blood-soaked innards exposed!! BRUTAL, GORY, and ACTION-PACKED!! In Spanish w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

TRAFFICANTES DE SANGRE(TRAFFICKERS IN BLOOD)-Extremely rare and obscure 80's Mexican seedy horror-crime film, about people having their blood drained from them in a series of gory murders in a city. An elderly man has an incurable blood disease, and must have FRESH HUMAN BLOOD constantly given to him at his hospital bed, which is obtained by killing homosexual men picked up at seedy Mexican bars by his two sons! Some gory stabbings, nudity, bizarre plotlines, etc.! UNCUT print, in Spanish w/NO subts., good qual.

SCORPION SIGN-Bizarre Brazilian supernatural horror film from the VERY EARLY 70's, about a group of people messing with the occult via this machine with all the horoscope signs on it! Anyone coming in contact with the sign of the Scorpion falls victim to an evil spirit and ends up dead. Women get harpooned and stabbed, etc. Some cheezy gore, weird black magic rituals, etc. UNCUT, in Portuguese w/NO subts., good qual.

THE TORTURER-Weird and VIOLENT 70's Brazilian sleaze, about a sect of Nazi's in Brazil who kidnap and beat up local crime rings to indimidate them into following them. There's beatings, weird experiments, heads get cut off, shootings, bizarre scenery, etc. Very PSYCHOTRONIC flick! UNCUT print, Port. w/NO subts., good qual. CHECK IT OUT!!

ROLF(THE LAST MERCENARY)-MEGA-VIOLENT 1982 Italian-made war-action-revenge pic, dir. by Marlon Sirko. A persecuted RAMBO-type ex-mercenary has his girlfriend raped and murdered by his old army buddies, who when on assignment in Africa, terrorized villages and threw little black kids in the air before SHOOTING them down, in a GORY, graphic flashback sequence! He tries to get the local fuzz to help him, but no deal, so he goes on a bloody rampage of revenge and executes his old buddies one by one! Impalements, rapes, nudity, torture, beatings, racism, gory shootings-WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?!! UNCUT IMPORT version in ENGLISH, good qual. Of course, it's RECOMMENDED!!

MERCENARY ATTACK(THE BIG BUST-OUT)-Very rare UNCUT version of 1973 WIP-sleaze-gore-action flick, made in Spain by director Mel Welles under a pseudonym, and prod. by Roger Corman!  Gordon Mitchell and Tony Kendall star! This print runs 15 mns. longer than the u.s. video release! All the violence, nudity, sadistic beatings, etc. are intact!  In engl., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

TRAMPA SEXUAL(SEXUAL TRAP)-Very obscure 1978 Spanish sleaze pic, from the dir. of SEXO SANGRIENTO. A woman roams a beach where some very brutal rapes and murders have occurred. Plot twists and turns abound! UNCUT, in Span. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

BLACK GOLD DOSSIER-Action-packed 1976 Eurocrime-adventure pic, dir. by Ivan Katansky(Paolo Solvay, who did SS HELL CAMP and DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT). Richard Harrison stars as a secret crime-fighting agent out to bust an Arab slave and drug ring, with the help of Gordon Mitchell and a beautiful blonde female karate expert, who fights topless with some Arab thugs in one scene! Lots of sleaze, nudity, shootings, stabbings, beatings, etc. UNCUT, in engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

LA GATTA EN CALORE(THE CAT IN HEAT)-VERY RARE 1972 Itln. Giallo, about a woman who has an affair with another man when her husband fails to have sex with her at times. The guy turns out to be a doper-degenerate who wants her to screw his friends and drop acid, etc., so she goes crazy and shoots him in the head! The husband eventually finds out, and tries to help her get rid of the body by burying it in the backyard. Then, strange things begin to happen! Eva Czmerys stars. Lots of nudity, plot twists, some violence, etc. UNCUT, in Itln. w/NO subts., lbx'd., good qual.

7 HOURS OF VIOLENCE-COOL 1975 Euro-action-kung-fu-crime flick, with George Hilton as a kung-fu expert fighting the mafia with fists, guns, and knives! Many violent battles with Chinese mafia henchmen, who try to chop Hilton down to size! This flick has it ALL:nudity, kung-fu, stabbings, brutal violence, sleaze, head shots, gory executions, etc. LOADS OF FUN!! UNCUT print in ENGL., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!!


SLAVERS-EXTREMELY RARE 1978 mixture of action-adventure and Blaxploitation, dir. by Jurgen Goslar and starring sleaze-film favorites Cameron Mitchell and Ray Milland. Black slaves are raped, beaten, and tortured by the cruel slave-traders and decide to revolt and seek a violent revenge on the white man! Nudity, shootings, stabbings, etc. Wild fun! UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

CRIME-BUSTERS-Very cool 1977 Euro-crime flick with Henry Silva and Antonio Sabato, dir. by Michele M. Tarantini. Silva and Sabato team up against the mafia who is behind the deaths of

many innocent people in town. Bloody shootings, car crashes, kidnappings, stabbings, beatings, nudity, etc. UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

FEAR IN THE CITY(THE WOODEN OVERCOAT)-VERY RARE 1981 crime-action, with Fred Williamson in a bit part as a black gangster fighting the Italian mob in NY along with an army of his soul-brothers(there's some COOL late 70's footage of 42nd.st.!!). Plenty of foul language, nudity, gory shootings, knifings, mafia rubouts, gang warfare, etc. UNCUT print in engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

MEAN FRANK AND CRAZY TONY(ESCAPE FROM DEATH ROW, POWER KILL)-This is the RARE UNCUT version with the DRILL-KILLING footage and all other violent scenes INTACT., of the 1975 mafia-action film starring Lee Van Cleef and Tony Lo Bianco. An old-time 42nd. st. favorite and arguably one of Van Cleef's best films! LOADS OF FUN! In engl., good-very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

STREET WARRIORS(BESTIAS JUVENILES)-Graphic and very violent 1977 Spanish crime flick with Frank Brana, dir. by Jose Antonio DeLoma. A tough gang of young criminals terrorize the city, robbing cars, stealing purses, and shooting anyone getting in their way. The leader goes to reform school along with some of his buddies, but gets out early and becomes even more violent

afterwards! He makes a BIG mistake, 'tho, when he has sex with an older mafia guy's virgin girlfriend, so the thugs hold him down and CUT HIS PRICK OFF!(shown in graphic, bloody detail!). Of course, the young thug doesn't take that very well, and vows a bloody revenge!! Another 70's sleaze and violence classic!! UNCUT print in engl., very good qual. REC'D.!!!.


BIG GUNS(NO WAY OUT)-Very violent 1975 Italo-French co-prod. of this cool mafia-revenge film

starring Alain Delon and Anton Diffring, and dir. by Duccio Tessari. After his wife and kids are blown up and killed by the mob, a hitman vows revenge on all who planned it(and who also plan to kill him, too!). Bloody head-shots, eyes blown out, brutal beatings, nudity, etc. Well-made! UNCUT print in engl., lbx'd., only o.k. pic qual.

STREET WAR-Another very violent and action-packed mafia flick starring Maurizio Merli, this one from 1976, and also with James Mason and Raymond Pellegrin. A group of prisoners escape

and wreak havoc on a city, shooting, raping, and killing, and one man(Merli) who's family was killed by them goes out for a bloody revenge against them. Lots of gory deaths, shootings, stabbings, etc. FUN! UNCUT print in ENGL., good qual.(BA)

THE LAST DESPERATE HOURS-Violent and real obscure 1974 crime flick with Antonio Sabato as a doomed gangster with only hours to live after being infected with the BUBONIC PLAGUE by a rat-bite!! The mob's also tryin' to rub him out at the same time, too, so he tries to waste as many of them as he can before he dies! There's a SHOW-STOPPING gory death scene with a circular saw with blood spurting everywhere!! Plenty of nudity, beatings, torture, and bloody shootings, too! UNCUT, in engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!!

BROTHERS TILL WE DIE-An unofficial sequel, of sorts, to THE TOUGH ONES, this 1977 crime-slime pic by dir. Umberto Lenzi also brings back the "Hunchback of Rome", played again by Tomas Milian, who ALSO has a dual-role as Humpo's BROTHER(without a hump!), as his curly-haired brother Pigsty, affactionately called "PIGGY"! He helps his 'bro fight the cops and the

mob out to silence him! Lots of fights, bloody shootings, beatings, car chases, crashes, rough dialogue, etc. In other words, BIG FUN!! UNCUT print in ENGL., o.k.-good qual.

SPECIAL COP IN ACTION-VERY COOL 1976 crime-action, with Maurizio Merli and John Saxon, dir. by Franco Martinelli, of VIOLENT ROME and ZOMBI HOLOCAUST fame!! Merli takes on the criminals with his usual flair and style, and even ends up in prison for a while for shooting a thug in a frame-up by Saxon. Fistfights, beatings, foul language, stabbings, shootings, gory mob rub-outs, etc.! UNCUT, lbx'd., in ENGL., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

FREE HAND FOR A TOUGH COP-VERY RARE 1976 crime-action sleaze, dir. by Umberto Lenzi

and starring Henry Silva, Tomas Milian, and Claudio Cassinelli. A no-nonsense cop goes to a prison and helps bust out a criminal(Milian with curly hair again!) to help him catch another evil crime boss, played by Silva. Lots of bloody shootings, beatings, nudity, car chases, explosions, and Silva plays a GREAT mean and foul-mouthed crime boss! UNCUT print, lbx'd., in ENGL., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

FROM CORLEONE TO BROOKLYN-Another crime-slime great by Umberto Lenzi, this one from 1978, with Maurizio Merli(geez, this guy should have a STATUE built for him in his honor for all the mafia-crime flicks he's been in over in Italy!!). Merli goes to NYC to track down a Sicilian hit-man and bring him back to Rome on murder charges. He has a WILD confrontation with a NY street gang, who call him a "WOP"!! They even kick his ass, too, until he pulls out

his piece!! Plenty of gory shootouts, fights, beatings, wise-ass NYC street punks robbing a restaurant, etc. Lenzi pours on the sleaze in grand style!! UNCUT print in engl., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!!

THE COUNSELOR(COUNSELOR AT CRIME)-RARE UNCUT IMPORT version of 1973 mafia crime flick starring Martin Balsam and Tomas Milian, dir. by Alberto De Martino. Balsam plays a godfather at war with another mob family because he lets his son leave the mob without their permission, thereby violating the cardinal rules of the "Cosa Nostra"! Plenty of sleazy violence

, stabbings, beatings, shootings, gory mob hits, etc. UNCUT print contains all the gore and nudity cut from the TV print released over here on video. In engl., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!!

SILENT ACTION-Violent and very rare 1975 mafia-crime-suspense film dir. by Sergio Martino, and starring Luc Merenda as an investigator-cop trying to uncover a vast murder-conspiracy group responsible for many deaths. There's a show-stopping HEAD DECAPITATION by TRAIN scene in the beginning!! Plenty of shootings and stabbings, too! UNCUT print, lbx;d., in engl., good qual.

THE SYNDICATE:A DEATH IN THE FAMILY(COLPO ROVENTE)-ENGL. UNCUT UPGRADE!!-Here is the 20 mns. longer UNCUT ENGLISH-DUBBED print of the 1969 sleazy crime-noir-exploitation flick about violent mob rub-outs in NYC by hired assassins, and the tough-talking detective hot on the trail of the killers! This version is FAR more VIOLENT than the Itln. print previously offered, and incls. a bloody throat-slashing scene, as well as a grim scene of a naked blonde and a black man tied to beds and SET ON FIRE ALIVE by members of a mean-ass biker-mafia gang!! Too cool!! Qual. is good-very good, and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

THE SICILIAN CONNECTION-Sleaze-filled and violent 1972 mafia-action flick, starring Ben Gazzara as a two-bit NYC thug trying to rise to the top of the crime-mafia ladder by picking up a ton

of Heroin overseas and bringing it to the mob in NY. Gory scenes of bullets going thru eyes, drugs hidden in corpses, brutal beatings and shootings, nudity, and some GREAT footage of 42nd. st. circa '72 thrown in for good measure!! Dir. by Ferdinando Baldi. UNCUT print in ENGL., lbx'd., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

SCREAM FREE(FREE GRASS)-VERY RARE and totally obscure 1969 biker-drugs oddity, starring Russ Tamblyn as a sadistic, drug-pushing hippie-heroin addict who plots with two goons(one played by Kasey Kasem!) to smuggle a ton of grass across the Mexican border with the help of a hippie friend in trouble with the cops. Things go terribly wrong, 'tho, and plenty of mayhem and murder ensues amidst the acid-dropping hippies and their girlfriends! This version is UNCUT, with all the graphic violence missing from other prints, incl. the body and face-burning scene, beatings, rapes, killings, etc. Dir. by Bill Brame, of JIVE TURKEY fame!! In engl., only o.k. qual. but still worth it! RECOMMENDED!


KILLERS-SUPER-VIOLENT 1971 biker-action flick, with Michael Ontkean. A biker chick leaves the gang for a hippie-peacenik group, only to have the deranged bikers hunt her down and punish her for leaving by brutally torturing and gang-raping her, but not before burning and torturing an old man to death and severely beating the peaceniks who try to stop them. She ends up getting help from a black biker-chick who had her face scarred by the leader, and her and their gang prepare for a bloody showdown that takes no prisoners! Gory face-shootings, stabbings, impalements, crucifixions, rapes, machete attacks, pitchfork impalings, etc.!! This flick would NEVER get made today, that's for SURE! UNCUT print, in ENGL., very good pic qual. RECOMMENDED!!

THE CURIOUS FEMALE-Strange mixture of sexploitation and sci-fi, this 1969 flick stars Angelique Pettyjon, who is part of a group of folks in the future who watch older 20th-century skin flicks in secret, due to their being banned by the government. If you like to see Ms. Pettyjon nude, this is the film for you! Bizaare hippie-type parties, lots of softcore sex and nudity, etc. Uncut, in engl., good qual.

PRISONERS-Very rare 1972 Vietnam-war drama, with Mako used by American soldiers as an interrogator trying to force information out of a Vietnamese man held as a prisoner-of-war by torturing him. The man never tells them what they want to know, but they keep on torturing him anyway. Graphic stabbings, beatings, racial slurs(Vietnamese called "Dinks" and "Gooks", and a black soldier called "Nigger" by a racist white soldier in a fight), some nudity, etc. Uncut print, in ENGL., very good qual.

COP'S HONOR-Violent 1986 action-revenge drama, starring Alain Delon as an ex-cop determined to have a bloody revenge against the thugs who killed his daughter and her boyfriend in a gory robbery-shooting spree. Plenty of gory shootings, stabbings, fights, nudity, action sequences, etc. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

THE RUNAWAY(RUNAWAY, RUNAWAY)-VERY RARE 1971 film that played the grindhouse and drive-in circuit in the early 70's, with William Smith as a man trying to help a young runaway girl from the sticks cope with life in the streets of Hollywood after fleeing there from home. She meets plenty of unsavory characters, incl. drug addicts, lesbians, whores, hippies, drunks, sex perverts, etc.(in other words, the TYPICAL folks you bump into in Hollywood!!). Good nostalgic retro-sleaze, with a good performance by Smith as usual! UNCUT, in ENGL., good qual.(BA)

THE ONLY WAY HOME-REAL OBSCURE 1975 rural drive-in-type flick, filmed in Oklahoma and starring Bo Hopkins and Steve Sandor as two road-buddies on a motorcycle, who decide to turn

to a life of crime and escape to California. They accidentally kill a motorist on the highway during a robbery and take his pretty wife hostage, and that's when their troubles REALLY begin! Shootings, some sleazy dialogue("blindfold that bitch!"), and a surprise twist ending that's REAL DEPRESSING! UNCUT version in ENGL., good  qual.

BLINDMAN-Very COOL 1971 Spaghetti-western dir. by Ferdinando Baldi, with Ringo Starr as a bad guy!! A blind hired hand is ripped off by a gang of cut-throats who don't pay him for bringing a cargo of female prostitutes across the desert for them. Believe me, this blind dude don't NEED no stick! He shoots, burns, maims, and eye-gouges them all to pay their asses back, and he does, BIG-TIME! Nudity, violence, and shootings galore in this UNCUT and lbx'd. print! In Engl. and very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

GOLD RAIDERS-Action-packed and BLOODY 1983 Asian-made adventure flick, with Robert Ginty fighting mercenaries, assassins, and giant BLOODSUCKING CAVE BATS(!), in order to earn his keep! Axes in foreheads, impalements, stabbings, machine-gun massacres, wild bat attacks, kung-fu fights, etc.!! Fun stuff!! Uncut, in Engl., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!

THE CONTRACT(LA SAIGNEE, HOLDUP)-Violent 1971 French-Itln. crime-action, which starts out in NYC with lots of neat old footage of Times Square! A young waiter witnesses a mafia bigwig killing his unfaithful wife in a hotel, so he takes off to Europe to hide from the mob-big mistake! They find him anyway and send a hitman(Gabriele Tinti) to kill him. Nudity, shootings, stabbings, car chases, and nice locations make this well worth seeing! Uncut print in Engl. AND French(some scenes are ONLY in French dialogue!), good qual.


RAPE OF LOVE-Graphic and VIOLENT early 70's French rape flick, softcore, but still very graphic in it's depiction of a woman who was raped brutally by a group of young thugs in a forest after they see her bicycling alone. The woman decides to testify against her attackers. Very rare flick! Uncut, in French w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good qu

KILLER VS. KILLERS(DEATH COMMANDO)-Obscure and violent 1985 Itln. mafia-sleaze with Henry Silva and Edmond Purdom of PIECES fame! There's a gory hand-amputation by garden shears scene, as well as throats cut , shootings, etc. Dallia Di Lazzaro also stars. Uncut, Itln. w/Engl. subts, very good qual. Dir. by Fernando Di Leo!


VIOLENT NAPLES(VIOLENT PROTECTION)-Brutal and graphic 1977 crime-slime action from our favorite dir., Umberto Lenzi! Barry Sullivan, John Saxon, and Maurizio Merli star!

Tons of rough beatings, impalings, shootings, nudity, stabbings, etc. Great stuff! Uncut, in Engl., excell. qual. RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

CYNIC, THE RAT, AND THE FIST-UPGRADE!-Excell. qual. upgrade print from foreign DVD of this spectacularly violent 1976 Umberto Lenzi crime-slime-a-thon! John Saxon again stars as a vicious crime boss who has acid thrown in a hooker's face and one guy fed to his doberman dogs! Mean, rough, sadistic, and wild!! Uncut and in Engl., lbx'd. HIGHLY REC'D.!!(BA)

DAL NOSTRO INVIATO A COPENHAGEN-Super-rare 1970 Itln. Giallo-type thriller, dir. by Alberto Cavallone, who did MAN, A WOMAN, AND A BEAST! Two Vietnam-vets go to Copenhagen after the war, and one of them goes insane, killing prostitutes after he has flashbacks, etc. The other gets a job in the sex industry! Some bloody war-flashback scenes, stabbings, stranglings, nudity, and an overall weird atmosphere make this a must-see for cult film

fans! Uncut, Itln. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

THE FLORIDA CONNECTION-Very obscure "Hicksploitation" film made in 1978, dir. by Robert J. Emery of MY BROTHER HAS BAD DREAMS fame! There's a greedy hick sheriff, drunk rednecks tryin' to get in on a dope-smuggling deal, shootings, an attempted rape by an ugly geek in overalls, fistfights, explosions, car and boat chases, etc. June Wilkenson plays the sexy plane driver/spy who falls in love with the hero of the film. Great character actor Bill Thurman also stars! Fun drive-in stuff! Uncut, in Engl., very good qual.


BLOOD DEBTS(HUNTER'S CROSSING)-Action-packed 1985 Asian-made flick, with Richard Harrison as an obsessed vigilante killing rapists and robbers after his wife is beaten and

savagely attacked by a gang of hunters in the woods. He goes on a mission with a female hitwoman hired by the mob to kill all the scum in the city! Kung-fu fights, beatings, nudity, stabbings, impalings, etc. Pretty cool stuff! Uncut print, in Engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED

BLOODY HANDS OF THE LAW-UPGRADE-Very nice-looking lbx'd. and UNCUT print of the 1973 Euro-crime flick starring Klaus Kinski. This also comes with the TRAILER! In Engl. and very good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

FORTY-DEUCE-UPGRADE W/INT'VW.-A better-looking uncut and lbx'd. upgrade print of this 1982 Paul Morrisey sleazy art film shot entirely in Times Square, which as a bonus, has an interview with the dir., Morrisey, by some French people(they ask questions about his films in French, he answers in English). In good-very good qual., and the film is in Engl. w/French subts.

MORIRAS CON EL SOL(MOTOCICLISTAS SUICIDAS)-Very rare early 70's Mexican biker-action drama, about a young man who becomes crippled by a race with a gang of bikers who tend to ride off cliffs on a dare! His older brother fights the gang to get even. Some good fistfights, nudity, beatings, etc. Uncut, in Spn. w/NO subts., good qual.(BA)

JACK, EL VIGILANTE-Very COOL and bloody 1991 Mexican action-sleaze, with Sebastian Ligarde as a badass vigilante cop in Mexico, kicking much ass and wasting violent criminals he runs into in restaurants, bars, etc. Of course, this earns him plenty of enemies, both on and off the force, and a plot is hatched to have him killed. Bloody stabbings, knifefights, beatings, shootings, nudity, etc. Uncut, in Spn. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

MASSACRE EN EL RIO TULA-UPGRADE!-Here is a VERY GOOD QUAL. upgrade, still in Spn. only, of this ultra-violent 1986 Mexican crime-gore-sleaze classic with Hugo Stiglitz! This print is a nice improvement over the previous one. Plenty of sleaze, guts, gore, and death!! Uncut

pritn in Spn. w/No subts. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

LAS MUNECAS DEL KING KONG-Very rare ALTERNATE version of the 1977 Spn.-Itln. film SAVANA, VIOLENZA CARNALE, with different footage shot in a Mexican club with a huge King Kong statue on top of it!(there's NO other King Kong in the movie, sorry!). Aldo Sambrell plays the slimy, depraved criminal who gets his hand chopped off with a machete in graphic detail! You get sleazy naked dancing girls, gunfights, stabbings, rapes, a sexy niteclub chick singing an Olivia-Newton John song in Spanish(!), beatings, jungle action, etc.!! Definitely a COOL flick!! Uncut, in Spn. w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!


HUNTING GROUND(COTA DE CAZA)-ENGL.-DUBBED UPGRADE!-We now have this very violent and graphic 1983 Spanish film UNCUT and in Engl.(the dubbing makes it sound really GREAT!). It has the complete crotch-burning scene, too! Quality is good.(BA)

SAVAGE CONNECTION-Virtually unheard-of 1972 softcore sex-biker flick filmed in California, with Sandy Carey, Steve Treadwell, and Barbara Allison, dir. by Anthony Weber. Nudity, sex, and violence abound as a porno producer decides to shoot a film out in the desert with bikers-with disastrous results for him and others! A real obscurity! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.(BA)

RIDE THE HOT WIND-More obscurities, this one from 1971 and starring Tommy Kirk as a hated Vietnam Vet who gets into deeper and deeper troubles after hooking up with a crazy

biker gang. Rapes, beatings, nudity, a guy impaled on a pitchfork, racist dialogue, shootings, and an overall sleazy atmosphere make this one to check out for sure! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.(BA)

ROMA:L'ALTRO FACCIA DI VIOLENCIA-Mega-rare 70's Italian crime-slime actioner dir. by Marino Girolami, also known as the dir. of DR. BUTCHER! Marcel Bozzuffi plays a tough cop who tries to stem a tide of violent robberies. Some pretty rough violent deaths in this one! Itln. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.


DANISH SEX SLAVES-Softcore version of very sleazy 70's Erwin Dietrich white slavery flick, with Eric Falk of MAD FOXES fame! Lots of other Euro-trash stars are in this one, too. Some violence, beatings, whippings, nudity, fights, etc. In other words, FUN! In Engl. and in good qual.(BA)

FOUR FOR ALL-Cool and action-filled 1975 Turkish-Itln. crime flick, with Gordon Mitchell and Richard Harrison kicking some serious ass for a friend, after he has his wife and child killed by a gang of cruel thugs. Plenty of fistfights, drop kicks, karate, shootings, bloody beatings, explosions, car chases, etc. It has a very cool musical score to boot! Uncut version in Engl., o.k.-good qual.

DEADLY PREY-Very cool 1987 war-action film in the mode of the RAMBO films, with a muscular blond-haired dude kidnapped in front of his home and forced to participate in deadly "war games" by a gang of savage mercenaries, led by his old army sergeant, no less! Some gory moments, incl. impalements, bloody shootings and stabbings, arrows through the neck, and one standout scene where a guy has his arm cut off and is beaten up with it, then has his scalp cut off! Uncut print in Engl., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!

COSY COOL-Rare and pretty violent 1978 Aussie biker-action film, about two societal drop-outs on the lam from everyone and riding their choppers on the road to nowhere! They have encounters with hippie chicks, mean townies with shotguns, and witness a BLOODY satanic ritual where a topless blond girl has her heart cut out and removed by devil worshippers, who then drink her blood out of a goblet that they drained from the heart! It has a suprisingly grim ending, too! Uncut and in Engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

CONCRETE HELL(TURNING TO STONE)-Hard to find 1986 Canadian women’s prison drama, about a woman caught trying to smuggle drugs across the border and being sent to prison for the first time in her life(not good!). She encounters the usual cruel lesbians, suicidal crazies, and uncaring and corrupt guards common to every joint, and ends up being raped by another jealous inmate as punishment. Well-made! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.(BA)

HIGHWAY RACER-Fast-paced 1976 crime flick from Italy, with Maurizio Merli as a cop/car

racer who decides to take out the local racing thugs/robbers by posing as a hot-shot drag-racer to gain their confidence. Shootings, car accidents, fights, etc. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

MALAVITA ATACA(LOWLIFES ATTACK)-Very rare 70’s Itln. crime-action film dir. by Mario Caiano that;s almost impossible to find, until now! Lots of rough action, with beatings, car chases, shootings, stabbings, fights, etc. Itln. w/No subts., o.k. pic qual.

LA GUERRA DEL TOPLESS(TOPLESS WAR)-This bizaare 1965 Itln. MONDO-styled nudie-stripper satire has to be SEEN to be believed!! Satan and his band of devils(a bunch of guys in red devil costumes with horns and tails, etc.) send two of their followers posed as humans(one guy looks like a retarded Jerry Lewis making stupid faces, etc.!) to check out the women who like to go "topless" and try to encourage other women to do the same, in order to get more females to throw into the fiery pit of hell! Cool costume sets, crazy acting and neat stripper acts performed in hell(although there isn’t much real nudity on display!) make this a psychotronic wonder-obscurity that no cult film fan can afford to miss! Uncut, Itln. w/NO subts., lbx’d., good qual.

REVENGE IS MY DESTINY-Very rare 1973 Southern exploitation drama, starring Chris Robinson as a Vietnam Vet trying to find his kidnapped wife in a town full of criminals, drugs, and hired killers. Fistfights, some stabbings, throats cut, etc. Uncut print in Engl., very good qual.(BA)

HARD WOMEN(PERRAK)-Violent and wild 1970 German crime-sleaze flick, dir. by Alfred Vohrer, about a gang of transvestites being strangled by a mysterious killer! Bloody shootings, stabbings, nudity, car chases, fights, etc. Uncut print, in German w/NO subts., good qual.(BA)

BLOODY VIRGIN-Another crime film made in Germany, this one from 1974 and with a blonde temptress involved in a world of crime and corruption that leads to her untimely death. Nudity, shootings, stabbings, etc. Uncut, in German w/NO subts., good qual.(BA)

SEASON FOR ASSASSINS-Very violent 1977 Itln. crime-sleaze action, starring Joe Dallesandro as the leader of a gang of young hoodlums on a rape and murder rampage in the streets of Rome. Martin Balsam plays the tough-ass detective out to nail him and his boys any way he can! Beatings, rapes, nudity, stabbings, bloody shootings, car chases, etc.! Lots of action in this one! Uncut print in Engl., very good-excell. qual.


WOMEN(NAKED KILLERS, ISLA DE LOS VIRGENES ARDIENTES)-SUPER-RARE 1977 Spanish sleazy action-adventure flick, dir. by M.I. Bonns. An island treasure is protected by a group of karate-fighting, spear-throwing amazon women, trained and raised by an old man who was shipwrecked there for many years. A boatfull of pirates lands on the island in order to find the treasure and fight and rape the women in the process! Some gory deaths, incl. impalements, stabbings, shootings, a brutal rape scene, etc. Uncut, lbxd., in German w/NO Engl. subts., o.k.-good qual.(BA)

KILL, ALEX, KILL-Rare and violent 1976 mafia-crime flick, about a desperate and disillusioned Vietnam Vet introduced to the world of the mafia, and taken on as a hired killer. One guy has a rigged cigar explode in his face, burning and bloodying him until he's shot to death and falls into a pool! Nudity, shootings, fights, etc. Well-made! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

VALLEY OF THE DOOMED(EL VALLE DE LOS MISERABLES)-Very rare 1974 Mexican slave-trade-prison drama, about citizens falsely imprisoned and arrested and taken to an island plantation and forced to work by a brutal plantation owner and his henchmen. Beatings, whippings, torture, and "leper pits" are the order of the day! The prisoners get their's, 'tho, in the gory, brutal conclusion! Naked bodies hung on meathooks and set on fire, sword impalings, nudity, etc. Mario Almada and Hugo Stiglitz star! Uncut, in Spn. w/NO Engl. subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

TEENAGE JAILBAIT-Super-RARE 1973 softcore sex and violence flick made by Stu Segall, dir. of DRIVE-IN MASSACRE! This film recently had it's GREAT theatrical poster reproduced in a very cool movie poster book called TRASH, but is almost impossible to find on video or dvd! Rene Bond stars as a hitchhiker with her rich girlfriend, who gets her involved in a deadly home invasion-robbery plot that goes horribly wrong(don't they all?!). You get rapes, beatings, nudity and softcore sex scenes, a wicked step-mom who gets hers in the end, shootings, and of course, tons of sleaze, 70's style! Uncut print in Engl., very good qual.

BECAUSE OF THE CATS-Bizarre 1973 Dutch-made suspense-sleaze, about a tightknit gang of young criminals who graphically rape a rich woman in front of her husband while beating him up. A hardass detective is on their trail, and finds out they're all members of a bizarre religious-styled cult, run by a karate-expert-nut who thinks he has the answers to all their problems. There's a guest appearance by a young Sylvia Kristal! Nudity, beatings, animal killings, softcore sex and rape, etc. Not bad!! Uncut print in Engl., very good qual.

BEYOND EROTICA(LOLA, RELAX, IT'S JUST A GAME)-Weird 1972 Spanish sleaze starring David Hemmings(DEEP RED) as a psycho nutcase who lives with his control-freak mom in a South American villa and has her bring back village peasant girls for him to enslave, torture, starve, and chase down like animals in the surrounding jungles. The film starts out with one of his lovely victims caught in a bear trap and a guard dog comes along and rips her throat out in gory fashion! The next girl he traps to play his sick games with manages to get the upperhand at the end, and the roles get reversed, as the hunter becomes the hunted! Nudity,

beatings, throats torn out, and one guy gets his face smashed in with a rifle butt! Cool! Uncut print in Engl., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

DER DRESSIERTE FRAU-Strange 1972 German softcore sex flick that's made similar to those "Schoolgirl's Report" movies so popular in Germany at the time. It starts out pretty good, with a woman being whipped and crawling around in a huge cage like a cat in a circus act, but sadly, the film turns into mostly a nudie-comedy afterwards, with lots of silly sexual situations these characters get into, incl. a gay couple! Still worth checkin' out, 'tho! Uncut, in German w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

PRISON GIRLS-RARE 1972 softcore sex/WIP drama that was released to theatres in the 70's and 80's in 3-D! Sadly, this doesn't come with the 3-D added to it, but it's still fun to watch without it! Ushi Digart has a part in this as a furloughed prisoner who plots to run away with her gangster boyfriend. Catfights, nudity, shootings, stabbings, shower scenes, etc.! What else could you want from a WIP film?! In Engl., good qual.


HELL BEHIND BARS-Violent and seedy 1982 Eurotrash WIP flick starring Ajita Wilson, and dir. by Sergio Garrone under an alias. This one is packed to the brims with sadism, beatings, bloody stabbings, chokings, prisoners thrown into sewer water to drown,electric shock, throat-cuttings, shootings, and of course, LOTS of lesbo love-making scenes and foul language to livin things up! What're you waitn' for?!! Uncut print in Engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

HELL PENITENTIARY-More prison madness from 1982 and again starring Ajita Wilson, the "queen" of B-prison movies made in Italy! Shot back-to-back with HELL BEHIND BARS, this has all the same cast and crew, and was also dir. by Sergio Garrone under that same alias! Even the same lady warden is back! Tons of softcore lesbian sex, nudity, stabbings, beatings, whippings, shootings, rough language, rape, etc. This is PURE TRASH here, folks!! Uncut print in Eng., only o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!

SEVEN ON THE LOOKOUT(SIETE EN LA MIRA)-Brutal and bloody 1983 Mexican biker-crime-action film, with the Almada brothers playing Sheriff and cop, both out to get rid of a violent biker gang terrorizing their small town. One of the bikers is shot in the head after raping a girl, and all hell breaks loose and the bikers are out for a bloody revenge! Beatings, stabbings, gory shootouts, nudity, impalings, etc. Very cool flick! Uncut, in Spn. w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!

SEEDS OF EVIL-Real, REAL WEIRD and tough-to-find 1977 Euro-trash art-sleaze film, starring Robert Powell, Virna Lisa, Dominique Sanda, and Erland Josephson. Based on pro-Nazi guy Friedrich Nietzshe, this film shows him as a sexual pervert, musical genius, and "anti-christ" who's sowing the "seeds of evil" for the Second World War. Kinky softcore sex and lots of homosexual activity ala films like SALO, some bloody deaths, perversions, s/m, etc. Lbx.'d. print in Engl., o.k.-good qual.

DIARY OF A RAPE(THE DEPRAVED, EXPOSED)-UNCUT ENG. UPGRADE!-Finally, here is the VERY RARE UNCUT version dubbed in ENGLISH of the 1970 Swedish Christina Lindberg softcore sex-bondage flick released by Group 1 Pictures here in 1973. Tons of nudity, weird sex, and a violent twist ending! Good pic qual. RECOMMENDED!

PRETTY WET LIPS-Funky and sleazy 1973 softcore sex and violence flick, with 3 women recounting to a psychologist their acts of crime, rape, and adultery and their relation to each other. Some graphic forced sex, rape, lesbianism, rough dialogue, domination, etc. Uncut print in Engl., good qual.

19 WOMEN AND A MAN-Fast-paced 70's Brazilian mix of crime-action and softcore sex, with shoot-outs, bus hold-ups, hostage-taking, nudity, etc. Rare! Uncut, Port. Lng. w/No subts., good qual.

PENELOPE'S EDUCATION-Fun softcore 1973 sleaze about hitch-hikers who get into trouble with hippies and aother assorted lowlife types on the road. One chick grabs this hippie dude by the balls and won't let go, pulling him around naked that way! Uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual. rare!

GIVE US TOMORROW-Very rare 1978 British crime-sleaze film, dir. by Donovan Winter. Two crooks invade a bank manager's house and hold him and his wife and kids hostage, and proceed to humiliate and intimidate him and his wife with threats of rape and beatings, etc. The younger crook falls in love with his daughter and has sex with her before he and his obnoxious older partner have a bloody showdown with the coppers at the end! Nudity, some violence, head shots, etc. Uncut print in Engl., good qual.

AND WHEN SHE WAS BAD-Bizaare and rare 1973 mix of softcore sex and horror, about a seriously disturbed young girl who goes to live with her stepfather in L.A. and turns out to be a psycho let loose from a mental hospital obsessed with sex and death! She invites a phoney-baloney bible salesman into the house, only to screw him and then strangle him to death with fireplace tongs while having an orgasm! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.
NICOLE:THE WIDOW'S REVENGE-another bizarre 1973 softcore sex flick, about a widower who looks for other men to marry and seduce, only to KILL them afterwards, with the help of her chauffeur, who killed his own wife he caught cheating on him. Nudity, some violence, etc. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.
THE BODY SNATCHER(LADRON DE CADAVERES)-VERY RARE classic 1957 Mexican horror film made in the GREAT old style f the Mexican horror cinema at the time! A criminal posing as an old man finds bodies for a mad scientist at the local wrestling arena, and at the graveyard. The doctor brings one man back to life, who turns into a hideous MONSTER! There's one fairly graphic impaling death for the time this was made! Creepy, atmospheric, and FUN!! Uncut print in Spn. w/No subts, good qual. RECOMMENDED!! In Black and White.

A WOMAN FOR 7 BASTARDS(WOMAN AND THE 7 SCUMS, SEWER RATS)-Violent and VERY RARE 1976 crime-sleaze pic with Richard Harrison as a cripple with his car broken down in an old mining town populated by scumbag criminals, one of them played by the late, great actor Gordon Mitchell! Dagmar Lassander is the town whore who is constantly abused and ogled by the thugs, and loves every minute of it! Harrison fights back with his cane as a weapon, and man, he WHUPS ASS with it!! He even stops one degenerate from raping the town retard in a graphic, sleazy scene! Stabbings, shootings, nudity, fistfights, impalings, etc.! Uncut and in ENGL., ok-good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

THE SAVAGE THREE-Super-rare and VIOLENT 1975 flick with Joe Dallesandro as a sociopathic criminal working for a computer company performing weird experiments with lab rats, etc. He gets fed up with his nine-to-5 job and goes on a crazy rape and killing spree with two accomplices who're fed up with life, too! They run a tire iron into a guy's chest, attack a woman and Joe jumps on a tractor and impales the woman naked on it, rob a bank and shoot innocent folks, etc.! WILD flick! Uncut and in Engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

LA POLIZIA ORDINA:SPARATE A VISTA!-Rare and obscure 1978 mafia-crime flick made in Turkey and Italy, with lots of violent fights, robberies, shootings, some nudity, etc. They don't get RARER than this! Uncut, in Itln.w/NO engl. subts., good qual.(BA)

DIE NONNE VON VERONA(NUNS OF ST. AR'CANGELO)-Sleazy nuns flick from 1972 with Luc Merenda as a cruel interrogator for the church who supervises tortures and beatings for

confessions of wayward nuns in the convent. Beatings, torture, nudity, sleazy situations, etc. Uncut print in Engl., very good qual. from foreign DVD!

ACT OF AGGRESSION-Rare 1975 French revenge-action film, with Catherine Denueve and Jean-Louis Trintignant. A man goes on a rampage to get revenge on the bikers who raped and murdered his wife and daughter. Violent beatings, fights, etc. Uncut print in French w/Engl. subts., ok-good quality.

REFORMATORY OF DEPRAVED GIRLS-Sleazy 70's Brazilian softcore sex and violence pic, with wild young women being held in a brutal girls' school-boarding house by an old heavy-drinking woman and some violent men who work for her. One girl has electric shock applied to her body, another is hung and tortured, etc. Nudity, catfights, some beatings, etc.! Uncut, in Portuguese w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

PAURA IN CITTA(STREET WAR, HOT STUFF, FEAR IN THE CITY)-UPGRADE!-Another GREAT-looking import print in ENGL.(with Itln. subs) of a classic mafia-crime film, this one from 1976 and starring Maurizio Merli as an ass-kicking detective out to destroy the mob! Dir. by Giuseppe Rosati, this film never lets up in the action dept.and has lots of stabbings, beatings, shootings, bloody violence, car chases, etc.! Totally UNCUT and LBX'D., and has also the trailer in Engl. and in Itln. for the film and some great lobby cards and stills from the film shown as well!

Excell. qual. from foreign DVD. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!(BA)

WOMEN BEHIND BARS(JAILHOUSE WARDRESS)-VERY OBSCURE 1975 Jess Franco WIP-sleaze flick that is more or less an ALTERNATE version of his other smash hit BARBED WIRE DOLLS with a different ending and different scenes added from another film! Lina Romay, Eric Falk, Monica Swinn, and ol' Franco himself star along with LOTS of naked prison babes locked away in a tropical prison. This time, the warden is actually an escaped Nazi war criminal who has a hit squad looking for him! Tons of sleaze makes this worth checking out! UNCUT, in ENGLISH and with TRAILER(in German) and also an INTERVIEW with Lina Romay in English.

HOSPITAL, THE WHITE MAFIA-Unusual 1978 crime drama taking palce inside a hospital plagued by corruption and violence, as well as many "accidental" deaths on the operating table! Dir. by Luigi Vanzi. Definitely a different type of crime film! Uncut, in Engl., o.k.-good qual.


IRON HAND OF THE MAFIA-MEGA-RARE 1980 Itln. mafia-action, starring Gordon Mitchell as a deadly crime boss in the old country! One victim is buried alive in cement! Shootings, beatings, explosions, etc. Uncut, in Itln. w/NO engl. subts., o.k. pic qual.

KANUNDAN KACILMAZ-Bloody and BRUTAL 70's Turkish crime-action film, with a mean and VERY UGLY criminal wrecking havoc in town, and the cop who vows revenge on him after he kills his son. Hostage-taking, home invasions, bloody beatings(this dude has his face beaten to a PULP by fellow gangsters in order to try and frame the cop for doing it!), some nudity, etc. UNCUT print in Turkish w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

KAHPE TUZAGI-More wild 70's Turkish crime-action, this one lifts the theme music from SHAFT in the beginning and ending!! plenty of fights, shootings, beatings, some nudity, some goofy characters in this one, too! Uncut, Turkish w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

OCCUPATIONAL KILLER(POLICIA DE NARCOTICOS-ENGL.-DUBBED UPGRADE!!)- Here is a MEGA-RARE good qual. print in ENGLISH of this SUPER-VIOLENT 1985 Mexican crime-action-sleaze flick starring Valentin Trujillo. This film has it ALL:children's bodies sliced open and innards fed to dogs and cocaine placed inside their torsos, impalings on meathooks, bloody shootings and stabbings galore, head shots, throats slashed, gore-soaked bodies, etc.!! UNCUT version! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!(BA)

THUNDER COUNTY-Obscure southern drive-in exploitation flick from 1974, starring Ted Cassidy and with a guest appearance by Mickey Rooney, and also stars and is dir. by Chris Robinson, of REVENGE IS MY DESTINY, STANLEY, and BLACK RAGE fame! Some women break out of a Florida prison and go hide out in the swamps, after robbing Rooney's boat and leaving him in the water to be eaten by alligators! They end up meeting a wanted criminal at an old shack who works with Cassidy and his thugs in some kind of gun and drug-smuggling operations. Some violent deaths, stabbings, shootings, lesbo cat-fights, some HILARIOUS and POLITICALLY INCORRECT dialogue from Cassidy(he tells one of his henchmen that the day he takes any advice from HIM, a "NIGGER would be in the White House"!!), and cheezy atmosphere adds to the fun! UNCUT, in ENGL., very good qual.

WARCAMP-Violent 1983 Phillipine war-action flick, about a special squad of soldiers sent to\par

rescue American POW’s being held in a sadistic slave-labor camp, where they endure cruel \par

and bloody games that end in death. Lots of shootings, impalings, stabbings, fights, tortures,\par

explosions, etc. Very cool! Uncut print in Engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)\par


HEART OF A FATHER-Rare Turkish crime film dubbed in Engl., starring Cuneyt Arkin as a \par

father torn between his life of crime and his son, left alone after his mother is killed by an \par

assassin. This is NOT the same film as INSAN AV’CISI also starring Arkin! Good flick!\par

Uncut, in Engl., o.k.-good qual.\par


BABALIK- Another violent Turkish action film with Cuneyt

Arkin, this one without Engl. subs.\par

Plenty of bloody kung-fu fights, eye-gougings, shootings, stabbings, beatings, etc.! Loads of\par

fun here! Uncut, Turk. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!\par



CAGED SEDUCTION-Tough to find 1994 Women’s Prison film, starring Stacy Keach and \par

Judith Light. A woman falsely imprisoned fights for her and other inmate’s rights against the \par


guards who rape and beat them on a regular basis. Ultimately, a riot ensues! Made for\par

cable. Uncut, in Engl., excell. qual.\par


DOCTOR’S WIVES-Rare sleazy sexploitation drama made in 1971 with an all-star cast! You\par

get Carroll O’Conner, Dyan Cannon, Richard Crenna, and Gene Hackman in this cheezy film\par

about doctors and their wives who cheat on them, and vice versa. There’s some very gory and \par


heart surgery footage thrown in as well. Very rare uncut version in Engl., good qual.\par


PROOF OF THE MAN-Violent and megarare 1977 semi-Blaxploitation drama, about a black man\par

leaving the NYC Harlem ghetto to go to Japan and ends up being brutally murdered there for a \par

mysterious reason. American and Japanese police get involved in the case. George Kennedy plays\par

a dumb racist cop in NYC who hassles the "brothers", and Broderick Crawford plays a police chief.\par

Bloody stabbings, bar fights, racist dialogue, shootings, etc. Uncut, in Engl., o.k.-good qual.\par


THE COMING OF SIN(VIOLATION OF THE BITCH-ENGL. UPGRADE!)-Very good print in Engl. of the 1977 \par

Joe Larraz sleazy sexploitation drama. This version is the SOFTCORE version, with NO HARDCORE INSERT scenes.\par

Rape, nudity, sleazy interludes, and a gory shotgun death at the end! Check it out!!\par



OF THE JUGGLER-Absolutely GREAT and action-packed 1980 sleazy thriller, with James Brolin, Cliff Gorman,\par

and Richard Castellano. Why a flick this cool and fun hasn’t been officially put out on DVD here yet, i’ll never know! Cliff \par

Gorman plays his greatest role as a psychopathic pedophile-kidnapper living in a burned-out Bronx building(black lady \par

neighbors refer to him as "the MOLE MAN! That sucka’s CRAZY!") who decides to try and kidnap a rich NYC man’s\par

young daughter and demand money for ransom. He screws up ‘tho, and takes a look-a-like working class guy’s daughter \par

instead! The father(Brolin) chases the wacko kidnapper and his girl all over the Big Apple, including 42nd. st. in it’s \par

heyday(with huge marquees showing double and triple features of films like TINTORERA:BLOODY WATERS, VAMPIRE\par

CIRCUS, and SCREAM BLACULA SCREAM!). This film shows the entire

city of New York at it’s grungey, dirty, nasty best,\par

circa summer of 1979! Stabbings, shootings, off-the-wall dialogue from the psycho("I want money or yer daughter’s CHUNKS\par

OF MEAT, ya hear me?!" "Niggers and spics came in and SHIT ALL OVER my neighborhood!!"), some nudity, special guest\par

Sharon Mitchell as a 42nd. st. porn booth worker, gang attacks, etc. This flick ROCKS, TRUST ME! Uncut print in Engl., good\par


AN EYE FOR AN EYE(DRUMMER OF VENGEANCE., DAY OF JUDGEMENT)-Rare 1974 Spaghetti Western/revenge tale, about a \par

Confederate soldier getting even with the men who killed his family. Every time he gets ready to execute them, he puts a wind-up toy\par

drummer boy down at their feet, tells them when it stops moving, it’s their time to die, etc. Pretty cool! Gordon Mitchell and Rosalba\par

Neri star. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

DEMONIOS DEL DESIERTO(DEMONS OF THE DESERT)-Very obscure 1990 Mexican horror/biker action film, with a gang of \par

satanic punked out bikers who find human sacrifices for a bald

, evil old satanic priest in the middle of the desert. Very violent, with\par

stabbings, shootings, impalings, throats cut and impaled, nudity, sleazy biker madness, and more! Fun stuff all the way!! Uncut\par

print, in Spn. w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!\par


ASES DEL CONTRABANDO-Lotsa shootings and fights in this 1985 Mexican obscurity about drug runners and cops south\par

of the border. Uncut, in Spn. w/NO subts., good qual.

BIG GUNS(NO WAY OUT-UPGRADE!)-Nice looking upgraded print of the 1975 mafia-action flick with Alain Delon as the ex-hitman on a rampage

of revenge for his family murdered by the mob. Uncut and in Engl., very good pic qual.(BA)

CURSE OF THE RED BUTTERFLY-Megarare 1982 action/adventure flick starring Gordon Mitchell, about the search for a red butterfly pendant which

causes many deaths along the way. Kung-fu fights, beatings, an old man's head is crushed inside a mask with spikes attached, causing blood to spurt out,

nudity, shootings, impalings, etc. Fun flick! Uncut, in Engl., good-very good qual.(BA)

TORNADO-Very violent 1983 war-action film dir. by Antonio Margheriti, about a sergeant who pushes his men far beyond the limits of endurance in the

Vietnam war. Bloody shootings, stabbings, throats cut, legs blown open exposing bone, fistfights, nudity, tortures, etc. Very cool! Uncut print in Engl.,

very good qual.(BA)

DIAMONDS ON HER NAKED FLESH-What a title! Sleazy and mega-rare 1972 Greek crime-thriller with an evil, wicked woman who'll do anything to

get her hands on the diamonds her brutal boyfriend is after. Nudity, beatings, shootings, stabbings, etc. Uncut, in Greek w/NO subts., good qual.

SEAGULLS FLY LOW-Very rare 1977 crime-drama flick starring Maurizio Merli, who plays a bad guy for a change! He's a hitman being blackmailed

to work for crime boss Mel Ferrer. Shootings, beatings, some nudity. Uncut, in Engl., good


THE SNATCH(LA ORCA)-Rare and bizarre 1978 crime-action, about a woman kidnapped and held for ransom by three thugs, one of whom falls in love

with the sexy captive! He drugs her and has sex with her chained up while fantasizing about them both being together, etc. Naturally, the whole thing

ends tragically and violently! Lots of nudity, softcore sex, shootings, etc. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.(BA)

DEADLY TRIANGLE-Very obscure 1973 crime-giallo from Spain, dir. by Rafael Romero-Merchant. Erika Blanc stars as the cheating wife of an abusive

husband, who both end up scheming to do each other in! Some beatings, nudity, etc. Uncut, in Engl., good qual.(BA)


RIESGO DE MUERTE-Violent Mx. crime-action flick from 1993, with Mario Almada. There's

bloody shootings galore in this one! Uncut, in Spn. w/NO subts.,

good qual.

LA PANDILLA INFERNAL-Obscure 1986 Mexican biker flick starring Valentin Trujillo with the usual shootings, fights, some nudity, and other mayhem. Uncut, in Spanish w/No engl. Subts., very good qual.(BA)

REVANCHA SANGRIENTA-Violent 1987 Mexican action-revenge flick, with Bruno Rey(with dyed-blond hair!) as a Nazi-like killer commando riding around in a tank in the countryside blowing up, shooting, and killing villagers. He kills one guy’s pregnant wife, which sets the guy off on a rampage of revenge! Shootings, stabbings, some good head shots, and a gory heart removal at the end make this worth checking out!! Uncut, in Spn. W/No subts., o.k.-good qual. The movie is unusually short(less than an hour!), so some cool trailers were added after the flick!

COBRA-Very violent 1971 French crime film starring Senta Berger and Gordon Mitchell. The Orsini family is being entirely wiped out by the mob, but they make a big mistake when they send a hitman to Vietnam to get one of them, and accidentally kill his wife and daughter! This Orsini is trained in Guerrilla warfare, and wants to get even! Lots of gory shootings, people set on fire, vicious stabbings, and Mitchell as a sadistic hit man meets his fate at the fangs of a real cobra! Very cool flick!! In Engl., lbx’d., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

STRIKEBACK-Rare 1982 German crime flick, about a young criminal escaping from prison to see his girlfriend, and to pay back the bastard who got him sent there in the first place. Some really bloody beatings and fights, nudity, and some cool German punk bands at a club! Uncut, in Engl., very good pic qual.


HEAT-Bizarre 70’s sexploitation obscurity, with a young loner living at a secluded villa taking pictures of naked women having sex there and then masturbating and fantasizing about them afterwards. This looks like it could’ve been made by Joe Larraz! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

TAXI KILLER- Unreleased workprint of violent 1988 rape-revenge flick, dir. By Stelvio Massi in the u.s., and produced by Fred "THE HAMMER" Williamson!! A woman taxi driver is violently raped in the back of her cab, then is terrorized at home by her attackers. They beat up and kill her father(played by Chuck Conners!), setting him on fire in his garage. Finally, the woman seeks her own revenge after the cops don’t do shit for her, running over and shooting her assailants! She gets help from other female cabbies as well! Rapes, stabbings, shootings, etc. Uncut and in Engl., only o.k. qual. PLEASE NOTE: parts of this have no sound in spots, as this is a rough workprint(this film was never released as far as i know!). Picture is not the best either, but if you wanna see it, here it is!!

PRIVE-Kinky and bizarre 2003 Itln. Sexploitation by the king of sleaze and trash, Bruno Mattei! A woman joins a private sex club, getting more than she bargained for! There’s a cool S/M torture dungeon scene with whippings, orgies, etc. Plenty of softcore sex too! Uncut, in Itln. W/No subts., very good qual.

GAYNIGGERS FROM OUTER SPACE/VIBROBOY-Seriously, i’m NOT making the title up! Yep, it’s GAY NIGGERS FROM OUTER SPACE, a very obscure(rightly so!) 1993 short film about gay black aliens coming to earth(they sorta look like Cameo!) to rid our planet of those "awful female creatures

", as one of them quips!! They use cheezy lookin’ ray guns to zap women with, and one of them is turned WHITE to fit in on earth better! This is SO BAD it’s friggin’ HILARIOUS! It’s uncut and in Engl., too! The second film is in French, VIBROBOY, also from the 90’s, about a flying vibrator on the rampage! Crazy action abounds in this one! Both are in good qual.

SEXANDRIODE/I LOVE SNUFF-More wild double-features, this one with two bizarre rarities from France! The first one is from the 80’s, with three gory episodes involving voodoo, monsters, and naked girls! A guy sticks pins in a voodoo doll, causing this woman in a bathroom to die a bloody death! A very petite nude chick is mutilatedhas her eye gouged out by a hideous monster, who then cuts open his arm and stomach! More crazy stuff as well! The second one was made in 1996, and is XXX rated and has this sick S/M dominatrix and her perverted cross-dressing boyfriend making a homemade snuff movie in the basement with this drunk French guy’s black girlfriend, torturing and beating her and sending the video’s to him and trying to blackmail him for her safe release-he doesn’t!! When they call, he bitches them out for NOT killing her on camera and beats off each time he watches! Eventually, they burn her to death with hot grease, send him the video, and he finally shoots his load watching the real snuff! Seriously sick stuff! Both are uncut, in French w/No subts., mostly good qual.

SICKEST OF THE SICK SHORTS-Fun comp. video of some of the sickest short films out there, incl. the notorious French film MONGOLITOS! Others incl. KITCHEN SINK, PORTRAIT DES HOMMES, GROPING, ADORATION, THE BIG SHAVE. Some are in Engl., others in French w/No subts. The films are in color and black and white. Pic quality is mostly good. Definitely worth checking out!

EL VIOLADOR INFERNAL-Amazingly savage and bloody 1986 Mexican horror/sleaze, about a vicious rapist/killer who’s executed in

the electric chair, only to come back to life via some satanic black magic rituals by a female demonic spirit! Now he’s more vicious

than ever, raping and killing women AND MEN in graphic detail! He brutally rapes a gay man after stabbing him repeatedly in the back,

then carves the numbers 666 on his ass!! Women are gorily stabbed to death after(and before!) the rapes, blood spilling all over the

place! Police try to stop him by shooting him, but now he can’t die! Probably one of the most mysogynistic films ever made! Uncut,

in Spn. w/No subts., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

BRIGADA DE LA MUERTE-Violent 1987 Mexican action flick, with Sergio Goyri and Gilberto De Anda. A cop goes against drug smugglers

in the jungle, who later come back to the city and rape and beat his wife. Of course, this means REVENGE TIME! One guy looks like a

Latino version of Arnold "the Governator" Shwarzenegger!! Some bloody deaths, stabbings, shootings. Uncut, in Spn. w/No subts, o.k.

to good qual.

LA HUELLA-Obscure 1991 Mexican occult horror film, with Roberto "Flaco" Guzman, Felicia Mercado, and Arsenio Campos. A house is

haunted by a female spirit and her male companion, a dude who sometimes appears with a burnt face. A man and his wife buy the house,

unknowing that they must fight against the forces of darkness and evil. Some violence, incl. a face-burning, stabbing, etc. Uncut, in Spn. w/

No subts., o.k.-good qual.

FALCON NEGRO-Violent crime-action flick from 1992, with Mario Almada, Andrea Aguirre, and Jose Luis Chavez. A tough cop wants to

get even for his daughter’s brutal rape/murder by two vicious thugs. Shootings, stabbings, etc. Uncut, Spn. w/No subts., good qual.

LA POLIZIA E’AL SERVIZIO DI LA CITTADINO?-Violent and action-packed 1973 Itln. crime film, dir. by Romolo Guerrieri. Plenty of shootings,

stabbings, blood, nudity, and crazy action here, this mega-rare gem from Italy! Uncut, Itln. w/No subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

OPERATION INCHON-Rare 80’s war-action film by prod. Joseph Lai from Asia, about the war between Korea and Japan. Some good battle

scenes, bloody bayonet stabbings, impalings, fights, some nudity, etc. Fun stuff! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

CLASSIFIED OPERATION-Rare 80’s Phillipine war-action flick, about a tough young man coming home to a village where everyone is terrorized by bandits who control the town, extorting money, raping women, and beating and killing anyone who tries to stop them. He takes them on with his kung-fu fighting skills(and with knives and guns as well!), and almost gets burned alive on a cross in the process! Stabbings, shootings, kung-fu fights, beatings, some nudity, etc. Uncut, in Engl., OK-good qual.(PLEASE NOTE: a line runs through a part of the tape at times.)(BA)

DOUBLE EDGE(NINJA’S FORCE 2)-ENGL. DUBBED UPGRADE-Here’s a rare English version of the 1986 ninja-action flick shot in the Phillipines. Lots of sleazy, wild violent stuff in this one! Uncut, and in good qual.

FINAL SCORE-Very violent and rare 1987 Indonesian-made action flick, starring Chris Mitchum as a man obsessed with bloody revenge after his wife and child are viciously shot and stabbed to death by hired thugs working for a crime boss. He takes no prisoners! Bloody impalings, stabbings, rapes, torture, head shots, nudity, explosions, car chases, etc. VERY COOL FLICK!! Uncut, in Engl., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!(BA)

DEATH BRINGS ROSES-Mega-obscure 1979 sleazy crime drama shot in New Orleans, starring Scott Brady, Broderick Crawford, and a special guest appearance by none other than Henny Youngman! A mob boss is murdered, leading to a hunt for his secret fortune in cash. Lots of nudity, cheezy disco music, weird characters, some violent shootings, stabbings, etc. A real rarity!! Uncut, in Engl., OK-good qual.

NAPOLI: LA CAMORRA SFIDA, LA CITTA RISPONDE-Violent and very rare 70’s Itln. Mafia-action, starring Mario Merola and Antonio Sabato, dir. by Alfonso Brescia. Citizens fight back against the mafia gangs after a man’s wife is brutally raped and son driven insane with drugs injected into him

by the mob boss(Sabato). They sure do get even, too!! Bloody shotgun blasts to the face, impalings, stabbings, rapes, beatings, explosions, etc. The ending rocks! Uncut, in Itln. w/NO subts., lbxd., good qual.

IL MAMMASANTISSIMA-Another rare 70’s Itln. mafia flick, this one also starring Mario Merola and dir. by Alfonso Brescia. This one has Merola as the big don, who has to avenge his daughter’s rape-killing at the hands of a rival. Shootings, stabbings, nudity. Uncut, in Itln. w/No subts., good qual.

THE INHUMAN ONES-Very rare early 70’s Greek crime film, with lots of plot twists and double crosses, shootings, stabbings, nudity, etc. Uncut, in Greek w/No subts., good qual.(BA)

ALTAR-Weird and wild 80’s Turkish remake of CONAN THE BARBARIAN, with music lifted from SUSPIRIA’s soundtrack in the background! Bloody stabbings, beatings, fights, tortures, etc. In Turk. Lng. w/NO subts., o.k. qual.

KONCUSUZ-Believe it or not, this is the very rare Turkish remake of RAMBO:FIRST BLOOD! The Turks do pretty good with this version, putting in lots of violence, shootings, beatings, kung-fu type fights, etc. Lots of cheezy fun! Uncut, in Turkish w/No subts., o.k. pic qual.

ESIR-This one appears to be a remake of sorts to MISSING IN ACTION! POW’s are beaten and tortured in various ways, until they finally fight against their captors. Pretty cool! Uncut, Turk. w/NO subts., only fair-o.k. pic qual.(there’s some bad dropouts from time to time).

3 KIZGIN CENGAVER-This one’s a remake of THREE MUSKETEERS!! Of course, the Turks do their best to liven their’s up with plenty of violence and action, with kung-fu type fights, stabbings, etc. Uncut, Turk. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

KANUN KANUNDAR-Rare Turkish action/crime with Cuneyt Arkin. See him fight the criminals with a bush tied onto his back! Car chases, fights, shootings, etc. Uncut, Turk. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

SOKAKLARIN KANUNU-Violent shot-on-video crime flick from Turkey with Cuneyt Arkin again, this time killing off a gang of raping sickos who brutalized, raped, and killed a woman’s daughter. He personally cuts off their heads after killing them and brings them to show to the woman in her hospital room! Sleazy stuff! Uncut, in Turk. w/No subts., o.k. qual. PLEASE NOTE: certain parts of the tape roll and jump in a few spots.












IN THE HEAT OF THE HOLE-INCREDIBLY DEPRAVED and VIOLENT XXX early 80's Brazilian sex, violence, and sleaze flick, with a guy called "SADY" in a leather jacket going on a rape-murder spree along with a group of vagabond societal throwaways, incl. one dude who's always SUCKING on a MILK BOTTLE when he's not RAPING WOMEN or trying to FUCK BARNYARD PIGS in the ass!! They eventually come upon a sex commune led by a swishy transvestite, have an orgy(with both sexes fucking and sucking!), then kill and torture everybody!! The film even starts with "Sady" burying one of his nude female victims, so you know you're in for a wild ride from the start!! Burnings, stabbings, rapes, XXX gay and straight sex, NECROPHILIA, beatings, etc.!! UNBELIEVABLE! UNCUT print in Portuguese w/NO subts., good qual. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!


AS TARA DO MINI-VAMPIRO-Another totally CRAZY and BIZARRE XXX 70's porn-horror film made in Brazil! This one has a MIDGET VAMPIRE(kinda like a LATIN MINI-ME!), going around and putting the bite on some foxy women he attacks while they're having sex with their boyfriends. He even goes after MEN's blood, after one guy starts squirting blood from his DICK after his girlfriend almost accidentally bites the thing off!! there's also this weird-ass ugly guy in the film who masturbates while looking at photos of HORSES(yes, HORSES!) in his room! FUN STUFF! UNCUT, Portuguese w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

A GUNMAN CALLED PAPAKO-HOLY SHIT! This is a XXX Brazilian SEX-WESTERN made in the 70's, with a creepy guy dressed in black called "Papako" who rides around on a horse dragging a coffin with him(you'll never guess what's in that coffin!). He has a gun battle with another gunman, whom he wounds in the leg and instead of killing him, he pulls out his THROBBING HARD COCK and FUCKS the guy in the ASS!!! Seems that to this cowboy, a HOLE is a HOLE, literally, as he gets it on with men and women in-between gunfights and bar brawls, and he even has some MIDGET threaten him by sticking a gun up his ass!! GEEZ!! Perverted, wild, sleazy, etc., this is a MUST-SEE for fans of radical 70's XXX films!! UNCUT, in Portuguese w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!


HOTTEST SHOW IN TOWN(EXCELL. QUAL. UPGRADE!)-Now i have a GREAT-looking print of this 1973 danish XXX sex-circus film by the Kronhausens, UNCUT and in French, NO eng. subts. Step right up, to the GREATEST XXX show on EARTH! See midgets suck and fuck, dirty trapeze acts, sex orgies, etc.!! LOADS of fun here!!

COME WITH ME, MY LOVE(THE HAUNTED PUSSY)-SUPER-RARE 1975 XXX sleaze dir. by none other than Doris Wishman, under a psuedonym! Believe me, you can EASILY tell this is a Wishman film, right from the start! The ghost of a man who murdered his wife and boyfriend years ago haunts this apt., causing others to kill themselves and making deadly accidents occur, like falling out of windows and electrocution. There's a stabbing by the ghost as well! Annie Sprinkle and Vanessa Del Rio star. UNCUT, in ENGL., o.k.-good qual.

NEW YORK CITY INFERNO(COCKTALES)-VERY OBSCURE 1978 XXX GAY porn, with a traveling Frenchman coming to the Big Apple to explore the gay side of life in all it's forms(he even has sex with a CAB DRIVER!). Much emphasis is on the LEATHER-S/M world, with plenty of kinky bondage acts, pissing, fisting, etc. The entire film features music by:THE VILLAGE PEOPLE!! UNCUT print, in French and some Engl., good qual. CHECK IT OUT!!

PINS, NEEDLES, AND CANDLES-BRUTAL and GRAPHIC XXX GAY S/M video, from the UNDERGROUND and shot in San Francisco(the gay S/M capital of the WORLD!). All three instruments are used in graphic tortures and bondage sessions that only the gay S/mer's know how to do well!! BE PREPARED, as this is the REAL THING! UNCUT, in engl., good qual. The video is short(35 mns.), so lots of extras will be added to the tape!(trailers, other shorts, etc.)


THE BRAZILIAN TRAILER COLLECTION-here's a GREAT compilation tape of previews and scenes from over a dozen different Brazilian films, most of them XXX, and even some odd German-styled XXX S/M stuff here and there! You get some of the BEST scenes from such flicks as I KILLED LUCIO FLAVIO, CASTLE OF DESADE, EMPIRE OF EXPLICIT SEX, EXTREMELY VIOLATED, and many more! An EXCELLENT party tape!! Pic quality varies but is good overall, in Prtuguese and german only! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

PLEASURE MASTERS/SUPERSTAR LADIES-Cool 70's DOUBLE-FEATURE tape, with two XXX flicks for the price of ONE! The first has women at a turn-of-the-century brothel please their kinky clientele in EVERY way possible! There's a foxy-lookin' Oriental chick in it, too! The second one is a comp. flick of rare out-takes from other 70's XXX flicks, one of them showing the notorious Desiree Cousteau's UNCUT ENEMA scene!! Both flicks run about an hour each, and are in good pic qual. In engl.

BORN TO RAISE HELL-VERY ROUGH and BRUTAL 1975 XXX GAY S/M porn made in Los Angeles, about a gay leatherman on the run from the law after brutally beating, torturing, and raping another younger gay male who's father just happens to be a COP! GRAPHIC depictions of WHIPPINGS, pissing scenes, FISTINGS, bondage, forced man-on-man sex, etc.VERY RARE!! UNCUT print, in ENGL., good qual.

ANAL BIRTH OF BURT AND OTHER SICK XXX SHORTS-This is THE PARTY TAPE for SICKO's!! You get 3 notoriously SICK and GRAPHIC XXX shorts on the same tape, starting out with the infamous ANAL BIRTH OF BURT(YES, the BURT doll from SESAME STREET!!), an INCREDIBLY SICK shot-on-video 80's XXX Gay atrocity, starting out with one gay sickie being whipped while tied up(and enjoying it immensely!), and then cutting to a scene where this older, fatter leatherman starts to cry out in pain, saying, "IT'S TIME!", whereupon two other leathermen place him in a chain sling, push his legs apart, and OUT FLIES BURT, popping RIGHT OUT of fat old leatherboy's ASSHOLE!! They put a little leather collar on Burt to introduce him to his new leather brotherhood(oh, boy!) and ALL the other leatherdudes stand

around and smile!! GAGG! The second one is called MY WAY, an ULTRA-SICK 1993 Finnish short with XXX footage mixed in with self-mutilation, a weirdo who tries to fuck a CAR(!), and finally, a HIDEOUS scene involving a REAL CAT that has to be SEEN to be believed!!! Just be WARNED:if you're one of those PETA-type folks who are sensitive, DON'T watch this one!! The third one is called WINE ENEMA, a HILARIOUS 1994 XXX home-made video showing this chick drinking lots of wine, then SHITTING it out all over her bathroom, on her toilet, etc., after giving herself an ENEMA! VERY GROSS STUFF!! All 3 are UNCUT and in ENGL., and in o.k.-good qual. a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED tape!!!

CLASSIC GAY XXX 70's and 80's TRAILERS-Here's a 2-hour tape of coming attractions from the RAREST and BEST of the 70's and 80's XXX gay porn movies, incl. a lot of rough S/M films, too, like GOLDEN BOYS OF THE S.S., etc. If you want to see what life was like BEFORE all that POLITICALLY CORRECT crap started recently, here's a perfect way to start!! VERY FUN TAPE! UNCUT and in engl., overall GOOD pic qual. RECOMMENDED!!

EXPLICIT COMMAND-BRUTAL and very trashy 70's XXX sex and violence, about a gang of thugs holding a houseful of very young-looking girls hostage, and taking turns raping them! They even force the chicks to have sex with each other in front of them while they watch! The leader is in love with the youngest girl, and wants to keep her, but her boyfriend and family plan to get her back and have revenge! Graphic XXX rapes, shootings, beatings, etc. UNCUT, in Prtg. w/NO subts., good qual.

SIT DOWN ON MINE-Totally ABSURD, WILD, and RIDICULOUS 70's XXX porn from Brazil, with a chick that has a TALKING PUSSY(ala PUSSY TALK!), and one jackass who has a DICK growing on the top of his HEAD(he wears a hat to cover it up outside!!)! There's also that little Brazilian midget-guy in this, too, who has the talking-cunt chick PISS in his face in one scene! Crazy stuff for sure!! UNCUT, in Prtg. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.


WOMEN IN PRISON-Very nasty XXX 1989 German shot on video WIP porno, with LOTS of great-lookin' lesbian babes gettin' it on behind bars! One uses a dildo on the girls, and there's also exams by the head lesbo warden done in front of the other prisoners with gloves, etc. Basically a NON-STOP lesbian fuck-fest that'll have you CUMMING back for more!! UNCUT, in german w/Dutch subts., good qual.


PETTITE FILLES PUNIES(LITTLE GIRLS PUNISHED)-Nasty and brutal XXX French S/M porno, with young women being disciplined and beaten by a mean whip-wielding female dominatrix. You get pissings, fistings, ENEMAS out in the open in a yard, pussies shaved, etc.! VERY GRAPHIC! Uncut, in French w/NO subts., good qual.

KINKY POTPOURRI #34-WILD XXX Euro-U.S. compilation tape chock-full of crazy, kinky XXX sex like fist-fuckings, S/M, piss-drinking, chicks with hairy armpits, sex orgies, lesbians, etc.! UNCUT, some engl. and other languages, etc., good qual.

YOUNG GIRLS IN BONDAGE/BEGGING FOR IT(BEGGING FOR DISCIPLINE)-Two short 70's XXX flicks on one tape! The first has a kinky S/M sex couple engaging in some crazy bondage/discipline action for the camera, talking about each other afterwards in documentary style and describing their lifestyle, the second flick was shot in San Francisco in the mid-70's(when it still was a wide-open city full of sin and sickness!!), featuring a couple performing on stage and a woman putting a carrot in her pussy and then having a horse eat it(the carrot, that is!!). Both flicks are fun and thoroughly sleazy, and worth checkin' out! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE-SUPER-RARE 1969 Swedish "how-to" XXX sex docu., showing a room full of sex counselors and doctors discussing sex in marriage and young couples who wish to get help with their partners from the "experts"! One lady "doctor" looks like a BUTCH-er, dykier version of DR. RUTH! Lots of XXX footage of couples mating, sexual examinations, etc. These types of flicks were called "white-coaters" back in the 60's and early 70's! UNCUT print in ENGLISH, good-very good qual.

X-Y-Z LOVE-A sequel to the first one made in 1970, this is another "white-coater" sex docu. with explicit XXX footage and the same goofy sex "experts" sitting around at a table discussing marriage and sex problems with troubled couples again as in the first. FUN STUFF! Too bad, but this one is only in Swedish with NO subs, but still worth checkin' out! UNCUT, good qual.


FISH-FUCKING FREAKS!-Yep, that's the actual title of this MEGA-SICK and PERVERTED XXX compilation tape, with tons of disgusting out-takes from Jpn, German, and U.S. S/M, scat, fetish, etc. tapes, showing euro-chicks using eels to insert into their vaginas, deranged Jap freaks eating shit from shit-smeared girls' panties, weird pin torture and whippings, etc. CRAZY STUFF!! You MUST be 21 to order this one!! Uncut, various languages, only o.k. pic qual.

HOT LUNCH DUO-SUPER-SICK and DEPRAVED 1993 XXX GAY video, showing a sadistic dude dressed in army fatigues and a mask beating and torturing his male sex slave by using a long nightstick to shove down his throat and make him VOMIT all over himself and on the ground, then forcing him to LICK IT UP and rub the vomit in his face!!! Don't worry, this guy loves every minute of it, and afterwards, does some self-bondage with ropes and tit torture while smoking a cigar! If you want to lose YOUR LUNCH, then watch this on a full stomach!! UNCUT, in engl., good qual. REALLY SICK STUFF!!!!

AFFLICTION AND RACIST, WHITE-TRASH VIDEO'S:-WILD, CRAZY, SICK, and BIZAARE compilation tape filled with XXX porn, transvestite perverts, gun crazies, bizaare performers, etc. The first, AFFLICTION, is a 1996 short tape dir. by Mark Hejnar, with graphic footage of GG ALLIN taking a shit on stage and beating himself on the head with a microphone, Annie Sprinkles on stage, mondo-type stuff of a guy cutting open his eyelids with a scissors and piercing his skin with needles, nasty poems, Fla.artist Mike Diana throwing up on a bible and crucifix, old XXX porn loops, N.Y. psycho Full Force Frank in a roomfull of guns, a gay guy pokes a hole in his dick, causing blood to squirt onto his young gay lover's face while he jerks off, etc.!! Next up is out-takes of racist riot footage, gangs in L.A., and old racist cartoons which run while songs by notorious racist country singer JOHNNY REBEL play in the background!! Some crazy black wrestlers are also shown fighting white trash tag-teams down south, and finally, there's some WHITE-TRASH BIRTHDAY footage of this fat, stupid, racist lady and her fucked-up family shot with a cam-corder years ago that's not great in pic quality, but is downright HILARIOUS anyway's!! If you only get ONE compilation tape this year, THIS is the one to get!! UNCUT, in engl., qual varies from fair to good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

THE VIENNA AKTIONISTS COLLECTION, VOL. #1-GREAT tape made up of Austrian and German XXX S/M-art-sleaze shorts made by the notorious underground film-maker Otto Muehl! BE WARNED:THIS IS SOME EXTREMELY SICK STUFF HERE!! This volume incls. the infamous SODOMA from 1970, LEDA UND DER SCHWANN, MAMA UND PAPA, and the "SHIT-ASS"(SCHEISS-KURL) short film as well!!(much MORE, too!) The quality on these is o.k.-GOOD overall, considering their immense RARITY! Most of them have sound, too. Show this tape to your uptight friends and watch them all leave the room!! In color and black and white, UNCUT and mainly in German w/NO subts., and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

THE VIENNA AKTIONISTS COLLECTION, VOL.#2-MORE absolutely GREAT and SICK short films on this volume, incl. the ULTRA-RARE short from 1968, OTMAR BAUER PRESENTS! See this crazed freak EAT his own VOMIT, smear it all over, put it on his head, his stomach, etc.!! Another cool Otmar Bauer short called IMPUDENCE IN GRUNEWALD is there, too, full of sick perversions, shitting, pissing, worms on penises, etc.! Also incl. are O TANNENBAUM and more sick stuff from Otto Muehl and his gang, many of it never seen before! In color and black and white, the shorts are UNCUT and mostly in German w/No subts., in overall GOOD picture quality(they look MUCH BETTER than some of the previous prints floating around and called BEYOND EDGE OF DEPRAVITY, etc.). NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED!!! Naturally, this also is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

EURO EXTREMITIES #30-COOL XXX comp. tape with tons of perverted hardcore Euro-smut to satisfy the sickest degenerates out there!! You get lots of pissing, fistings, S/M whippings, kinky fucking and sucking, etc., etc. Most is in German w/No subts., and qual. is O.K.-GOOD.

MISTRESS DESTINY AND THE POOCH W/OTHER WEIRD SHORTS-SICK and VERY ROUGH XXX S/M video from 1985, by the infamous Dave Nesor! Mistress Destiny beats and tortures a young woman into shape after she catches her laying around and drinking beer, etc. She's tied and brutally whipped until she bleeds, has darts shot on her ass, forced to drink her mistress's piss and lick her ass, etc.! Do these people really ENJOY being treated like this??! The qual. on this is only fair-OK, due to it's extreme rarity! Also incl. are some bizaare racist MUSIC VIDEOS(yep!) from some European neo-nazi skinheads and race seperatists singing stuff like DOWN WITH THE I.R.A.!, etc.! The qual's. pretty rough on these, too, but is still watchable! Tape is in Engl. and uncut.


NIGHT CALLER-Classic 1975 sick XXX pervert-porn, about an ugly middle-eastern dude obsessed with calling people on the phone and talking and acting out sexual fantasies, mostly with drag-queen weirdo's and prostitutes. He begins to watch a pretty female neighbor make love to her husband from his window, and starts to make obscene phone calls to her, saying he wants to "SUCK HER ASS" when her husband's not there!! He finally goes over the edge and plans to rape her to get the pleasure he wants! Weird and wild stuff, dir. by Anthony Spinelli! UNCUT print in ENGL., o.k.-good qual.

EVIL WAYS OF LOVE/SWEET N'SOUR-Another cheezy n' sleazy XXX double-feature from the sick 70's! The first shows lots of fuckin' and suckin' action happening on a boat, with lots of silly, trashy narration, and the 2nd. flick has Jamie Gillis in it, and is about a nutty psycho-rapist on the loose(although it's not HIM this time!). Both have plenty of nasty, sleazy sex scenes in 'em and will please all fans of lowbrow 70's XXX trash cinema! Both are uncut, in engl., and in mostly o.k. pic qual.

EROTIC ADVENTURES OF LOLITA-Wild 1982 XXX flick, with a few young girls coming-of-age and fucking every guy they meet!! This film starts out with the statement that ALL the actresses in this film are OVER 18 years old! Check out the funny theme song, too, which sounds like it's Ron Jeremy singin' it!! UNCUT print in engl., good qual. VERY RARE!!

SOUTANES INDECENTES(SEX IN THE CONVENT)-Kinky and WILD 80's French XXX porn shot-on-video, showing nuns, priests, etc. fucking and sucking away with full abandon!! One clergyman even FUCKS an ALTAR-BOY in the ASS!!(not too surprising nowadays, 'tho!!). Plenty of nasty gay and straight sex, lesbian nuns and mother superiors participating in the acts, etc. Banned in it's own country, here it is, UNCUT, in French w/No subts., good qual.!

DER KAVIAR CLAN(GRENZBEREICH #11)-ULTRA_DISGUSTING German XXX video trash, showing a roomful of PISS and SHIT lovers smearing and licking themselves with their own excrement and piss, putting it on the sex organs, eating shit out of dishes, etc.!! You can tell these freaks really LOVE what they're doing, believe me!! FOR STRONG STOMACHS ONLY!! Uncut, German w/No subts., good qual.

HOMO SHIT-EATERS W/OTHER SICK XXX SHORTS-WARNING!! Even the most HARDCORE of the video sickies out there may find this tape offensive and too gross to watch!! See an ugly bald-headed white guy who looks like a druggie-skinhead drooling with glee as this big BLACK SOUL-BROTHER with a leather hat on, smoking a cigar, starts to SHIT right on his disgusting FACE and into his gaping mouth as he writhes in ecstasy!! Another leather pervert jerks off in a dish filled with the BIGGEST TURD i've EVER seen, while another freak with a stocking over his face is humiliated and degraded by this short, N.Y.-accented leather guy who makes him lick his armpits and EAT THE BOOGERS out of his NOSE before he takes a watery DUMP in his underwear, then sits on the slave's face and makes him suck out and eat the turds from his diarrhea-soaked, shitty ass!!! The other XXX stuff on this tape is pretty graphic, too! Like i said, if this shit sounds too offensive and gross for your tastes, please DO NOT ORDER! Uncut, in engl.(mostly), in overall OK pic qual. BEYOND RARE!!

INITIATION OF CYNTHIA-Nasty and GRIMY 1985 shot-on-video XXX porn, with Colleen Brennan, George Payne, and John Leslie! Payne hypnotizes Colleen into becoming a full-fledged slut who'll engage in a graphic gang-bang orgy at Payne's sex club, where they initiate new members by fucking and sucking them all night long! The whole cast of this video looks like they're coked up during the shooting, so the sleaze level is WAY UP THERE! Uncut, in Engl., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!

MIDNIGHT DESIRES-Wild and sleaze-filled 1976 XXX porn flick starring Jamie Gillis, C.J. Liang, and Linda Lovemore. Two couples engage in sleazy story-telling before getting down on each other in a remote mansion. Jamie tells about him being a boxer(!) who rapes a gangster's girlfriend(Vanessa DelRio), with help from the other boxers in the club. Vanessa gets slapped and abused real good!! The other man's wife fantasizes about being sexually humiliated and dominated by hooded creeps while she says, "Fuck me, i'm SHIT!"! Her husband wants to watch another girl dress as a man, fuck another girl with a dildo in front of him, then fuck HIM with the same dildo! WHEW! Uncut print, in Engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

BLUE VOODOO-Weird and kinky 1980 shot-on-video XXX S/M-porn, with Jamie Gillis and Vanessa Del Rio as a voodoo priestess who helps a stripper get even with a man for leaving her after she becomes pregnant. She call upon a woman known as the BLACK WIDOW to help get a bloody revenge involving a knife and castration through voodoo!! Gillis appears in an AMAZING skit where he's yelling at a girl in a BABY CRIB, while Donna Summer's song LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY plays in the background!! Uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

STREET HEAT-Sleazy XXX fun from 1984, with Richard Bolla as a super-sleazy detective who helps a woman locate her younger sister in the seedy Hollywood underground. Jamie Gillis appears as a seedy homosexual-leatherman-film director! Naturally, he engages in some rough S/M-style foreplay as well! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

FIST BIZARRE-Very graphic XXX French video-porn, with, of course, PLENTY of FISTING with lesbians, etc. Lots of regular fucking and sucking, too! Uncut, French, No subs, o.k. qual.

BIZAARE LATEX-Kinky and NASTY 90's XXX German video porn, with lots of S/M-leather action going on! There's some kinky WATERSPORTS-pissing scenes, too! You get shoe-licking leather-masked slaves on chains, piss-drinking from Chanpaigne glasses, inter-racial sex and bondage, etc.! WILD SHIT! Uncut, in German w/NO subts., good qual.

TATORT-TOILETTE:DIE ZUCHTIGUNG DES MR. K-Hideous freakshow XXX German porno, with this pathetic geek who puts a leather slave-mask on and rushes over to his cruel blonde mistress's apt. to be dominated, tortured, and SHIT ON by her! He also puts on a pair of women's pantyhose for freakish effect! You get whippings, dildos up the ass, shit-eating, tit torture, piss-drinking, and much, much MORE in this MEGA_SICK vid, dir. by Manni Moneto. THE SQUEAMISH SHOULD STAY CLEAR OF THIS ONE!! Uncut, in German w/No subts., o.k.-good pic qual. RECOMMENDED!

THE SICKEST TAPE ON EARTH-CRAZY XXX comp. tape showing classic sex loops mixed around banned graphic music video's with S/M acts and torture, real-death footage, a short about Jeffrey Dahmer with gruesome death photos shown, the infamous BOX BALLS porn short as well as the notorious "MOTEL SEX-CHANGE IN TIJUANA" footage from PSYCHIC TV #!1, the woman with the "FARTING CUNT" video, John Wayne Bobbitt penis operation footage, and MUCH MORE! This tape will BLOW YOUR MIND, that's for sure!! Picture quality is good overall. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! In engl., for the most part!

COFFIN SOUZA'S FREAK CIRCUS-Weird and CRAZY combo of XXX sex and horror in this collage of images made in Brazil by a guy calling himself COFFIN SOUZA! Short videos and photos of naked women, zombies, rotting corpses, animation, acid-tripping sequences, heavy metal music, death metal and punk rock, XXX fucking and sucking scenes, etc. A REAL PARTY TAPE HERE, guaranteed!! UNCUT, mostly in Prtg. Lng. w/NO subts., and in o.k.-good qual. overall. CHECK IT OUT!!

HER NAME WAS LISA-VERY sleazy and SICK 1979 XXX S/M-themed porno dir. by none other than Roger Watkins, of LAST HOUSE ON DEAD-END STREET fame!! It's easy to tell after the first few mns. that this is a Roger Watkins flick, believe me!! It starts out with a woman's body wrapped in plastic being lowered into a COFFIN, and then proceeds to tell the story of how she ended up dead! Samantha Fox plays Lisa, a call-girl hooker in NYC who's taken in by a rich, perverted sadomasochist who likes to be dominated by her in leather outfits, or gleefully watch as she's raped and humiliated by his weird friends(one of them is Bobby Astyr!). She gets even by becoming the lesbian/junkie lover of Vanessa Del Rio and drugging his drink, then her and Vanessa take turns fucking him in the ass with a strap-on dildo!! They sure don't make great porn like THIS anymore!! UNCUT and in ENGL., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

ORIENTAL BLUE-Kinky 1976 XXX porn flick, about an evil Oriental "dragon-lady" mistress who operates a white-slavery ring out of Chinatown and has her men pick up and kidnap young girls to be shipped everywhere in the world to be hookers and slaves. Jamie Gillis plays one of the kidnappers, who has a change of heart after he gets a beautiful girl he holds hostage. Plenty of wild, kinky sex scenes, some beatings, etc. UNCUT, in ENGL., good qual.

RAPED NUNS(VIOLS EN CORNETTES)-RARE and NASTY 1984 XXX French nun-fucking flick, about a couple and their hot black maid who rape and defile two sexy nuns! There's a wild ORGY scene at the end, too! Full of scenes of nuns fucking, sucking, being abused and humiliated, etc.! This was supposedly BANNED in FRANCE some years back! UNCUT, in French w/NO subts., good-very good qual. SHOT ON FILM!!!

RED HEAT/PIT OF PERVERSION-Nasty and WILD XXX 70's porno double-feature! The first is about a woman shooting XXX films in Las Vegas, and one of her lead female stars turns into a knife-carrying SERIAL KILLER who goes on a gory killing spree after slashing her boyfriend to death in the shower! This was dir. by Ray Dennis Steckler! The second is about cops training women to be sex slaves so they can bust a small gang of sleazebags keeping women as their slaves to give them sex whenever they want. One goofy hippie-dude who's a brother of one of the goons is forced at gunpoint to have sex with a chick, all the while this mean redneck's callin' him names and tellin' him to hurry up and get off, etc.! There's some rough beatings in this flick as well! Both flicks are in ENGL. and pic qual. is good overall. RECOMMENDED!!

TENDERLOIN/STAR,BABY-Here's a horror-XXX porn double-header that's sure to please sleazehounds and GORE-hounds alike!! The first is an obscure 80's horror video short about a clan of CANNIBALS who kidnap and drug women, keep them in a phony hospital setting, then sacrifice them in a satanic ritual and ROAST them ALIVE! The BEST scene has to be where the old freak visits a girl in the hospital, then suddenly BITES down on her LEG, drawing blood when he does!! Her legs are later ROASTED on a cheap-looking spit while the cannibal cult watches! The second video is from around 1981 and is a violent, sleazy roughie with XXX scenes and S/M rape-torture sequences added to it and was made by the notorious VIDIMAX company out of New Jersey! Women are raped and held captive by a ring of scumbags posing as photographers in the city looking for models. ROUGH beatings, nudity, some tortures, and in the end, an old pervert is CHOKED TO DEATH in a LEGLOCK by a sexy female hostage!! This is SLEAZE personified here, folks!! UNCUT, in ENGL., o.k.-good qual. CHECK 'EM OUT!!

SYMPHONY OF RAPE, VOL.#1-This is a compilation of 70's and 80's XXX rape-themed loops set to classical music! Yep, while Mozart and Beethoven play in the background, women are raped, beaten, tied up, tortured, etc.!! You get the idea!! Some of these loops are very rare and are EXTREMELY ROUGH and BRUTAL! UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

SYMPHONY OF RAPE, VOL.#2-Here we go again! Here's MORE wild and nasty 70's and 80's XXX rape-themed porno loops and out-takes set to classical music we all enjoy! One of the loops shows 3 guys forcing 2 girls to eat and FUCK each other, getting RAUNCHIER from there!! UNCUT, in Engl., o.k.-good pic qual.


MONDO HOMO(HARD CORPS)-RARE 70's XXX gay porn flick from France! This plays like a documentary, with a wimpy-lookin' skinny guy in a suit talking right before some graphic XXX gay sex acts appear(taken mostly from other gay XXX films!). There's footage with George payne from a 70's gay American XXX classic, solo masturbation footage with a young guy, some kinky leather men and a wild and hot scene on top of a motorcycle involving lube that'll have the macho gays cheering! There's even a fun surprise ending, too! UNCUT print, in French w/NO subts., good qual.

ENSENADA PICK-UP/CULT OF THE SCORPION-Wild and funky XXX 70's double-feature, the first about some sleazy low-lifes who use women to rape and have sex with aboard a cruise boat, then plan to kill them and dump them overboard on the way back from Mexico after cutting a lucrative drug-smuggling deal there. Rene Bond stars as a secret agent out to bust the guy's! The second is a Southern XXX flick about a girl searching for her sister trapped in a sex cult. Lots of inter-racial sex and gang-banging action in this one! Both are in Engl. and good qual.

COME DEADLY/LOVE AND THE GREAT GRUNT- Weird XXX 70's double-feature, the first involving a rapist-strangler(who dresses EXACTLY like the "HAMBURGLAR" from the old McDonald's commercials!!) killing women in a XXX porno film troupe. Tons of sleazy sex, some rapes, deaths, etc.! The second is a real odd-ball flick that's more experimental than anything else, and stars Ushi Digart in many different scenes! There's also guy's dressed up like NAZI's and swordfights mixed in this, too!! Both are in Engl. and in good qual.

MASKED RAPISTS-WILD and GREAT XXX comp. of old 70's loops, shorts, etc. featuring brutal attacks by men usually wearing masks, assaulting and raping young chicks! Some REALLY ROUGH stuff on this one!! Uncut, in Engl., very good qual.

BIKER'S NIGHTMARE AND OTHER XXX BIKER LOOPS-Graphic 70's XXX biker-film trailers, clips, loops, etc., one featuring favorite GEORGE PAYNE and a buddy viciously beating, raping, humiliating, and torturing a tied-up girl, and afterwards giving her over to a sadistic dominatrix-mistress! Also shows graphic XXX trailers for films like BAD, BAD GANG, REVENGE ON A MOTORCYCLE MAMA, LITTLE ORPHAN DUSTY, etc. Uncut and in Engl., good-very good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RAPING INTRUDERS-Very graphic and violent XXX 70's loops and trailers featuring sadistic home invasions by intruder-rapists looking for their young victims! You get beautiful blondes anally raped and beaten, bondage and abuse, S/M tortures, etc.! GREAT STUFF! Uncut and in Engl., very good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

DUNGEONS AND DEGRADATIONS-More vile, sadistic XXX 70's loops and shorts, this one featuring dominant men and women torturing their captives in dungeon-like settings! Plenty of beatings, submissions, bondage, and other sick stuff to keep you glued to your set!! Uncut, in Engl., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!

TEEN ABDUCTIONS-Wild and NASTY XXX 70's loops and shorts showing violent kidnappings and rapes/torures committed on nubile young girls by their monstruous captors! One GREAT loop shows a crazy gardener with an amputated hook-hand abusing and torturing young tied-up chicks in a basement! Some CLASSIC stuff here! Uncut, in Engl., very good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


BONDAGE IN THE CITY(CALL ME ANGEL, SIR!)-Wild and crazy 1976 XXX s/m-themed porn, which also features Ralphie DeJesus(the midget from BLOODSUCKING FREAKS!) in some kinky sex scenes showing he gets MORE than enough action for a midget!! Brutal dungeon beating and S/M training scenes that'd never get filmed today, bondage and rough sex, rapes, etc.! Definitely a real treat for 70's porno fans! UNCUT, in ENGLISH, lbx'd., o.k.-good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

DARK SIDE OF DANIELLE/FURY IN ALICE-Sleazy and kinky XXX 70's double-feature, the first about a swinging couple and their young teenage daughter, who manages to read her parent's diaries when they go out, which tells all about her mom's wild S/M sessions! Eventually, they catch her reading it, and instead of being mad, they decide to have sex with their little girl together!! ONLY in a porno movie!!! The second one's about a bored housewife who decides to become a swinger behind her cheating husband's back, not knowing he knows the same swingers she does! Vanessa del Rio plays a hot number in this one! Both are UNCUT and in ENGL. o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!

ON THE STREET/TWIN TARTS(TEENAGE TWINS)-Nasty and WILD XXX 70's double-feature, the first about a vicious black girl street gang who force a white girl into a brutal initiation into the gang by tying her up, making her lick their toes and kiss their feet, and then having this retarded black guy come in and RAPE her and hit her in a very graphic scene! The black girl gang leader has a change of heart and leaves the gang, having a lesbian affair with the brutalized girl while the gang plots a sick revenge on their leader's perverted stepfather, who raped her and called her a "BLACK BRAT!" in his dumpy apt.! GREAT mix of Blaxploitation and XXX mean sleaze, starring some of the folks who were in BREAKDOWN and HOT SUMMER IN THE CITY! The second is also called TEENAGE TWINS, and we have it available seperately as well . Two kinky sisters have sex at every opportunity while their father searches for a book on the BLACK MASS! Sleazy and graphic, this is an example of 70's XXX at it's BEST!! Both films are uncut and in ENGL., o.k.-good qual. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

GIRL ATHLETES VS. RAPERS-very VERY STRANGE and wild Jpn. XXX tape, about a team of girl wrestlers who must take on the guy's in a tournament where if the female has all her clothes removed, she is RAPED and has ALL the men cum all over her face right in the ring when she loses! One girl kinda FREAKS OUT after the raping by the male team and has to be taken out in an ambulance!! This is UNCUT, however, there IS that damn "digital censoring" present throughout the tape, but it's NOT that bad and you can really see right through it without a problem! For those who are tired of watching lame stuff like FEAR FACTOR and SURVIVOR at home, this is for you!! Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

RAPE ATTACK #21:HIGH SCHOOL CLASS MONITOR-More wild XXX Jpn. video stuff, this one with students enduring vicious rapes at a high school. LOTS of CUTE and GORGEOUS lookin' Asian chicks completely naked and havin' sex in this one! Uncut(howver, digital censoring is present as in the other tape!), in Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.


DORIANA GREY-RARE and graphic 1976 XXX rated hardcore version of the Jess Franco sleaze-a-thon starring Lina Romay in a dual role as two sisters, one mentally unstable and chained to a hospital bed, the other a sexually disturbed woman able to SUCK THE LIFE out of her male and FEMALE victims through their SEX ORGANS(!!), all the while her crazy sister enjoys a psychic orgasm when this happens!! One of Franco's STRANGEST, believe me! Uncut print in ENGL., excell. qual.

ROLLS-ROYCE BABY-another wild 70's flick with Lina Romay, this one NOT dir. by her husband Jess Franco, 'tho! Although this film is not TOTALLY XXX and HARDCORE, it comes very damn close with scenes of pussy shavings, orgies, etc.! Uncut print in ENGL., lbx'd., excell. pic qual.

BRUTE FORCE-Really NASTY and ROUGH out-takes tape of 70's XXX hardcore S/M-forced sex-rape-themed flicks, featuring such porn-film star greats as Rene Bond, Annie Sprinkle, George Payne, Dave Ruby, etc. Rene Bond appears in a clip showing her RAPED in graphic fashion by a sadistic creepo with a knife, another clip is from a XXX porn western showing rapes, torture, bondage, and a whore strangled to death by a sickie cowpoke because he thought the sex with her was lousy! All clips are from CLASSIC 70's FILMS and have some of the best scenes from each one! Uncut and in Engl., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

ANDREA THE SLAVE WOMAN-VERY RARE 70's S/M-BONDAGE short film showing a woman being abducted from her home and "disciplined" by a cruel S/M slave master determined to make her into an obedient slave to do his every bidding! She's bound, gagged, beaten with a whip, then tortured with cold ice, tickled with feathers(!), and finally has a piercing done on her clit in graphic detail! Very sleazy stuff and with some neat rough dialogue and language as well! Uncut and in Engl., o.k.-good qual. Assorted other XXX hardcore clips, shorts, etc. added as a bonus, as the film only runs around 35-40 mns.


VERY GROSS and depraved XXX Jpn. S/M-fetish-scat video showing a woman humiliated and beaten at the hands of three sicko's, as she's first forced to wear a stupid "Turtle" costume and crawl around on her hands and feet, then is slapped and knocked down by this fat, ugly Jap guy who makes her get a nosebleed for REAL from slapping her! The guy's then strip her naked and make her stand in a corner while they each take turns SHITTING into small food storage bags which they then THROW AT HER and hit her with, covering her in their smelly shit!! It gets worse from there!! She does have sex with them, too, but please note-it's OPTICALLY CENSORED. Also on the same tape is a graphic PENIS-PIERCING instructional video that appears to be HIGHLY GAY-ORIENTED, but is fascinating to watch! The final part of the tape has XXX video footage of a chick masturbating with large dildo's and a COKE BOTTLE-which is UNCENSORED! Uncut, in Jpn. and English, overall good pic qual. CHECK IT OUT!!

RAPED IN THE GARAGE-ROUGH German XXX S/M video showing two masked BLACK GUYS raping and brutalizing a BLACK WOMAN with a WHITE SHEET covering her face and head in a garage, all the while talking in what sounds like a bizaare Arabic-German mix of languages! They both have these cool Leather-S/M type masks covering their faces, too, i guess to avoid being recognized?!! One of the dudes makes the girl kiss his black ass, which she also spits on in anger!! Strange stuff indeed!! Uncut, in German w/No subts., o.k.-good qual.

TORTURED IN THE ASS-NASTY and WILD XXX Brazilian ANAL SEX video, with tough-looking Brazilian guy's taking women by force at gunpoint and making them have anal sex with them! There's also plenty of oral and vaginal sex on display here, too! Uncut, in Prtg. Lng. w/NO subts., o.k.-good pic qual.


NICOLE:THE STORY OF O-MEGARARE 1974 XXX S/M flick that shows the training of a submissive female slave that was bought and sold by her sadistic s/m master. Rough and BRUTAL beating scenes, which sometimes look all too REAL to be faked! Plenty of kinky bondage stuff, too! Uncut print in Engl., o.k.-good qual. As a bonus, there's also some cool trailers for other 70's XXX films and some UNCENSORED Jpn. XXX porn AFTER the film, as well as inter-racial S/M, etc.! RECOMMENDED!!!

SYMPHONY OF RAPE #3-Here it is, the THIRD part in this bizarre XXX series of tape with S/M xxx porn loops shown with CLASSICAL MUSIC playing in the background! The first loop has a girl injected with some kind of drug while being raped by some sleazy guy's, then of course more classic 70's sickness follows after that! Uncut, NO DIALOGUE, o.k. pic qual.

EROTIC PERVERSION #2/DREAMS OF A DWARF #2-Kinky and CRAZY double-feature, the first featuring XXX 70's and 80's S/M loops from the notorious EROTIC PERVERSION series, like PERVERSION SPECIAL, PERVERSION BIZAR, etc. VERY ROUGH footage of torture, pins in tits, dildo rape, etc. There is NO sound , as these loops are presented the way they were made, on 8mm film, etc. The second one DOES HAVE SOUND and is Dutch XXX video featuring a mean little dwarf and his freaky S/m loving big partner, who screw and whip a girl to their satisfaction! The dwarf wears this COOL leather-boy type hat all the time! Both are uncut, the second has dialogue in German w/No subs, o.k.-good qual.


longest and UNCUT version, now with ENGL. SUBTS., of this sleaze-filled 1980 Joe D'amato horror-sex-voodoo sleaze flick made in the Carribean, and starring Susan Scott and Richard Harrison. This has more GORY footage in the beginning, incl.a leg cut-off scene and some gruesome CANNIBALISM rituals thrown in as well! All the XXX hardcore footage is there, too, graphically shown! Extras incl. alternate scenes showing Harrison's penis(!) in bedroom scenes, trailers, etc. A GREAT FIND! Excell. qual. and lbx'd. from a foreign DVD!

ORGASMO NERO #3(SESSO NERO)-Another super-RARE 80's Carribean XXX film made by Joe D'amato, this one in Itln only w/NO subs, but still lbx'd. and UNCUT! Mark Shannon stars as a man having sexual problems because of a disturbing penis operation done on him in the past, which is still plaguing him years later! Lots of XXX sucking and fucking, and a very GRAPHIC and BLOODY penis amputation by switchblade at the end!! In excell. qual. from a foreign DVD.

RAPE FIGHTER:GIRL ACTION HERO-More wild Jpn. XXX stuff, this one showing a female office worker who becomes a super-hero type and fights against lecherous businessmen who rape their girl workers! Shot on video, and uncut, although there IS digital-type censoring of genitals, but is easy to see through! Good qual.

RAPE ATTACK #42:LINGERIE FASHION MODEL-More strange XXX Jpn. shot on video stuff, this one with a fashion model fighting rapist guy's and kinky perverts! Uncut, but again, digitally censored in spots, good qual. Worth checkin' out!!

ANGEL'S REVENGE-Rare and different 1985 shot-on-video XXX porn with Harry Reems as a lesbian-hating bigot who leads a group of guys to go out and have sex with lesbos in order to "change" them into men-loving sluts!!! Very "politically incorrect", which is cool in my book!! Good, sleazy fun! Uncut, in engl., o.k. pic qual.

ANYONE BUT MY HUSBAND-Nasty and sleazy 1977 XXX porn classic with R. Bolla as a cheating husband and C.J. Laing as his wife. Plenty of kinky stuff here, incl. a GRAPHIC FISTING scene and BRUTAL S/M WHIPPING scene, which were CUT from almost all versions of this film shortly after it's release! This version is COMPLETELY UNCUT! In Engl., o.k. pic qual., but very watchable! RECOMMENDED!!

DEVIATES OF LOVE/KEYSTER-Wild 70's XXX double-feature tape, the first one with a MONDO FILM-style narrator describing interviews he had with various clients in a psychiatrist's office. Brutal biker rapes, bondage-S/M, a prostitute is strangled to death by a psychotic john, and a graphic pissing scene are the highlights in this sleaze-fest! The second one is a bizarre collage of San Francisco gay pride march footage, straight XXX sex scenes, porno theatre footage, and crazy Jamaican music!! Both are UNCUT and in Engl., good qual.

THE BIG RAPE/HEIST-More 70's XXX double-feature madness, the first about two dominant females who kidnap a man in order to tie him up, have him fuck them, whip him, and hold him for ransom! Wild stuff! The second flick has Rene Bond in it, who becomes the victim of a scuzzy drug dealer's scam to make a porn flick! Lots of rough dialogue, abuse, etc.! You ca'nt go wrong here!! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

BETRAYED TEENS/PORTRAITS OF PLEASURE-Even more crazy 70's XXX action, the first about a rebellious daughter who runs away from home and takes up with a gang of sickie bikers, who help her rob and rape her parents in a graphic home invasion sequence! The second has Sharon Mitchell who becomes the victim of a VERY BRUTAL and SADISTIC beating which leaves plenty of marks on her back! Kinky and wild stuff that'd NEVER be made today! Uncut, in Engl., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

HALLUCINATED ENJOYMENT-Strange XXX 70's Brazilian porn flick, about a woman held captive by a domineering man who has her go through bizarre rituals and even a kidnap/rape by people he knows, etc. She also has an encounter with a tree-worshipping cult in a forest! Definitely different! Uncut, in Portg. Lng. w/NO subts., good qual.

KKK:THE STORY OF VIOLENCE IN AMERICA-Off-the-wall and WAY BIZARRE 2000 XXX Itln.-made hardcore porn video which supposedly takes place in the American South, and shows black slaves having hot, wild sex with sexy white female plantation women! Footage of the KKK, riots, hangings, etc., is shown in the beginning, then shows scenes of guys with KKK sheets over their heads plotting to stop the black stud slaves from mating with their wives, etc. One guy who's Grand Dragon of sorts and a priest catches his daughter screwing a black man and makes her lick his asshole in the sack! Weird stuff with wall-to-wall inter-racial sex! Uncut, Itln. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

CICCIOLINA:BRUTAL LOVE PRISON-Sleazy, nasty, and hard 90's XXX video porn trash from Italy, with Illona Staller(Cicciolina) who falls in love with a rapist and pays the price for it! Him and his grey-haired rapist buddy attack women in the park, beat them, and force their huge cocks down their throats in some pretty realistic gang-bang-rape sequences! If you're into rape on video and love your sex vids rough n'raunchy, this is what you want, baby!! Uncut, Itln. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

EXPLOSADO DO SEXO-Sleazy and weird 1980 Brazilian XXX porno, which was dir. by COFFIN JOE himself(Jose Mojica Marins)!! He also has a bit part in the film. Two desperate guy's use an early form of a "date-rape" drug on unsuspecting women they lure back to their secluded house, which works like an aphrodisiac and turns the women on-for awhile, anyway's! Those who try to escape are killed by the wildlife surrounding the house, incl. huge snakes, spiders, gila monsters, etc.! The two guys also turn out to be homosexual lovers(!) and have a sort of "spiritual connection" to each other. Rapes, some beatings, death by snake bites, etc. Strange stuff for sure! Uncut print in Portg. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

RAPE ATTACK #31:MOTHER AND DAUGHTER ABDUCTED-Cheezy, sleazy XXX Jpn. rape-video stuff from the 90's, with Yakuza guys viciously tying up and raping and torturing a young girl and her mom in graphic detail. This is UNCUT, but the XXX scenes have digital censoring on them, although it's barely noticeable and you cn see through it most of the time! Jpn. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

VIOLENCE PARTS 1, 2, and 3-This is some VERY RARE 70's and 80's XXX S/M-torture porn loops put together on one tape! Like the EROTIC PERVERSIONS series, these are EXTREMELY ROUGH and violent, and these DO have English-speking dialogue in most of them! You get clamps, nipple slapping and torture, hooks, pins, needles, etc. These guys draw BLOOD, so be warned! Uncut and in Engl., mostly good qual.

THE DEVIL'S DUE/SATAN'S SEX SLAVES-Sleazy, cheezy 70's XXX porno double-bill, the first stars Cindy West, who gets even with the crooked college dean who had sex with her after giving her a mixed drink years earlier. She ends up as the leader of a lesbian satanic cult! The second has mostly unknown stars, but has lots of nasty XXX sex scenes and sleaze in it(which is all you REALLY want from a porno anyway's, right?!). Both films are in engl. and in o.k.-good qual. The last film ends abruptly.

TOTAL PUNISHMENT #2-BRUTAL XXX Japan s/m video, with lots of vicious beatings, torture, and bondage scenes, incl. water tortures, sadistic lesbian whippings, candle wax burnings, etc. Better than average! UNCUT and UNCENSORED! Jpn., NO subts., good qual.


LIALEH-FUNKY and WILD 1973 Blaxploitation-porn-musical(!!), about a young black woman's rise to stardom in the sex industry. Lots of kinky sex scenes, some funny, hip 70's "anti-honky" dialogue, cool pimp suits worn by the brother's, and neat R & B music add to the atmosphere! UNCUT and in engl., very good qual.

EXPERIMENT:HER DEADLY CLIMAX-Mega-WEIRD and SICK 1999 German XXX s/m-fetish porn stuff, with this old black leather biker hat-wearing geek(he looks like he escaped from a kinky GAY bar!!), who ties up some hooker-call girls, sticks his fingers in their twats, and makes them smell their own pussies and asses for fun!! There's also bondage, whippings, pissing, fistings, ass-play, and other sick stuff guaranteed to turn stomachs of the strongest viewers! Uncut, in German w/No subts., o.k.-good qual. OVER 21 ONLY!!

TERROR TAPE/FUCK #8-Insane and wild 1994 shot on video home-made sleaze by radical camcorder-guy Randall Phillips, who hates EVERYONE equally, including pregnant women, blacks, anti-abortionists, etc.!! Not much XXX stuff in this tape, but does have plenty of weird sickness, like dead fetus puppets, real-death footage, a session where Randall wants to videotape a porno with a pregnant chick so he can humiliate and degrade her, but she refuses, so he insults her on the tape(!), a shouting match between Randall in his apt. and some black holy-rollers down the street from him who keep playing their religious music too loud for him, a weird porno puppet-show of sorts, etc.! Uncut and in Engl., good qual overall. LOADS OF FUN!!

SODOMIA(VIOLATION OF THE BITCH)-Here's the UNCUT version with XXX sex footage of the 1980 Spanish film dir. by Joe Larraz. Unlike other prints floating around, this version leaves nothing to the imagination! Itln. w/Engl. subts., o.k.-good pic qual.

RAPE ATTACK #53:PERKY PINUP MODEL-Jpn. XXX rape-video sleaze, about a sexy model forced to have sex with the entire camera crew! Lots of graphic cum on the face, humiliation, etc. This is UNCUT, but has some DIGITAL censoring(it can be seen through!), and in Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

RAPE IN THE MOVIES, VOL. #7(CINE RAPE VOL.#7)-This is a composite video of scenes of rape occurring in different movies, incl. clips from SALO, PERFECT VICTIMS, some obscure German XXX films, etc. Uncut and mostly in Engl. w/some brief German, o.k.-good qual.

FORBIDDEN SCENES-Graphic French video with lots of clips of XXX sex antics happening inside a disco club of sorts, with some really weird-looking older men and women engaging in kinky sex together while others watch! Uncut, in French and lbx'd. w/NO subts, o.k.-good qual. In color and black and white.

RAPE OF A HOUSEWIFE-Nasty and wild XXX Euro-porn dubbed in ENGL., with a sadistic rapist forcing the housewife to submit to all his twisted demands! He even handcuffs her while eating out her pussy! Plenty of graphic sex acts on display here, and as a bonus, there's some wild 70's XXX previews at the beginning, too! Uncut, and in good qual.

PSYCHO SEX-RAPIST(BELLES DE REVE)-Very sleazy 80's XXX shot on video French porn, about a gang of brutal rapists on the loose in Paris, and one bizarre sex-therapist doctor who takes some green aphrodisiac to make him into a sex-machine! A couple of VERY ROUGH rape scenes, one in a car parking lot, another in an apt., some lesbo action, too, and a very strange ending! This also has a TON of French XXX 70's-80's film trailers at the end of the tape! Uncut, in French w/NO subts., good qual.

A PORTUGUESE RAPIST-Odd XXX Brazilian porn, with this skinny creep with a knife hiding in the woods waiting for young victims to come by on bicycles, etc., so he can grab them and rape them. He forces them at knifepoint to give him head, etc. Uncut, in portg. w/NO subts., good qual.

SALIERI EROTIC STORIES:ABUSED BRIDES-Unusual XXX Italian porno featuring several different short vignettes showing women taken advantage of in sexual situations. The first story has an army buddy going to a house to take care of his friend's wife after he dies in war, and finds out she's a gibbering retard trapped a chair-he still wants to fuck her, 'tho! She sucks him off with a teddy-bear in one hand in the rocking chair! The second has a couple getting together with some other folks for a weekend, and the men getting his wife drunk and fucking her, etc.The third has a couple at a party with the wife having sex with everyone, etc. Uncut, in Itln. w/No subts., good qual.

VEGETARIERINNEN PART 2-Off-the-wall mixture of graphic XXX sex and violent serial killings in this German 2001 sex and gore flick! A masked psycho forces women to have sex

with him at gunpoint, then shoots them or stabs them and keeps their bodies chained up in an abandoned old building with graffiti smeared all over it. One woman finds the courage to try and escape! Don't even ask me what the title means, it's beyond me!! The beginning is a direct ripoff of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE! Wild flick indeed! Uncut, in German w/NO subts., good qual.

LUMBERJACKS(THE LUMBER JACK)-Sleazy early 70's XXX flick, about a woman raped and beaten by two rough-looking men outside a lumber factory in the woods. Her boyfriend and another lumberjack guy investigate and search for the attackers. Short but sleazy, which is fine with me! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

RAPE OF A BOUND BLONDE-Wild Jpn. shot-on-video stuff, with a bunch of Jap businessmen kidnapping and raping/tying up a beautiful blonde white chick for their enjoyment! Lots of bondage, S/M, wax burnings, rape scenes, etc. Uncut(but digitally CENSORED, however you can see thru it!), in Jpn. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

CALIGULA 2:THE UNTOLD STORY-UNCUT UPGRADE!-This is the LONGER UNCUT 125-mn. XXX version of the 1981 Joe D'amato sleaze-a-thon with Laura Gemser. This runs 20 mns. more than any previous versions, with MORE XXX porn footage and of course, ALL the tongue-cutting, mutilation, and spear-up-the-ass scenes that were trimmed in the u.s.! It's also in Engl., lbx'd., and excell. qual.! RECOMMENDED!!

PAT, UN DONNA PARTICOLARE-Weird 1982 XXX porn from Alberto Cavallone with a dwarf, a guy who dresses up like Dracula and eats pussy, some kinky S/M sex and even a "snuff film-maker" subplot to liven things up! Fun shit! Uncut, in German w/NO subts., O.K. pic qual.

AKIN KAYONG LAHAT-Cheezy n'sleazy 80's XXX Phillipine sex-drama, with this one stud fighting for his women and rescuing them from various bad situations, etc. You get fistfights, kung-fu fights, beatings, XXX sex, etc. Strange! Uncut, in Tagalog w/No subts., only fair pic qual.

SLAVE FARM-Tough to find 1992 XXX spanking-women's prison video, with a prison farm run by some mean-ass dykes who enjoy beating, spanking, and tormenting their female captors. Some hot lesbian sex here! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

FREAKY AND KINKY PORN, VOL. #1-Rare and bizarre XXX loops and shorts featuring mostly bondage and S/M related clips from the early 70's and 80's. Good stuff here! Music plays in the background. Uncut, engl., o.k.-good qual.

FREAKY AND KINKY PORN, VOL. #2-More of the same rarities from the 70's, with the emphasis on S/M, kinks, etc. Fun! Uncut, engl., o.k.-good qual.

SYMPHONY OF RAPE, VOL. #4-Here's more of those classic 70's rape-themed loops set to classic music! This one has a good Nazi-themed loop with lots of whippings and abuse, etc. Sleazy n' mean stuff on here! Uncut, engl., o.k.-good qual.

EURO EXTREME 3:ORGY OF MADNESS-Perverse and sick XXX German porn, with shit-eaters and piss-drinkers galore! Yup, the freakshow never stops as these sicko's suck piss and shit thru tubes, wipe it on themselves, etc. Remember, you've been warned! Uncut, German w/No subts., o.k.-good qual.

ABDUCTED-Strange XXX Jpn. porn, showing a young Jap. woman abducted and raped in a hotel room while someone else watches on a video monitor. Please note that this is optically censored, although pretty easy to see thru! Uncut, Jpn. w/No subts., good qual.


RAPE RAIDERS-Outrageous and graphic clips from 70's and 80's XXX rape porn flicks compiled onto one tape! Some pretty rare and brutal stuff on this, too! Bondage, beatings, S/M, etc. Uncut and in Engl., o.k.-good qual.


BONDAGE RAPE #23:SEXY SISTERS TORMENTED-Sleazy Jpn. XXX stuff, with two sisters captured and raped by depraved Jap businessmen! Bondage, candle wax burning, whipping, etc. Uncut(optically censored, however), in Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

TORCHED/RANDOM CANYON-Gory and crazy horror-sex-rape double-feature!! The first is not HARDCORE XXX, it's mainly a rape-revenge-gore film short from 2004, about a woman nurse who gets a gruesome revenge on a rapist and a bunch of other men she hates! She delights in using a blowtorch to burn the skin from her victims!! Closeups of flesh-burning, mutilation, castrations, blood-splattering, etc. Very cool Independent flick!! The second is a long-lost obscure 1973 homemade softcore(but depraved!) sex-sleaze short, showing a bunch of ugly, crazy degenerates in a small California town, one who likes to yell profanities and have sex with PIGS on a farm!(the sex is simulated, 'tho, like in that PIG-FUCKING MOVIE!) You get plenty of hilarious shots of this long-haired fat freak making faces while supposedly fucking barnyard animals, nudity, lots of weird shit, etc. FUNNY AS HELL to watch! It's in color and black and white, but worth watching for the weird factor alone! Both are uncut, in Engl., and have good qual. RECOMMENDED!!


BAD BOYZ IN BONDAGE-Rare XXX Gay out-takes of hardcore XXX scenes from the film GOLDEN BOYS OF THE S.S. and another XXX gay 70's film showing roommates raping their male slave-boy. Some of the best scenes from each movie are shown, so it's highly entertaining! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.(BA)

PAYNE IN THE BEHIND-Mean-spirited and sleazy 1993 XXX S/M spanking fetish video prod. by Carter Stevens, with this mean-ass bitch named Mistress Pamela Payne, who punishes her many male and female slaves with vicious spankings, whippings, and a heaping dose of humiliation! They LOVE every minute of it, trust me!! Uncut, in Engl., o.k.-good qual.

RAPE-A-THON, VOL.#1-Mixed bag of softcore and hardcore out-takes from many different films made in the 70's and 80's with rape as the main theme. Some foreign XXX stuff on here as well! Uncut, in Engl. and French, o.k.-good qual.

RAPE-A-THON, VOL. #2-Another in the series, with even more of a mix of soft and hard XXX flicks out-takes, incl. some of the best scenes from the XXX FORCED ENTRY! Uncut, Engl. and some Foreign, o.k.-good qual.

HISTORY OF RAPE #6-Yet more outtakes and footage from XXX 70's rape-porn, incl. some Jamie Gillis stuff, etc. Uncut, in Engl. mostly, o.k.-good qual.

MAFIA SEXUAL-Sick, depraved, and vile 1984 XXX Brazilian flick dir. by and starring the infamous Sady Baby, who made the even more sick and depraved NO COLOR DO BURACAO(IN THE HEAT OF THE HOLE)! A young criminal is locked in jail, along with a crazy old man who acts as a priest(but loves to touch woman's tits!) and one guy who actually SHITS his pants and wipes it on the priest's pants!! He then pulls down his pants and shoots a stream of diarrhea through the jail bars, while Sady Baby watches and vomits from the smell!! When Sady gets out, he goes on a rampage of rape and bloody revenge, burning one woman's crotch with a flame-thrower at an orgy, then setting the shack on fire and burning up all the people in it!! He later kills the priest-fellow by biting him on the neck like a vampire and drinking the old man's blood while it spurts from his neck wound! If you're expecting your ordinary fuck-and-suck porno here, you'd best look elsewhere!! Uncut, in Portg. w/NO subts., good qual. Naturally, it comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

UNTAMED VIXENS-Rare and obscure 70's XXX flick, with a dominant black chick-lesbian in it having fun with abusing and whipping some guy's with her lesbo lover! Fun and funky! Uncut, in Engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

RAPED BY BIKERS AND OTHER STORIES-Explicit Jpn. XXX rape-themed porn, and surprisingly, it's UNCENSORED! Graphic tales of forced sex with Jap biker guys and girls, and of course, some of it gets pretty kinky at times! Uncut, in Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

SEXUAL SUSPECTS-Graphic French XXX rape-themed porn, with a masked gang of rapists stalking and attacking women in an apt. They're handcuffed and forced to submit to their brutal captors! Plenty of explicit XXX action here! Uncut, in French w/No subts., good qual.

VIOLENT TERRITORY-More graphic XXX French porn, this involving a gang of criminals with guns who hold a man and his wife hostage and take turns raping her, forcing her to give them head at gunpoint, etc. Some violence in this as well, incl. throats cut, shots to the head, etc. Different, that's for sure! Uncut, in French w/No subts., good qual.

MONSTER OF THE HIGHWAY-Rare Itln. XXX rape-themed flick, filmed in color and black and white, about a vicious rapist attacking couples in their cars and in the woods and forcing the women to have sex with him at gunpoint, and the story of how he ended up being caught. Uncut, lbx;d., in Itln. w/No subts, good qual.

RAPE GANG ON THE LOOSE-Another obscure Itln. XXX rape-themed porno, dir. by Mario Salieri. An old fisherman reminisces about his days working with a gang of criminals, who dealt in stolen goods and also would rape the wives of men who owed them loan shark money, etc. Strange flick indeed! Uncut, in Itln. w/NO subts., good qual.

RAPED AT THE BANK, PART 1-Wild Jpn. XXX rape-porno, with a couple of crazy Jap guys who go to a bank pretending to want a loan, but it's really the bank girl's pussies they're after!! The two chicks are actually lesbians, but that won't stop these dudes from getting what they want! Some graphic finger-fucking scenes, forced oral sex, etc. Uncut(but optically censored, although it's easy to see through it!), Jpn. w/No subts., good qual.



core DOUBLE-FEATURE tape packed with sleaze and sex!\par

The first one is a 1976 Greek sexploiter with XXX hardcore inserts added, about a group of criminals holding people hostage on an island.\par

One of the gang is an impotent psychopath! Shootings, stabbings, fights, and of course, XXX sex scenes so you don’t get bored!! It’s in\par

Itln. only w/NO subts. The second is a 1987 Asian XXX flick dubbed in Engl., showing mondo-style footage of sex acts and shows performed\par

in Bangkok nitecubs by sexy Asian chicks, incl. the "smoking vaginas" trick! Wild stuff here! Both films are in good qual.

VARIACOES DO SEXO EXPLICITO/LOUCURA EROTICA-Another double porn tape, this one with two very explicit XXX Brazilian ones\par

from the 70’s-80’s, the second with a horror twist! The first deals with a pornographer making weird and kinky porn flicks for his clients,\par

and some of the stuff this guy films is very kinky and sick indeed! Plenty of rough, wild sex in this one! The second is about a nutty guy\par

who’s a beekeeper that goes crazy and tries to punish and kill women for their sinful acts with other men, etc.! Some violent deaths in\par

this one! Both flicks are uncut, in Portg. Lng. w/NO subts. and only OK-good qual. due to their rarity.\par


LA NIPOTE/JASPANIA:A PREFEITA EROTICA-Yet another XXX double-feature for your viewing pleasure! The first is a rare XXX version of a 1973 \par

Itln. softcore porn comedy dir. by Nello Rosati. A old guy’s niece has sex with whomever she wants, in many wild ways! This is in Itln. w/NO subs.\par

The second is a 80’s Brazilian period-piece porn flick that actually looks like something Andy Milligan would’ve made if he ever went to Brazil to\par

make a XXX movie! A kinky queen demands all her followers to have sex with her, including one young stud and one big dude with a hood over\par

his head. Pretty sleazy stuff here! In Prtg. Lng. w/NO subts. Both films are in OK-good qual.\par


RAPED/TIA’S RAPE AND TORTURE-More graphic XXX double-feature madness, this one starts with a Dutch XXX shot on video flick about hitchhikers\par

getting raped and made to perform sex with their captors. The second XXX title is a graphic rape and spanking/beating of a young blonde slut at\par

the hands of two guys, one a younger man, the other a silver-haired, mean old bastard who repeatedly yells at and torments the girl, saying to her\par

"Come on, suck my dick you bitch, do it right!!". He spanks and slaps her all over until she’s red everywhere! Ironically, the old guy just can’t seem\par

to get his dick hard no matter what!! This one is in Engl. and good qual. \par


MISC. ROUGH XXX SHORTS/SPECIAL REQUEST #2-One more double-feature tape, this one starts with a lot of old XXX S/M and \par

bondage shorts set to music, then the second title is a kinky XXX 90’s s/m-bondage video with Sharon Mitchell as a mean lesbian bitch,\par

meting out punishment and discipline to a new member of the bondage club. Both are in Engl. and have good pic qual.

PREY OF A CALL GIRL-Funky and nasty 1976 XXX S/M porn, with R.Bolla and other 70’s porn stars. A woman tries to bust up

a prostitution-call girl ring by going undercover. Some really sadistic beatings, nipple torture, anal rape, whippings, verbal abuse,

etc. In other words, the GOOD OLD DAYS of sick 70’s porn! Uncut, in Engl., very good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

SLAVE OF PLEASURE-More vicious and rough 70’s S/M porn, this one with a detective investigating a white-slavery ring after a man

comes to him saying his wife was kidnapped. Nasty stuff here, with Jamie Gillis as one of the slave traders! There’s a brutal torture

dungeon scene with very graphic tit torture and whippings, etc.! Uncut, in Engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES-Sleaze and filth at it’s finest! A young girl working with an older woman as a hooker decides to try the "girl

scout" cookie selling angle to get more "customers", and ends up meeting some strange characters, incl. a dude who has his old

lady hanging in a whipping stocks in his apt.! Only could the 70’s produce such depraved sickness as this!! Uncut, in Engl., good


ASSAULT OF INNOCENCE-Weird and wild 70’s XXX porn, with Marc Stevens dressing as an old woman to lure pretty girls to his

pad so he can have his way with them(and they can have his 10and a half incher in their mouth!!). He even has his own FAN CLUB

run by a nerdy geek who has a girl give him blowjobs while he’s playing a piano naked! Fun shit! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

DAUGHTERS OF DISCIPLINE #2-Kinky and sleazy 80’s XXX porn, with two young chicks who decide to try out their parent’s S/M

equipment to train their new-found male slave with! Mom and dad walk in on them and catch them in the act, and decide to do a

little "disciplining" of their own!! Dave Ruby as the dad goes all-out and over the top in this one! Uncut, in Engl., good pic qual.

VROMIKI PARTHENA(BLOODY VIRGIN)-ALTERNATE PRINT W/XXX FOOTAGE!-Here’s a version of this rare 1975 German crime-erotic

sex drama with added XXX porn scenes inserted in different parts of the movie! It sure helps to spice it up a bit! This print is in Greek

with No subts., and in good qual.

INNOCENT GIRL-Mega-sleazy and trashy 70's XXX porn, about a pimp in a nasty old hotel in NYC setting up girls new to town to work for him as prostitutes

in the hotel for his deranged friends and customers. One naive girl has her boyfriend come to her rescue and kick the pimp's ass! Filthy, funky fun!! Uncut, in

Engl., good qual.

INTIMIDATION-More nasty 70's XXX sleaze, this one with Carter Stevens as a scuzzy mob guy who tortures this girl into confessing where his money and his dope

is at! Marlene Willoughby also stars. Uncut, in Engl., o.k.-good qual.

PITFALLS OF BUNNY-Wild 70's XXX porn, about what happens with some couples during the NYC blackout of 1977! Bobby Astyr stars as a seedy thief, and a girl

is raped in the woods by some sicko hicks on a camping trip! Lots of fun here! Uncut, in Engl., ok-good qual.

VOLUPTUOUS PREDATORS-Sleazy and funky 80's XXX flick, about some satanic women on the prowl in NYC, luring men and women into s/m type sex acts and

bondage, etc.! Definitely worth checkin' out! Uncut, in Engl., ok-good qual.

PROFANATICA/SEMEN MANIACS VOL. #1-Strange and sleazy double-feature! The first is an early 90's look at an upstate NY rock/metal group who like to

blaspheme and tear up the bible, puke on it, even piss on top of the book, etc.! Very interesting docu.! The second is a 90's Jpn. XXX porn video with a chick who

has guy's cum all over her-literally-in her eyes, nose, ears, mouth, face, etc.! They even inject it into her enema-style! This has some optical censoring of genitals and penises, as it's from a Jpn. tape, but is easy to see through. Both are uncut, the first short in Engl., the second in Jpn., No subts., both have good pic qual.

MONDO SEXUAL PERVERSION-Rough and depraved 1992 XXX video which starts out documentary-style with this black guy talking about how he’s a "crackhead" and will do ANYTHING for that next rock, incl. drinking piss, eating shit, etc.! He then makes a video with these crack whores forcing them to drink and eat his and their piss and shit in graphic detail! There’s anal sex too, as well as oral, graphic vomiting and licking it up scenes, etc. Nasty shit! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

THE FLESH RIPPERS-Cool comp. video with XXX shorts and outtakes from some of the goriest, violent films ever made in porn! The first short, BARBARIAN GIRLS, shows a woman abducted and tied up, then gorily stabbed and disembowelled by a savage female killer! There’s also an S/M short with Dave Ruby in it, then scenes from gory sex-horror films like DEADLY LOVE, SEX PSYCHO, DIVERSIONS, WET WILDERNESS, etc. Guaranteed to satisfy the most jaded gore-sex fans out there! Uncut, in Engl., good-very good qual. RECOMMENDED!

SHOCKING RED-Rare 1999 Itln. XXX porn-Giallo style! Plenty of explicit sex and kinky action, with a little death and gore thrown in at the end! Uncut, Itln. W/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

PERVERTED STORIES-Really different mix of XXX porn and strange horror-gore! Three women driving to a rave concert get lost in the woods and pick up this creepy hitchhiker who promises to get

them some "ecstasy" drugs if one of them goes inside his scary old house. One of them does, and is forced to suck off two nasty old guys(obviously younger guys with makeup on!) to get the ecstasy pills for them. They take the pills, and go on a very VERY BAD TRIP!! The blood-soaked slaughterhouse shower scene has to be seen to be believed! You also get necrophilia, monsters with penis faces, and more! Strange shit to say the least! Uncut, in Engl., good qual.

SCUM-Sick and nasty XXX S/M shit-eating and pissing video, with this fat-assed blond dominatrix humiliating and dominating her male slave for fun and pleasure! She even names the guy SCUM, and makes him chew on a big piece of her shit like it was a candy bar! Some whippings too! Uncut, in Engl., o.k.-good qual.

BIZARRE FETISH:PERIOD SEX 2-Gross and sick XXX German porn showing a woman on her period playing with herself, wiping her bloody tampon on herself, etc. For extreme tastes! Uncut, German w/No subts., o.k.-good qual.

MAXIMUM PERVERSUM(FRENCH LUST LETTERS)-More German XXX action, this one even throws in an enema scene, piss-drinking, and lots of VERY UGLY people having kinky sex!! Uncut, In German w/NO subts., good qual.

BRUTAL FUCKING PAIN AND BRUTALITY VOL. #1-Good title for this kinky and rough XXX German S/M video, with piercings of balls, whippings, tit torture, a blond transvestite getting a tit piercing with blood running down, a fat old guy beaten and whipped, etc. No mistake here, this is GERMAN S/M porn!! Uncut, German w/No subts., o.k.-good qual.

BRUTAL FUCKING PAIN AND BRUTALITY VOL. #2- More foreign kinkiness, this time from France, with this mean S/M couple beating and torturing this gimpy lookin’ guy who acts kinda retarded! They use dildos on him and force him to act like a dog, etc. Weird for sure! Uncut, French w/No subts., o.k.-good qual.

VENTURE INTO THE BIZARRE/CHERRY HUSTLERS-A classic 70’s XXX double-feature! The first involves two girls in a plaster-cast penis scam, who rip off these rich guys by blackmailing them. They have the tables turned on them ‘tho, and get raped, beaten, and whipped by the men! Marlene Willoughby and John Leslie star. The second has a woman get her friends mixed up in a white-slavery auction in order to get a rich client off the hook. Vanessa Del Rio and Bobby Astyr star. Both are uncut and in Engl., good qual.

KISS OF THE PIRANHA WOMAN/FAMOUS TONGUES OF GOLD-Two incredibly rare and SICK XXX 80’s porn films made in Brazil! The first

is about a woman who likes to have live piranha fish in a tub with her naked, nibbling on her pussy(in GRAPHIC DETAIL!!). Sometimes she likes

to have men go in the tub with her too, who get killed by the voracious piranhas! This one is uncut, in Portuguese w/No subs, and good qual. The

second, even MORE depraved, film is about two lesbians who lure men back to their secluded house by seducing them at bars, then have sex

with them before CUTTING OFF THEIR PENISES and keeping them in glass goblets as souvenirs!! They also have a weird young servant who

buries the dead men’s bodies for her in the backyard! Wild and crazy stuff here!! This is also uncut, in Prtg. w/No subts., and overall good pic

qual. Naturally, both these come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

ORGIA SADICA-rare 80’s Spanish XXX porn with a S/m-horror twist! A demonic cult run by a creepy old man with a beard kidnap girls and

place them in a dungeon for whippings, sex orgies, etc.! Some cool imagery in the dungeon too! Uncut, in Spn. w/No subts., good qual.

KANNIBAL-Weird and sex-filled 2005 Spanish XXX flick, about two men who were in Vietnam that

come back to the states, one of them

suffering from a craving for human flesh after he and his buddy had to eat the body of a woman when they were trapped in a building for

more than a week in the war. One of them becomes a PORNO STAR(!) upon coming back, and at the same time, women are being killed

in gory ways and body parts eaten by a savage killer on the loose-is it him? Sadly, there’s NOT MUCH GORE in this one, but plenty of XXX

sex scenes help somewhat! Uncut, in Engl., very good qual.

VIOLATED PARTS #1 and 2-Another porn double-feature, these are two shot on video XXX S/M vids with lots of bondage, torture, and rough sex

stuff for all you sadists/masochists out there! Enjoy! Both in Engl. and o.k.-good qual.

VIOLATED PART #3/TOURIST TRAP-More XXX S/M for the rough sex crowd! The second video is a brutal 1984 XXX S/M vid showing women

beaten, electrical shocks, whippings, etc., by sadistic guards at a foreign women’s prison(it’s certainly NOT the 70’s Chuck Conners horror film of the same name!). Both in Engl. and o.k.-good qual.

SENZA SCRUPOLI #2-More obscure porn, this from Italy and with lots of brutality mixed in! A woman is raped by a masked man in a parking

lot in the beginning(although this scene is softcore), beatings, sleazy atmosphere and some cool Italian disco-type music in the background

makes this worth checking out! Uncut, Itln. w/No subts., o.k. pic qual.

DIRTY SUSAN/THE FIRE IN FRANCESCA-A cool 70’s XXX double-feature! Both feature lots of hot XXX sex and sleaze, done the 42nd. st way!! If you remember the "good old days" of 70’s porn, you’ll enjoy them!! Both are uncut, in Engl., and in good qual.

GUSOMILK-Incredibly SICK and disgusting XXX Jpn. scat-S/M fetish video, with truly hideous scenes of shit-eating, smearing, pissing, vomiting, etc. that’ll make you want to puke up your lunch, guaranteed!! BE WARNED! This is heavy and rough stuff! NO JOKE! Uncut, Jpn. w/NO subts., good qual.

TEENAGE SCAT SOAP-With a title like that, what else can you say??!! Even more graphic shit fetishes from Japan, with cute Jap girls competing on a stage(wait’ll you see old granpa announce the winner up there!) for best shit-eating, smearing, pissing, etc. Are all these people insane?? Judge for yourself! Uncut, Jpn. w/No subts., good qual.

TOKYO GENERAL HOSPITAL-Another bizaare fetish XXX porn from Japan, this one featuring unfogged genitalia, which is always a plus! Kinky nurses foo












LUSTFUL FEELINGS- Uncut print in Engl. of vicious and sleaze-filled 1978 XXX porn, w/Jamie Gillis as a guy deep in debt with the mob, who has to make his girlfriend turn tricks to help pay them off. One really brutal S/M dungeon-sex scene, rapes, beatings, and a sick scene where a cocaine-high black pimp beats Gillis's girlfriend to death in the shower with his fists! You'd NEVER see stuff like this in a porno film made today!! Good qual. and close to 17 mns. longer than the cut versions!


STORY OF JOANNA-Sleazy XXX S/M classic from 1975, incls. the infamous scene where Jamie Gillis gets a blowjob from perverted Zebedy Colt! Lots of whipping scenes, B/D sequences, kinks, etc. Uncut, in engl., good qual.

VIRGIN DREAMS-Very sleazy incest-rape XXX 1976 porn, w/Zebedy Colt as a degenerate who likes to fuck his daughter! Crude and trashy sex scenes, kinkiness, etc. Uncut, in engl. good qual.


BRUTALLY RAPED 5/CLINIC OF TORTURE 2-Wild XXX double-feature, the first a Dutch shot-on-video rape porno, with much rough bondage, torture, beatings, etc.! The second is a GRUESOME GERMAN XXX S/M sleazefest, with a VERY MEAN dominatrix, who enjoys torturing the genitalia of her willing male slave! In the end, she CUTS OFF her slave's COCK, in a GORY, REALISTIC scene! IS IT REAL?! YOU DECIDE!! Uncut, in German and some spoken Engl., NO subts., o.k.-good qual. WARNING!! VERY EXTREME STUFF!!!


HORRORS IN THE WAX MUSEUM-Weird and wild 1978 XXX porn-S/M film, with a pretty young girl going into the Hollywood Wax Museum to look around, not realizing she's falling into a trap by the deranged female owner! She keeps people frozen in suspended animation as displays, incl. a sadistic transsexual Mexican guy who catches the funny black guy from THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES hiding down there and humiliates and whips him in front of the girl along with some other drag-queen freaks in the basement!  The leader trannie vows to screw the black guy in the ass!! Lots of weirdness, sleazy sex, whippings, etc. Uncut version in engl., o.k.-good qual.


SKIN FLICKS-Wild and well-made 1977 XXX film made in the style of such films as BOOGIE NIGHTS(but this film is FAR better!!). A sleazy, nasty peek into the XXX film biz, with guest appearances by Jamie Gillis and porn director Gerard Damiano as a scumbag producer. Sharon Mitchell is shown trying to climb to the top of the scuzz-filled porn ladder, but is abducted and chained up by Gillis, who's pissed at her for turning him down at a bar, telling her "You'd fuck those niggers in a film, but you'd turn away from me, you rotten bitch!!". He beats her and makes her submit to him, in a graphic and brutal scene!! Only in the 70's!! Uncut, in engl., good qual.


TIFFANY MINX- Violent and sleazy XXX 1981 film by infamous porn dir. Carter Stevens. A woman stabs a rapist-intruder to death in her home, and afterwards thinks she's going insane, as strange things are happening. It turns out there's a plot to murder herin order to gain her inheritance by her husband and some scummy relatives, but in between, she ends up dating  R. Bolla, who is a crazy murderer himself! Very similar to a Giallo but with a porn twist, this rarity is well worth seeing! Uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual. RECOMMENDED!


SUCCULENT-Sleazy and RARE XXX 1982 porn flick, w/Ron Jeremy playing an Arab Sultan(!), who has a crooked sheriff and his redneck deputy kidnap girls from a small southern town to be sent to him in a white slavery plot! George Payne is HILARIOUS as the hick-rapist deputy, who tries as hard as he can to talk like a southern cop! Dave Ruby helps him with the chicks, in some brutal beating and rape scenes! FUN FLICK!! Uncut, in engl., good qual.

THE SORCERESS-Very weird XXX 1973 old and sleazy porn, about a woman posing as a fortune-teller and re-enacting kinky sex scenarios with her clients who come to have their "palms read". For an extra fee, of course, she does MUCH more than reading palms! She ends up meeting a twisted neighbor with a sadistic lust to strangle her to death while having sex, and he ends up sealing her lifeless, limp body up in a coffin!  Dir. by Zebedy Colt, this is a MUST-SEE for fans of obscure sleaze! Uncut, in engl., o.k. pic qual.

REVENGE ON A MOTORCYCLE MAMA-Rare 1980 XXX rape-biker sleaze pic, with lots of inter-racial sex, too!  One mean biker girl decides to try ripping off her biker boyfriend, and has his other girls tied up, raped, and beaten by a rival biker member. This, obviously, is a BIG mistake, which backfires big time! Lots of rough and wild sex scenes, S/M, bondage, etc. A real buried treasure! Uncut, in engl., good qual.

CHRISTY(CHRISTY, THE ANIMAL)-Super-rare XXX 1974 sleaze-o-rama, about a girl coming of age, acting like a slut, and screwing every guy she meets! Harry Reems has a bit part as a repairman, and Marc Stevens plays the girl's incestuous, blackmailing father, who arranges to get his underage daughter to screw older guys, then comes in and demands cash from them in order to not tell the cops!  Oh, the mother's perverted, too:one day, she's horny enough to make it with her little girl in the sack! Ugly, seedy, and nasty, they don't make little flicks like this anymore!! It also gets VIOLENT towards the end! UNCUT, in engl., o.k. pic qual.

DARK ANGEL-Bizarre 1985 XXX S/M-sex flick, with Jamie Gillis as a man obsessed with seeing a dasrk-dressed blonde woman at night, who seems to appear out of nowhere.Is she a female demon?  There's a GREAT, SICK scene where Jamie has a chick tied up, and he starts nibbling on one of her tits, then BITES HER NIPPLE OFF! DAMN!! There's a violent rape in it as well. Uncut, in engl., good qual.

SPERRGEBEIT #10-Oh, my GOD!! Prepare yourself for the ULTIMATE in SICK and DISGUSTING video's from GERMANY!  Hideous XXX German S/M, shit-eating, pissing, etc. NOTHING can prepare you for this REVOLTING display of perversions!!  You'll see German perverts rolling around on the floor, covered in SHIT and PISS, and loving EVERY DAMN MINUTE OF IT!!! See penis tortures, beatings, an old freak licking another guy's TOES, a mean S/M dominatrix talking to her slaves like they are worthless piles of shit(they probably ARE!)! Definitely one of the ROUGHEST of all the German SHIT films out there!! Uncut, in german w/NO subts., good qual. You MUST be at least 21 to order it!!!

KLISTIER-Very rough and WILD XXX German S/M video, with lots of graphic fistings, pissing, beatings, slave sex, etc. NOT for the timid viewer!! Uncut, in German, NO subts., good qual.

HARD TEENY S/M/BIZARRE WORLD OF MISTRESS MICHELLE-Brutal Euro and U.S. S/M double-feature, the first being a Dutch video about a mean S/M daddy beating his young teen girl captive. She squeals and screams in delight and pain as he has his brutal way with her. The second is an amateur U.S. S/M video, showing a short little freak getting his ass beat by his female dominatrix mistress. She makes him nay like a horse and crawl like a worm, lick her asshole clean, and drink some of her piss, too! Both video's are UNCUT, the first in Dutch, NO subts., the second in ENGL., both in good qual.

THE ELEPHANT MAN-truly depraved XXX shot on video German porn, with a dude who has elephantiasus of the testicles being whipped, fucked, and abused by a kinky leather dominatrix!! This shocker must be SEEN to be BELIEVED! Full of wild perversions, S/M, and also incls. a REALLY UGLY FAT GUY who has a BUTTON sewed on his back!!! VERY WEIRD SHIT!! Uncut, German w/NO subts., good qual.

ELECTRO-SHOCK AND NIPPLE-PIERCING-More twisted XXX German smut, this one with a guy torturing his old lady with electric shocks to the groin and breasts, as well as piercing her nipples in the brutal and BLOODY second segment! ROUGH STUFF! Uncut, German w/NO subts., good qual.

REVENGE AND PUNISHMENT/HOUSE OF DESADE-Two classic 70's XXX films on one tape! The first has Tara Chung as a woman out to get revenge for her sister, who killed herself after being abused by a sleazy senator. She makes this white mutha pay! Some great S/M torture and discipline scenes in this one! The second film has Vanessa Del Rio in a haunted house, where the spirit of the Marquis DeSade posesses her and other swingers in it, who start to whip, fuck, and beat each other in a crazed satanic orgy!! Both flicks are UNCUT and in ENGL., good qual. CHECK THEM OUT!!

WATERPOWER:THE SPECIAL EDITION!-This is the VERY RARE UNCUT print in ENGL. of the 1976 XXX sleaze CLASSIC of sick porn, with Jamie Gillis as the crazed ENEMA RAPIST!  Here is the INCREDIBLY RARE print with the ENEMA EXPULSION SCENES INTACT!! Yes, this version shows the brown liquid  squirting out of his victim's asses in FULL, GRAPHIC DETAIL!! So sick and shocking, it was NEVER released like this on video in the U.S., so here's the long-banned enema-filled version available here once and for all!  It's in GOOD qual., too! A definite MUST-SEE for any jaded film fan!!!


RAPE OF AN AMERICAN SLUT/FRONTON AND OTHER WEIRD SPANISH SHORTS- the first film is a very sleazy XXX porno, with women beaten and raped by a cruel pimp, and sold into slavery. the crude dialogue is worth the price of this one alone!! the second is a wild pair of spanish short "art-sleaze" features, which look like a cross between something made by otto muehl and arrabal!! gore, mutilation, sex, etc. both are uncut, the first in engl., the second, in spanish, NO subts., both good qual. real cool!!

RAINBOW SHOWERS W/MISC. SCAT SHORTS- very, VERY SICK 1983 short XXX video, with the princess of kink, annie sprinkle, and her boyfriend at the time, engaging in a sex-and-vomit orgy where she eats all this food at a table, then pukes all of it up on her masturbating lover!! yes, it's shown in every disgusting detail, and she fingers herself to orgasm afterwards!! it's only 15 mns. long, so added on is a bunch of INCREDIBLY GROSS out-takes from straight and gay XXX shit-eating porno's, with young homo hustlers suking the shit out of guy's assholes, women smeared with shit, etc. too nasty!! the annie sprinkle part is good qual., the rest is fair to good.

48 HORAS DE SEXO ALUCIMENTE- really wild and sleaze-filled XXX brazilian porn by none other than COFFIN JOE! it's definitely from the sleazy 70's , too, with a cool american pop-rock soundtrack. some really sick shit here, too, like simulated bestiality, whippings, orgies, etc. it'll truly blow yer mind!! uncut, in portuguese w/NO subts., good qual.

SEX LIFE OF 4 BEAUTIFUL WITCHES- super-bizarre 80's XXX chinese porno-horror film, with witch-girls who trick men into having sex with them, then kill them. lots of sex, rape, bondage, vampire attacks, gory murders, etc. uncut, chinese w/NO subts., good qual.

SECRET DESIRE- very rare 70's XXX porno-sleaze, about a crazed husband keeping his wife in the basement tied up, in order to rape and beat her with a whip(while theme music from PSYCHO plays throughout the film!). he also does the same to his daughter and some neighbor-girls, until their boyfriends finally show up to free them. uncut, in engl., good qual.

THE DIVINE OBSESSION- real sleazy XXX porn from 1976, about a small-town ohio girl who comes to the big apple to make a good life for herself, only to succumb to the usual seedy characters, drugs, booze, sex parties, etc. she finally gets fed up with everything, and plans to shoot herself in front of a scuzzy times square audience in a strip place. this has all the usual fucking, sucking, cumming, etc., plus that magic ingredient they don't use in any of the movies made today: pure sleaze!! uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

THE NIGHT OF SUBMISSION- another classic sleazy XXX porno from the golden age of the 70's, this one featuring some wild voodoo rites and s/m rituals performed at a swinging club in new york. stars vanessa del rio doing what she does best! very rare and uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

UNWILLING LOVERS- extremely sick XXX 1976 sex-horror film, starring and dir. by zebedy colt., of SEX WISH fame! he plays a retarded guy living with his mom and a sex-starved handyman, who begins to go on a gory rape-and-murder spree after having flashbacks about his father's death. he follows young couples to their hideouts, watches them have sex, then attacks and kills them. he also has sex with the female corpses afterwards! very well-made for a porno film, which plays like a hardcore PSYCHO. colt is great and chilling as the insane mama's boy, who is dibbed "the candy bar killer" after leaving wrappers at the site of his crimes! very rare uncut version in engl., good qual.

A CLIMAX OF BLUE POWER- violent and brutal 1974 XXX rarity, about a sickie security guard posing as a cop so he can rape and beat up prostitutes anytime he wants. he makes one hooker finger-fuck herself in the pouring rain at gunpoint, while he masturbates and talks mean shit to her! he eventually becomes more crazed, kidnapping a woman and dressing up as a female himself(!), as his deranged mind finally leads him into a wild showdown with the real cops. rare uncut version in engl., good qual.

LE CORPS DE CHASSE- very sick and nasty 1982 XXX french shot-on-video gore-porn, dir. by michel richaud. some drunken thugs with guns rape and beat a woman in the woods, who manages to grab a rifle and shoot off one of the creep's balls afterwards! the ball-less guy wanders away, while his buddies pick up two transsexual hookers down the road, and take them home for an orgy. they all later team up and capture the woman, and take turns puking on her naked body when suddenly the balless dude shoots the girl in the head with a rifle, leaving her a bloody, puke-covered corpse!! pretty sick shit, indeed! uncut, french w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

DIVERSIONS- very obscure and sick 1975 XXX british porn-horror film, about a young woman that's being taken to prison, chained to a female guard and riding aboard a train, fantasizing about putting herself in horrific situations with strangers and vampires! one story has her as a female vampire-dominatrix, who bites off a man's dick, then rubs the dismembered bloody stump all over her body in gory detail! it gets even more bizarre from there! it ends with a wild twist-ending that'll have you gasping! nudity, hardcore sex, and graphic gore-what more could you want?! rare uncut version in engl., o.k.-good qual.

LE CALDE AMANTI DI UN GIUMENTO- an INCREDIBLY OBSCURE and EXTREMELY TWISTED brazilian XXX porn flick from the 1970's that has to be seen to be believed!! this dream-like film starts with a black man out in the desert, hitching a ride with a mustached portuguese truck-driver, who rides him around, then gets angry and pulls out a gun on him, and forces the black guy at gunpoint to take a shit!! it gets even WEIRDER from here!! later, both men come across women playing with horse's cocks, a goofy little guy gets blowjobs from the girls, and mustache-guy has a marathon suck-and-fuck orgy with the girls til he drops dead of a heart attack! then, the black dude reappears, and pulls out a knife, cuts off mustache-guy's dick, which still shoots a wad of cum in one chick's face!! holy shit!! definitely a weird porn winner!! uncut version in portuguese, NO subts., good qual.
PERVERSE 2- kinky hardcore xxx french 1982 sex flick, complete with a mean-ass black dwarf who whips a white chick while her husband fucks her in the ass! uncut, in engl., o.k. qual.

A WOMAN'S TORMENT- rare 1977 XXX sleaze and gore flick, dir. by roberta findlay, about a psychotic woman hiding in an abandoned house, who stabs her sex partners to death after making love. graphic sex and violence, 70's style! uncut, in engl., good qual.

EXPENSIVE TASTES- very graphic XXX 1979 rape-revenge drama, with john leslie. explicit humiliation and rape scenes, as well as many clever plot twists in this unique porno. uncut, in engl., good qual.

SUMMER IN HEAT- rare XXX 1979 porn, with some really off-the-wall, sick scenes! jack wrangler gets tied to a tree and has corncobs shoved up his ass by demented hillbilly women!! wild stuff!! uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual. also stars jamie gillis.WATERPOWER- very nasty and sick 1976 XXX porn, with jamie gillis as an "enema rapist" on the loose in NYC!! he rapes women, then forces them to take an enema to "clean them up"! very graphic and depraved film that'd definitely NEVER be shown anywhere today!! uncut, in engl., good qual.

LITTLE ORPHAN DUSTY- very rare UNCUT print, with rape scenes intact, of 1978 XXX porn, with john holmes, that incls. the uncut rape by bikers scene missing from other prints. in engl., o.k. qual.

THE PERVERSE COUNTESS- rare XXX version of 1973 jess franco sex-horror flick. a countess enjoys to hunt humans, and howard vernon stars as her willing servant. hardcore sex and violence, franco-style! uncut, french w/engl. subts., o.k. qual.

THE TAKING OF CHRISTINA- vicious 1975 XXX rape-revenge film, dir. by armond weston. a woman takes bloody revenge on the two men who kidnap and rape her. BRUTAL rape scenes and GRAPHIC GORE!! uncut, in engl., very good qual. ULTRA-RARE!!

RASPUTIN, AN ORGY OF CORRUPTION- uncut, in french, NO subts. bloody 1981 historical film mixing XXX sex with graphic violence and deaths! CALIGULA, move over!! o.k.-good qual.

KATARINA, THE NAKED CZARINA- another 80's foreign film based on historical facts, mixing XXX sex with graphic violence. very rare! uncut, in french, NO subts., good qual.

INTRUSION- extremely graphic and brutal 1975 XXX rape-revenge film. very realistic and graphic!! a woman is tied spread-eagled to a bed by a nut who also likes to rape his victims with a hunting knife!! uncut, in engl., good qual.

STALAG 69- nasty XXX 1982 nazi camp porno film, starring angelique pettyjon as an ILSA-type warden who has prisoners tortured and raped. roug, sleazy, and sadistic! uncut, in engl., good qual.

DOMINATRIX WITHOUT MERCY- ultra-rare 1976 XXX s/m porn, with vanessa del rio and jamie gillis. brutal and sick, with forced anal sex, pissing, tit torture, bondage, whippings, and much more! uncut, in engl., good qual.

WINTER HEAT- another sick and sleazy 70's XXX porno, with jamie gillis and some escaped convicts who attack some women and a young girl alone in the woods. vicious rapes and forced sex with the young girl make this a XXX roughie!! uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

THE TAMING OF REBECCA- extremely rough, sick, and perverted XXX 1982 s/m-incest-themed porn, with sharon mitchell, and the dean of sickness, george payne!! filled with GRAPHIC scenes of incest, rape, nipples pierced and bloodied with a safety pin, fistings, whippings, and other vile aacts of humiliation and savagery guaranteed to make you gape in disbelief!! this film actually was the FAVORITE film of a maryland SERIAL KILLER of prostitutes, who would watch the film every night before going on a rape/kill spree!! uncut, in engl., good qual. VERY RARE!!

THE FARMER'S DAUGHTERS- really sick 1974 XXX porno rarity, starring zebedy colt and spaulding gray(!!). prison escapees rape a bunch of young farm girls in front of their father while the jaded neighbor-kid watches in sadistic glee, and helps the rapists!! hilarious sick dialogue, sleazy sex scenes, and a gory death by shotgun make this a real trash find! uncut, in engl., good qual.

THE DEBAUCHERS- rare 1969 XXX violent porn! a couple is trapped by a seedy porno-snuff ring that films the murders of the actresses! very unpleasant film, with one of the meanest bastards to ever act on the screen! uncut, in engl., very good qual.

BABY ROSEMARY- very obscure XXX 1975 version of ROSEMARY'S BABY! full of sleazy sex and some violence as well! hard to find! uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

DEVIL'S ECSTASY- another rare XXX 1973 satanic porn flick, featuring demonic possessions and wild sex scenes to liven things up! uncut, in engl., good qual.

CHINA DESADE- bloody and crazy 1976 XXX porn-gore combo, about a psychotic old maniac and a brutal vietnamese dominatrix holding people as sex slaves, re-enacting bondage and s/m games in the jungle! very different for a porn film, indeed!! uncut, in engl., very good qual.
REVELAZIONI DE UNA PSYCHIATRIA SUI MONDO- ultra-rare 1973 itln. XXX mondo-type docu., dir. by renato polselli, about a shrink's personal memoirs of sex perverts and psychos that he treated. loaded with sick and kinky sex scenes, incl. a guy wearing a muzzle like a dog, a sex killer who strangles women while having sex, and a chick who has orgasms with stuffed animals!! uncut, itln. w/NO subts., o,k,-good qual.

TAXI GIRLS- hard to find XXX 1979 porn, with graphic, brutal rape scenes and violence. a group of hookers decide to go into the cab business, and make fellow male cabbies jealous. to get even, vet sicko jamie gillis and his buddies kidnap and rape two of the girls before being attacked with baseball bats and bottles by the others. the rape scenes are extremely rough!! also stars john holmes. uncut, in engl., o.k.-good pic qual.

FEMMES DESADE- mega-rare 1975 XXX s/m porno film, with john leslie. a big, ugly, 7-foot tall ex-con who looks like frankenstein terrorizes, rapes, and beats up hookers in san francisco. he shows up at an s/m sex ball, not knowing his victims have set a trap for him to get their sadstic, sick revenge! incredibly depraved, with torture, rape, cigarette burnings, and the giant guy even SUCKS HIS OWN DICK!! ONLY IN THE 1970'S!!! uncut, in engl., good qual. with bonus XXX trailers!!

UNLEASHED PERVERSIONS OF EMMANUELLE- totally obscure 1978 XXX joe d'amato flick. this lost film in the enmmanuelle series stars laura gemser and gabriele tinti. loads of sleaze, a little violence, and much XXX sex! uncut comp. print, in french w/engl. subts., ltbx'd., good qual.

APOCALYPSIS SEXUALIS- sick 1981 spanish XXX sex and violence film, dir. by carlos aured. ajita wilson stars as part of a group of sex deviants who kidnap a rich girl for ransom and turn her into a sex-crazed nymph! the ending erupts in an orgy of killing and sex. very graphic, with knives in the vagina, rape, sleaze, etc,! uncut comp. print, in spanish/itln. w/engl. subts., o,k, qual.

ORIENTAL TECHNIQUES OF PAIN AND PLEASURE- very rare 1980 XXX s/m-bondage-torture film, with annie sprinkles and the dean of perversions, george payne! lots of major porno sickness here, as annie is abducted by a white-slavery ring. she's whipped by a blonde dominatrix, raped by the thugs, and forced to fist-fuck her own brother in a live underground sex club!! uncut, in engl., o,k,-good qual. you MUST BE 21 to order this one!!

FORGIVE ME, I HAVE SINNED- rare and sick 1983 XXX s/m porno, mixing incest and bondage, and starring the infamous george payne as a cult-like priest(!), who gets people to describe their most intimate sins to him. he then invites those who confessed to him to a party along with those who've sinned against them, puts something in the wine to knock them out, then lerringly watches as the wronged parties take revenge on each other!! a brother tortures and fucks his s/m lover-sister, a woman makes her ex-boss beg for pussy while tied up(played by ron jeremy!!), and payne screws an oriental woman who had sex with her young student! very, very bizarre!! uncut, in engl., o,k,-good qual. another mega-rarity!!

THE ABDUCTION OF LORELEI- very rare print of 1976 XXX porno, about a pretty young blonde kidnapped, raped, and held for ransom by two sleazy guys and a lesbian. incls. a vicious "coke-bottle rape" scene! grimy, seedy trash with a surprise ending! uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

DR. BIZARRO- very rare 1982 sick XXX s/m-porn, from the makers of TAMING OF REBECCA and TALES OF THE BIZARRE. a psychiatrist recounts all the deranged patients he's had to come to him for advice, incl. submissive males, incest victims, s/m freaks, etc, very brutal s/m scenes, and starring george payne as a sickie who rapes his daughter! uncut, in engl., good qual.

TALES OF THE BIZARRE- very sick 1980 XXX s/m film, starring that deranged psychopath, george payne!! see him put clothes pins on tits and pussies, all while laughing hysterically and yelling, "suck my fuckin' dick, bitch!!". also stars velvet summers. brutal, depraved, and for sick minds only!! uncut, in engl., good qual.

THE SEXORCIST(SEXORCIST'S DEVIL)- very rare 1974 XXX porn-possession flick, dir. by ray dennis steckler under a psudeonym, and starring carolyn brandt. a young hooker falls under the spell of a satanic monk, and commits gory stabbing murders as a human sacrifice. tons of gritty sex scenes, some cheap gore, and ridiculous dialogue will make this a big hit with trash-film fans! uncut print in engl., very good qual. lots of XXX trailers at the end!!

JAMIE GILLIS S/M COMPILATION TAPE- very rough XXX video, with gillis at his ultra-perverted best, torturing pretty blondes in cages with whips and pissing in his black slave-girl's mouth!! some of the most BRUTAL and VIOLENT clips from his porns are on display here. shot both on video and film. ADULTS OVER 21 ONLY!! good pic qual., in engl. for s/m freaks only!!

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DIVINE ATROCITIES- pretty sick early 80's XXX s/m-porn flick, made to be a trilogy of short vignettes involving whippings, transsexuals, submitting to a master in s/m sex, and wearing rubber-fetish clothes! the best one is the third episode, with a BIG 200-LB+ black security guard-transsexual with HUGE TITS, who brutally beats and rapes an uppity white secretary on her way home from the office!! a night-stick is shoved in her pussy, she's slapped, punched around, called a "dirty white whore", and is finally fucked by the freakish guard!! this has to be SEEN to be BELIEVED!! invite your friends over to watch this one!! uncut, in engl., good qual.

DRACULA EXOTICA- very rare 1978 XXX sex and horror sleaze starring jamie gillis as the blood(and cum) crazed count, who leaves transylvania for america to find some new blood and victims. vanessa del rio is one of the first recruits to the vampiric world, and helps him with his evil tasks. lots of hilarious, scuzzy dialogue, some gore, and tons of sex in this porn rarity. uncut, in engl., good qual.

TEENAGE SEX KITTEN- ultra-sleazy and trashy 1975 XXX porno, with rene bond as an underage slut who, while out with her friends dancing naked in a bar, is spotted by this hideously ugly old hermit with a black derby!! the hermit and his mentally disturbed friend kidnap rene, and take her back to an old dumpy shack outside palm springs, where they chain her to a bed and take turns raping her while she screams in agony!! she later is avenged by her friends, who castrate the hermit by tying his balls to a rope attached to their truck!! good, sick, sleazy fun!! uncut, in engl., good qual.(the print itself is very scratchy, however.).

MORE THAN SISTERS- rare XXX 1978 porn obscurity, with jamie gillis as a psychiatrist(!!), trying to unravel the mystery of a mentally disturbed girl. her husband(who looks like the guy from LAST HOUSE ON DEAD-END STREET!), has her committed to the hospital, and gillis has her hypnotized to remember things that happened to her siamese-twin sister in a nuthouse in montreal. two sicko orderlies(one played by r. bolla), repeatedly rape her and degrade her, and a sadistic nurse supervises the punishments. filled with rough sex, rape, trashy dialogue, and some neat footage of times square! uncut, in engl., good qual.

NAKED, WILD ERECTIONS- another seedy 80's XXX flick, dir. by sergio bergonzelli, starring ajita wilson. she gets a job in a motel where everyone has kinky sex orgies and spies on each other! uncut german print, NO subts., very good qual.

BLACK SABBATH ORGY- very graphic XXX late 80's german sex-s/m video, about a satanic sex club where women are whipped and abused, amongst other things! kinky in the extreme, with both STRAIGHT AND GAY SEX acts shown in graphic detail!! uncut, german w/NO subts., good qual. NOT for wimps!!

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SEX SLAVE- yet another german XXX sickie. this one has a mad doctor and his chained girls with padlocked pussies! wet and wild! german, NO subts., good qual.

OVER THE TOP SEX- even more graphic XXX european comps.! hard-core torture, piercings, whippings, etc. you MUST be 21 to get this!! good qual.

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CLOSE-UP TORTURE #2- even MORE UNCENSORED XXX jpn. s/m, wax burnings, rapings, hardcore sadism!! jpn. w/NO subts., fair-good qual.

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BIZARRE GELUSTE- XXX sickness from germany, very rough and KINKY!! ADULTS OVET 21 ONLY!!

EURO EXTREMITIES- more XXX german-euro porn wildness! full of taboo-busting sex! OVER 21 ONLY! o.k.-good qual.

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NEEDLES AND PINS- sick XXX german s/m-bondage-torture video, from the makers of BIZARRE AND EXTREME TORTURE. pins in tits, ass, vagina, whipping, pissing, etc. very graphic, FOR ADULTS OVER 21 ONLY!! in german w/NO subts., good qual.

BRUTAL S/M AND HARDBALLS- absolutely DEPRAVED and BRUTAL XXX s/m-torture tape that only runs about 50 mns. total, but is so GRAPHIC, it must be seen to be believed!! the first is an old 70's s/m short film, with a woman tied and pins stuck into her breasts, her tongue bloodied by a vice press, as two masked psychos continue to stick pins in her, and the 2nd. is an amateur video, with a fat dominatrix taking her male slave into the woods for some severe needle torture applied to his balls! you'll quiver as you see this old freak get his balls skewered and nailed to a board FOR REAL by his deranged mistress, who laughs at his cries for help!! she also puts one giant pin through both his balls AT ONCE in a stomach-turning scene!! NOT for the squeamish!! both are uncut, in engl., fair to o.k. qual. ADULTS OVER 21 ONLY!!

SLAVE SEX #24- very brutal german XXX s/m-torture video, from the folks who made BIZARRE AND EXTREME TORTURE! a vicious lesbian mistress tortures and beats her loving slave in many sadistic ways, incl. shoving a cucumber up her ass and pussy, and making her lick the shit off of it afterwards! mean, brutal stuff!! uncut, german w/NO SUBTS., excell. qual.

ROCKBITCH:BITCHCRAFT- very explicit XXX 1994 concert and docu. footage of a crazy british lesbian rock band who perform fistings, fuckings, and clit-lickings on each other live on stage in holland and france!! real wild and graphic, with some insane song lyrics as well! a REAL PARTY TAPE!! uncut, in engl., very good qual.

THE WORLD OF SEXUAL ODDITIES- wild XXX comp. tape, with footage of sick sexual orgies, cucumbers used as dildos, bisexual sex acts, and much more!! uncut, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

INTERNATIONAL PORN- another crazy XXX comp. tape, showing out-takes from bizarre and kinky made all over the world, incl. france, germany, england, etc. mostly in engl., uncut, o.k.-good qual. lots of fun!!

SQUARCIO AND ANAL DILITATION PORN- very rough and bizarre XXX itln. shot-on-video porn tape, which starts out with a weird guy tying a fat woman up, and beating her lightly with a small whip, until suddenly, he gets more violent, and pulls out a box-cutter and starts slashing the helpless woman with the cutter just above her breasts(this is ALL REAL!!). he makes a HUGE GASH in her chest, blood pouring from the gaping wound as she looks horrified at what he'll do next!! incredible!! the second part of the video is a great anal sex show, with some very wild anal stunts performed in front of the video camera!! both are uncut, itln. w/NO subts., good qual.

THE RAPE: VENGEANCE- Incredible mix of hardcore sex and bloody violence, in this 70's XXX Brazilian sleaze classic, about a young girl having sex with almost everyone she meets, who meets a grim fate at the hands of three depraved ranch hands, who decide to tie her up and take turns raping her in graphic close-up! Afraid she'll talk, they decide to take turns shooting her to death while she lays spread-eagled and tied naked on the ground in the dirt! Blood seeps and pours from her wounds, and they finally leave her for dead,not knowing she'll still have time to whisper their names to her macho boyfriend, as he takes her bloodied body to the hospital, to try to save her! She dies, but the man goes berserk, pulling a shotgun from his car and rushing to kill the scumbags responsible! He gets a violent, gory revenge! GREAT stuff, with lots of seedy sex orgies, gory deaths, etc.! UNCUT print, Portuguese w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

SEXY JEANS- Unbelievably, this is a NEAR-HARDCORE version in Itln. of MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH! x-rated sex scenes were shot in Italy, and spliced in to make this a funkier and nastier film over in pastaland! The editing was done really well, so it's very convincing! Fun viewing!! Itln w/NO subts., good qual.

DO ME EVIL- Extremely WARPED and TWISTED 1974 XXX gay flick, dir. by "chicken-porn" pioneer Toby Ross. A depraved tale of incest, suicide, and the ugly world of young male hustlers who sell themselves for cash on the streets! Some of the scenes in this film may DEEPLY OFFEND people, so BEWARE if you're squeamish!! This type of film would NEVER get made today!! UNCUT print, in engl., o.k. qual. but VERY VERY RARE

GIOCHI CARNALE-Very rare 1979 XXX sleaze and violence pic by Dir. Andrea Bianchi, starring Sirpa Lane, Franco Parisi, and Maria Pia Cafiero. A sex-addicted fat sleazeball and his sickie son, dressed in drag(!), go around picking up female hitch-hikers and women with car troubles along the road and then forcibly raping them, taking them to a deserted shack in the country where they're subjected to their depravity even more, then dumped by the side of the road. They finally meet their match when they kidnap and rape a woman who's a doctor, and she gets even by drugging and castrating them, putting their TESTICLES IN CHAMPAINGE GLASSES in a graphically SICK scene!! Best of all, the theme music throughout the film is from Donna Summer's LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY!! Incredible!! UNCUT version, in Itln., NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!

SEXO EROTIC NA ILHA DO GAVIAO- HOLY SHIT! Here's another INSANE Brazilian XXX mixture of hardcore XXX sex and BLOODY VIOLENCE, that'll TRULY BOGGLE the mind! Definitely made in the 70's, this crazed cinematic madness starts with this dude wearing a coonskin cap(yep, like DAVY CROCKETT!) going around and rescueing women from sex perverts trying to rape them! He fights these guys with his fists(with loud, dubbed-in kung-fu movie noises when he hits them!), and with a rifle, then takes the women back to his cabin in the woods. One of the sex maniacs runs across a woman who wants to be fucked from behind, but panics when he tries to pull her panties off in front-it tuns out the chick is a MAN(Transsexual, to be exact!). You'd think this guy would freak out, but instead, just shrugs and gives the freak a BLOWJOB! Later on, Davy Crockett-guy runs across white slavers holding naked chicks in bamboo cages and forcing them to pan for gold, and he helps them escape. Finally, he has to fight this crazy MANSON-type cult leader, whom he sees slaughter a girl with a machete in gory detail, and an all-out machete MASSACRE takes place on a boat, where he impales the manson-guy with another machete and butchers his followers! Like i said, this is the CRAZIEST SHIT you'll ever see, from the folks who gave you THE RAPE:VENGEANCE and i'm sure, other INSANE XXX Brazilian flicks!! Sex, violence, gore-WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?! Best of all, it's UNIINTENTIONALLY HILARIOUS!! UNCUT, in Portuguese w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!!(BA)

ADORABLE LOLA-Graphic and wild 70's XXX French sleaze, about a Manhattan call girl remembering her sexual escapades before she settled down, dir. by eurotrash film-maker Gerard Kikoine and starring the beautiful Marilyn Jess as the wanton call-girl. Lots of GRAPHIC ANAL SEX scenes, rape with a liquor bottle, a weirdo dressed as a priest takes off his robe and sucks HIS OWN DICK in front of a shocked woman on a train, tampon insertion scenes, lesbian S/M, beatings, etc.! Fun stuff! UNCUT print, in French w/NO subts., very good qual.(BA)

PORNO ESOTIC LOVE-rare 70's Laura gemser euro-sex trash, which has comp. footage added from her other films EROTIC EVA and BLACK COBRA along with newer XXX hardcore scenes! Gabriele Tinti also stars, and has a SNAKE shoved UP HIS ASS as punishment in the flick's conclusion! UNCUT, Itln. w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

EXTREMELY VIOLATED-VERY ROUGH and WILD XXX Brazilian porn, shot on video, featuring a bunch of nasty dudes sitting down at a table, talking about their encounters with the WOMEN THEY RAPED, most of them ANALLY! The first two rape victims are black women, graphically beaten and abused by these Brazilian" homeboys" in EVERY DETAIL! (they DO have enough sense to use CONDOMS, tho!!). The final two raped are lighter-skinned women, one of them abused by a sadistic lesbian chick as well! Definitely NOT everyone's cup of tea, this video gives new meaning to the term GRAPHIC! UNCUT version, Portuguese w/NO subts., very good qual.

BRAZILIAN FUCK/DEPRAVED GRANDMOTHER-Here is ANOTHER ULTRA_SICK XXX DOUBLE-FEATURE tape!! The first is a CRAZY shot on FILM XXX Brazilian flick, with an ugly midget who could EASILY pass for the RAT MAN's twin brother! He runs away from home after a horny perverted guy chases him butt-naked around the sofa, and takes a jump into the TOILET(!), where he escapes through the sewer system and goes around watching other people fucking, sucking, etc.!! He decides to invent a dildo-styled rocket, which he sprays everyone in the face with! It ends with him presiding over a big orgy while sitting on the toilet again!! TOTALLY INSANE shit, from the people who brought you CALDE AMANTI DI UN GIUMENTO! In portuguese only, NO subts., good qual. The second one(OHMYGOD!!!) is most likely of German origin, and has a HORRIBLY UGLY, FAT FREAK of an old lady, who has a face like a GHOUL(!!), finger-fucking herself and playing with her huge, sagging tits, until her GRANDSON comes in(a real SICK FUCK!), and decides to FUCK HER! Yep, he gets it up for ol'granny and fucks her silly on the couch! He even dresses up in a leather S/M outfit and with a whip, provides some ed discipline for this horny old hag!! SICK is hardly the word for this freakshow!! This is also uncut, but i think in German w/NO subts., and only o.k. pic qual., but still watchable! CHECK 'EM OUT!

SCORPION:ANAL DELIGHTS- WILD and action-filled 90's Brazilian XXX video, with LOTS of GRAPHIC scenes of HOT Brazilian chicks taking it UP THE ASS and LOVIN' IT! See their lovely assholes stretched open for all to see, as they moan in orgasmic delight! Of course, there's plenty of ORAL action, too, and it takes place on a boat! terrific stuff for the porn enthusiast!! UNCUT, Prt. w/NO subts.(you WON'T NEED ANY, TRUST ME!!!), very good qual.

INFERNO PERVERSE- Wild and perverted 1982 German XXX sex film, shot in 35mm., and shown in theaters there! A kinky pervert riding around in a limo has women all over Berlin giving him golden showers, having public sex in a park with him, smearing shit on him, among other sick acts! There's some kinky S/M in this as well! UNCUT print, German w/NO subts., good qual.

HISTORY OF RAPE #4- Here's the FOURTH installment in this GREAT XXX rape-porn series, full of some truly rare and SICK XXX porn loops from the classic days of the 70's! Incls. ENEMA RAPIST PTS. 1 and 2, BLACK RAPE, lots of bondage stuff, etc.UNCUT and in ENGL., good-very good qual. RECOMMENDED!

NECRO-FETISH-Very cool and GRUESOME XXX comp. tape of scenes from some of the weirdest and BLOODIEST XXX movies with necrophilia-type themes! There's throat-slashings, dicks cut off, satanic rituals, female serial killers, meathook chicks, beheadings, chokings, and much more! Incls. clips from SEX WISH, HARDGORE, FIRE DOWN BELOW, SEXORCIST DEVIL, etc.! UNCUT, in engl., good-very good qual. runs almost 2 hrs.!

THE DOMINATORS VOL.#2- Sleaze-filled XXX bondage and domination loops and clips from the classic SICK days of the 1970's, when porno was still FUN!! Has some BRUTAL spanking and discipline loops, as well as S/M female domination and humiliation of males and females! The trash-disco music in the background is GREAT, too!! UNCUT and in engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

THE DOMINATORS, VOL.# 3-BRUTAL and GRAPHIC XXX 70's porn loops showing domination, bondage, tit torture, rape, etc. This tape is NOT for the SQUEAMISH or easily offended! A few of the loops have had some pretty depraved(and HILARIOUS!) dialogue added to them, involving masked guy's raping and torturing girls, etc. Runs close to 2 hrs., and the loops are UNCUT, in engl., and good qual. PLEASE NOTE:some of the loops are presented here with NO SOUND or DIALOGUE, just as they were originally made in the 70's to be shown in adult book stores! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

THE DOMINATORS, VOL.# 4-Yet MORE depraved and VICIOUS XXX 70's S/M bondage loops guaranteed to SHOCK and even REPULSE some viewers in this day and age!!  ALL the different forms of torture, rape, electro-shock, and piercings are graphically displayed here in FULL DETAIL!! Loops show women behind bars, nazi dykes beating their helpless captives, kidnappings and beatings, etc. ALL the loops in this volume have a sleazy soundtrack added to them for that extra-added funky effect! UNCUT, in engl., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

SHARON-Wild and graphic 1975 XXX sleaze-incest porn, with good ol' Zebedy Colt as a nasty Southern father down in Ga., who loves to have sex with his blonde teenage daughter, played by Jean Jennings! Full of scuzzy dialogue, incls. the notorious "baton masturbation" scene, and it's another film that only the 1970's could have produced!! UNCUT, in engl., o.k.-good qual.

EVERY INCH A LADY-Another 70's sleaze winner, this one with Andrea True, Marc Stevens, and Harry Reems!  A call-girl service called DEVIATIONS, INC., runs a tight business, and helps it's "clients" relieve their sexual frustrations on the girls! One hilarious scene has a freaky guy stick a cucumber in his ass while bending over and sucking his own dick!!! Lot sof other hot sex action in this one, too! UNCUT, in engl., only o.k. pic qual.

BIZARRE HABITS-Very NASTY and perverse German XXX porn-fetish tape, with plenty of GOLDEN SHOWERS scenes, fistings, lesbian sex, kinky action, etc.! WILD STUFF!  Uncut, in German w/NO subts., good qual.(BA)

VIXENS OF KUNG-FU-Ever see an XXX-rated KUNG-FU film? Well, here's your chance!! RARE 1976 porn with some ludicrous kung-fu fighting scenes with NAKED women and men, as well as clothed, too! Jamie Gillis and Bobby Astyr play some sicko rapists who attack and screw C.J. Liang, along with a third tall retard-o-acting guy(who Bobby calls a FUCKIN' NUT! half-a-dozen times!). To get revenge, the girl learns kung-fu from an understanding lesbian kung-fu instructor! If you enjoy OFF THE WALL 70's porn, this will be a MUST-SEE on your list! UNCUT, in engl., good qual.

I SAW JESUS DIE-REAL TWISTED and BIZAARE 1974 Danish XXX porn featuring(YUP, you GUESSED IT!):JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF!! Only Denmark could think up something so depraved and sacriligious! Jesus walks around witnessing all sorts of orgies, perversions, etc., and is tempted by a voluptuous woman in a cape-bat outfit frequently, but he resists all the temptations and just watches in utter disgust(either that, or he's just plain BORED!!). Some rather graphic violence mixed in with the XXX sex stuff, incl. a guy castrated after raping a village virgin, a couple punished for adultery by being stabbed to death with swords(the woman has the sword rammed into her vagina!), a woman raped and a lit candle being stuck into her vagina, kinky old folks having sex, etc.!  You've NEVER seen a XXX film like THIS one, that's for sure!! UNCUT, Danish w/NO subts., good qual. RECOMMENDED!

COME IN-Very explicit XXX Greman hardcore porn video, with a lot of weird fetishes, fistings, etc., on display in loads of kinky scenes! This is the kind of stuff they'd NEVER do in ANY american porn's! UNCUT, German w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual.

PERVERSE ZWITTERHURE-REAL SICK and CRAZY XXX 1986 German porn-kink, shot almost like a MONDO film, with a woman standing in the shadows away from the camera, describing in detail all sorts of disgusting and perverted sex acts while the camera happily zooms in on others engaged in some VERY ROUGH sex and kinky perversions, etc.! One guy has anal sex with a girl and gets SHIT smeared all over his DICK(he doesn't bother to wipe it off!)! Other scenes show lesbian fistings, G/S, and much more! Shot on video, but still pretty good! UNCUT, in German w/NO subts., good qual.

INSTITUTE OF PERVERSITY-ULTRA-SICK and depraved XXX German porn, with a group of women licking these college guy's ASSHOLES before they get down to more serious action!!  One chick makes some SHIT come out, which she licks like an ice cream cone, and he rewards her by PISSING in her mouth!! REVOLTING is hardly the word for the stuff that goes on here!  UNCUT, in German, NO subts., good qual.

ROXXANE:DOMINATION SCATO-HIDEOUS and MEGA-DISGUSTING Dutch XXX shot-on-video porn, with a blond transsexual(YES, she has a DICK!), who humiliates and ties up his/her male slave, who's dressed in weird rubber-leather clothing!! She stoops over and takes a BIG SHIT on his face and mouth, all the while he writhes around in ecstasy!! INCREDIBLY SICK shit that goes WAY beyond what most folks would expect!! UNCUT, Dutch w/NO subts., good qual. WATCH IT AND PUKE!!!

POO-POO CLUB # 602-Yup, it's EXACTLY what you THINK it is!! GROSS XXX German shit-fetish porn, with VERY UGLY people all sorts of VERY SICK things with each other!! A real STOMACH-TURNER!! UNCUT, german w/NO subts., good qual.

SCHULE DER BIZAAREN LUST(SCHOOL OF BIZARRE LUST)-GRAPHIC and crazy German XXX shot-on-video porn, with FISTINGS by lesbian females, dildo action,  pissings, some S/M, 3-ways, bondage, etc. You name it, this one's got it! UNCUT, German w/NO subts., good qual.

EMPIRE OF EXPLICIT SEX- RARE and wild XXX Brazilian 70's sleaze-action-crime flick, which starts out with a near-RAPE-beating in a men's prison between a tough, macho guy and a swaggering bald-headed punk, who both later become friends after getting out of jail, and are both involved in the seedy world of organized crime and the mafia! You get XXX fucking and sucking mixed in with gang warfare, shootings, beatings, etc. It really BOGGLES the mind, folks!! UNCUT print, in Portuguese w/NO subts., o.k.-good qual. CHECK IT OUT!